2007-06-02: Lazarus Reborn


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Summary: After a week-long coma, and a week's worth of efforts on her part, Elena manages to rouse Peter from his coma…just in time for the first days of summer.

Date It Happened: June 2, 2007

Lazarus Reborn

Beth Israel Hospital


She tries to block out the sound of the machines beeping around her, taking note of any change of his vitals. Through the course of the week, Elena has managed to drop his fever to the point where it wasn't so bad anymore, though it certainly hasn't broken yet. She has lost track of how many times she had come at this particular hour so she could be sure that no one would see, or chastize her over what she was doing. After all, she wasn't exactly qualified medically to see to him, and she doubts people will understand if she even explained it to him. She could concoct some bullshit story about psychic healing, but she doubts it was going to fly.

And it wasn't really healing she was doing anything. More like resetting.

The fading afternoon light filters through the windows of his recovery room, him being the only patient inside this area of the ICU. It was good to be a Petrelli, she supposes, if they can afford to have Peter shifted over to private rooms like this one. There are tokens of affection and get well wishes on the bedside tables, probably from his family and Elle, perhaps even coworkers. Her tin of butter cookies was still there (at least his nephews didn't eat them), as well as the plush bunny sitting on top of it, guarding the goods from interlopers.

Her hand is on his cheek, a drop of sweat, or two, trickling down her temple. Her eyebrow twitches slightly in concentration as she tries to bring the fever down the rest of the way. This last stretch was being particularly difficult…her spine was starting to feel numb holding it in this position this long. Perched on the side of his bed for easy access, she's struggling. She was so tired….so tired…

Good thing it's blood dripping down from her temples, because otherwise the wake up might not be as gentle as it is. Unlike the last time he went through this, the wake up itself isn't spectacular. Peter doesn't leap upward and scream, he's not thrashing around. In fact, it's much slower than that. The first sign that he's waking up can be felt, before it can be seen on the monitors. She'll sense something falling back into place, like a music box catching up and beginning to turn without any outside forces.

Then she'll feel the heat of his skin lower, color returning in the right places. The heart monitor slows to an acceptable level, finally, no longer breating quite as fast as it had been throughout most of the coma, increasing the fear for a possible heart attack. Though he'd been able to breathe on his own since just after his initial crash, there's a deeper inhale than before. After that— there's only a few moments before his eyes begin to open, causing him to squint at the light in the room.

"Wha— what?" he whispers hoarsely, throat sounding dry. With the sudden addition of real visual stimulation, he doesn't recognize who is with him at first. In fact, she may well just be a shadow in contrast with the lights.

She's visited enough that this last stretch wasn't so bad on the brain. Elena keeps herself from nosebleeding this time, luckily, considering she feels his cheek muscles twitch against her fingers. Her eyes fly open when she feels the system give way to her efforts underneath her touch. Seeing him stir, she exhales a breath she doesn't know she's holding. "Thank God," she says, her body sagging tiredly from where she's seated. "Peter….I….thought I was NEVER going to get your fever down." She retracts her hand from her cheek, wiping the beads of sweat off her forehead. "Ugh. That was…" Difficult. She was so exhausted.

If he doesn't recognize her now, maybe he'll recognize her voice. But she doesn't linger long where she is. She slides off carefully from the side of his bed, rubbing her temples. Her head felt like the size of a melon. But she does move over to the bedside table so she can pour a glass of cool water out.

Returning to his bedside, she fumbles a bit with the controls of the bed, manipulating the dials so the bed can shift and go up in a slightly elevated position, so he won't choke on the water. She leans over, gently removing the oxygen mask from his face, and lifting the glass to his mouth. "Drink this, you need it," she coaxes quietly.

Though his skin is no longer scolding to the touch, Peter doesn't have to speculate that he'd had a fever, if the sweat that's built up in the fabric of the hospital robes they've got him wearing weren't enough indication. "Elena?" he asks again, same hoarse whisper as before, but obviously recognizing her voice. Comprehension hadn't been lost, it would seem.

As he starts to get elevated, he looks towards his wrists, where many wires and tubes are connected to keep him functional, and he's very much aware there's other things helping with the maintance on him. He's a nurse, he understands these things, but it doesn't stop him from having the urge to start pulling them off or ripping them out. He's relieved they didn't stick a tube down his nose or throat. Though they may have had to at one point or another.

