Kory Iah Alexander
Portrayed By Jurnee Smollett
Gender Female
Date of Birth December 30, 1982
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Aliases KA, DJ Iah, Persephone (Leslie), Muse (Peter)
Place of Birth White Plains, NY
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Manager of The Secret Lair as well as part time dog-walker & DJ
Known Relatives Sadie Jones-Alexander (Mother), Anzeti Alexander (brother), Evelyn Jones (maternal grandmother), Audrey Alexander (paternal great-grandmother), Marcus Alexander (father, missing)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Oneiromancy (Dream Manipulation)
First Appearance Have You Seen This Girl

Koray Iah Alexander is a quirky, whimsical, creative resident of the Upper West Side. Despite that, due to a lucrative job walking the dogs of the rich, she is often found during the daylight hours in the Upper West Side or in Central Park. Other than that, she is likely found in any number of places with her nose in a book or her iPod. She is the manager and unofficial den mother of the Secret Lair, and spins reggae and world beat at at least a couple of the clubs in SoHo and environs.

Kory's Cellphone ICE listing:
Sadie Alexander (Kory's mother)
Lee Jones
Nima Jones (Philadelphia, PA)
Peter Petrelli
Note: If you call Peter, do not also call Kory's mother!
Randall Kirkwood
Note: If you call Randall, do not also call Kory's mother!

Important info:

Phone Number: 212-789-KORY (5679) - should be easy to remember.


Early years


Early in August of 2007, Kory was offered a part-time position at The Secret Lair, to assist Nima. Nima left a few months later to open a branch store in Philadelphia, which pretty much left Kory as the manager. That's when things began to get a little bit weird.


Trying to live her philosophy of helping others, Kory used her abilities to wake up people in a burning building and help them get to safety. There she met George and Ian, the former of whom is a pleasant acquaintance and the latter of whom has since become a dear friend. She injured herself in the process, which got her a good bit of sympathy. While taking it easy at the Secret Lair, she met Cam, a foster kid in Lee's classes, and Randall, who would turn out to be the love of her life.

Things then took a turn for the worse, as Kory found out the hard way that her dreamwalking isn't the only ability out there. She ended up with her power amplified and pulling a number of strangers into a dream that linked up with a precognitive ability and gave a vision of the future. Kory gave Randall her number, then they had their first date. And November went without them being in touch — due to Kory having typed in the number wrong. Or perhaps Randall did. Either way, they refused to allow any more time to go by. They exchanged gifts at Christmas, and shortly thereafter, at Peter's behest, Kory helped him visit the dreams of Sylar. Trusting Randall with everything, she let him know, but to her astonishment, he took the revelation poorly and requested a month to work out whether he could handle the danger her life exposed her to. Kory spent January miserable, and found her attention then taken up by the craziness surrounding 9th Wonders, The Secret Lair, and the discovery that her old friend Lee was an Evolved as well.


As if things weren't bad enough, Leslie, one of the Lair's customers, developed a crush on Kory. Needing the companionship and distraction, she allowed him to keep her company. But when Randall returned and Kory convinced him not to give up on their relationship, crush turned into stalk, and the geekboy drugged Kory and kidnapped her to marry him. Randall found that he was able to step up more than he thought, as he rounded up a group of Evolved to find and rescue Kory. They have been all but inseperable ever since.

What Kory faces as 2008 gets into gear is the possibility that a Dark Future awaits. Peter Petrelli from the future asked her to gather all the people together he believes can prevent it from coming to pass…and that list didn't include Randall…


DREAMWALKING: Koray can, while conscious, enter the dreams of another person. They have to be asleep for this to happen. She cannot enter the dreams of anyone in a state where they are drugged unconscious. She cannot enter the dreams of a person in a coma. She can enter the dreams of someone who is high/stoned or drunk, but it's more difficult and everything she does is at an increased difficulty based on how impaired the dreamer is.

