Kitty's Relationships

These are Kitty's blood relations, the people she would die to protect. She worries about them often.

Harley1.jpg kitty15.png Harley2.jpg

Myth persona: Loki, the Trickster.

Harley Hanner is an enigma. With his devilish swagger and attitude. He puts Kitty off ease. And kinds of creeps her out. After a recent incident where Kitty was witness to a kidnapping that Harley just happened to be around at the same time. In the end, Harley jumped in the car with Kitty and Robin. After returning to the manor, Harley explained a little to Kitty about what has been going on, due to a vision from the past and a hint from Harley, Kitty discovered the man she had been thinking might be potentially a enemy is actually family. Her brother. That wasn't the only bombshell dropped. Harley's boss is his father.. is Kitty's dad alive?

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Myth persona:

Fox Hanner is Kitty's baby sister and she loves the girl to pieces. While the way they met was quite strange, seeing as Fox just showed up at Kitty's doorstep one afternoon. The bond of sisterhood was instant and Kitty would do anything to protect her younger sister. Fox's behavior sometimes scares Kitty in that, in some ways the two sisters are exactly alike. Kitty tries to constantly teach Fox about the nature of her abilities and the right and wrong times and ways to use her ability.

Robin.jpg Robin2.jpg

Myth persona: Coeus, titan god of intellect.

Robin Whyte is Kitty's baby brother. She dotes on him and is forever on his case about something. She has taken Robin with her to a few different missions that she's had while she was on the run from the government. Kitty thinks that Robin is very smart and is going to be successful when he gets older. Recently, Robin has asked Kitty if she was a agent or something of some kind. Not wanting to betray her cover she lied to her brother and feels horrible about it, but in her mind she's protecting her brother from knowing too much about the Company.

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Myth persona:

Lyndon Taylor is the most recent of siblings that Kitty has been introduced too. She's not really sure what to make of the guy. They haven't really had the time to talk and get to know each other. All Kitty knows is that she has a older brother, a real one. She loves the idea already. She hopes that they can grow as close as she is with the rest of her family.

Tamara.jpg Tamara2.jpg

Myth persona: Cassandra, the woman who was consumed by her gift of foresight.

Tamara Brooks happens to be Kitty's younger cousin and the resident crazy girl that can see the future, (rumored) in New York City. Tamara helped Kitty find her first cat, Tiger and also was a source of much of Kitty's worry in 2007. Though there was obviously something very wrong with her cousin mentally, the woman never minded and tried to never treat Tamara as a lesser human being. She loves her cousin to death and had always felt a stronger connection to her for the simple fact that they share similar abilities.

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Myth persona:

Marcus Brooks , a Company Man and someone that Kitty trusts a lot is the brother of Tamara, making him Kitty's cousin. Marcus was one of the first few people that Kitty confided in about her ability. He helped her a lot with coping with it and together they shared their worries about Tamara. Marcus is the brother that Kitty never had, they are often squabbling like kids and poking fun at each other.

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