2007-07-16: Kind of Famous


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Summary: Portia's off to the park for her usual practice. She plays her music and draws the attention of Desmond. She ends up with $20 and a phone number in a completely honest and non-creepy way.

Date It Happened: July 16th, 2007

Kind of Famous

New York City - Central Park

The park! It's a lovely day and Portia's found herself settled underneath a tree. Guitar perched on her lap, she's playing softly, occasionally scribbling on a notepad for some lyrics. She's not really looking for money or anything, but her guitar case does happen to be open while she's working.

It's a beautiful day, like the sort one would sing about while poisoning pigeons in the park. Or so Desmond Cusick's iPod suggests. He's doing his normal jogging thing down one of the many paths made for such activity. Dressed in a tanktop and athletic pants, he even manages to make exercise look good. But he comes to a halt not too far away from Portia's tree in order to take a gulp from his bottle of Gatorade.

Maybe Portia's a little oblivious, but she doesn't really notice Desmond for the most part. She stops playing her guitar for a moment, scribbling down a last lyric before she starts to play, adding in the lyrics.

GAME: Portia has rolled CHARISMA+PERFORM+CREATIVE and got a result of FANTASTIC.

Buskers aren't uncommon in Central Park, but they still sometimes happen to catch Desmond's attention, naturally. He plucks out his earbuds, apparently finished with his run for the day, and that's when he happens to pick up on the guitar music. Glancing over in Portia's direction, he smirks a bit, then wanders over and pulls out his wallet as he approaches. As soon as he reaches the guitar case, he deposits a $20 in it.

Glancing up from her song, Portia seems a little surprised as the twenty is deposited in her guitar case. "Um, thank you?" She doesn't quite seem like the ordinary park musician, especially because she does seem like she's mid-teens at most and well dressed enough not to possibly need the money. Still, she grins, picking up into another song, this one also with lyrics she's written.

GAME: Portia has rolled CHARISMA+PERFORM+CREATIVE and got a result of GODLIKE.

"You're welcome," states Desmond as he lowers himself to take a seat on the grass nearby. Sitting down after a run is a great way to be sore later, but hey, it's not like he's here for an extended period of time. He's content to listen to the music for a while, though once it ends, he speaks up again, "You don't look like a normal busker."

"That's cause I'm not." Portia rests her guitar in her lap, glancing at her notebook full of lyrics. "I'm gonna make it big. I just like to come out here to practice. Home's a bit.. crowded sometimes. And I don't really have anywhere else I can just practice, so.. I just end up here. It works out." She hasn't really seemed to recognize him yet, so far.

"You are, hm? It's not all that easy, you know." Not that Desmond is trying to be a downer or anything. "How are you planning to do it?" He's not meaning to sound condescending, really. In fact, he's just curious.

"Gotta finish school first. There's this friend I know who is a musician /and/ a lawyer, and she recommended that it'd be best to do that first.. so my career last longer." Portia grins. "I haven't exactly decided /how/ I want to make it big yet, but I like writing my own stuff and playing and singing. Even made my own CD for demos, but I don't really know a whole lot about the industry or anything. No one really takes me seriously right now anyways. Though I met someone who offered to let me play at the bookstore he works for."

"Good plan. A lot of people make the mistake of dropping out of school in order to pursue a career in music, but it doesn't work that way." Desmond had to school a lot in order to get where he is today. "Playing in a bookstore is a good idea. It gets you exposure."

GAME: Portia has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of AVERAGE.

It seems that Portia is starting to think that Desmond looks familiar. She's not sure she places where, but she won't bring it up. She smiles. "Well, Jane said there were places I could go, like Julliard or something where they focus on music and I could get a good education. But I don't know. I like playing now. School.. I just do it cause I have to, but I really just like what I can do now."

"Julliard is a very fine school, especially if you're planning to make it into musical theater or dancing." If he's recognized, Desmond doesn't seem to mind or notice. It happens sometimes. After a moment's consideration, he suddenly reaches into his pocket for a piece of paper and pen. "Tell you what. If you take that gig at the bookstore, give me a call. I'd like to come down and hear you." A number is jotted down on the slip of paper and he passes it over. "I'm Desmond, by the way."

GAME: Portia has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GREAT.

"Desmond.." Portia's heard that name before. It didn't really occur to her until she heard his name. "Oh! You're kind of famous, aren't you?" She takes the piece of paper, carefully tucking it away. "I'd really like it if you came. I'm not sure if anyone would show up, but it'd be nice to have at least one person cheering me on."

Kind of famous. Desmond grins at that. "I've been known to be recognized now and then," he chuckles before rising to his feet. "I'd better get going. I'll see you around."

"Right! Well, um, enjoy your day. I'll give you a call when I perform." Portia grins from ear to ear, offering a wave as he gets to his feet. "Be sure to come!"

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