Once inside a dream she can observe and see what the dreamer sees, or she can choose to participate. If she's in a dream that has nonsensical elements, she may be swept up in the nonsensical elements, and appear as something that fits the dreamscape in question. Example: If the dreamer were dreaming about a zoo full of mythological creatures, Kory might appear as a sphinx or a hippogriff or some other beast. Or she might appear as another visitor to the zoo. If the dreamer is abruptly awakened, Kory will be jolted from the dream. If Kory is hurt or injured, she will be jolted from the dream. Kory's dream skill is best applied when she has a place to sit still for a few moments, but she has practiced on the subway and the bus and in school for years, so she is capable of entering a sleeper's dreams from a noisy environment in which she has to split her attention. All oneiromancy is psychic only. Her body remains in the mundane world, awake (diminished alertness). She can operate of a distance of up to twenty feet (about the length of a city bus or subway car, which is all she's practiced). Beyond that, she might be able to see someone else's dream, but getting into it let alone exerting any of the other dream related abilities is impossible.

DREAMLINKING: See Conference Call, below.

DREAMSCAPING: Koray has studied yoga and meditation in pursuit of honing her abilities. She can, as a result, impose her will on the dream she's in, and minimize the nonsensical elements, or call forth items from the sleeper's subconscious to help her portray the dream in whatever way she is seeking to change it. She also can shove a dreamer into wakefulness if she thinks it necessary, like if she's realized the dreamer has fallen asleep at the wheel. When dreamscaping, Kory can override nonsensical elements, and will appear as herself or in whatever form she chooses.

LUCID DREAMING: Koray is capable of dream-conversing and teaching, by enhancing the dreamer's subconscious. If she gets the dreamer discussing a subject, that subject becomes available to her dreamscaping ability. She can also leave codewords, similar to post-hypnotic commands, that she can casually mention in conversation that will allow the person to recall what information she imparted to them in a dream as if it were something they remembered on their own . Or, they can remember Kory herself as the person they got it from if she so desires.

DREAM POWERS: Kory's normal abilities follow her into any dreamscape she enters, but at an amplified state. She is capable of running faster, jumping higher, swimming longer distances. She will also develop powers that are situational to the dream in which she is currently involved. If the dreamer is having a flying dream, Kory will be able to fly. If the dreamer is having a dream about skiing, she will be able to keep up with the skiier. If the dreamer's dream is about breathing underwater, Kory can breathe underwater as well. And so on, as the dream scenario requires.

As a manifestation of her dream powers, Kory can disguise her appearance in dreams.

Disguise Dreams in which she uses it
Korydisguise_lindsay1.jpg Nerdy little Lindsay Lohan When Kory visits Gabriel in his dreams (starting with Fixing What's Broken) to interact with him or not, she takes on this appearance, which is almost as far as one can get from Kory's appearance. She does not use this dream disguise to visit anyone else's dreams. As of April, 2008, Kory has revealed her entire history of her dream therapy sessions to Gabriel, and no longer uses this dreamshadow form.
Korydisguise_ghost1.gif Wrathful Apparition Kory used this form (as well as the faces of Elena, Rose, and Mariska's daughter) to scare and intimidate Benjamin in Confrontational Nightmares

INSOMNIA: Kory needs no more than 2-3 hours of sleep a night. This is a side effect of her oneiromancy; her brain chemistry is hyperefficient and hyperconductive (which is what allows her to connect with a sleeping mind in the first place). Her sleep is brief and as restful in that time as a normal person's sleep is in a full night, due to absorbing psychic energy from dreamers around her. She doesn't need caffeine or other stimulants to wake up. This power is always on, unless she's been drugged, and even then it just throws her off her groove.


Sudden Segue: If a dream is going in a direction Koray thinks it should not take, she can exert stronger force to change the dream to something else. This is useful for getting somebody out of a nightmare and into a more peaceful dream, or getting somebody to dream about information she wants to know. Difficulty: good.

