2009-12-15: Kill A Man



Date: December 15, 2009


Some people live, some people die, and lots of people have their lives messed with just a little bit more.

"Kill A Man"

Downtown, NYC - Lower East Side

The booted footsteps of a woman dressed in black pants, a sleeveless leather vest and a dark blue tank top can be heard as she makes her way down the street. The wind lightly ruffles her newly cut hair, the chill should have Dex shivering but she isn't shivering, though she is definitely cold. Just not showing it like other people would. Her hazel eyes are alert and cautious as she looks around the area as she walks.

The telekinetic is tense.. more tense than she normally is. Maybe it has something to do with the black van that is slowly approaching her from behind. The insane woman places her hands in her pockets and whistles lightly as she makes her way down the street. They've been following her for days now, but she's been giving them the slip each time. However, now.. it doesn't seem like she'll get that lucky.

"We have her in our sights, engage?" says the voice of a man dressed in all black army gear and loading up a gun, taser gun. Though there are real, live firearms strapped to his legs as well as the rest of the team's. They have heard of this woman's behavior, better to take no chances.


If Tiago knew what was about to go down, he'd turn on his heels and, ever so calmly, run for his life in the opposite direction. More trouble, more drama, more concern is not something he needs in his life right now. But, unfortunately, he does not possess the insight to know of the danger he is about to walk into. With the faintest of sighs, the man is currently counting a small wad of twenties. After the amount of confirmed, then reconfirmed, he deigns to stick his hand into his pockets and stroll down the street with practiced disinterest.

Except he doesn't stay indifferent for very long - sooner rather than later, the man comes across a very familiar figure. And his eyes flicker around carefully, as if mentally plotting out an escape route, if necessary. "Ah…hey, Dex." He greets after a moment, curling his lips into a wry sort of smile. "Fancy seein' you here, eh? When're you goin' ta pick up your damn squirrels, them things are evil."


"First of all.. my pets are sexy. Though not as much as you are." Dex says with a dark grin as she pulls Tiago close to her, for a nice.. hug? Though she is squeezing Tiago tight and.. his err.. backside. Her eyes are wide and alert as she whispers softly in his ear. "Do not look at the black van, but just follow me. Ok?" she says ever so softly to the Brazilian. "These beavers think they can get the drop on me.." she says softly to Tiago.

The van is approaching just a little faster but not fast enough to be suspicious to anyone on the street, though the woman embracing a man on the sidewalk and palming his ass may look strange.


A hug? Tiago finds this strange, yes, but he is also aware of Dex's substantial power, and is not willing to risk her ire. And so, awkwardly, he moves to wrap his arms in a loose embrace around the woman. "Uh, tha's true yeah, but I do - Whoa there!" He exclaims, surprised and jerking away as his Goods are manhandled by the telekinetic. He manages to hear her before proceeding to draw away, furrowing his brows heavily as he attempts to, you know, not be felt up any longer. "So…what're you doin' now?" He inquires, oh so innocently, but there's a certain intensity in the way he stares at her that relay the fact that he's not talking about amiable, chatty surface things. Not right now, at least.


Dex leans in and briefly grazes Tiago's lips with her own. It's short, but it is indeed a kiss. Damn these last moment like kisses, as if Dex is going to die.. or get captured. She isn't.. is she?

The telekinetic begins to walk into a alley and she pulls Tiago after her, proceeding to find a door that leads into one of the buildings on the side. She finds one and opens it fast with her ability, slamming the door shut behind them. Luckily the building is unoccupied and Dex leans against the wall, letting Tiago's hand go before she shoves a few things that are laying around in front of the door leading to the alley. "Ok, we have to find a way out of here and get lost in the city." she says softly to the young man and she's then pushing herself off of the wall and making her way towards another door.

That is until the sounds of booted feet can be heard outside, a few pairs actually and they are banging at the door, it's only a matter of time before they get in. "Let's move fast." She says, quickly looking Tiago up and down. "You have any sort of weapon on you?"