The glass is accepted, though his hands are a bit shaky as he takes it to his lips and allows a small sip, one he doesn't choke on, though he does cough immediately after that. "Guessing I— passed out." Went into a coma is a closer term, but passed out sounds nicer right now. "Cass okay?"

"Yeah," Elena murmurs, confirming her identity. She drops down on the chair, this time - no use sitting on the bedside when she's done 'fixing' him. She glances down at her fingers, and she folds them in one another. "It's me. I've been trying to wake you up for a week, I'm glad it took this time." She exhales a breath. "Everyone's worried about you. Cass woke up a couple of days ago….she's weak, but she'll live. At least she's conscious. She was sleeping when I came to see her today though, before I came here to try again."

She rubs her eyes, and moves to stand up. "I ought to call Heidi and tell her you're awake. She's barely left the hospital since you were admitted. I think your brother came to see you too, as well as your nephews….at least, that was the plan anyway. I don't know if Heidi actually did." She quirks an exhausted smile in his direction. "You have presents." The room smells like flowers, though they're certainly not from her.

He'd been down a week, but she has already told him that. Whenever he's done with the water, she reaches out to take the glass, and set it on the table next to him, within easy reach. "Heidi was very worried, now that she knows the cause of these things. She didn't know what it was the first time it happened, but now that she knows….I tried to assure her that this is probably a good thing as far as you're concerned. The entire fever analogy, if you remember." She reaches up to touch her fingertips lightly on his forehead, pausing as if to determine something, and she nods. "Yeah, all set. Your fever will probably break completely early tomorrow, if not at some point today."

"A week," Peter repeats softly, looking up towards the ceiling for a few moments before he takes another sip. Lingering remains of a fever or not, he's definitely a lot better considering what's showing on his monitors and his awake state. A lot of what she says makes him nod slowly, agreeing with her. Nod, and take drinks, and occassionally cough. For a few moments, he wonders how everything is doing, and worries about things that she'd probably worry about if their situations had been reversed.

He caused people a lot of trouble. Made them worry. Not that what he'd done hadn't been worth a little off-time in a bed, it's still… "I'm sorry," he finally says after a moment, handing her the emptied glass of water. "Didn't mean to— make you go through that much." His voice sounds a bit better now, though he continues to whisper a bit, using softer tones.

"And you worried you'd be a burden," he says with a hint of a smile tugging on the corner of his mouth. "Didn't mean to go unconsious on you for a week." Her, or anyone else. But he's speaking with her right now. "Worth it, though, if Cass' is going to be okay." If he hadn't done what he did, she might not have been. Sure, the invisibility had been the last straw, but— it'd taken him a day of symptoms before he fell into a coma before. Just might have been slower without that.

"Don't worry about it. I tried to explain to Heidi that this happening to you is probably a good thing medically," Elena says, repeating what she said earlier in a different way. She sets the empty glass of water to the side, filling it back up in case he wants more. She tries to look more alive. She was exhausted, and it shows. "Please don't apologize. Seriously. I'm actually kind of glad you have some sort of ….built in surge protector. God knows what would happen to you if your body didn't shut itself down for you the way you're going."

She looks over at him and smiles ruefully. "Granted I know that's taking it too much on faith….people are hardpressed to find comas as a -good- thing, especially around here. But …it's not like we're all exactly -normal-, you know."

She nods. "She's going to be fine. Like I said, she's weak, but….she's awake. She'll probably want to see you when you're able. I'm sure someone's told her by now what you did. She's had plenty of visitors in the past few days herself. You're both so loved." She exhales softly and smiles at him. "It's good to see you awake. Especially since I might be on a plane in the next couple of days."

"It's not— I meant I'm sorry for…" Peter trails off, feeling rather foolish to continue to apologize now that she's brushed him off. Doesn't mean he won't try to, though. "Medically it may be okay— shutting me down to keep me from…" From whatever it is that his body would do if it didn't shut down. Who knows, maybe he'd blow up, like he almost did in the Plaza. Maybe he'd lose control of all of his powers at once. Maybe he'd— who knows right? "It's just— I was trying to… help." There's some things he'd love to be more specific on, but right now that may not be an option.

Besides, there's something else she just said that causes him to blink in surprise and sit up a bit, tugging some on the wires attached to the machines that monitor him and helped keep him alive. "A plane? You're— getting on a plane?" He shouldn't be so surprised to hear that. She goes out of town! Nor should he sound worried. Concerned may be a better word, though panicked might be close too.

