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Lachlan Deatley's Relationships


James Deatley: The Father - Despite the fact that he is Lachlan's namesake, Lachlan's relationship with his father is more-or-less aloof and has been since Lachlan was young. James believes his son could do more, but like his son, is a little too laid-back to care much. James and Lachlan are quite similar, actually, which is part of the problem. They share a fondness of dogs, football (soccer), and Angelina Jolie.

Alice Deatley: The Mother - Alice is constantly after Lachlan about his shortcomings (his many shortcomings) and is often described by him as "a naggin' machine". It's not a wholly inaccurate description. Though he respects his mother (read: has a healthy fear of her unholy wrath, which far surpasses that of any woman), Alice and her son do not normally get along due to her inability to go five minutes without pointing out something wrong with his life, appearance, or attitude.

Megan Deatley: The Kid Sister - When it comes to quiet and shy Megan, Lachlan's inherent and extremely ferocious protective nature is very apparent. He loves his younger sister with every fiber of his being, and no man in the world is good enough for her, as far as he's concerned. However, he also acknowledges that Megan is much smarter than him and has been known to go to her for advice about certain things. Before he met Cass, she also acted as his main source of morality. He knows she is Evolved, and for most of his life, she was the only one who knew that he was one too.

The Best of the Best


Cass Aldric: MINEMINEMINE - Cass is Lachlan's girl/lover/fiancee/snugglesnugglelovepillow. She is the smartest, sexiest, funniest, bestest best woman ever in the entire world, and nobody can say otherwise (if they want to keep all their teeth). He is totally, completely, absolutely devoted to her, and she is the only person in the world who can make him do something he really does not want to do. Thanks to Cass' influence, he's changed a great deal for the better and stands to perhaps improve even more. Despite some hardships in their relationship (Lachlan's early infidelity, Cass having to bail him out of jail a couple times, Cass being influenced to kiss Nathan, lots and lots of violence springing up around them), the couple are still going very strong almost a year later. They became engaged July 22nd 2007 and Lachlan officially moved into her apartment in October 2007. Though no date is set for nuptials, it would appear they're set for life.

Elena Gomez: The Sister/Cousin Figure - Among those who have garnered Lachlan's loyalty is Elena Gomez. Though he saw her as a potential bedmate when they first met (which was typical for first meetings with Lachlan if one was attractive, legal, and female), he's come to view her more as a younger sister/cousin that he can rib and instruct on proper sex techniques. She and Cass spend a lot of time conversing about Important Things that often involve Really Big Words that Lachlan doesn't understand. Oh, and Elena has also seen Lachlan naked. It was awkward and he doesn't talk about it ever.

Jack Derex: The Partner-in-Crime - No-nonsense and lacking a fear of getting his hands dirty, Jack is a true friend and comrade-in-arms — even though he's Irish. Not everyone is perfect. Lachlan and Jack have been through quite a bit of violent and less-than-violent conflicts together and have come out intact (mostly). When there's some dirty work to be done, explosions to be made, or just a good round of drinking and carousing, Jack is the first name that pops into Lachlan's head.

Peter Petrelli: The Utili-Dude - Peter's a pretty cool guy, and Lachlan is more or less amicable toward him. Like Cass, Peter has done a few things to help Lachlan improve himself as a person. Also like Cass, Peter is Very Smart and Lachlan lumps him with Elena in the Often Comes Over To Talk About Important Things That Involve Really Big Words category. Peter always seems to be trying to save the world from something-or-other, and Lachlan just throws in his (questionable?) assistance whenever it's needed.

Other Amicable Acquaintances

Desiree Russo: That One Lady Who Got Hit By A Pipe - Lachlan has only seen Desiree on a couple of occasions, one of which involved her getting hit with a pipe during the confrontation with the Alchemist. After she paid a visit to Cass' apartment, he discovered that she has the 'ability' to 'tell the future', only he thinks she's just full of crap and perhaps a little jumbled in the head due to having been knocked on the noggin with a pipe. Did we mention she got hit in the head by a pipe? Oh, and she's also apparently involved with Ramon. He must like 'em crazy.