This…isn't cheating, right? Tiago isn't cheating, because he didn't do anything, and technically it's just a ruse to keep the Men in the Vans not suspicious, right? Right?

Regardless of all these justifications, Tiago is the one who pulls away hastily, and he can't help the expression of overwhelming guilt that covers his features. In light of the situation they're in, he allows her to grab his hand and move them into the alley, but once there and once freed, he shoves his hands into his pockets. "Look…y'cant do that, okay?" He presses, weakly however, for he knows that they have much more pressing issues at hand.

"Who're they, anyway? Shit…I got my pistol, man. But…I dunno if I can take all o' 'em an'…fuckin' hell! Why'd you get me fucked up wih this, anyway?" The thought of having to kill to get out is not a pleasant one, though it is something he would, in fact, do. Shakily, blood pumping through his system, he glances around in their current environment, trying to find something that could be used to gain leverage. The pistol is retrieved. "What d'you…got planned?"


"Calm down Lover Boy, I won't kiss and tell if you don't." she chuckles softly and then is cracking her knuckles and rolling her neck. "We are going to take them down, then run for it. Just aim to hurt, not kill." Leave the killing to Dex, she has blood on her hands already. "I'm sorry, I got you involved. But I couldn't chance them coming after you alone after you spoke to me on the street. "They are the government, bunch of bitches. These are the people rounding up people like me and Lena." She explains as she braces herself and then removes one piece of junk blocking the door, one at a time.

"Things might get nasty in here.. and who.. said anything about you taking them all out?" she asks with a lift of her eyebrow, but it's then that the men burst into the room, five of them and they are ready for battle. Well so is Dex.. the woman quickly slams two of the men together and then into the wall of the room. Her eyes are narrowed as she throws whatever is in the room at the people. They shoot at her, but she stops the projectiles from hitting, some are dropped harmlessly to the floor while a few others strike another guard in the chest, he's down and twitching on the ground. The two other guards advance, ducking behind cover and the other two men get to their feet though their footing is shaky.


"They're not gunna…know it was me wi' ya, right? 'Cause…'cause…" Tiago trails off, swallowing thickly as his eyes widen and he switches off the safety on the pistol, holding it with surprising stillness when one considers how uncomfortable and downright scared the lad actually is. But then, suddenly, something switches on in his brain. Suddenly everything becomes alarmingly clear - this is just another hustle back on the street. These posers aren't government agents, part of something bigger, but just other hoodlums, looking to assert their authority. And as he drones out Dex's words, his eyes narrow at the door, and he prepares himself for what could be the last day of his life. Again.

Just like the good old days.

This is a very different sort of 'battle' than Tiago is used to. Automatically, he ducks out of the line of sight, letting the five guards focus in on Dex, who can more than handle himself. Then, from his vantage point in the corner, Tiago does what he does best: he takes advantage of the chaos and the trouble to do what he has to do. Two, maybe three gunshots in the throng of official men, and judging by the way the one ducking behind cover folds, and then bends over, at least /one/ of them have hit home. Where exactly it hit is up to debate, however. Another bullet is sent in the thigh of another soldier, making him cry out in pain and fall to his knees.


With a wild cry of energy and tossing the injured guards into the wall. Dextris looks behind her at Tiago. "Come on, there will be others." She says this, just as one of the men lifts his firearm up and decides to forget the no harmless ammunition. He goes for his real gun and BAM, one shot hits home in Dex's shoulder. To which the woman cries out in pain before, eyes narrow in anger. With a cry and eyes clenched tight, the bullet that is imbedded in her shoulder rips itself out her body and is thrown with just as much speed as it was shot at her. The bullet hits the guy in the head. Instant dead.

