2007-04-08: Kill Mara: Volume Two


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Summary: Time's up.

Date It Happened: April 8, 2007

Kill Mara: Volume Two

Mara's Flat


With a simple wave of his hand, the phone goes flying across the living room, slamming into the wall on the opposite and breaking into two separate pieces. "He can't hear you now," Sylar says to Mara, suddenly becoming visible as he advances on the fallen woman slowly, his hands held out at his sides as he speaks. "Do you really think anyone can help you? You're at my mercy," the killer says, stopping just behind her, ".. well, what little mercy I have."

Mara rolls over onto her back and starts crawling away from her attacker. "He'll come for me." He has to. He's just got to. But what sort of mess is she getting him into? "So big and tough, aren't you Gabriel?" Her voice quakes, betraying the fear she hides behind her brave face. "Pushing around and injured woman. Does it make you feel good? Does it make you feel /special/?"

"It's not so much me being big and tough, than you /not/ being big and tough," Sylar says, picking up on the fear in her voice. For every foot she manages to make it away, crawling, he closes the distance with a step forward. He considers her question, weighing it in his mind, and then he shakes his head, smirking. "No, not really. /Killing/ you is the good part."

Swallowing back her fear and squaring her jaw, Mara stares up at - Let's call him what he is - Sylar. "I can promise you, I will be the death of you. Your victory will be so short-lived." She actually manages a grin, "You're still dying to know what I can do, aren't you?" Keep him talking, dammit. With her hands and her good leg, she keeps scooting back toward the hallway.

"I don't think so," comes the response from Sylar, who is still looking down at Mara, that smirk still on his face. "/I'm/ going to be the death of /you/." He pauses where he stands, letting her scoot further and further away from him, his eyes never leaving hers. "Your ability? Yes. I do want to know what it is, but you can't taunt me with it anymore. After all…" He smiles now, a cold, killer's smile, and he cants his head slightly to one side, considering the detective. "I'm about to find out what it is for myself."

Once to the hallway, Mara attempts to climb to her feet again, bracing herself against the wall. Now, her eyes start darting around for a means of escape. For a weapon. "What did you do with my gun, Gabriel? Surely you don't intend on keeping it for yourself. You don't need it, after all."

Sylar watches as the detective climbs to her feet again, remaining silent until she speaks. "The gun is gone," he says simply, waving a hand dismissively. "You're right. I don't need weapons like that anymore. And I'm definitely not giving it to you. Granted, you wouldn't be able to hurt me with it… but I can't guarantee you won't try to hurt yourself."

Nathan can only hope that Peter is following. The risk of looking back would result in whiplash or slowing down, neither option at all desirable. Up here, it's cold and loud, but nothing he's not gotten used to. Time passes, more than he'd like, before he lands on the metal landing outside Mara's apartment, the whole structure shuddering beneath him. His first instinct is to shout her name, and he only just catches himself before he can, instead quietly checking whether the door is locked, unknowing of any kind of preternatural hearing any psychokillers might possess. Locked, of course it's locked. He waits all of two seconds before glancing around… and kicking the door in. Except it doesn't give. "God damn it."

Mara limps backward down the hallway slowly. "I've seen the future, Gabriel." The rattling outside the door doesn't go unnoticed. She picks up her pace a bit, hoping it'll make a good distraction. Come on, just a little farther. She hears the door itself shake when Nathan tries to kick it in and nearly loses her balance when she jumps in surprise. "It doesn't end well for you."

"I've seen the future, too," Sylar says, the image of him as President flitting across his mind for the tiniest of moments, but then it's gone. Back on track. Murder is to be had. "The clock is ticking for you, detective, and there isn't much t-" He cuts himself off, his head turning towards the door, concentrating on the rattling sound. Was that- a kick. The door shakes. Help has arrived. He turns back towards Mara, smiling one more time, raising his hand in front of him. "Time's up." A gripping sensation will form around Mara's throat as she's lifted slightly off the floor, slamming into the wall next to her. Sylar advances on her the whole time, his hand curling into a fist, with the lone exception of his index finger pointed straight at her forehead. "Good night, detective."

Luckily, since he apparently sucks at kicking in a door, there's someone else not too far behind him. Half a minute after the older of the two brothers lands, Peter drops down beside him. His landing isn't quite as skilled, as he's just not as /good/ at this power as he probably should be, and he actually has to catch himself against the side of the building as he comes to a stop. It makes a rather nice thud. Glancing beside him, he sees his brother trying to kick in the door, to no effect (dead bolted, likely), and he does the most natural thing to do. He shows his brother how to kick in a door. Helps he thinks about a certain blonde woman forcing a locked metal door open, and does the exact same thing, only with his foot. The door flies open and since it isn't metal? It splinters quite a bit upon impacting the wall it lands against. The cavalry has definitely arrived.

Mara's eyes get large as that tightness closes around her throat. For a moment, she thinks she's about to pass out when she hits the wall. She's seen this before. She's seen it happen to others. Isaac Mendez. To her. But it wasn't here. Hazel eyes grow impossibly wide. Absolute horror. "You /changed/ it!" She tries to grab for the invisible force holding at her neck. "How did you-" This isn't what she saw! It doesn't matter now.