A few moments after he's said that, he asks in a more normal and controlled voice, "Is something wrong?"

She looks over at him, and his flustered expression, and Elena…….starts to realize what he means, belatedly. "….oh," she murmurs, a flush overtaking her cheeks, easily seen through her paler-than-normal complexion. Granted she's always had a healthy glow about her, but these days she just looked so exhausted. "I'm sorry," she says with a laugh, and it sounds embarassed. "I thought you meant….ah…." She pauses, and she gives him a small smile. "Well, it still stands. Don't worry about it. Just get better, you can make it up to me that way." She gives him a wink, pushing her hair from her eyes and exhaling. Exhaustion mingled with relief was on her face, though her expression was as fond as always.

"Hey, easy!" she says when he jerks upwards, pressing a palm flat on his chest and gently pushing him back down on more comfortable confines. "If you pull those things out, the doctors are going to think something's terribly wrong with you and barge in here defibrilators blazing," she says, cracking another one. While she could detect the concern/panic in his tone, she….well. Stares at him. After a few more moments, she eases back down on the side of his bed, and lifts a hand to pull the blanket higher up on him.

"I'm not leaving forever, Peter," she says with a small smile. "Jane and Jaden invited me to go to Europe with them. Paris and Madrid." She frowns slightly. "After Jane got shot, and apparently….there was this -thing- that made Jaden believe he was going to die….they decided to take a trip together. I didn't want to at first, I mean, I'll be a third wheel considering they're….well. Things are going well between them, but Jane insisted I needed a break. I'm still thinking about it though, either way. I think they might be going ahead of me with an option for me to catch them in one of their ports of call later. But….like I said, I'm not sure."

If the nurses or doctors come running to check on him, he'll just be sure to tell them he's perfectly fine. Though he knows they'd want to check him out first, and that they might be a bit frustrated at him, so Peter allows her to push him back down. At least the panick disappears from his eyes when she explains where she might be going, and with who. "That's— good at least. A vacation. You… could certainly use one. You've been… involved in so much." And going on a vacation is different than… some other things.

"If you do decide to go… you'll call me a few times? Just— to make sure I haven't gotten myself killed." Though that's not why he wants her to call him at all, but it sounds like a good reason. He's the one who keeps nearly dying, after all, whether it's his body shutting down when he's overused his database of powers or actual— well— death or near death. Gunshot wounds, evisceration… it happens.

There's a pause, before he finally settles back enough that he can close his eyes, "Hope nothing major happened while I was asleep…" Course it may take a day worth of visits, at least, to catch up with everything. Between Heidi and his brother and… God, Elle… there's a lot that he needs to find out about.

"I could…." Elena pauses. "But I don't think I can. There's….things happening at home that I ought to be here for. As much as I would love a vacation….I can't leave Manny, Papa, and Dezi if they need me." She pauses and she exhales. "A puppet came to try and kill Dezi. Papa managed to stop it, and he apparently found out that….the woman they managed to drag out of it is a woman named Mary Jones. Nima and Lee Jones's missing mother. Missing for -years-, apparently. Whoever this guy is, he's been keeping…-people- as pets. If I didn't have anything pressing like that going on, I'd be on the plane in a few days, but….not when disaster struck too close to home, you know?"

At the last, she smiles. "Yeah, I'll call you," she says with a grin. "I promised, remember? I'm…if I go I'll have to apologize a few times for calling at odd hours given the time difference but….I hope you won't mind if I do." She pauses, and her hand stretches out to brush a lock of hair from his forehead, cool fingertips on his forehead. "Just try to relax, okay?" she says gently. "You've had it rough this week."

Nothing major….save for a trip and Dezi, she tries to think of other things. "Gene made me a new toy," she says with a hint of a laugh. "Well, not a toy but…something to use for Cass's clinic. I'm thinking of unveiling it to her when she's recovered enough. It'd be a great welcome back present, I think." She shows him the heart-shaped Casio. "I'm also hooked up with a tracking device." She pauses. "Gene….after what happened with Elle, he made it for me too. Apparently if I activate it, it sends a signal directly to his phone and his computer. With that he can track me and….call whoever's in my emergency contact list. I haven't given him a list yet, but…so long as I'm in New York, I'd never -not- be found."