The telekinetic isn't done yet though as she slams the man's body repeatedly into a wall. Over and over, til his face is barely recognizable. Then after she's breathing heavily and holding a hand to her shoulder. She growls and looks at Tiago. "Let's.. go." she says through gritted teeth, her eyes flickering from their natural hazel to an all to evil looking and dark black color.


Tiago is silent as the display appears, and he scrambles onto his feet, gingerly, as he is summoned by Dex. Now that the immediate battle has been finished, he's finding that his adrenaline is less than helpful, and it is with a sheepish, uncomfortable gulp that he stumbles forward towards the door. "Y-y'think? Fuck! Fuck me, fuck, fucker…Are you - are you alrigh'? We gotta bounce, man, we gotta…"

Rushing to Dex's side, the man takes special care to place his hand supportively on the small of her back in order to push her forward at a slow jog. Frantically, he looks around the alley, trying to discern what the best avenue of escape may be. "Fuck, c'mon, let's…" Beat. "Lena - Lena said you done threw her at the roof at some time, yeah? Can ya do that now? Put us on the roof? They wont expect that shit none - they wont find us!"


Before another second passes, Tiago should find himself lifted and thrown up into the air. Dex follows suit, though she rises a little slower. She does make it to the roof before Tiago and she kneels on the surface before she uses her ability to grab Tiago from the air and place him gently on the roof next to her.

Next thing that is happening, Dex removes her leather vest with a cry and then is removing her tank top, to reveal her black bra. Blood oozes slowly down her back. She quickly wraps the tank top under her arm and over the bullet wound. Using her ability, the tank top is tied tight over the wound, to stop the bleeding.

"Fucking shit." She says softly as she slips her leather vest back on but it isn't zipped back up yet. She looks over to Tiago and then stands slowly, careful not the move her injured shoulder too much. "Ok, let's go." She's running towards the ledge of the next roof across from them and after judging the distance, she leaps across to the roof next door, with a little push from her ability, she lands on her feet and her boots absorb the shock of the impact. "Jump!" she yells to Tiago and she throws her hand out. The young man would hear the sound of men pounding up the stairs. Close to the door leading to the rooftop.


One thing is for certain, Lena had not been lying. Flying via Dex is…rather uncomfortable, to put it simply. But it's a preferable alternative to being arrested, or killed…or even worse, deported! (Messed up priorities, much?) When he touches down on the gravel of the roof, he lets out a shuddering sigh, glancing around wildly as he plans their next move - already tracking out a few tried and tested paths that are guaranteed to make them shake the cops. When he glances over to her, she's in the middle of dressing her wounds.

"…You alrigh'? We gotta head down - to the Bronx. They'll give up over there. I know that place better'n those fuckers could ever imagine." Beat. "You…cold?"

However, he doesn't have the time to react. She's jumping to the next roof, and beckoning for him to do the same. And though he knows its ludicrous, though he knows very well the dangers inherent with this…he does so anyway. He takes off sprinting towards the edge of the roof, then launches himself over - but it doesn't quite look like he's going to make it…


Oh he'll make it.. if she has anything to say about it." The woman braces herself and she uses her ability and pulls Tiago across the rest of the way though he may scrap his shoulder or something on the roof as he lands. Her eyes widen as the men from the government enter the roof on the other side and she drops to her belly. Grunting as she moved too fast, "We'll use the fire escape on the other side and then we'll go to the Bronx. Okay?" she says lightly and looks over the ledge briefly before ducking back again, they haven't seen them yet.

She starts to belly crawl over the roof to the other side where they can climb down. Dextris looks back over to Tiago and smiles weakly, "Thanks for helping me, you'll pretty loyal and honorable. I can see why Lena like you so." She says and then it's back to business, getting the fuck out of here.


