Lee's Relationships

++ Lee Jones' Relationships ++


  • Ghanima Jones
    • relation-nima
    • Twin sister. Owner of the Secret Lair. No longer played. But still completely badass. Currently ICly in Philadelphia working on a new Secret Lair franchise.
    • Birthday : Same as Lee's, which is the best birthday.
    • Family Problem : Completely in denial about everything.
  • Billy and Mary Jones
    • Parents. Psychos. They disappeared and now are operatives for various conspiracies and Evolved jerkoffs. Billy spilled the beans about this after hiding it from the kids for years. Lee has been going around making life harder for them. And vice versa.
    • Family Problem : Loony tunes. Being wrong about Nima and Lee being evolved is not their problem. Hating that they weren't evolved is their problem.
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