2007-05-02: Leave It To Beaver


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Summary: Ken is emo-ing out and Ryu comes to save the day. Plot Ensues.

Date It Happened: May 2, 2007

Leave It To Beaver

EvoSoft Skyscraper. Night.

Up on the top floor, higher than everyone is even allowed, seated in his completely and utterly remodeled office is Jaden Cain. His sneakers are likely the first thing anyone will see as he's propped back in his office chair. He's got one of those beer hats on, but there are two HUGE BOTTLES of Yoohoo to which he's guzzling the chocolate milk. In his hands, he's got some report about profit margins and stocks and losing productivity… but none of this is making any sense to him. "This doesn't make any sense to me." See?

"Mr. Cain?" comes via the voice of Trish as she pokes her head in. "I'm heading out. Are you all good?"

Jaden just raises a his hand and nods. "I'm cool! Thanks! I'll be here late so…" Jaden just waves his sexretary off and returns to looking boredly at the paperwork he doesn't understand.

And as Trish heads out and Jaden reads…and tries to look at the profit reports that he just /dosn't/ get…Eric Lancaster is on his way up on the elevator. He looks dressed just about as down as Jaden, jeans, t-shirt, sneakers, a long coat to keep him warm. He taps his foot on the bottom of the elevator as he waits for the door to open, hmmmmming to himself and wondering just /what/ he's going to tell his old friend.

…however…he's stayed in the state of depression for longer than he's seen him…in any state really…

And thats just not right. Not right at all.

So as he exits the elevator he whistles his way up towards the huge and remodeled office and knocks easily on the door. "Jaden! You here man?"

"Ugh. I hate this. Hate it, hate it, hate it." Jaden tosses the papers around the room and just slides off his chair. He gets up and slides across the floor to the big ol' giant stereo that has speakers connected and hanging on the walls and stuff. He presses a couple buttons and soon enough music comes blaring out of the killer sound system. Jaden sighs and does the Ultimate White Boy Dance, which means that he's not dancing in any manner even close to being good. He's just too busy being off beat and that stuff.

o/~ We're Not Gonna' Take It o/~ No! We Ain't Gonna' Take It! o/~

Alright. When the music starts up Eric can just /imagine/ what the hell is happening in there. He steels his mind though and his gag reflex before he pushes open the door and just…just…stares. Jaden is doing…what the hell is he doing?! Thats just not right. Really. ITS JUST NOT RIGHT!

"Jaden!" Eric calls, holding one hand over one of his ears. "Jaden! Man! Turn it down!" Of course thats not getting though to him so finally he just walks over and taps him on the shoulder. "Yo! Man! Turn it down! I need to talk! Talk!"

Why in the hell is Jaden Cain doing the Electric Slide (badly) to old 80s rock? This is not kosher. He's literally feeling the groove so much that he can't not dance and it takes him a hell of a long time to actually realize that Eric is even in his building, let alone this damn office that he's turned into a cool room. There's arcade games located on both of the walls, for crying out loud. Guess this what happens when a kid turns Big over night, right?

"Huh?" Jaden's in mid-slide, when he realizes that there's someone yelling at him and he pushes the power button on the stereo. "Eric? What the? How'd you get past my top flight and overexpensive security force trained to shoot and obliterate all intruders on sight?"

"…I told them you invited me," Eric says once the music stops as he smirks slightly towards his friend once he can hear and talk normally again. "Besides, I'm not an intruder, I'm a guest." He adds cheerfully enough as he slides his hands into his pockets and smirks slowly towards Jaden. "I came to see you man! I mean you havn't been out of this building in weeks!"

Not that he really understands what's going on right about now or the fact that there's been Dittos of him all over the city, Jaden just shakes his head. "I go out. Kind of." Okay, the lying isn't going to work out too well, so he just moves over to sit down at his desk and pretend like he's working. He's not exactly writing anything good, though. Just scribbling stuff about Jane and heart shapes. "You… wanted to see me?" He blinks and looks around. "Exactly when the hell did I get on the Jamie Kennedy Experiment?"

"…were friends arn't we?" Eric asks as he wonders around the office taking a look at what Jaden turned it into. "Of course I did…its not like you is all! Gimme a break, can't I be worried?" He asks as he turns to look at the desk and the writing and raising an eyebrow. Jane? What who huh? "…and your not a Jamie Kennedy Experiment…" He adds after a moment before he turns his eyes to the reports…and blinks. "…Jaden…are you…trying to work?"

"Gotta' do something, right? Have you read what those assholes in the next room are trying to do? They're trying to file for an injection!" Jaden starts freaking out a little bit, scrawling on the paper a bit harder and scribbling for no reason at all. Trying to mellow out, that's for sure. "Not that I have any idea what I'm doing! What the hell was my father thinking?! I'm the biggest slacker ever in life and he decides to just leave this crazy hard business to take care of."

"…yes I heard, thats one of the things I wanted to come see you about…besides the fact that I was worried that you might start acting like the emo Parker from the third Spiderman movie. No one wants to see that," Eric replies as he looks back to his friend before he blinks. "…well…why don't you hire some help for one thing. I mean I'm not all that bad with that sort of stuff."