At least he'd heard of the puppet guy before, so that makes him nod carefully, worried about what he's hearing, and quietly hoping that… she'll still call him despite what happened this time. Nima and Lee Jones… those are two people he doesn't know /yet/… but that doesn't mean he won't ever hear of them again. That this man is keeping people… bothers him as much as it should. "You can always take a vacation after," he says, understanding that she may not wish to go forward with a vacation if there's a chance that people may need her around. In that way, she's similar to him. He couldn't even take Elle on a whole day date without worrying someone would need him for.

"I'll relax," he says softly, leaning just a bit into her touch on his forehead. "I won't mind no matter what hour you call. Can always leave a voice mail, too." That won't let her know how /he's/ doing, though, will it? That kinda gives away it's more focused towards her… but most likely he'll be answering no matter when she calls.

It's her tracking device that makes his eyes open fully, looking at her Casio, and then tilting his head. "We should get him to set more of us up with that. I'd been thinking of something similar, actually, but I wasn't sure how to do it." Oddly enough he'd gotten the idea soon after meeting Gene.

The phone calls had been a….sensitive issue between them since the first, and hopefully the last time she cut him off. It had been cruel, in retrospect, but Elena was young, and in a position she was not familiar with where she almost got killed. She thought it was reasonable, at the time. At the look on his face, her expression softens, especially when he leans in on her touch, smiling as she rubs a lock of his hair between his thumb and forefinger in an absent, fond gesture, tugging on it lightly - it doesn't hurt in the very least. "It's growing out," she observes, in an odd tangent in contrast to the more pressing matters they were discussing.

"I know, I could." She has a resigned look on her face. "And when the first opportunity arises I better seize it too. I'm sure New York can go on fine without me in a couple of days, right?" She grins at him cheekily. "Yeah….if…" She pauses. "I'll let you have some contact numbers if I go, okay?" As odd as it was, she didn't….it was strange, but she didn't want him to feel abandoned, by her, even if he's got a well established support group in New York. She was getting the odd impression that it wouldn't be the same, though for her, or for him, she didn't know.

"I know but…" She pauses. "I think it ought to be limited for the people we're worried about losing. People who can't really….who aren't really all that adept in defending themselves. Gene's really protective when it comes to his technology, and to be frank….-I'm- protective when it comes to his technology. In all honesty between all of us, I worry about him the most. What he can do…so many people would want to get their hands on him. And he's already— " She pauses. No. That was Gene's story to tell. How could she break Gene's confidence when she's probably the only person he's told that HE was running too? From someone who wanted to -kill- him?

"Has been a few months since Elle cut it last," Peter admits, wanting to reach up and check, but trusting her on that. If she'd taken the scissors to his hair while he'd been asleep there wouldn't have been all that much for her to tug on. Still no where near what it'd been the year before, or before the Company took him in, but there's additional length, as she said. There's actually some that hangs on his forehead, though he should look in to getting it shaped by a professional. Maybe when he checks out.

"Got your cellphone number, at least, but— couple more wouldn't hurt." It isn't exactly the same, if she's going to still contact him, let him know that everything is fine. Maybe allow him to just talk for a few moments— and… "Will have to email you a picture or two so you'll know you make me smile when we talk on the phone." Since that is her "gift".

But Gene. That… "I— wasn't really— it's fine. Didn't… think we'd need to tell them what it is. Not like it's unknown technology…" Like Arnold? And Artoo? People do have GPS hooked up to their cars, and now on microchips in their expensive pets. "But I understand. Don't worry about it." Even if it just protects her from that sort of thing, it's enough. No mind reading this time, so Gene's secret is perfectly safe.

She lets go of his hair, and rests her hand on her thigh, rubbing absently on the denim. Elena's expression starts looking a little contemplative, cast onto one of the windows where a red-gold beam of light shows through the window. That was perhaps her greatest blessing and her greatest failing. She didn't stop thinking. It was a miracle she even got a good night's rest every day, did she even get one every day? She didn't know anymore. She wakes up in the morning thinking about the things she has to do, the people she needs to see.

"See, that's the thing," Elena says with a laugh. "My cellphone probably won't work overseas, so…I'll have to rely on Jaden's modes of communication while we're there. I'll get the information, if I go. Might not be needed if I don't, right?" At the last, she can't help but laugh. Sure, Peter was sentimental, but it was refreshing, considering the fact that she's surrounded by other men who aren't. "I'll send you pictures while I'm there," she promises. "Who knows, there might be one of me getting chased by a runaway bull in Madrid. With my embarassing track record, I -so- wouldn't be surprised at this point. Maybe upend myself over a fence to get away." She can't help but laugh at the visual. And yes, the visual is all done as a cartoon.