Jaden Cain: The WTF - Jaden is just plain weird and crazy, and Lachlan is not quite sure how to feel about him. The CEO has proven time and time again to be a pistol, and his unpredictability and zany antics have made Lachlan rather wary of him. At one point, Lachlan assaulted Jaden with a potato when Jaden broke in through the window of Elena's apartment — and there is not much more to be said about their relationship.

Molly Walker: The One Who Owns A Chalupa - Lachlan met Molly when she played with his dogs in Central Park, and though he doesn't really know her, he likes the kid. He found her once again in Kirby Plaza and there was able to telepathically communicate with her chinchilla, Nico. Since then, he has not seen or heard from her.

Niki Sanders: Nice and Really, Really Confusing - For a good long while, Lachlan did not make the distinction between Niki and Jessica, and so for a good long while, Lachlan hated them both. However, after actually sitting down and speaking to Niki, he became much more sympathetic toward her and even went so far as to do his best to help. He even gave her a puppy and offered to train it for free.

Ramon Gomez: The Hispanic Toughguy - When Ramon went looking for an unregistered, unlicensed firearm, Lachlan was there to lend a hand. When Ramon took Cass to the EvoSoft charity event while she and Lachlan were going through a rough spot, Lachlan was there to almost punch him in the face. Needless to say, Lachlan made a rather poor impression on Ramon and vice versa. Though there is still some posturing and bristling on both sides, the two have since semi-made-up due to Lachlan's help with the Alchemist fiasco.

Shoot on Sight

Benjamin Winters: The Mole - Though shy and altogether somewhat "geeky", in Lachlan's view, Benjamin is just not on the list of People Lachlan Likes. Due to a series of unfortunate encounters (such as Lachlan attempting to drunkenly sleep on Benjamin's mother, Benjamin causing him some embarrassment in public) and the fact that Lachlan learned of Benjamin's involvement with the Company, the sleep-inducer has become one of those people that Lachlan would much rather punch in the face than shake hands with.

Elle Bishop: The Blonde Bitch - Elle electrocuted Cass, Lachlan, and Peter, and inadvertently caused the wreckage of Enlightenment Books. She also kidnapped and tortured Elena. Elle is not a nice person, and Lachlan has had thoughts of murdering her on more than one occasion.

Jessica: Bad and Really, Really Confusing - Jessica throttled Cass and then eviscerated Peter. Since then, Lachlan has discovered that he rather does not like Jessica. Really. Unlike Cass, he did not make the distinction between Jessica and Niki and considered both of them bad up until he was able to sit down and actually talk to Niki. Since then, he's been much kinder towards her and seems to comprehend her situation. He even gave her a puppy and offered to train it for free. He still doesn't like Jessica, though.

Ling Po/Hua Yan: The Crime Boss - Ling is Lachlan's "boss", though he doesn't do much dealing these days due to his desire to get out of the business. While he deals the barest minimum in order to keep his head above water, he's been formulating plans to get out and has grown resentful of Ling's blackmail in order to keep him under her thumb. The fact that he's slept with her a couple times only makes things a little more tense.

Mr. Hendrickson: The Hitman - Mr. Hendrickson has threatened Lachlan and shot and killed one of his dogs. Enough said.

Nathan Petrelli: The Sleazy Politician - Nathan is an enemy by unfortunate circumstance, because it's most likely that Lachlan and the politician would get along fine had they met under different conditions. From a bar-room brawl to Nathan's being induced to kiss Cass (for which Lachlan punched him in the face and was subsequently jailed), most of Lachlan's dislike for Nathan stems from the fact that he views the flying man as an unwanted suitor for Cass. He hasn't seen or spoken to Nathan in some time, and quite honestly, he's not sorry about that.

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