2009-10-27: Kitty Adventures (Lucy's Girls)



Featuring and Introducing: Matt Parkman Jr. , Isabelle, Tanya, Sonya, Lisa, and Jenny

Date: October 27th, 2009


Kitty is stuck in a town somewhere in Maine, when it seems that all hope is lost. She is found by a group of women.. her saviors.. maybe?

"Kitty Adventures (Lucy's Girls)"

Somewhere in Maine

"Damnit it all to hell! God freakin shit ahhh fuck!" Kitty kicks the car and hops up and down on one foot. "Ahhhhh." She says and lays her hands on top of the hood of the now.. useless car. Yes that's right, the tire blew and.. it didn't just blow out and she has a spare. THERE IS NO SPARE!

With another cry of outrage, Kitty hears a giggle in the car and her head jerks up. There is Baby Parkman, grinning at Kitty. You silly girl, his look says and Kitty's lips break open into a light smile, how can you stay mad when there is an adorable baby like that in front of you. And look on the bright side.. Kitty isn't stranded on the road, she's in.. some town.. in front of a diner. Oh joy!

The young woman puts a hand on her hips and she looks at the baby in the car, Ruby is licking his face, as always and the baby is laughing, yelling out, "Puppy!" every now and then before Kitty looks at the diner and shrugs. Reaching into the car, to grab the baby and pet Ruby, she walks into the diner and sits down. She has some cash, it's not like she knew she was going to be in this predicament, so it's like.. uh heeyyy, I have sixty dollars, make it last. And now she only has ten.. gas took all the money and she had to get baby food and some diapers and such.

Sliding into a booth, she lays her head on the table and Matt Jr, plays with a spoon. He's been in a good mood lately. "If only I could see the world, the way you do sweetie." She says and rubs his head, before looking up as a waitress walks over, the older blonde woman wears her hair in a bun and she is scribbling on a notepad as she walks over, when she reaches the table.

"Hello there, dear. What can I get for you?" she says and winks at the young woman.

"Hi, um.. just a.." Kitty looks down at the menu and nods. "A burger and fries and some mashed potatoes for the little guy here." She gestures towards the baby and smiles up at the woman. "He is so precious! How old?"


"Three! Just turned the other day." She says and nods cheerfully at the woman, it's ok. It's not like the woman can tell by looking at him how old he really is. The waitress takes that and nods her head. "I saw you got some car trouble, Miss. Don't worry, if you stay the night here. I'm sure when Johnny gets back in a few days, he went on a vacation. He'll look at your car for you."

Kit begins to say that she doesn't need some mechanic to help her, she can manage on her own. But look at the predicament she's in? "Ok, that would be so great. And you can call me Bo." Instead of telling them her whole fake name, Katboham.

"Well that settles it, Johnny will help you once he gets back. I'll throw in a pumpkin pie as well sweetie, doesn't make sense not to, with the season and all." She says and off she goes to place the order and serve a few other tables, there aren't that many people in here today. "I'll have to be here for a few more days??" Kitty asks herself and then slides down into her seat, she doesn't even have a place to stay!

It's this that Kitty is thinking of as a group of five women enter the diner. And they walk in as if they own the place, winking at the diner owner and the cooks and also the older waitress who smiles at the women and walks over to their table. "What can I get you guys? Izzy, staying out of trouble. I heard that Randy left your place with a black eye last night." The waitress waves her finger at the woman she calls 'Izzy'. Who is.. well very pretty.

Her light grey eyes look up at the waitress and grins at her, her supple and full lips wide and red. "I'm sorry, Mary. I told him , hands off. He wouldn't listen, you know how he gets." The woman snickers and her friends do as well. She kind of looks like that actress, she starred in some movie.. something to do with a Mrs. Smith? Hmm.. Kitty looks over at the group of women but tries not to stare, they are the most interesting people she's seen all day.

Among the women sitting in the round table in the corner, a woman who looks like Izzy who is sitting next to another woman who looks oddly like the other two. Sisters maybe? This woman's dark auburn hair hangs in her face and she twitches every so often. But she seems like she's enjoying the company of the people around her. Her family. It's until she stiffens and her gaze lands on Kitty, that a chill runs up her spine. Her eyes staring at her eerily. After Mary, takes her orders, she grabs Kitty's order and walks back to her table, laying her food down. Baby Parkman bangs his hands on the table, to which Mary chuckles. "Anything else I can get you dear?"

"Not, that's all." Yeah, all she can afford at the moment. Kit looks back over at the young twitchy woman who is whispering to Izzy, whose eyes are also on Kitty at the moment. She quickly looks away and stares up at Mary. "Who are they?" Gesturing her chin in the ladies direction, now all of them are staring at her.

"Oh those girls? They're Lucy's girls." She says and smiles softly as she walks away. As the waitress leaves, Izzy gets up from the booth as the ladies at the table begin to talk amongst themselves, the young strange woman is still staring at Kitty before she goes to looking out the window, muttering to herself.

"Heya there." Izzy says and slides into the booth, her eyes are bright and she grins in Kitty's direction. "Heard Mary, she was telling us about your car trouble and.. well. I'm sorry to hear that." She says and she smiles at the baby, who is busy.. putting his hand in the mashed potatoes and licking his fingers. "Uh.. thanks. It sucks yeah but, umm who are you?" Kit raises an eyebrow at the woman and she rubs her head.

