2010-06-28: Kitty's Got Fire



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Date: June 28, 2010


Family reunions suck.

"Kitty's Got Fire"

Hanner Enterprises— Kitty's Office

It's been a long last few months, but that doesn't mean you can stop working. At least that doesn't mean that Kitty can stop working. The young Hanner woman sits by her desk, going through papers and doing some last minute things. Her hair is pulled back into a loose ponytail and her heels are kicked off. Dressed in a dark grey pencil skirt and a loose dark red top, her face with little make up on.

Everyone was given the day off today, they had been working very hard the last few weeks. Getting the expansion into a train line happening and all. And so Kitty pushes back away from her desk and pads barefoot over to the window, overlooking the city. Her arms are crossed as she tilts her head to the side. She hasn't been able to talk to Harley lately, he's been busy doing whatever it is he does..

"Come on Kitty.. back to work. Let's do this to get home." She says with a sigh and then she's beginning to turn around to go back to her desk.

Sliding into the office, a man peeks around the corner into the office. He whistles and munches on skittles— a talent, often ignored by the masses. "Kitty. Kitty. Oh Kitty. Oh so so so very pretty." His lips quirk up into a sly kind of smile. "I've been waiting for a long time to meet like this…" he shakes the bag of candy he clutches in his hand, "Skittle?"

A dark haired man follows behind him in silence. Aedan, unlike Roberto, doesn't believe in the chatter. Just get the job done. Always get the job done, right?

As soon as she hears the man's voice she knows something is off. He isn't friend.. not at all. And so before she fully turns around, she grabs the katana from the wall and swings around, brandishing it in front of her. "Who the fuck are you?" she asks with a raise of her eyebrow and a slightly nervous look towards Aedan. He isn't talking, he must be the smart one.

"I don't take uninvited people into my office lightly." She says with a glare at the two men. Who are these people?? Why are they here?? Kitty shakes her head, good thing her hair was in a ponytail right?

"Guess that's a no to the candy. Suit yourself. More for me," he states as he continues to taste the rainbow. A hand is waved to Aedan and the dark haired man backs off, lingering in the hallway rather than the doorway. "What a good minion~" Roberto virtually sings like an owner would to a pet before turning back to Kitty.

"Look, Kitty. I've waited a long time for us to connect and finally, finally it's possible." He steps towards the desk, and issues Kitty a rather broad grin before extending his hand to her— a handshake of sorts.

"Minion? Who are you?" she asks with a look at Aedan as he leaves without a word. She blinks and then grips the blade tighter, just like Hiro taught her. The young CEO braces herself with a wider stance and she shakes her head at the man.

"Look.. I can't.. I don't know who you are and.. I don't think you're suppose to be here." There's something about him that's freaking Kitty out. The brunette edges closer but just so she can get a better look at him.

Roberto clucks his tongue before stepping to the side. "Put the blade down, Bitch." He's growing impatient, but it can't be heard in his tone, only in the words themselves. "I'm shocked you can't guess!" He sidesmiles before edging just a squeak closer and then stopping.

"Roberto. My name is Roberto. I'm your uncle. And this is a" his eyes narrow as sarcasm drips over his next words, "right fine way to greet family…"

"Bullshit the only uncles I have are-." Before she finish the sentence that her mother's siblings live in California it clicks in her head. "You're dad's brother.. the one who can control minds." She breathes out softly and blinks a few time, the shock making her drop the blade. Harley had warned her of him.

Kitty glares hard at her uncle and she steps closer. "Get out of here, I don't want anything to do with you.. or your nasty skittles." She says and the silence that follows is dark. Yeah, insult the man. That's the way to do it.

Roberto claps. Actually claps as his lips break out into a wry kind of grin. "The Kitty has claws! Always good to see! You've got some fire in you— I like that!" He continues to clap. "Bravo, Kitty! Ha! Harley has taught you well!" And then as he stares into her eyes he grins sadistically, his canine teeth protruding almost like fangs, "But not well enough— "

As Roberto looks Kitty in the eye, she stares back and then she's blinking and then not blinking at all. Her mind.. she realizes isn't her own, she's looking out her eyes but she can't move, or move where she's looking. Inside her head, she's screaming, crying to be released. Fear moving into her eyes, though she can't change anything else going on.

"Now. Come, Kitty! I need you with me— it is time!" Roberto claps again except, this time for Aedan, that same sadistic smile playing on his lips as he turns to the door. Outside, however, the sky is changing. Darkness falls on the world, long before it ought— hours before it generally would at the beginning of summer.

And as it does so, Roberto can feel a change. A great change in the world. His smile vanishes as one by one voices and individuals he controls flicker out of his mind.

"Aedan!" he hisses loudly.

Kitty gasps as Roberto's control loosens over her and she then charges forward to tackle the blonde. "Don't you ever," she punches him in the face a few times. "Ever, try that again! I'll kill you, uncle or not." She says pounding her fists into his face. Tears streaking down her face.

She then rolls off of her uncle and comes to her feet, looking for the katana. She dives and grabs onto to the handle of the blade and swings it up in front of her.

"You stupid BITCH! WHY AM I SURROUNDED BY STUPID BITCHES?!" Roberto yells now. "DON'T THREATEN ME! DON'T YOU EVER THREATEN ME! YOUR LIFE ISN'T WORTH THE TIME!" He turns on his heel to face from whence he came. "AEDAN. PLAN B!" And the leader marches from the room before the dark haired man rounds the corner and throws in something likely unexpected.

The grenade is grey-black in colour. And the door to the office closes as it hits the ground.

As Kitty jumps to her feet, she blinks down at the grenade and her jaw drops. "You have got to be kidding me." She says before she's racing towards the door to get out

A few minutes later..

A loud explosion be heard and glass flies out over everywhere above the street as everyone blinks and looks up and screams moving out of the way. Citizens of the city are immediately calling the police and fire departments as they stare in shock at the top floor of Hanner Enterprises.

It took a few hours to get the fire completely dead but at least the rest of the building didn't suffer damage. The police chief can be seen talking to a nearby reporter, "It was said that Kitty Hanner, the CEO of Hanner Enterprises was in the building working at the time of the explosion, there.." he looks down as he speaks though he's had to deliver news like this a few times. "The fire devastated everything on the floor, a through investigation will be had to make sure that Ms. Hanner was indeed not in there."

The reporters go crazy with questions but there are no answers, the chief is done for the day.

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