"Dude, no offense, but I can't hire you. That'd be like Peter hiring Harry or something. It just doesn't happen." Jaden sighs and shakes his head, looking around the room and starts waving his hand. "I mean, none of this is supposed to be happening! It's like I'm in bizarro world or something! I'm not cut out for this. I'm just a kid… kind of." He's not exactly of the belief that he's all old and stuff. "You know me, Eric. I'm not allowed to be responsible."

"…I think the last time you were allowed to be responsible you lost your pet turtle when trying to walk him," Eric says before he grins. "…well…yeah I guess it would be like Peter hiring Harry. Not allowed, well then I at least get to help you then right?" He asks before he looks around for a chair. "Like I said, I have an idea…and I mean hell half the stuff thats been going on lately makes it seem like bizarro world so I guess we should get used to it."

There's bean bag chairs all over the place, rather than chairs. "Maybe I should just let 'em have it? I mean, at least then my Dad's legacy or whatever won't be ruined?" Jaden's just talking to himself at this point. His eyes come up from drawing an arrow through another Heart of Jane and he looks over at Eric. "Help? How could you help? If you're thinking about some sort of training montage to whip me into business-running shape, forget it. Those never work."

"You would get bored and go off to do something else and leave a Ditto to fool me if I even tried it," Eric says with a wry grin before he looks down at the paper. "…Jane?" He asks before shaking his head. Getting off track! STAY ON TARGET! "…besides, I think you would hate business and all that. Hell no though you shouldn't just let them have it! You would be giving up, thats not really like you…" Pause. "…well yes it is, but you can't quit now." He forges on ahead as he flops into a chair. "…I mean Bruce Wayne didn't quit did he? James Bond didn't quit?"

"Bruce Wayne's Batman. James Bond is Sean Connery and Daniel Craig." Jaden just sighs, shaking his head. "Besides, I'm nothing like those guys. I mean, we have the same taste in suits but other than that…" The Emo is Strong Within the Jaden. He just brings his head down to connect with the desk, while he tries to figure out what in the hell is the point of being so rich and powerful and not being able to do it well. "Let's just say that I don't have Hero written across my forehead." Awwwww.

Eric idily reaches across the desk, picks up a sharpie and waves it half threateningly at his friend. "I can fix that for you," He quips towards him before he laughs. "Yeah you are, more than you think…you just gotta get out of this emoness your in. You don't want the world to end do you?" He asks before he hrmms a moment. "And my plan, a merger would my dad's company would be my plan. You do that, stay as head of EvoSoft, and let my dad worry about running the business. That would shut all the naysayers /right/ up."

Jaden listens to this plan. He's face down on the desk and that's probably the best way for him to actually listen. Paying attention and all that. "Okay, I like it. It means I don't have to actually do anything." Jaden lifts his head, looking as somber and worried as his overracting possibly can make him at this moment. "There's just one problem." Dramatic pause. "I don't think your Dad's forgiven me for that time I turned his swimming pool into a giant bowl of jello."

Eric waits patiently for the other shoe to drop…and when it does he just blinks once. Then once more, and then just starts to laugh. He can't help it. "Jaden, that was one of the best parties /ever/ at the house!" He calls out between peels of laughter before he slowly starts to calm down, it takes a little bit it does. He shakes his head before he adds. "…I have /NO/ clue where you got that much jello mix, a freeze machine, and the huge slices of fruit that went in the damn thing."

Jaden chuckles a little bit, immediately going into reminiscing mode. "It was Shaggy man. He's got connections." And he's smiling. Again. Okay, so maybe there's something to be said for this emoness and its fading. Someone like Jaden cannot stay horribly sad for long. It just doesn't work that way. "Okay, if we're going to do this, we need to do it right." Jaden stands up, trying to look like he knows what he's talking about. "I say we call a press committee and announce it right now!"

"I know…I'm just amazed…and just between you and me my dad though it was /awsome/," Eric replies with a grin. "…and it didn't taste too bad either. It was mom that was so freeked out by it all." He hrmms a moment before he notes his friend's usual personality coming back, he hides the smile before he blinks. "…tomarrow morning might be better…don't you want to call Elena about it first? She is your public relations person now isn't she?" He asks with a grin towards him.

"Uhhh… I guess. Even if she doesn't wear her uniforms." Jaden just shrugs and slides off towards one of the video games. He's smiling a bit to himself, glad this problem is going to work itself out. Thank god for Eric. But he'll never say that outloud. Ever. In life. "Morning? As in… during my cartoons? I so don't think so, dude. I can do noon at the earliest. And that's if there's not a Doo Marathon on. You know I love that dog."

"…wait, theres still /good/ cartoons on in the morning? I thought they all went to crap," Eric asks as he leans back in the chair, spinning the sharpie idily in one hand. Its good to see him getting back to his normal self. "…and yeah, I know how you love that dog. Noon it is then, and I think that'll work just fine. Gives me time to finish talking to my dad." There is a pause then, before Eric grins. "…you know, were gonna need a new building after this."

Jaden is right in the middle of trying to pull off a Ken Masters combo when he realizes what's just been said. As he turns around, he's got this crazy smile on his face that just wreaks of Dennis the Menace. "Leave it to Beaver, Eric." Oh no.

"…thats what I thought you were going to say Jaden, thats what I thought you were gonna say," Eric just grins for a moment before he blinks. "Hey toss me player two!" He calls as he drags the beanbag chair over infront of the tv. Oh yes. This is going to be an intresting next few months this is.

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