Lane Industries
Lane Industries
Owned By Marcus Thomas Lane II
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Lane Industries is a company known for handling Defense Contracts and other government based group. Though they are known to take on the occasional private projects.



There are two known location for the company.

Note: There is a corporate jet that does morning and evening flight, to and from, both DC and New York for employees only so that they don't have to move. (OOC: I've seen the government, where I live, do something similar so instituting it here so that your not stuck.)


Location: Washington DC
Status: Active

  • Large, several floors deep, underground complex of laboratories – Headed by Dr. Raymond Walkens
  • Several floors of main offices above ground.
  • Mark and Robert's offices are on the floor below their father's
  • A large secure vault can be found in the Research and Development: Special Projects office.

Secondary Office

Location: 4 floors in New York City
Status: Active

  • Mark is often sent to this one. So you could say in a way he's the head of this office.
  • Smaller Lab then DC covering 2 floors.
  • Offices on two other floors.

Pharmaceuticals Research and Development

Location:The Brazilian Rain Forest.
Status: Destroyed (Unknown causes)

  • Headed by Dr Normal Wallace.
  • Secret Lab looking for the next big cure.

Developed Projects

What you will find here is everything so far that have been mentioned in logs. These are not really known to the public, mainly this is to help keep up with what Lane has made.


Lane Industries is always hiring individuals interested in working in a high paced company who is always looking for the next breakthrough.

PC Employees:

  • Cody - Assistant to Dr. Raymond Walkens. (OOC note: Undercover security work)
  • Liberty Taylor -Working in the Labs.

NPC Employees:

  • Dr Norman Wallace - (Deceased) - Headed the Pharmaceutical Research Lab.

Important IC Events

These are important events that involve Lane Industries.


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