Trigger: An aspect of lucid dreaming, Kory can enforce remembering of the information in a dream at a subconscious level and attach it to a triggerword. This triggerword when spoken will then cause a cascade of the memories to the dreamer while they are awake. The word need not be spoken by Kory herself. The word need not be spoken by Kory herself. If she implanted the word, someone else could say it to the person whose dream she entered, and the trigger will still fly off.

Trigger Used with
"Balducci's" Everyone in the cafe who was put to sleep by Benjamin in What's to Come Chosen for its commonality in New York, the better to have all the dreamers involved remember the dream.
"Three Handled Moss-Covered Family Credenza" Niki Sanders, during her amnesia, in Into Your Hideout. Codephrase chosen so that it would be obscure and not come up easily in conversation as it was painful to Niki.
"Benjamin Winters" Benjamin Winters, in Confrontational Nightmares Chosen to cause him to suffer for what he's done for the Company.
Silk Pajamas, Nothing more suspicious than Frog's Breath, Omicron Wave Motion Gabriel, in Warm House Cold Future Chosen to keep the dreams locked away until such time as Kory needed to show Gabriel the truth about her.
Butterfly Thimble Whistle Peter, in This Clarity, to lock the dream away so as not to alert his captors she's visiting.

Alarm Clock: Kory can force-terminate a dream and make a dreamer wake up if they've dozed off at the wheel for example. Kory will roll and her target must make a willpower roll and beat Kory's successes to remain asleep.

Conference Call: After an event with a power amplifier, Kory became aware that she could create shared dream "conference calls" between multiple dreamers. After some significant practice on sleeping neighbours in her apartment, Kory is now able to link the dreams of up to twenty dreamers.

  • She must roll GOOD or better to successfully get the conference call going, and every turn must reroll and get GOOD or better to keep it gong.
  • If Kory rolls AVERAGE, she will lose one person from the dreamlink until she rolls another GOOD or better.
  • If Kory rolls MEDIOCRE or less, she's lost the link altogether and overtaxed her ability. She'll be unable to re-establish it without help.
  • Peter Petrelli's presence reduces the difficulty.
                                • (Kory will succeed at MEDIOCRE where she'd ordinarily need GOOD,
                                • will lose a person from the dream at POOR where she ordinarily would at AVERAGE,
                                • and will lose the dream altogether at HORRIBLE when she ordinarily would at MEDIOCRE).

Big Sky: Motivated by recent events, Kory has been behooved to try to expand her range. Peter had been after her to do so anyway, and she's been practicing. So now, she is able to dreamlink and connect multiple dreamers over greater distances. Since Sasha touched her to restore her powers, her range is greater now.

  • At MEDIOCRE or worse, she is not able to connect dreams at any greater distance than the length of a mile.
  • At AVERAGE, she can do sixteen city blocks.
  • At GOOD, she can do thirty two city blocks.
  • At GREAT , the entire 24 mile length of Manhattan Island or equivalent distance.
  • At SUPERB, double that.
  • At FANTASTIC, triple the 24 mile max.
  • GODLIKE quadruple the 24 mile max.

Peter Petrelli's presence in the dream connection lowers the difficulty here as it does with Conference Call, allowing her to succeed at one level lower.

The consequence of spreading her consciousness further and wider is that her body has psychosympathetic resonance with the dreamstate. If Kory suffers an injury in the dreamstate, such as a cut, a black eye, or a broken bone, her body will display the injury physically as if she had been injured physically. Healing times will be as if she had injured herself in the real world unless she has Evolved help to heal faster.


