2010-02-05: FB: Leaving on a Jet Plane



Date Set: August 7th, 2009


A day after cancelling the vacation, Niki comes home to find a change in the plans has been made for her.

Six Months Ago…

"Leaving on a Jet Plane"

Niagara Falls, New York

In comes Niki, already stripped (no pun intended) out of her neat white blouse from work in favour of something with no sleeves. It's hot out. It's evening by the time she gets home tonight, and only still light outside because it's summer. Noticing the house is suspiciously quiet, devoid even of the sounds of video games that might normally keep the resident teens hidden. Huh.

Upstairs a few moments later, gathering this and that for a shower, Niki wanders past her computer, the laptop, on the small desk that's shoved in one corner of the master bedroom. She pauses, since she was pretty sure she didn't leave it on. While she's eyeing it, she gets a new e-mail. Might as well check it.

The email itself seems standard, but it's from Micah(?). Why isn't the teen whiz at home today? It's the summer after all… it's title is unusual and rather to the point. Everything is Fine. This, of course, doesn't exactly instil confidence in readers.

No it doesn't. Niki was happy, if hesitant, to assume the boys were outside, in the neighbourhood, but… "Micah?" she reads in confusion under her breath. Leaning in, she almost misses clicking the damn thing, she's in such a hurry to read the rest.

The email is honest at the very least.


We are okay! There is no need to worry or call the cops or anything. Cam I and I hopped a flight to Vegas this morning. As you're reading this we're either in the air or touching down… I couldn't figure out the minute by minute stats. We had a mission we had to tend to in Vegas, and as heroes we couldn't pass it up. I'm sorry I didn't tell you; we were going to tell you when we ALL got to Vegas, but things being as they are, this just made more sense.

I caught wind of some crookery online. These guys are going to rob this casino and it would only mean bad news so Cam and I are going to stop them.

Be home in a few days.



The note ends rather abruptly and doesn't go into details as to exactly where the pair of mini-heroes will be: just Vegas. So much for everything being okay.

Oh God. Worry turns to anger and that turns to Niki rolling her eyes. A casino. Because that always works out so well! The last time she was at a casino, she got shot, almost got arrested, and everyone thought D.L. was dead for months afterward.

Not the best sign ever.

"Damnit!" Niki whirls around, beyond angry. This is not good by any stretch of the imagination she can think of right this second! She tosses a handful of clothes she'd picked up to change into onto the bed. Her hands come up to her head, palms pressing her at her hairline while she literally seems as if she's going to pull her hair out. Hurrying, she grabs the cordless phone from beside the bed and punches in the number of Micah's cell phone.

Naturally, there's no answer. She tries Cam's; same thing.

Frustrated, Niki throws the phone. That turns out to be counter-productive and she kneels to pick it back up, fumbling to shove the batteries back after they tumble out from crashing into the wall. She tries another number, waits, waits, and waits. "Come on D.L…." She bounces from foot to foot. Voicemail kicks in— it'll do. "D. Micah and Cam took off, I— I can't stay here and wait, they went to Vegas without us. They have— some idea that they're going to stop a casino robbery, of all things. Something might happen to them. I'll wait as long as it takes to figure out how fast I can get to Vegas and then I'm going. If you're not home by then I— I dunno. You can catch up to me. Love you."


* * *

Somewhere up in the air the pair of mini-heroes are on a plane. First class. Yeah, if they're going to break the law, they'll do it in style. At least, that's the way it goes today. Swallowing and leaning back in his seat, Micah is demonstrating the entry point on his laptop. "Alright, so when we touch down we'll have … a car waiting for us under the name Reynolds. It's already been paid for."

"Then… it'll take us to our hotel for the night… and… then it's all business tomorrow. The only thing is we're not technically allowed in the casino, but maybe we can tap into their security system and have the cops clue in?"

Cam leans over a little from his own seat, sipping his soda before he says, "Ok. Why Reynolds, won't that be kind of obvious?" Then he nods quickly and says, "Well, maybe we can catch them outside too, before they get in."

"Well I figure Reynolds is smart because mom wouldn't think of it. Like when she gets the email she won't worry about it. I'm sure the email will work its magic." Micah hopes. "At least she knows where we are, right?" He shrugs again. "And the room is under Jones. It's just nice and generic… no one will think of it, I think." At this he grins. "And you're right, outside might work. The only thing is, I don't know what time of day. You'd think night in which case we'd be pretty much okay…"


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