"Name's Isabelle, or Izzy." She shrugs, whichever you prefer. "The girls and I, just like to help people. People like us." Before Kitty can ask who are like us? "Women. And from that bandage covering the gunshot wound on your back. I'm gonna say that you need help. And a place to stay. You don't want to be sleeping in that car.. do you?" Izzy's eyebrows waggle and Kitty tilts her head. "You'll forgive for not being so trusting." She says flatly and takes a bite out of her fries. The older woman chuckles and nods at Kitty.

"I didn't take you for a fool, but we're serious. Plus, Johnny is my man of sorts. So I'd make sure that he wouldn't charge ya for the car fees." She dangles that in front of Kitty's face and then Kitty puts her face in her palms. "You drive a hard bargain." She says and grins at the other woman, she can't be that bad, just trying to help out her fellow woman! "Ok, I'm Bo and this is JJ." She says and points at Matt, who is finishing off those mashed potatoes, the young woman reaches over and cleans his hands off with a napkin. "He loves those potatoes." She comments and then cleans his face too. "Good kid." Izzy says and ruffles the baby's hair, who smiles up at Isabelle and then hugs into Kitty's side.

"Great, well. Come meet the girls." She says and she gets up from the table and walks over back to her own table. The other ladies all nod at Kitty and grin at the baby.

"Aww, what a cutie!" a freckly red head says as she holds out her finger for the baby to shake. There are faint traces of a southern accent in her voice, and she begins to play with 'JJ.'

"Ok the red head there is Jenny, she's a little crazy with the boys, watch your man around her. The raven haired woman is Lisa, she's got quite a right hook. Just ask half the men in this town." Lisa looks Kitty up and down and then drinks her water from the glass. Ok, so she's the bitch. Then Kitty's attention is directed to the two ladies that looks similar to Isabelle. "And these are my lovely sisters, Sonya and Tanya. Twins." The twins look at Kitty and Sonya smiles and holds out her hand, "Nice to meet ya." While Tanya, the crazy girl from earlier just stares at Kitty and then nods her head.

Jenny rolls her eyes and sticks her tongue out at Izzy when she makes her remark about her. Even if there's truth to the statement, it's not quite as true as her reputation suggests. She sucks her tongue back in and wiggles JJ's feet around.

"Nice to meet yall too." She says and dips her head at everyone. "Well!" Isabelle says and she pushes her chair in, "Time to show you the new digs." The young woman looks at Mary and holds up a hand, "We're gonna go and be good Samaritans." To which Mary laughs and waves her towel at Izzy, "That girl and her child are innocent! Keep them that way." She says as the women leave the place. Kitty holds Matt Jr. as she and the women begin to walk down the street. "So" Kitty says and looks at all the women. "Why did Mary back there, call you Lucy's girls?" The young woman tilts her head and readjusts her hold on the baby.

Jenny continues to play with the baby as she follows along, almost eerily fascinated by the child, not that her behaviour gets her much notice.

To Kitty's question, the women grin and then Isabelle points at the place they are coming up upon. "That's because.. of that." She says and then smiles at Kitty. In front of them is a tall brick building, on the front of the building is bright neon red sign that reads.. Old Lucy's along with a woman and a lasso on the front and from the looks of the place.. it's a bar.

"Oh boy.." Is all Kitty says as she enters the building, isn't this grand?

A few hours later….

Hours later, Kitty and Matt Jr. are tucked in their room in the upstairs lofts that are the homes of many of the women at the bar. It's quiet except for in one room where Sonya sits on a bed, watching Tanya who is staring into fire in the fireplace. A gentle knock can be heard and Izzy pokes her head in before she closes the door quietly and leans against the wall, opening the window and bringing out a cigarette.

"Tan, ya sure about this?" she asks her younger sister, looking towards the woman and then at her other sister, Sonya. Tanya nods her head faintly and when she speaks, it comes out in a whisper almost. "She's different.. never felt.. anything like her before.. she's unique.." she says softly and rocks back and forth while staring in the flames of the place. "She's still in caterpillar stage.. not yet grown." Her voice doesn't carry far and then she looks at her two sisters, "The boy two.. he's like us." She says before looking back into the flames.

"Well.. we don't want to scare her, or the baby. So we'll wait and see what comes of this, but Tanya was adamant that take them in.." Isabelle says to Sonya who shrugs and tosses a red ball into the air, she seems to vanish leaving behind a trail of black smoke and then she reappears in the air to catch the ball before she vanishes again and then is laying on her back on her bed. "We'll see what happens, but Lisa isn't all to happy about it. She thinks that she'll bring trouble for us all." The younger sister says, Sonya looks to Isabelle who nods her head and snaps her fingers, bright brilliant flames bursting from her fingertips to light her cigarette. "We'll see about that, I have a good feeling about this one."


Old Lucy's and Isabelle are both concepts from the game of String Theory. Recently, Isabelle was killed (ICly!!!) this scene is dedicated to her, in loving memory of the fiery hot goddess that is Isabelle Ashford.


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