She looks over at Peter and she smiles. "No, I think it's a great idea," she says simply. "I just think we ought to limit it. Gene already gave me one, so …it's not like I could take it back. I think Cass ought to have one too, Lachlan can't be there all the time to look out for her. Jane too, if she's getting into trouble and she had already been taken once…" She looks over at him. "Maybe you, too, I think. But…you mentioned you're somewhat protected now, right?"

She pauses, and rubs her face. "Should get that emergency contact list together for Gene to call in case something happens. Papa definitely….and Jack, because I promised him." She sighs. "You weren't the only one I was….you know. Keeping in arms length. I've been so silly….I ought to be thankful there are so many people looking out for me. I shouldn't be rebuffing those efforts because of my pride."

Oh. Right. Cellphones + international don't always mix. And Peter's pretty sure she doesn't have one of those super networks that really works anywhere. Anywhere that isn't the middle of nowhere, at least. There's a nod, and he says, "Well, whichever works. Long as I hear from you." Because… hearing from her is important, as they both learned. Even if his case hadn't been as unique as he thought! He'd not known she'd cut off the bartender too. That's a question he'll ask for later. "Love to see any pictures that get taken of you." Especially since he knows now how easy it is for Jaden to act as camera man on these trips. Though since Jane felt so bad about devulging that secret, he's not about to let her know that he knows.

Cass getting hooked up with one is definitely a good idea. But— once she mentions him, he opens his mouth— and then nods. "If I really need help, though, I might not be able to push a button," he does give an answer there. If only they could hook it up to his heart or something, making it activate if he dies. Since— well— he's really in trouble if THAT happens. There's also the issue of… will he actually activate one without something that drastic happening? Even if the idea had come up in response to his botched fight with Sylar.

"Long as I'm included on the list. And it's okay to have pride…" Says someone who has pride too. And worry about involving people in danger. He'd rather face all of it on his own, most the time. Not at all the same! "We just worry about you."

She can't help but laugh. "Alright. Alright. I promise I won't do anything crazy if I go," Elena says. "Like I said, it's up in the air. Maybe I'll bring my laptop or something…." She ponders. "But yeah, you'll hear from me, I promise." Part of her is wondering when it became so important, but they've gotten so close over the last few months that….he probably just wants to be reassured that she was okay. He was a worrier, just like she was. It was something she could empathize with at the very least. About the pictures, she laughs. "Right, well I'm sure there'll be tons of those knowing Jaden." Because he was a big fan of technology and he used his toys whenever he could.

The heart thing was a good idea - if he mentioned it. And even then Elena or Cass aren't exactly trained as surgeons, she wouldn't even begin to figure out how to hook anything up to his heart. Even if Peter did have more abilities than anyone she's ever met, given he was so unique, she couldn't help but worry - something she was sure he could understand considering he does so much of that himself.

About the list, she smiles. "Consider it done. And….I know. I'm thankful. I know I don't say that enough either. I should revel in the fact that I'm so lucky, not mourn it." There is silence, and then her expression softens. "….I'm….." The following comes out somewhat awkwardly. "…..really glad you're okay, Peter," she says softly.

All that she can do to make sure they stay in touch… he knows she'll do. At this point he thinks they both learned that things fall apart if they don't at least talk. Peter does glance around at the presents, and surely he'll go looking through each and every one later, but for now…

Sitting up a bit again, he tries his best not to tug on the monitor wires as he gestures her closer. "Come over here for a moment." She has to come to him, because he can't get up and walk to her, not without removing some sensors and then turning off the machines they're attached to. He could do it! But he's not going to. Instead…

Once she's close enough, it's obvious what he wants. He wants to hug her, even if the extent of his hug is pulling her a little closer to him and putting one arm around her side. Not fully around her back, but close. "Glad I'm okay too. Guess— I should let you get going— let people know I'm okay. Imagine I'll have to answer a few questions, let them poke and prod me so they'll let me get some real clothes on." And bathe himself. And go to the bathroom on his own. And eat something not in a tube.

Well considering how BRILLIANTLY things went the last time she left town, and the last time she tried -not- talking to him, Elena might very well think that theory is sound. It was odd, getting to the point the way they did, stemming from a happenstance craving for some decent coffee. But Life tended to work in mysterious ways. Besides, things can't fall apart when there were bigger things to consider. She pushes a lock of hair back and tucks it under her ear. She would be glad to go home, crawl to bed, and sleep. Peter probably senses this as well.

