Katrina Kameron "Kiki" Watts
Portrayed By Heather Morris
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 4, 1990
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Food Court Waitress
Known Relatives Jane Watts (mother), Richard Watts (father), Jim Watts (brother), Kimmy Watts (sister)
Significant Other Doesn't Believe In Relationships
Known Abilities Observing the Obvious
First Appearance Unknown

Kiki is definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed. She didn't graduate high school (and is now taking the occasional night class), and works at the Food Court full-time.


Katrina Kameron ("Kiki") was born to a privileged family who gave her everything she wanted, other than their time and attention — that was left to the nanny (who really wasn't paid enough and didn't love her job). Kiki's education suffered as a result. But then, why did a girl need a really good education anyways? Her plan (and really, her parents' plan) was for her to marry wealthy and enjoy the spoils of marrying well. Her parents were both lawyers, and as such, very very bright people. They believed their daughter would grow in her intellect if encouraged. But Kiki had other ideas. More than anything she wanted to win a beauty pageant and be a princess — being a princess in the 90210 wasn't enough for her, she needed more than that.

Consequently she was took up very feminine hobbies and her vanity was encouraged at every turn by everyone around her: her friends, family, and peers. She also learned from a young age that she could get her way by batting her blonde eyelashes and twirling her hair. In fact, geeks (males and females alike) around the world would do almost anything for her when she did so. So she never finished her own homework.

It should come as no shock that she didn't graduate high school; she couldn't pass the exams. It was then that her parents cut her off. Having never worked a day in her life, she had to run with one of the few positions that would value her inexperience and good looks: The Food Court.

It isn't the most dignified work, but if she hikes her skirt up she can get good tips… sometimes…


  • Awesome dancer
  • Hot bod to get what she wants


  • Isn't very bright
  • Can often say stupid things because of her airhead ways
  • Doesn't understand what's going on most days
  • Money
  • Asking stupid questions


  • Notable IC events.


  • ""Do you taste like old cheeseburgers and french fries? Because I'm vegan since yesterday. That means you only eat things that start with a v, e, g, a, or n. I can't taste burgers. But. If you don't taste like burgers I think we may have a deal."
  • "I can't eat burgers and when you kiss someone you get the nutrients they have. I read that in like… Cosmo. But you can have had veal. That starts with a V, right? Or…. gunpowder. I wonder if a person blows up when they belch after they've ate gunpowder. That would be like a really smart way to kill someone…"
  • "It probably would have cheese too and I can't eat that either because it's starts with a 'ch'. But veal is definitely allowed. I think it has something to do with the way the veals are watered and allowed to flower."
  • "Are you okay with like a really awkward dry lip makeout session? I have lips of steel. Seriously, they can handle anything after making out with Fitzwilliam Compton to do my homework like everyday, but you seem like you have virgin lips. I bet you've never even kissed a guy."


  • Favourite colour is Pink!
  • Used to a be a cheerleader and a dancer.
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