  • "…You can really hook up some Eastern stuff nicely with the Western techno beats. And a lot like the Rave track, yeah. Not quite enough to make a person want to have sex with Carrie Anne Moss in a cave, but the crowd seems to like it well enough."
  • "But you can't go by me as a barometer. I work here. I get to believe five impossible things before breakfast every day."
  • "It's just a little big-brained for the sort of reading you do while commuting on the F train."
  • "I guess I'm a season too early, but, romance."
  • "Tell you?! Are you kidding? Are you high?"
  • "If I have to be alone to make the world a better place, I will just have to live with that."
  • "I might find something out about both even if I don't find a way for the gelfling and the skexis to make peace."
  • "Doesn't it beat living with a weight of guilt dragging your heart toward hell?"
  • "Next show's at 10:50. Try the veal."
  • "The only reason nobody thinks I know anything is because I'm a big geek. They automatically assume I read it in Amazing Adventures or something."
  • I'm just a clever girl who reads a lot and doesn't need to sleep."
  • "I brought over a little housewarming thingie to say hello with! I promise, it's good — not, y'know, a freaky, scary ham-and-pineapple-and-marshmallow jello mold thing. Those never impress anybody."
  • "Hon. I walk into people's dreams. My boyfriend sees powers as ribbons in the sky. My best friend's idiot brother is Deflecto Boy. Why would I have a hard time believing that your son can talk to computers?"
  • "My faith is Gibraltar."


  • Kory and her brother look so much alike that if they dress in drag, you can't tell one from the other, even though they're not twins.
  • Kory speaks snippets of a bunch of different languages, but is fluent in none. She could probably hold a conversation in Spanish, but it'd be halting. She also has fun with accents. All this comes from the fact that she reads voraciously and is mentally acquisitive.
  • Although she's energetic and athletic, Kory is a bit of a klutz.
  • Before she came to grips with her, uh, sleep disorder, Kory drank a bunch of alcohol trying to get herself to sleep. All it did was make her sick. So she hasn't drunk alcohol since.
  • Kory got a tattoo in January 2008 of Morpheus from The Matrix standing back to back with Terpsichore the muse from Disney's Hercules.


Blood Kin

  • Sadie Alexander
      • Devoted mother, worker of three jobs so her kids could get a good education.
      • Family Problem : Still grieving her missing husband, even though it has been twelve years.
  • Marcus Alexander
    • Kory's father, who vanished on her 12th birthday, and has not been seen since.
    • Family Problem : doesn't know he has one, as he's been mindwiped and works for the Company in an as-yet-undetermined capacity.
    • Anzeti Alexander dreaming.jpg sigilofdeepknowledge.jpg
    • Kory's brother, the only member of the family who knows about her evolved ability. They're separated by five years, but they're very close.
    • Family problem: He's entered a phase now that he's almost legally an adult, where he's blowing off family stuff and expecting his sister to pick up the slack for him; something that irks Kory greatly.

Close enough for Horsehoes

Not blood relatives, but close enough.


(Brother from another mother)

Lee Jones

dreaming.jpg heroessquiggleblue.jpg sigilofdeepknowledge.jpg

Lee goes out of his way to be an abrasive, abusive butthead more often than not, so Kory's patience level with him varies. She has always thought him cute, but doesn't like putting up with his tendency to tear others down to make himself feel better. Recently, Lee seems to have undergone a shift in personality, allowing Kory's fondness to come back to the fore. In her teenage years she had a huge crush on him, but did her darnedest to never let it show because Lee's ego is big enough, and her own bruised enough. And now, she's not above using his hated full name to put him in his place when his disdain for comics becomes troublesome. There was also a rocky moment when Kory found out that her oldest friend is Evolved not from Lee himself, but from the pages of 9th Wonders. The fact that he hates the whole concept of Evolved and Evolved powers is another raw spot between them, even though they do love each other underneath all the drama. Lee is, however, listed on Kory's ICE listing in her cellphone.

Significant Logs: Should Have Served Spoo, Comfort Food, Reinvention 101, Millenium Cleaning, Lee Jones And The Secret Room, No Seriously Comics Are Terrible, Comical Interactions, A Very Artoo Christmas


(Sister from another mister)

Nima Jones

Full name Ghanima (as Lee's is Leto), Nima is Kory's oldest and dearest friend. So much so that when Nima opened a new branch of The Secret Lair in Philadelphia, she asked Kory to take over the home branch in New York. The two are as close as sisters. They've known each other since Kory was a young teen first allowed to go into the big city alone, and have been best buds ever since. Even the distance to Philly makes no nevermind. They talk on the phone for hours.