"Hm?" she asks, inclining her head at him, but when he gestures her closer, she knows what he wants. She moves closer, shifting a bit on the side of the bed and leaning over. She's pulled against him, and she wraps her arms around his neck. Not really the most comfortable of positions, considering the way her torso is twisted to the side just a touch. But it's warm, and secure, and she rests her chin against his shoulder and closes her eyes. He was okay. With Cass alright, and Peter awake, she feels she could finally sleep. For a week.

"I'll give Heidi and Elle a call," she says. And I'll let Cass and Lachlan know too." She pulls away just a bit, a small smile on her face and her eyes somewhat half-lid - because it was kind of creepy to stare wide-eyed at him when they're in hugging distance. She falls silent, which stretches out for a bit, until she tilts her head up to press her lips lightly on his forehead. "-Rest-, okay?"

The hug would be a lot stronger from his side if it could be. Peter's attached to to many things for that to work out. While he's very much tempted to rip them all away, he's not about to do it and earn the wrath of the same girl he's trying to hug, and the nursing staff. "And Nathan," he reminds. His brother is still the most important person in his life, even if he's a cheating bastard. "Though I guess you can tell Heidi to talk to him." It'd give them something to talk about besides their relationship, if they haven't already done that.

Elle… man, he wonders how she handled this. But if she'd seen fit to fry anyone that he's friends with in blame for what happened to him… she would have mentioned that already. Since she did not… he'll assume no frying occured. That she knows of.

"I'll get some rest— though I'd prefer to do it at my own apart— …" Oh man. This goes to show how often he has had a dog on his own. It took him this long to think of the poor thing, "Someone looked after Snowy, right?" He's sure she would have taken care of that, or Heidi. But…

And wrathful she would be if he did, so it was best that Peter didn't. "I figured I could let Heidi talk to— yeah." Elena says, of the same mind as he is in terms of that. At least Heidi and Nathan can get together and bond over the concern they have for their brother. See, there's always a plan. She can't help but feel guilty meddling, but…..hey, Heidi dragged her into this. If anything it was somewhat open door now. She extricates herself from him, and slides off the bed, reaching over to pick up her backpack and sling it over her shoulder.

"Snowy? I saw to her yesterday, but….I don't know if anyone did today. I'll call Heidi to check," she says. "But don't worry about that right now, okay? She was fine the last time I saw her…..she's just…. a little lonely, is all. I think she misses you." She slides her hands in her pockets. "You need anything else? Soda? Juice? I'm gonna drop by Cass's room again to say bye but….I probably won't be back until tomorrow if you're still here."

She was -tired-. She wanted to sleep. And her head was a little fuzzy. She gives her head a little shake to keep herself lucid.

"Okay," Peter says, letting his hand slide down her arm as she moves away, a lingering touch, a hint of how reluctant he is for her to leave, despite everything else. "I'm glad I gave you a key, then," he says, nodding before he settles back fully on the bed, looking around for the call-switch to get the nurses to come. Even a coma patient should have one, in case they wake up, right? "Hope they let me out, either way. Would like to see her again, sleep in my own bed…" Shower. Change his clothes. All of that is a bonus. But this time he won't rip out all the things monitoring him and hurry off into the night to attempt to book a flight to Las Vegas until he ran into an invisible man.

"If they let me out, I'll call you." So either way they might see each other. Right? Right. "…And tell Cass hi for me." Course if they let him out of the room, he'll be telling her himself.

But there's… it's the head shake that alerts him. He squints slightly and suddenly says, "Maybe you— you should go home and get some sleep. You look… tired." Of course she does. He knows how much of a toll her powers can be. She was bleeding when she tried to help Cass, until he took over.

"You have my number," Elena says with a hint of a smile, taking a step for the door. "But yeah, let me know. And I'll tell Cass." At the last, she grins. "I intend to," she tells him simply. "I feel like I could sleep a -week-." She stretches her arms over her head, feeling her joints pop along her spine, and she -groans-. "Maybe a hot bath too."

She smiles and gives him a small wave. "I'll see you later, Peter. Try to relax. I'll send the hordes of well wishers in once I'm able to use my cell out of here." She winks at him, and steps out towards the hall, walking along and her hands sliding back into her pockets.

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