2010-01-14: Last Good Idea



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Date: January 14th, 2010


Molly and Cam go to someone who always knows what to do.

"Last Good Idea"

New York City

When left with Cam after Micah and Gabriel deserted them, Molly didn't know what to do. They couldn't get back to the Orphanage without Micah. Who she thought of to help them was a little out of the box, but she couldn't think of anyone who would mess with her. Not even Sylar. And that sort of safety is exactly what those two needed.

The house that Molly and Cam find themselves at is nice - there are pillars and it looks like a mansion. It is not, however, the Petrelli Mansion. "She's in there," Molly tells Cam. She's nervous. She's not sure that they'll be helped and if they aren't, where are they going to go? "Should we—-should we just ring the doorbell?"

Once Gabriel took Micah away, it didn't take long at all for Cam to get out, freezing the rope he's tied with. After that, he helps Molly, and they run… apparently to some large mansion. He looks a little hesitant as he stares up at the mansion, and then nods, "Yeah, I guess so." And he walks right up to the front door to ring the bell. "But you do the talking."

The door opens punctually, but it's a complete stranger who answers: a sharp-featured redheaded woman roughly the same age as a certain the matriarch. She smiles, but seems a little suspicious — a little confused by the sudden children. "Can I help you kids? If you're selling something, I'm not interested unless it's chocolate mint thins."

"We're not selling anything," Molly replies. She's not exactly taken aback by the stranger opening the door. At a mansion such as this there are probably servants and butlers and the whole nine yards. This is probably no different. "We're actually here to see someone. Mrs. Petrelli. Is she home?" If not, they'll wait. And if they don't wait inside, they'll wait outside. If they have to, they'll get candy to sell.
Cam gives a smile to the woman as Molly explains why they're there. For the moment he doesn't say much of anything. Nor does he make any show of looking past the woman to see inside, just waiting.

"Well, she's visiting…" the woman answers with a mildly correcting tone. Mostly, she's confused. "Hold on just a minute."

She barely has time to turn away from the door before Angela is standing there behind her. "It's fine Millie, I knew they were coming; I'm sorry, I should have warned you. They're friends of the family, with a penchant for getting into trouble, I might add," the darker-haired of the women says the other. In part, it's a lie, but she seems to assure Millie, at least halfway, that it is, indeed, fine.

She steps to the forefront, leaning down slightly to examine Molly and Cam. "You kids have certainly come a long way." Mrs. Petrelli smiles — grandmotherly, for a moment. "Let's take a walk," she says in a more brisk, decisive voice. She's already wearing her coat, as it happens; black, leather.

When Angela appears, Molly isn't sure whether she should feel relieved or more nervous. Angela has that effect on people. But, she's known Heads of the Company before and she won't be intimidated by this one. Especially when she's the mother of one of her heroes. "That wasn't entirely our fault," she mutters, unsure of what Angela may be speaking of. How would she know of the failed rescue of Monica? Then again, how wouldn't she know? And how did she know they were coming? Maybe the woman is just bluffing.

"Walk where?" True to her word, Molly does the talking, allowing Cam to either stay silent or add his own questions where he may.

Cam comments as he turns to walk after Angela, and unlike Molly he doesn't ask where. Instead he says, "Awesome jacket." Besides that, he doesn't say anything more just yet, waiting until they're out of earshot of Millie.

"Out of the hair of my old friend who's put up with too much already," Angela, stepping outside, says pointedly with a quick, just as pointed glance back to the woman in the door. To Cam, she simply gives a reserved smirk as the jacket is zipped up against the January cold. As the door is shut behind her — courtesy of Millie — Angela begins a simple stroll around the house. The property is lovely, even in winter. "I don't think I've met your friend, Molly." Casual, under the circumstances. Speaking of which: "I imagine you're both in some kind of trouble." They wouldn't be here otherwise.

As soon as their out of earshot - and Molly glances over her shoulder to make sure Millie isn't close by - she starts the introductions. "This is my friend Cam. Cam, this is Mrs. Petrelli. And, yes, we are. Sort of. Mostly just…lost now." Because they were captured and now they're not. And who knows what they can do now. "Sylar took Micah." The worry in her voice is plain. Even if she's mad at him, she doesn't want him killed. "He kidnapped all of us, but he took off Micah and we don't know where they've gone." They could be anywhere. Hands stuffed into the pockets of her own coat, she looks both older and younger than when she was with Angela at the Company.

Cam nods to what Molly says, and adds, "Except I know him as Gabriel. I *thought* he was a good guy, a friend of Kory's. But, he knocked Peter into a burning building and then took us away. But he just gave us normal ropes, so they were easy to get out of."

"Sylar," the woman repeats, speaking as if testing the validity of a word that hasn't been spoken for quite some time. She seems utterly unruffled by this news, however; her face is simply stoic, even as Cam elaborates and mentions such things as her sun being knocked into a burning building. Her hands tuck into her pockets as she strolls around the house. "He must be after something, kidnapping is a purposeful crime, as I'm sure you know." Molly, at the very least, ought to know all about it. "And you want my help."

The day that Angela looks nervous is the day for Molly to be nervous again. Stubborn, she's not about to say that she should have run when Micah told her to, but maybe that was a better idea. However, then she'd be a coward and still possibly grabbed by Sylar. "I know." Her voice turns a little edgy at the declaration. That wasn't the first time she had been kidnapped by the man. Though this time it turned out differently. To Cam, she frowns. He might have been nice to him, but she imagines it was for his own purpose. Sylar is evil. "We just…we don't know where to go. Or how to find our friend." Sheepishly, she looks more at Angela's feet than up at her face. "And you always know what to do."

Cam nods to Angela quickly and says, "Sylar could want Micah for anything though. Maybe turning him into Alpha Protocol, maybe he just wants something hacked. I don't know, but we have to save him."

A dark look is sent to Cam with a faint twitch of Angela's expression. Alpha Protocol. Information that is certainly filed away. It's Molly who she speaks to, however. "You can find anyone in the world, I don't suppose it would be too hard to find your friend," she points out, not bothering to sugar-coat things for the children. Not these children. She comes to a halt and faces the pair. "I can deal with Sylar, but in the meantime you can't stay here."

"But he's with Sylar." And though it's her and Cam, she doesn't think the can take on someone like her boogieman. "I'm not worried about finding him." Obviously. She could do that easily enough. They tracked Angela all the way here. "I'm worried…" about what? He's not dead, she can tell that. But what state will they find him in? She's just too afraid of focusing too hard on him, to find out where exactly he's been taken. Worriedly, she chews on her lower lip. And, then she looks crestfallen at the idea that they can't stay with Angela. This was truly her last good idea. "Oh." That's all she can say.

Cam blinks at that, and says, "You're not taking us?" He frowns a bit, but then nods a little, "Ok, long as you promise to get Micah out safe. We have a hotel room we were staying at, think it's a few more days until they kick us out."

Angela regards the munchkins for a long moment before sighing; not quite resigned, but decided. "Well I'm coming with you. I've worn out my welcome here as it is. We'll find Sylar and your friend." The things she's forced to do without resources. Lending the pair some reassurance, the elder Petrelli leans down and lays a hand — cold, from being outside even this long — on either of their shoulders for one solid moment. "I'll do what I can. Now wait here, I just have to get my things."

That makes Molly's crestfallen face brighten somewhat. "You can stay at our hotel room if you want." That's all she can really offer, which isn't really reassuring. They're teenagers, so it's not like they have apartments or houses to lean back on. There's the orphanage, back in Germany. And possibly the Parkman residence in Brooklyn, but she doesn't want to drag Matt into all of this.

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