(Lost boy)

Cam Reynolds

sigilofdeepknowledge.jpg heroessquiggleblue.jpg

The little boy who came to the Lair with other intentions was just another customer, but he and Kory quickly developed a tight friendship, and she's told him to think of her as a big sister. She does what she can to look out for him and back up Niki as adopted family.
First Meeting: Rif, Kid Stuff For Mature Audiences
Significant Logs: A Little Chat, Watchdog, Millstones, A Very Artoo Christmas, Post Giftmas Revelations


dreaming.jpg Signifies Kory has walked into this person's dreams.
sigiloflightknowledge.jpg Signifies this person knows Kory is Evolved but does not know what her gift is.
sigilofdeepknowledge.jpg Signifies this person knows Kory is Evolved as well as exactly what her gift is.
heroessquiggleblue.jpg Signifies Kory is aware of this person's Evolved gift.
bullethole.gif Signifies Kory knows this person is working with/for the Company.

Plots, Soundtrack, Challenges

Kory has a stalker. A regular Secret Lair customer named Leslie has decided she's the one for him. But Kory's in love with Randall. To complicate matters, Randall's discovered what Kory's doing with her abilities and put them on a break so he can get his bearings and figure out if he can handle having a superpowered girlfriend. How far will the lonely, poor little rich boy go to get the girl of his dreams?




Pre-Game Sitch

In-Game Sitch



March 2008

(01) Kory makes a new acquaintance. One who acts as if he can tell there's Blood in the Water
(04) Charlotte visits an antsy Kory at home, bringing crepes. Crepes from France!
(06) Kory goes over changes in her life over Waffles, and things begin falling into place. Or out of…
(07) Kory and Randall finally share a quiet moment, and she gets to tell him how wonderful she thinks he is.
(08) Kory realizes she's not recovering nearly as well as she hoped. Hiro offers insight and encouragement, but Lee is an ass as usual.
(11) Kory, Sohpie and Randall discuss what to do about the missing Peter and whether his disappearance is voluntary.
(14) Kory gets a phone call from Charlotte, but would rather talk in person. Charlotte drops by with Sophie and they discuss a quick-n-dirty plan to find out more about the Company, the better to rescue Peter.
(18) Kory returns to work at the Lair and finds it's Time For The Twilight Zone.
(19) A slightly battered Hiro drops in and shows Kory her new apartment, much to Kory's elated surprise.

April, 2008

(01) Kory visits Imago for an Introvert Interlude.
(05) A Future Peter (there are more than one?!) visits Kory in her moment of self-indulgence, and helps her get back something she lost.
(06) Kory has a particular klutzy moment, then has to leave before the strange stuff really starts happening.
(16) Kory unpacks and Future Peter visits her with information as well as disquieting hints he won't expand upon.
(17) Sophie visits with a housewarming gift. Kory advises her she's on Peter's List. They discuss how best to approach the task they've been set.
(18) Kory shares Peter's List with Randall, as well as her fears of what the future holds for him due to FuturePeter's cryptic vaguenesses.
(19) Kory seeks out Jane and tells her about the List. She also realizes Quinn may want in. Dangerous women begin brainstorming.
dreaming.jpg Kory seeks out KeLyssa in a dream and Cam while awake to let them know they're on Peter's List.
(20) dreaming.jpg Kory finds Tyson and sheds some light on his dream and the matter at hand.
(22) Kory visits Gabriel with a housewarming gift and reveals who she is to him, as well as the fact that he's on Peter's List.
(23) dreaming.jpg Kory finds a person she thought could help the cause only to discover there's A Conflict Of Interests.

