2009-12-31: Learn English And Kill Bad People



Date: December 31st, 2009


A simple chance meeting in the park has the potential to turn into something darker.

"Learn English and Kill Bad People"

Uptown, NYC - Central Park

It's midafternoon, around four PM, in a cool, shady part of Central Park. Akira, who is trying out her English out loud, has come across a small bench and pond, and she sits on it, legs crossed underneath her, schoolbook in her lap. It seems school is back for the young girl, who bites her bottom lip at the pronounciation of some words - the books' spine clearly reads 'English as a Second Language/ESL'. "Pronoun- pronounce the following words…"

Amrit has actually found a place to stay for now, and thus has been able to purchase a change of clothes and not wear the same longcoat and fedora around all the time. His search has not been going very well. The Indian man has taken a break for now, to simply walk around the famous Central Park and take in the atmosphere. New York City is a strange city, but it is also full of new and wonderful things. As well as many less-than-wonderful things, but he is trying not to think about that.
Amrit is just walking by where the girl is sitting and reading. He does not want to be the 'weird man who talks to lone children', so he doesn't say anything, though he glances with vague interest at the book. Then… A whisper of voices in his head. He pauses in front of Akira and glances around the area, turning this way and that trying to hone in on the source of the thoughts he is detecting. They aren't pretty thoughts, and they seem to be about… This girl! Amrit narrows his eyes, and then turns to the girl. "Is it alright if I sit here?" he inquires politely, in slightly accented English. Maybe if he stays nearby, the weirdo will move on.

If Amrits' English is slightly accented, Akira's is downright horrible. However, the small Japanese girl nods once, and slides over on the bench. "Sure." She says, simply. Then she looks back down to her book, looking down at the 'c' words. "Con…conc…" She frowns, biting her bottom lip again, then, clearly: "Concentrate?" Aha, there it is. Although she doesn't concentrate on the book too much, instead humming idly at the pictures.

Amrit smiles and seats himself, aware that the girl is quite occupied, and having no intention of disrupting her. Instead he just sits quietly and tries to focus on finding those aberrant thoughts. They are strangely hard to pin down. The hostility is nearly tangible, but the actual source is nowhere in sight. If the potential kidnapper is able to see the girl next to Amrit, he should be visible! But Amrit has no luck. When the Japanese girl struggles with but eventually manages to say, 'Concentrate', Amrit takes a moment to consider that perhaps he is too scatter-brained at the moment to do that. He has so much on his mind, that concentration is difficult.
Sighing, he puts his hands in his lap and leans back against the bench. Then he glances over at Akira and says, "English is a difficult language to learn. I am sure you are already aware of this." He gestures at the book. He does not know why is talking. He does not even know what he wants to say. He just can't seem to concentrate enough to identify the unpleasant person in the vicinity. So what is he doing? He is distracting some innocent girl with his babble. He holds up his hands and says, "My apologies. I did not mean to interrupt your studies. I just… Remember going through the same thing."

Akira's ability is not as fun as hearing voices. Hers' just allows her to run the hell away from would be kidnappers through buildings. (Hey, it's proved useful…) She then nods. "It is." She says, slowly. "I'm good, not yet." Even her sense of the language is mangled. How much fun is that? "Hard, it is." She states, thoughtfully tapping the book. "It's okay." She says, softly. "Is boring." She wrinkles her nose.

Amrit nods. "But you can not learn what you do not experience. If you hide from knowledge, you will not discover its wonders." He pauses and tries to think of how to simplify what he just said. "Simpler words might be: Never try, never do." He does not know if breaking it up like that is doing this girl a favor or not. He just hopes she does not feel insulted by his attempt to make it easier.

Nodding, Akira considers his words. "I do not have anything to try to do this with." She says, slowly. "Apart from my parents." She considers this. "Is not easy, even try." She comments. "To try, though, I will."

Amrit nods and smiles, glad to see a young person dedicated to learning, regardless of the difficulty. And suddenly it all resolves itself in his mind's eye. The man intending to kidnap this girl is approaching from behind at that exact moment. He was hard to locate because he was not sane — his thoughts were scattered, incoherent. But now the proto-culprit is focusing his aggression, and Amrit is not going to let the lunatic do any of the things that the other man is imagining.
He stands up and says, "Keep up the good work. Have a nice afternoon." He bows to Akira, and then turns and walks away once she has responded. Meanwhile, a scuzzy psychopath in a green coat starts to advance from behind a tree, after noticing Amrit's departure. He pulls out a switch blade from his pocket, and flips it open. He gets within five feet of the schoolgirl, breathing heavily, as he imagines doing truly awful things to her.
And then suddenly everything goes dark… Turning around in circles, the would-be murderer finds that it is night time. The girl is gone from the bench, and he is alone. A chill will blows through the trees, rattling branches and stirring up dead leaves. The man's heart beat speeds up, as adrenaline surges through his body. He was already excited before, but that was for a different reason. Now he is frightened.
Then he hears hissing sounds and kicks something around his feet when he tries to start walking. Looking down, the man finds he is surrounded by snakes. Cobras. They raise up, spread their hoods, and hiss at him. He takes several short breathes, building up until he can start screaming at the top of his lungs, high-pitched, over and over. The snakes strike.

Outside of the illusion crafted within the kidnapper's mind, Amrit is standing behind the man, one hand placed on the back of the scruffy guy's head. Amrit lets go. The man screams for real now, and he is only about twenty feet away from Akira, over by a tree. This may draw attention to him for a moment, before he goes running off into the park, stumbling and screaming about snakes and venom and similar nonsense.
Amrit is quite clearly nowhere near the man. Instead he is standing over on the path, a dozen feet away, looking confused.

At the scream, Akira jumps up from her bench, flailing as she trips over her bookbag, and looks to be in a nasty collision with the bench - but in the blink of the eye, she activates her phasing ability and phases through the bench to land on the ground underneath in a pushup position. She stays there, panting heavily for a few moments, before she stands back up again, looking around for Amrit… and whoever screamed. "Eh?!"

Amrit points in the direction of the fleeing crazy man as the dark form runs wildly across the grass. He then just shrugs helplessly and calls out, "New York City," as though that were all the explanation needed. "I would be careful not to stay out after dark. There are a lot of strange people around here," he adds on before bowing again and then walking away. At least one of those sick people will not be trying to hurt anyone for awhile.
But there are so many more… And it is Amrit's self-assigned task to make sure that as many as possible are removed from the world. To protect the innocents like that young student. Even if that means a few bad guys have to die.

Akira blinks. "Wai..what… " Akira is left standing there, a comical confused look on her face.

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