Tiago makes it, with Dex's particular brand of assistance, and the moment he makes it, he lies flat on the floor, willing his ears to work double time and pick up the crackling of the gravel beneath their government-issued boots. His heart is beating twice as fast as it should be, but when Dex shows the intention of crawling forward, he wastes no time - he reaches over to grab her uninjured arm firmly, looking to hook Dex in spot and keep her from proceeding all the while shooting her the darkest of glowers, a look which screams 'Shut up'. Silence. Utter silence, until, after a couple of minutes of vigilant searching prove unfruitful for the thugs and they give up, heading back inside the unnamed building. It is only then that Tiago releases her with a shuddering sigh.

"No - lets travel by roof a bit more. They wont be expectin' that. We'll jump over a couple more, if you got tha strength ta keep it up? Then, we'll go down - 'cause they're goin' ta bring in choppers soon an'…holy /fuck/. How did I…" Cue the uncomfortable shaking of his head, followed by the climbing to his feet unsteadily.


Tiago's questions and statements are not answered by Dex. Instead she throws him to the next roof and then herself. She does this for a total of three more roofs before she stops and looks around. "They won't bring a fucking copter.. this is all hush hush, which is why nobody is hearing about it." She says softly and then looks back at Tiago before she begins to move down the side of the building they are now standing on via fire escape. Her eyes are tired but she's been through worst than this. This is nothing really.

Dex leans against the landing right before the ground floor and looks at Tiago. "Ok, we need to stick close to the walls. But not look suspicious." She concludes before she's starting to take the ladder down to the alleyway.


It's a heartstopping process, being flung through the air like this, close to being dropped stories to the sidewalk at any given moment. But, considering the alternative? Tiago will accept it. Once he's on the terra firma that is the roof, he closes his eyes for a few moments, willing his head not to explode. It is only after a calming breath or two that he moves forward and begins to follow her down the fire escape.

The Brazilian lets out a grunt of discomfort as he hits the floor, before straightening himself out against the wall and staring, solemn, over to Dex. "Yeah…yeah, c'mon," He agrees with her in a low grunt, and with this in mind, he reaches over to grab her hand, holding it in his and proceeding to guide her further into the city he has come to know intimately. There's one advantage to working on the streets as a criminal - you really get to know the alleys and nooks and crannies of the place. "Think…think regular like. Maybe we should ditch our jackets an' shit - so they cant recognize us none…?"


The woman looks at Tiago as he grabs her hand and she lets him lead the way. "If I ditch my jacket, people will notice that my shoulder is bleeding. She says softly but grunting ever so often from the pain. Her eyes travel around the place and it would seem like they have lost the government agents.. for now. "I'm sorry, that I got you involved with all of this. Lena will be pissed." She chuckles as she follows after Tiago.

"Grew up in this city and you would think.. that I would know about some of these places." Not that Dex ever lived the life of luxury and grace but she didn't wander around every alley in the city, but a fair bit she has. She rotates her uninjured shoulder and looks around once again.


Tiago purses his lips thoughtfully, but in the end he ends up shaking his head and removing his hand from hers, slowing their brisk walk down to a stop. "Dump the jacket. Now," he instructs her without hesitation, already beginning to remove his own - but not to discard. He's turning it inside out, so that the pigmentation of the full jacket has changed from bright red to a subdued navy blue, and after ripping off the tag at the neck of it, he holds it out to Dex, glancing around the area with clear paranoia. "Put that on. S'alright…I guess. At least you aint taken or nothin'. An' not a lot of people know the city like I do. It's a good thing." He gruffs in her direction, offering her a nod of recognition. "Hey…your shoulder aint that bad, righ'? You'll be good 'till…'till we manage ta be safe, an' then I'll get shit ta patch you up right."


Tiago would feel a shove push him against the wall. "The orders.. will stop.. now." Dex says quietly and she rips the jacket from his hands to throw it on. "That was my cute shit." She says and growls as she throws the leather vest into the trash. Yes there she is in her bra again, but then she's putting the jacket on and ruffling her hair lightly. "My shoulder will be fine, I was going to stitch it up myself but if you're offering. That's fine." She says and then she looks around, "We're near the warehouse I've set shop up in." she says before she's moving forward, she turns a corner and then a door is opened. Dex grins at Tiago from over her shoulder, "Come on, now. I'll show you my place." She says and then she's entering the building.

