2010-05-07: Last Night



Date: May 7, 2010


…is a blur.

"Last Night"

Jaden's Apartment

It's around 1am, she didn't call, she didn't text, she didn't do much of anything besides decide on the spur of the moment to go visit her old boss. She could use a good round of whatever car game that was that she managed to kick his butt in, or a nerf war, or something fun. She's been avoiding home because of the awkward elevator sharing that's inevitably going to happen one day.

Caine Tower is a safe spot, there's no chance of meeting anyone she doesn't like here. So when Hallis strides into the building, her chiffon miniskirt breezing up a little as she walks, she smiles as the security guard stands a little to watch her pass. It's a very long climb for the elevator and she's a little ansty by the time she reaches the 70th floor. Sliding her keycard through the magnetic lock, she steps out of her shoes, preparing to surprise Jaden and whoever he's with at the moment. She really doesn't care who, she's too drunk to care who. All she knows is that she's ready to have a little fun.


That would be Jaden Cain and his headset as he's busy playing Call of Duty on his PS3. He must be playing online or something because there's nobody else in the room. He does, however, notice that there's something blinking over to the side and he's already trying to keep his team alive. So Ditto walks by and opens the door, before fading out of existence once again. "Get down! They got grenades, man!" Jaden is yelling into his headset, but takes the time to glance over at the open door.


He saw the babe.


He saw the miniskirt.


"Heeeeyyyy Jaden~" Hallis sings as she crawls over the back of the couch to flops to a seated position beside him. "What are you playing?" There's something on the television getting shot, so Hallis grabs the other controller and tries to move around the little squiggly things with her thumbs. She absolutely reeks of alcohol, leaning over, she pushes one of the buttons on his controller and squeals as the man starts running… in way the wrong direction.

"Oh no! He fell down! Jaden! Make him get back up!" Leave it to Hallis to spoil Jaden's game again, it always happens when she plays with him. First it was racecars, then nerf, now… Call of Duty. The Nerf doesn't really count though, since he actually won.

"Let's play something fun, like… uhm… That car game!"


That would be Jaden Cain freaking out over what just happened. They just lost the game. He reaches out to plant a hand in Hallis' alcohol reeking face and leans a bit to talk to his headset. "Guys. I gotta' go. Something's… come up." Pause. "What? No, she doesn't have a sister. Cain, out. George? No more Prequels." With that done and the headset pulled off his ear and tossed to the side, Jaden just kind of blinks a bit at the drunken stupor that is Hallis. "Heya' Hallis? It's 1 AM and you're still wearing clothes. Slow night?" Oh snap. That would be Jaden offering some friendly ribbing at this employee, while he tries to measure her drunken state with his mind.

Sylar Stare!

"What do you mean slow night?!" Hallis is incensed that Jaden would actually have the audacity to insinuate that she was out trolling. Then she calms (just a little) and shrugs her shoulders high before letting them drop again. "I didn't want to go home… I didn't get my keys back from George yet and I — sort of didn't want to go home."

Leaning over, she almost falls right onto Jaden as she reaches for the headset. Once she's got it in her hands, she puts it on and grabs his controller. "Teach me how to play this, pleeeeaaaaaaase?" The stare is met with the sweetest little smile and the fluttering of some long black eyelashes.

Then she turns toward the television, forcing his hand into her hair as she watches the little men running around. "Jaden! Why is the screen going all re — He fell down! Make him get up!!" She's hammering on the buttons in no particular order.

"Whoa! Okay! Not gonna' mess up my record anymore tonight, thankyouverymuch." His other hand snatches the controller and then the headset, before tossing them off to the side. He's all about the making sure that there's nothing left for her to actually mess with on his account. And then there's the turning off of the television. "I think maybe we should get you in bed. You look like you've just been through an episode of Cops." Jaden's not sure if she'll even be able to get the reference, but he's using his hand in her hair to kind of try and guide her as much as he can.

"Okay~ But I get the big bed~" Hallis sings as she flits out of Jaden's grip and skips down the hallway to his bedroom. She's well enough out of sight and should he follow along he'll find little items of clothing dropped down the hallway. Who knew she was wearing that much?

In his bedroom, Hallis makes herself quite comfortable, slipping into his closet and coming out wearing… His clothing. "I thought I threw these away!" She calls out, the superhero sleep pants are much too big on her, as is the matching t-shirt. Crawling into the bed, she hogs all of the pillows, making herself a little fort before finally settling in.

Jaden wasn't particularly ready for anything like this happening to him. He just kind of heads down the hall also, stepping over the clothes and then into his bedroom. He shakes his head, leaning against the inside of the door and just smirks. "You need to sleep tonight off. That's what you need to do." As much as he's trying to keep his distance, he finds his body getting magnetically drawn towards the bed. Which is why his hand grabs at the door to slow himself down. Ahem. "I'll uh… come back and check on you in a hour or so. Need anything before I go find a guest room to crash in?" Which should keep him from doing what he wants to be doing right about now. Ahem. Again.

"Noooooooooo, c'mere Jaden, come here!" Hallis pouts, slapping her palm to the mattress beside her. "We need to talk about important things… Like what happened to your suit that you gave me." He said borrow, she heard have. "And I need water… and… uhm… waffles and chicken! Hey! Do you think that place delivers?! Are they still open?!" She crawls from the pile of pillows and blankets toward the corner of the bed. His shirt is quite a bit too big on her and slips down one shoulder, but that's quickly remedied with a tug from her other hand.

it is so unfair for her to be this hot and this vulnerable and this in his bed right now. Jaden actually bites his fist for a second, before he ends up strolling over to the bed where Hallis has taken over the world. He sits himself down and just tries to stay focused on anything that's not… wait. This is Jaden's room. There's hot babe pictures all over the damn place. "Hallis, babe. I don't think nobody's open to you right now. Why don't we just focus on you getting some rest. Tomorrow, I'll take you to a big ol' breakfast!"