Mara starts screaming.

"O-kay," Nathan says, as suddenly the door is just /gone/. He'll have to ask Peter how the hell he did that, but later. The sound of the woman's scream from within leaves no time to quip, or hesitate, or even think, as Nathan moves into the apartment at a run. /Now/ he yells out her name. "Mara!" His eyes land on where the man whom he only knows from a grainy, black and white photo is standing. "Son of a bitch." It's not a tackle. Because people don't cover that much distance in a tackle, achieve that much height from standing, get that much speed in just a blink of an eye. But he has a goal, and that's to floor the enemy.

When Mara starts screaming, all Sylar does is smile. He doesn't move or say anything, but just holds her against the wall, waiting and waiting to deal the final blow… and that's when the door is kicked in. Mara is dropped instantly; after all, he can get to her later. She isn't going anywhere. He whips around, facing the door, and with a wave of his hand, the couch in the living room goes flying, right in Nathan's path. No flying face-first at Sylar's crotch today.

She's screaming.

Peter knows what this means. And so does his brother. While Nathan tries to fly inside, his brother uses his feet, looking around for anything to use. When the couch goes flying at his brother, he lifts his hand in an attempt to stop it, but sometimes things just don't work out. Two forces acting on one object from separate directions, and all, it makes things difficult. Most this might do is make it less of a full impact on his brother. Either way, he's running behind him, trying to get closer. She's on the floor. At this point, he /wants/ to hear her scream. Then he'd know she's still alive. Please, let it not be too late.

"Nathan!" Mara hits the ground and half scrambles, half drags herself toward her bedroom with the intent of barricading herself inside. She can't help him. The only way to help him is to get out of the crossfire.

The impact of the couch is lessened, but Nathan is promptly derailed, tumbling out of the air and landing hard. With a grunt, he pushes himself up again, instantly searching for where Mara is and can't help but feel relieved when he sees her move. He wants to tell her to go, but refrains, not wishing to draw attention. Like he said what feels like a long time ago: he can fly, but what does he do when he gets there? He doesn't have a badge or a gun. His gaze snaps back to Sylar, warily getting to his feet.

When the couch hits Nathan, Sylar smirks, turning back towards Mara as she moves towards the bedroom. "Now, now," Sylar says, raising his hand again towards her, "we can't have you running away." He glances back over his shoulder to see the aftermath of the couch, and sees Nathan already on the move again. More interruptions. Where Sylar was before, he is no longer. Invisibility is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Of course, it won't work long, with Peter having the ability to become invisible, too, but it does give him a chance to hide.

"…God damnit," Peter curses under his breath, though in comparison to some it's a relatively mild curse. After the other man fades from sight, he does as well, scanning the room in an attempt to find him. Even invisible, he can still communicate, and he's not afraid to do so. The other man will know where he is from sight anyway. He needs to give his brother an order, while the woman is still moving. "Nathan! Get her out of here. /Now./" He's not sure how much he'll be able to do while invisible, but… maybe he can draw the other man's attention.

Mara freezes when Sylar addresses her and stares up with wide and fearful eyes. "No!" Summoning her courage, she crawls toward the bedroom as quickly as she can, despite the screaming pain in her knee.

Nathan is already moving as soon as Sylar seems to vanish. He can nurse bruises later. And hey, bedrooms, they have windows, right? He follows, moving to wrap a supportive arm around Mara, propelling her even faster towards the door rather than opting to drag her back through the apartment. "The hell is wrong with you," he has to mutter. She had to come back here, didn't she?

As far as Sylar knows, Peter isn't invisible. After all, the killer was already invisible, so when Peter turns invisible, he'll be visible. So how do you go from visible to visible? Well, you can't really, except Peter did. .. Either way, Sylar doesn't know he's invisible. So, for Peter's eyes, Sylar is currently stalking through the living room, slowly, making sure not to get close to any of the others. He's not necessarily running, he just doesn't want to be seen yet. When Nathan makes towards the exit with Mara, the killer keeps an eye on them, not yet ready to make his move.

Unknowingly, Peter's playing right into this. He doesn't know the other man lacks knowledge of his state of invisibility. Looking first towards Nathan and Mara, and then looking around the room instead, he gives off some of the idea that he might not know where the other man is. Actually, he's looking for something else entirely. What he ends up doing is going over to a tall floor lamp in the hallway and picking it up, ripping the cord from the wall. It's only now that he looks directly at the man, possibly giving up on the ruse he didn't know he was playing. This would give a moment's notice before he takes a few steps into the living room, and using the lamp's reach, tries to spin it right into the other man's gut.

"What the hell is wrong with /you/?" Mara shoots back, panicked. "He threw a fucking couch at you!" And he nearly sliced her skull open. Semantics can be argued later. "What about Peter?" She looks back toward the living area even as Nathan drags her along. "PETER!"


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