May, 2008

(3) Like Neo Only Cuter - Kory enlists Micah to help with Peter's List.
(6) This Clarity - a worried Kory checks in on present-day Peter and finds him in very bad shape.
(7) The Swinging Bookcase - Kory tries her hand at secret passages. Yes. Really.
(9) Ashes and Ghost - Kory gets more information than she expected from visiting Novak's dreams again.
(10) Encounter on a Park Bench - Kory runs into another Listie in the person of Jamie…why is it the kids have the most connections?
(11) Contagious Justified Paranoia - a whimsical evening turns into a tense night as Sophie shows up to tell what happened at the Bus Stop.
(12) Batcave or Belfry? - a conversation with Niki reveals more about the List. Promises to the Muse - text messages lead to another drop-in from FuturePeter.
(16) Dog Related Injuries - to get to Elisabetha in dreams, Kory has to meet her in person. Fortunately, she has a plan of sorts. Agents of Dream and Death - Kory visits Elisabetha in her dreams with …even more disturbing consequences than when she visited Novak.
(18) Fools of Faith - Kory goes out in search of visiting a peaceful dream, but encounters someone and something else altogether.
(20) Let's Get Dangerous - Kory, Sophie, and Randall ruminate on how dangerous the List mission is becoming.
(22) A Lesson Learned - As if the blue hair and stressful nights weren't enough, Novak shows up at the Secret Lair to warn Kory off.
(26) Distractions - Niki brings her husband (husband?!) DL over to introduce him to Kory and advise the Muse about the game plan to rescue Cass.
(28) Lesson Plans - Lee turns up to rant and volunteer his services teaching Elisabetha. Kory reacts to some of the stressors on her.
(28) Protection - Gabriel reminds Kory that although she does know psychology, he knows a bit more about being crazy obsessive.
(31) Welcome The Son Of Zeus - Kory and Sophie advise Ian that he's on the List.
(31) The Meaning of Quiet - a phone call from Future Peter results in Kory calling in a favor to come to the rescue.

June 2008

(02) Rock of Gibraltar - she meant what she said, and she said what she meant.
What Do You Do With A Problem Like Elisabetha? - Kory, Sophie, Gabriel and Randall ruminate over the Elisabetha situation.
Sapphire and Teal - the stresses of the day are beginning to wind down, and Kory takes what good news she can get.
(07) The Greater Good - Angela Petrelli offers two of her operatives to assist the Muse in her mission.
(22) Share the World - Kory begins a week long campaign to convince Peter to try to enjoy life rather than brooding about things he can no longer fix.
(29) The Guardians of Forever - The man from the future departs, leaving Kory and The List to guard forever without him.
Bad Dreams - Sophie and Niki seek out Kory after her dream power touches them.
Carrying On - And the core of the List finds out what has become of Peter from the Future.
Starve the Guilt, Feed the Survivor - Kory tries to recover. Her friends offer her comfort, food, kindness, and reason to go on.

July 2008

(02) Big Showstopper, Baby Steps - Quinn meets Gabriel, who has to resist temptation at the sight of her gift.
Heart of Ice, Heart of Stone - In the Dark Future, The Muse finds Ice Blonde has had a change of heart.
(04) This World of Ours - Niki and Kory talk about the List and share their loss.
(06) I'll Be There - Sophie brings Peter's goodbye message to Kory.
(08) Strange and Tender - Current day Peter returns to a grieving Kory.
(12) Undine Dreams - The Muse visits Jamie in her dreams to advise her of the List's plans.
(13) Retribution - Arthur Petrelli comes to the Deveaux with murder on his mind.
Fragmented Clarity - Kory picks up the pieces of her apartment while Quinn helps everything look normal.
Battle Damage - Kory visits Gabriel … or at least she hopes it's still Gabriel…

August 2008

(18) [[Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Time]]] - Randall and Kory run into each other while shopping and try to give the relationship one more try.


October, 2009

(01) Not What It Looks Like - Kory drops in to surprise Randall, and things do not go well.
(03) In Search of a Sincere Smile - Charlotte drops in to apologize for her absence and finds out what's up with Kory.


RP Availability

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  • I am never available on Labor Day weekend because I do Dragon*Con


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