Kyle Greene
Portrayed By Warwick Davis
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 2, 1990
Age 21
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases TWIG
Place of Birth Wellsville, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Employee at Coney Island - Wherever they need him. Mostly Acts
Known Relatives Kate Greene (mother; Unknown Location), Unknown (Father)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities It's a secret, even to him at his point
First Appearance Heroes Coffee

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A little person with a big heart. He's kind, has plenty of courage to push himself. His role models are Jason 'Wee Man' Acuna from the Jackass series and Marty Klebba, the tiny pirate on Pirates of the Caribbean.


Kyle Greene was born on March 2, 1990 to Kate Greene in a small city in New York called Wellsville. An average sized, poor, single woman, who got drunk at a party and had a little too much fun. Despite her pregnancy, she never really looked it.. She was sick a lot.. but insisted on having the baby. When he was born, he was rather small, for what he should be. The hospital, not geared for this disease called in a specialist. He was soon diagnosed with Achondroplasia Dwarfism, which is one in over two-hundred forms. But also, the most common form. Something rare to hoccur, in the area. When 1 in 26,000 to 1 in 40,000 births resulting in Dwarfism. If there are any in that area, there may be 1 person. But they'd probably go elsewhere, where that kind of care would be possible. Basicly Kyle is a special needs child. His mother would never be able to give him the care he needs. So put him up for adoption. Since the county had nothing for that type of child, medical wise, or anything, he was moved to New York City spending his first few years of life in the Foster Care System and Orphanages. There was a couple that took him in as a foster child. But, with the medical bills, and time they needed to put towards his needs, Making life easier on him. They didn't have the time, nor resources for it. So at six years of age, he was put back into the system. Making him learn, the hard way that it takes a special kind of person, to take in someone like him.
While at the Orphanage, he had schooling, and did rather well with it. They even got what things he needed to make his life easier, like stools to climb on, to reach the sink, or get into his bed. He still struggled to find his place in this world, with people his age that were bigger then he is. The name calling and bullying some of them gave him, because he was 'different'. He never really made or kept a friend while there. There was one caseworker there, Gretchen, he befriended, and vice-versa, but caseworkers can only get involved so far. Not letting things get too personal, or get too attached. So, instead he did what he could, to push the limits of his abilities by climbing, getting into trouble. Doing the things, that most like him would not. Nor many average people, for that matter. The system took care of his medical needs, but only so far as to keep him alive and healthy. But when there aren't many hospitals, or doctors in the country, that can really handle those cases, it is difficult and costly to the system and the tax payers.
He was in his mid to late teens, when the show, Little People, Big World came out on TLC. He knew there were others out there. But never really had the opportunity to meet them. Even at the appointments, he barely had time to see them in passing. Now, with that show, and people like Matt, Zach and Amy Roloff, he's learned a lot more about dwarfism. That there are many forms of the problem. Most with verying 'physical and interior problems' that develop with it. He loved sports and was pretty good at some, so when he learned of DAAA, he signed up. Granted, those people are on the west coast, where he's on the east. So meeting them is not going to be possible. DAAA tested his limits, and helped him find a place to belong. However, when there were others, in the program longer then him, children at younger ages, doing things, beating him, it got him down. He tried harder. But soon, gave it up. Despite the fact that there was a doctor there, who's studied the different forms of Dwarfism, giving check-ups and such, for free. Kyle just figured there were better ways to find his place.
Once he hit eighteen, he was out of the system, and on his own. He ended up getting a few odd jobs, but nothing specific. Job hunting, yet another thing he found difficult to achieve. These days it's easier for his type, but still not perfect. Despite the People with Dissabilities ACT, not everyone follows it. And well, since he didn't go to college, you need to have money and scholarships for that, he's limited on jobs as well. When he was about nineteen, he got a job at Coney Island. He has tried many different positions there. Ride opperators, running the games, and some of the acts wherever he was needed. The acts were his favored positions. Especially when they had him rigged uo and flying around the stage. In his free time, He was in his on-site appartment. He still watches tv, movies, reads, listens to music, and whatever else he has time for. He also has found, that he hates those height restricted rides. Because, though he is an adult now, more or less. He's still restricted from the really good rides.
It's now his 21st birthday, and despite his family with his fellow Coney Island employees, Kyle is growing restless, wanting to find other things to do. He can finally join in on the partying the others do. Find something a bit more permanent then what he's doing now. It's New York City, who knows, maybe he'll get into some minor acting, or something. He's not sure.. Either way, he doesn't feel sorry for himself.


*Heroes Coffee
*Life Lessons and Coney Island
*Hotdogs, Fountains and Dreams, Oh My!

  • Notable IC events.


  • "Well, if you really want to know, it's Little Person, but I won't push it."
  • "Size really doesn't matter."
  • "You can find heroes in the least likely places at times."


  • Unlike many Little People, Kyle is more apt to educate you on everything he knows on the subject of Dwarfism, if you really want to learn, then really get offended, if you call him a Midget.
  • Kyle has Acondroplasia Dwarfism. Which is the most common form of well over 200+ Forms of Dwarfism.
  • Kyle wishes to meet some of the more well known actors with dwarfism. Matt, Zach and Amy Roloff, Vern Troyer, Jason 'Wee-Man' Acuna, and Marty Klebba to name a few.
  • Kyle used to be in the DAAA when he was a kid. That pushed the limits of his dissability.
  • Kyle Currently works at Coney Island. Mostly doing some of the acts, but he goes where he is needed. Perhapse you've seen him rigged with 'flying' apparatus, swinging over the stage.
  • Kyle has no fear of heights.
  • Interesting miscellany.


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