Her lips downturn into a small pout and Hallis gets up on her knees beside him and wraps her arms tightly around his neck. "Jaden…" She smells like a thousand martinis. "You know what? You're like.. the best… best friend in the whoooooooole wide world." Resting her head against his, she closes her eyes and slumps against him. "Will you stay with me? Please? 'Til I fall asleep? I need to cuddle or something. Please please?" It might not be fair, but she's drunk and she really doesn't care. She's prepared to use all of her feminine wiles (and she knows she has them) to make him stay.

Every man has their limits. And this particularly happens to be the moment where his limit has been reached. Which kind of means that he's going to be unable to stop himself from turning to her like there's no tomorrow. "If I stay here, we ain't gonna' be fallin' asleep." He doesn't make any moves to get up though. Instead, he just kind of works on staring the woman down to see if he can't make sure she's sober enough to make this kind of a decision. Not that it normally would matter. But this is Hallis. This is different. She's not some random girl in the club that happens to be named Chelsea or Olivia.

Hallis' eyelashes flutter a few times as she tries to comprehend what he just said. "I've been bad, Jaden. I cheated on George, then I got mad at him because I did it… y'know what? I didn't care… not a bit. I got mad 'cause he walked in." She breathes out a long sigh and rests her head against his. Her arms tighten around his neck and she turns her head just a little to look at him. "If we don't fall asleep, I'm going to be bad again and I won't be sorry… Will you be sorry?"

Now, this is not going to be a good enough deal. Not that he doesn't want to do that. But he can't believe he's going to do this and take advantage of her like this. Wait a second. She's kind of offering. So that means he's not really taking advantage. And then, well, there's the fact that his mom would do things… in this particular style and he learned everything he knows about relationships from her. Which is always the best way to learn things. From an expert. "I think I like this bad version of you." Jaden grins, leaning in closer to her eyelash fluttering. "…I won't be sorry. But you may be sore." Oh to the Snap.

She's the first to take the plunge, when Jaden leans in, Hallis allows him only enough time to finish his sentence before she captures his lips in a heated kiss. Pulling him down to the bed with her, she closes her eyes and deepens it further, unconcerned at the moment that he's particularly overdressed and so is she. It's something they'll have to remedy later.

Many Hours Later

The sun is just peeking through the window when Hallis groans and pulls one of the pillows over her head. Her hand moves over the top of the pillow, something about it doesn't feel familiar. It's not one of hers. Slowly, she opens her eyes and looks around at the dark surroundings under the pillow. A small shift to the right and she feels a body next to her and she freezes. Her eyes widen a little more and the pillow is thrown to the side to allow the light in and the pounding of her head to begin. The bedroom is familiar, but not enough that she immediately recognizes her surroundings. In a panic, she turns her head to see… "JADEN?!"

Sleeping is what Jaden was doing. It was some good sleep. He was having a good dream too. Mostly, well, because of the fact that he was dreaming about a bunch of Hallises climbing all over him in his bed and things like that. Which, well, that's all about the way things are going at this particular moment. When he gets the yell of a lifetime in his ear, Jaden practically seems like he's about to fall out of the bed. But he ends up managing to stay in the bed… kind of. The blanket goes all over the place, but luckily Jaden has on some clothes. Kind of. Boxers FTW. "Okay, first. Let's see if we can't turn the volume down." Jaden smirks a little bit, turning onto his side to look at the female in his bed. "Secondly, I coulda' swore you went hoarse during one of our rounds last night." Grin.

It's all a blank. Hallis just stares down at Jaden, the shock in her expression clearer than the morning sun pouring through the windows. One of her hands comes up to rubs her forehead and then sweeps through her hair, desperately trying to tame the wild bedhead. "Hoarse? One of? Rounds?" She's confused as to how exactly she ended up in this predicament. "Jaden?" Her breathing is a little shallow and she looks around the room. Where exactly are her clothes? Jaden's are thrown all over the room, two sets? Unlike Jaden, she doesn't have clothes on, at least none that she can feel. Taking a peek under the blanket, she confirms it, nope, no clothes. Then she sinks back into the bed and turns on her side to face him, "Am I fired?"

"Actually, I was thinking about giving you a raise." Jaden tosses a wink at Hallis, before he rolls out of the bed and up to his feet. "We should probably take a shower." Jaden is already so hype right about now. Especially based on everything that just went on last night. "You're lucky I'm a cocky bastard, babe. Or else I'd be offended that you don't remember all the work I put in last night." He's smiling, so that should mean that he's just kind of teasing her, since she's in something of a no clothes predicament.

The blanket is a little too heavy, so Hallis just pulls the sheet out and wraps herself up in it. "We…" she repeats as she follows after him, the blanket and most of the pillows are dragged to the floor and halfway across the room as she heads toward the shower. She grimaces a little before stretching out her petite frame, "Why am I so sor — e?" It's probably something she doesn't need to ask, she probably doesn't even need the sheet, at least he's smiling, that must mean good things. Slowly, her lips twitch to a small grin to match his. "A shower actually sounds really good right now," she murmurs softly. She already knows where it is, so she leads the way.

Shower time is always a good time when its with Jaden Cain. As he heads into the bathroom after the babe that's wrapped in his sheet, another Ditto appears to make sure that the room gets put back into normal arrangement. He doesn't seem too happy about it, but he does it anyway. That's what clones are for, right? As for Jaden, he pushes the door closed behind them and plants a big smile on his face. He's definitely ready to go for some more rounds. Standing up. "By the way, the soreness? That was me. You should tell your friends. Brag."

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