"Found it a few days ago, I didn't want to tell anyone yet. Which means you don't tell anyone where this is. Got it?" she asks with a lift of an eyebrow. Up the stairs she goes before they reach a floor that has a few pieces of furniture in it, a light screen of some sort is covering a bedroom area to which Tiago can see a bed and a few pieces of clothes. "I guess it was renovated for people to live in but for some reason they abandoned the building, for now at least." It might have been because of rats or some sort of vermin, but who cares? It's a free place to stay.

A few things fly at Tiago, a bottle of alcohol, needle and thread and some cotton swabs. "Let's get this done already. I don't want it to get infected." Says Dex's voice as she emerges from behind the screen, using a towel to cover her otherwise topless self from Tiago, she walks over to a chair and sits down on it.


Before Tiago knows it, his head is bouncing against the brick wall with one of those-wince inducing thuds, and he lets out a groan, closing his eyes and grinding his teeth before subsequently throwing himself away from the wall and sneering to the mentally unstable woman. Squaring his shoulders, he proceeds to stare her down, taking a looming, dangerous step towards her. "This aint about orders or bullshit like that. You fuckin' dragged me inta this shit - I aint goin' ta get caught jus' 'cause you thought the jacket was fuckin' cute. Don' give me fuckin' attitude, I'm jus' tryin' ta fuckin' help." Normally, he probably wouldn't have exploded. But then again, this is no ordinary day. The rest of the walk to her warehouse is done in complete silence, sullen almost, as the man shoves his hands into his pockets, goosebumps appearing at his exposed forearms.

"Got it." He drones out in monotone, barely looking around the place. "You sure they haven't tracked ya ta here yet?" Reluctantly, he tries to shiver the cold away and steps forward into the make-shift home, barely glancing at Dex as she assembles the materials needed to fix her up. There is something thoughtful, almost hollow about his stare now. "Mhmm." Automatically, he begins to prepare the items for the operation, drenching a cotton swab in alcohol to dab at her wound.


"I'm sorry."

She doesn't say that for people.. nobody.. "I'm just a little worked up, okay?" she says and with a shiver, she lets Tiago do his work. Though to take the chill off of the place she moves the trash can and lights the things inside of it aflame, the process strange looking since it's all happening on its own, with the help of her ability. "If they had tracked me here.. I wouldn't be here now Lover Boy." She grits at the alcohol and waits for Tiago to finish everything.

"I don't mean to come off rude but it's just how things happen sometimes. My daddy wasn't around to teach me manners proper." She jokes lightly, though her eyes go dead at the mention of her father. It still hurts, no matter how many years have gone by. "Do I scare you?"


Unfortunately, Tiago has set his jaw rather stubbornly, and is otherwise oblivious as to the rareness of her apology. He doesn't realize that it is a moment to be cherished - and so he doesn't. And so all he does is mechanically tend to the wound in an uncomfortable, unsure kind of way - focused on doing the very best he can. "It's alrigh'," he grumps, voice low and solemn. "But I aint goin' ta put up wi' shit like that. I'm your friend, I aint your slave. So don' think you can push me 'round an' make me do shit and act like I aint fuckin' smart - this is the kind of thing I do, man. Alrigh'? No more o' that."

It's not the neatest job in the world, due mostly to Tiago's lack of experience and the roughness of his hands otherwise. But by Jove, he's going to get an A for effort, at least, as he stitches the mostly topless woman up. But for once, his attention on the woman is strictly - or at least ninety-eight percent - professional. "Heh," he offers her dryly for her jest about the father bit. When she asks if she scares him? "…A li'l, I guess. Y'used ta. Now, I dunno. Y'can do alot, what with that power of yours, an' no 'ffense none but you can act crazy sometimes. But…you aint bad."


