Laurence 'Laurie' Miles
Laurence Miles
Portrayed By Mark Pellegrino
Gender Male
Date of Birth December 15th
Age 42
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases Carl Saquine, Loz, Roscoe Peregrino
Place of Birth Indiana, USA
Current Location New York City
Occupation Police Consultant, former SSA (BAU)
Known Relatives Dr. Jeff (father), Madeline (mother, deceased), Rose (sister, younger)
Significant Other Formerly Jocelyn (ex-wife)
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance If She Doesn't Scare You

Former SSA Laurence Miles is back on cases serving as a consultant for various departments. His sudden retirement after a ground-breaking undercover case is still talk in some stations, as well as the state it left its agent in. What's the truth? Well, when do we ever get the truth.



Retirement saw Laurence well, possibly more back like himself than people even understood. With Rose having sided with Jocelyn on the divorce, and him still withholding communication with his father, he was essentially on his own to pursue what he wanted. This turned out to be all those studies he hadn’t taken as a younger man when family demanded all that attention. He became an excellent cook, gardener, and took to making plans to do a whole heck of a lot of travel.

Things rarely go as planned, however, and Laurence was to get a call from an old friend in Rhode Island. He said that the BAU hadn’t been able to take their case and he would just kill for a good consultant. Laurence told him he’d come – the sacrificial kill could happen afterward. They solved the case ( the cop didn’t kill anyone after all, but he did pass on a good word ). After that, Laurence’s happy retirement was systematically interrupted by ‘small favors’. Despite constant harassment that someone owes him this or that much more for tasks achieved, he has yet to actually invoice anyone.


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It was With the In the
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January 1st
It was With the In the
Laurie and Maggie and Rose and Ben and Jocelyn and Baker Fresh Start New Faces NYPD
January 3rd
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Laurie and Maggie and Audience Hot For Teacher Auditorium
February 8th
It was With the In the
Laurie and Maggie and Punks An Education Hallway


Psych Eval

« files locked »

April 26th Session // Dr. Sydney Falkland Behavioural consultant Laurence Miles is unusual, unorthodox, and unstable in my estimation. He admitted to several infractions on the job and insisted these ought to be included in ‘the book’ as a mode of operation. Further, he avoided discussing himself at every corner, choosing instead to push me for information on my life. He noted my own personal disappearance, played with my Kinder Surprise toys (as strewn on my desk) and looked over my credentials. All-in-all I shouldn’t have cleared him for duty, yet somehow I feel that he could be a good contributor to the NYPD and he and Detective Powers seem to get results. I’ve recommended (and he has agreed) to weekly therapy and sessions with Det. Powers.

May 7th Joint Session // Dr. Sydney Falkland The pair appear to get results and do a good job working together. Detective Powers is particularly effective at keeping things by-the-book while Miles’ unconventional approach is more extreme and at times harder to take. I recommend they continue working together and continue with monthly sessions; communication between the pair appears to be an issue.



For teh roleplayz

FBI WANTED » Laurence worked in the Bureau offices for three years before transferring to the Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico. Before the psych eval that reportedly caused his retirement, he had a fantastic record.

CRIMINAL MINDS » Three years undercover saw him meeting a lot of criminals, not to mention becoming the chief enforcer at the right-hand of Vincenzo Salvatore in his mafia empire that had a firm grip on all underground dealings in New York for years before their eventual fall at the hands of the FBI agent in disguise. Contact Vincent

PSYCHOTHERAPY » His father is a highly respected and well-known psychiatrist who has traveled to various other hospitals to give talks and promote his book. In those circles, the name would likely be familiar. Also, Laurie's files have recently been passed on to Sydney in order to have his official police evaluation done. It was not a shining record, but he passed (sort of).

FAMOUS FACES » See Mafia. Since Laurence's undercover work became public knowledge, it's made him somewhat of a celebrity, so far with the majority of people taking his side as to the wrong-handling of the case shown by the FBI. This has resulted in a lot of turmoil in the FBI ranks, as well as a large pay-out that's made Laurence even more famous for being a now much wealthier man.



“Whenever you're in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.”


“Some of the bravest and the best men of all the world, certainly in law enforcement, have made their contributions while they were undercover.”



  • He's got an eidetic memory. Eidetic or photographic memory is popularly defined as the ability to recall images, sounds, or objects in memory with extreme accuracy and in abundant volume.
  • This thing of beauty is Laurie's custom motorcycle.

- The motorcycle has since been in an accident. (5-02-10)
- The motorcycle has since been repaired. (5-08-10)
- Maggie has been a passenger.

  • Laurie seems to have an active appetite. He can be seen snacking in a good number of his scenes. Reference The Vending Machine for a complete log.
  • He has, reportedly, been claimed as Maggie's Sweetums.
  • There has been fanfiction written about Laurie/Maggie.


  • Laurie never sleeps.
  • Laurie owns an infinite amount of shirts (some of them livelier than others)
  • Laurie has a tattoo — and it's not on his upper body.
  • Laurie always has candy.

Quotation Game

The Vending Machine


Near Death Experience

Wardrobe Malfunction

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