Kitty's Orphanage
Kitty's Orphange
Owner Kitty Hanner
Public Status Abandonded
Location New York, NY, USA

The Kitten's crib. Very big!


This warehouse is the one that Kitty found one day while exploring New York City and she took it as a place to stay for herself and others that she had met and started to protect. Mostly kids. After working non-stop and very hard to make the place a safe haven for kids and adults, both Evolved and Human, she opened the doors and that's when Claudine began to bring in refugees to her for safety. Ever since then and when Langston, then 16 called her Mama Kit. That's who she is Mama Kit to all the Kittens. The orphanage has tons of rooms, a lot in the back where the kids can play without being seen. A kitchen and other rooms meant for business and storage of supplies.


  • Notable IC events that have happened at the Orphanage.


  • "Memorable quotes!" That have been said in the Orphanage


  • There is a /large/ arsenal hidden there for Kitty to use to protect her Kittens.
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