"Ok, friend not slave. Got it." She says and then she's looking at Tiago, turned around to face him, her towel dips a little but she hasn't seemed to notice yet. "You aren't all that bad either." She says and winks at Tiago. "Thank you for helping me, it'll take some getting use to. Having a friend." Besides Peter that is and Lena it is looking like.

A silence feels the room as Dex looks at Tiago and then around the place and then at Tiago again. She doesn't really know what to say.. her eyes close and then she's opening them again, shaking her shoulders a bit, the towel drops even more but she grabs it before it gets too low. "Sorry, don't want to flash you with these."


Tiago is uncomfortable, and he proceeds to wipe his bloody hands on his jeans, leaving a streak of red that stands out in stark contrast to the pigmentation of his jeans. Just another mess the women in his life will have to deal with. Staring down at Dex, he offers her a faint smile, unable to produce more as a result of the events of the day. "It's…it's alrigh'. It's hard ta believe, yeah, but I know how it is. We gotta…we gotta look after each other. People like you an' like…yeah."

It's only then that Tiago seems to recall her less than presentable appearance, a result of the wink. And he stares for a handful of seconds - natural male impulse - before looking away primly and properly. Two words that shouldn't be associated with this street punk, but actually are. It just shows how far he has come. "Huh? It's…it's cool. Y'should lay low a bit, yeah? Jus' hang out…let your body fix itself an' stay outa trouble. I should get goin', I guess." And with a grunt, he makes his way to his feet, still unwilling to look in her direction. "Yeah, jus'…don' tell Lena 'bout this if by some freak accident you see 'er. It's my job - I gotta."


"Well.. it all depends on what you are going to be telling her." Dex says with a raise of an eyebrow and then she vanishes behind the screen and reemerges pulling a white tank top down her torso. She leans against the wall and lays her head on it as well. "Hm?" she crosses her legs and puts her hands in her pants pocket.

The things running through Dex's head are too crazy and panicky. She's stressing over the government finally catching up to her and then getting Tiago involved and then kissing Tiago and then she got shot and she kissed Tiago?!?!


Tiago pauses, and after a moment of clenching then unclenching his jaws uncomfortably, he lifts and drops his shoulders idly. It's only then that he hazards a tentative glance in Dex's direction, relief crossing his features as he realizes that she is, in fact, dressed. "Ima tell her whatever needs ta be told. Ima tell her the truth. S'what…that's what you do, y'know? If you…if you want ta be with someone an' make it work." With this, he lifts his hand to run through his hair precariously, moving to grab the jacket Dex had discarded at the front door, and checks his gun before even making his way to the exit. "Hey? Be careful, yeah? Y'got Lena's phone or whatever, right? Y'can get in contact with her, righ'? So…if you need somethin', jus' call. Anythin' at all. Deal?"


Striding up to Tiago, Dex gives him a light hug before turning her back to disappear into the bedroom area again. "Deal." Is all she says and she leans against the wall, waiting for Tiago to leave her place.


Tiago blinks at the hug - the second one of the afternoon - but this one is easier to deal with, truth be told. After all, he's not being groped like the pile of manmeat that he is, and so he manages to find Dex a smile at the end of the embrace. "Stay cool, man. I'll catch ya later." And with that, he disappears into the night. And by night I mean day.


When the man leaves her floor, she slides to the ground and folds her legs under herself, slamming her head against the wall. She squeezes her eyes shut before opening them and placing her hands on either side of her, staring across to the wall in front of her.

The whole day's situation isn't the only thing that has her frustrated and upset, the fact that she seems to like a man whose taken for in oh so many ways is what bugs her the most. And so with a slam of her hands on the floor and her eyes shutting again, one word slips from the littlest telekinetic.


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