2007-02-16: Legal Implications


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Summary: Ramon's off to take a stroll in Central Park, and Xander talks to him of other crimes witnessed.

Date It Happened: February 16th, 2007

Legal Implications

Central Park

*Elena's phone recieves a call from Xander. *ring ring*
Elena picks up. "Xander! Thank god!"
Xander huhs, "Elena..? Are you alright? Has something happened?"
"No it's just that…" She pauses. "I need a favor and I'm afraid you're the only member of local law enforcement I know since you work for the DA's office. And…I'm not sure how safe it is for me to talk to you over the phone. Is there any way you could meet me or my Dad?"
"District Attorney's office does not quite mean law enforcement, Elena, but I do what I can, I'm on my way to meet you at the address you gave me now…" Pause, "Wait, your father's not with you?"
"I know that, Xander. But like I said, you're the only one on the …. 'law' side of things that I could ask this from. And no, he's not with me. He woke up a few hours earlier and he went out for a walk. He's not back yet. He said he was going to the park."
"Park? Which park?" He pauses for a moment, before saying, "Never mind, I'll call him and find him… If you say your father witnessed a crime in progress, then you'd better find a safe place. If you must go out, stay in a public place, in everybody's sight. I'm going to call your father now…"
"I am. I'm not at the Queens apartment, I'm staying with someone else. Thank you very much, Xander. I appreciate it. I'm sorry for bothering you again, I know how busy you are."
"Not a problem. Call me if anything happens." *click*

*Ramon's phone receives a call from Xander*
"Ramon Gomez," comes the reply. Then he actually checks the number. "Mr. Marx."
"Mr. Gomez, I just called your daughter, and she told me that you've gone to take a stroll in the park and haven't come back. This might make things difficult on me if you've witnessed a crime, and I'm unable to locate you."
"I didn't go out that long ago. I'm over by Christopher Columbus. I can go meet you somewhere if you want."
"Christopher Columbus? That's Central Park. I'll be there in a few minutes, don't go anywhere…"
"I won't." Confusion in his tone. "I thought I'd mentioned witnessing a crime to you." A long pause. "No. Maybe I just warned you and you had to go. I don't recall. I'll be here."
"My fault for not paying attention… I'll be there in a minute…" *click*

When Xander reaches the park he'll find Ramon sitting on a bench eating a hot dog. He's well away from any other person, but the Coke and Hot Dog seem to be doing plenty to restore his ability to think straight. The man has slept, and slept, and slept, and showered and looks better for all of it.

It's just as well, it took Xander a little bit of doing to find Ramon, and finds himself relieved to know that the older gentleman is okay, and looking much better than he had been when they had last met. "You much better than when I last met you. Best you get some sleep next time you find yourself to be a witness of a crime."

"I stopped getting sleep /because/ of it," Ramon says. "Right around the time someone showed up at my work parking lot. I took off running and haven't been home since. But once I woke up I needed to come clear my head. This is sometimes where I go to do that. I wasn't trying to be an inconvenience. That said, it was a crime I never reported. I'm looking for the victim, looking hard, but I didn't feel like the police could or would handle it. Especially given the story."

Xander folds his for a bit, and takes a moment to sit himself down on the bench next to Ramon, and tells him, "I'm certain the police would have been able to handle whatever it is that it was you witness. So what is this crime that you neglected to report? If it's serious enough, it may warrant putting your family in the witness protection program, though I'll try to avoid recommending it."

"It was a kidnapping," Ramon says, and his tone sounds a little dry. "I meant to get the license plate but one of the kidnappers poisoned me with a touch, so I was a little busy being unable to move. I ripped some stuff out of their minds as they drove away though. A day later a man who I suspect is affiliated with them shows up at my daughter's job and apparently wipes her memory, and he also shows at my job, only I run away…" He shakes his head. "Sure, Ramon Gomez calls the police with another crazy story."

"Given the crazy story I had to tell in order to convince my supervisor to get your wife's case reopened, I might be able to convince the police of the situation." He pauses for a moment at the mention of the man who supposedly wiped Elena's memories, "Wait a moment, the Haitian?" He blinks for a moment before cursing silently, "That might explain why your daughter seemed to have no recollection of what was going on…" How the Haitian wiped the memories from Elena clean, Xander didn't know… Though he now shakes his head, "Poison by touch, memory wipes, mind readers and me… You're right, this might be more difficult than I had imagined…" After a moment, he looks to Ramon an asks, "Who was it that was kidnapped?"

"His name is Benjamin Winters," Ramon rumbles. "He's a good man, Mr. Marx, the same way you're a good man. He was very frightened." He pauses, but sees no reason to dissemble. "We know, now, that he was taken to the same hospital in Hartsdale that burned down. We were going to go by later. I was going to listen and see if I could pick anything up. Wouldn't mind trying to see if they've found anything in the area. Benjamin's daughter, Rose, received a phone call from him /after/ the fire, so we think he's been moved. And the Haitian left my daughter the ISBN for 'Squaring the Circle' with the initials EB on it. EB — Enlightenment Books, where the book was left on the shelves. For whatever reason, this man wiped my daughter's memory and then tried to help us. I hope my behavior starts to make more sense now. I think she's special too. If its genetic, like she thinks it is, it could be my whole family. If there's people running around pistol whipping people, shoving them into vans, and doing experiments on them…it seems like it would be smart to understand what's going on. And I want to help him." Ramon gives the faintest hint of something that could approach a smile. "Its not that I doubted your powers of persuasion. I just…honestly thought I'd told you, when we went out for coffee."

Xander smiles leans back against the chair, telling Ramon, "You might have told me, and I might have completely neglected to take note of it. Your wife's case compelled me a great deal more than a kidnapping, but I'm not going to the mistake of ignoring such things again." He pauses now to think about the whole situation. "The hospital at Hartsdale… Out of my jurisdiction, but I think I can go down there poke around. Unfortunately, my schedule may be completely filled up for a few days… Investigating your wife's murder has become a top priority in my scheduling, you'll be happy to know."

"I /am/ happy to know it," Ramon says gravely. "More than happy. I wish I could be of more help. For now…" he stops and thinks for a long moment. "You know," he says slowly, "I understand DAs office and police departments and whatnot sometimes work with consultants. You know we're dealing with some pretty large, insane stuff here. Perhaps if you were willing, you could give me some limited authority. I won't misuse it. I could poke around at Heartsdale without breaking any laws with that, and perhaps pull those phone records Elena thought we should get, and that keeps your schedule freed up. Then I can come back and consult with you."

Xander bites his lip a little as he considers that, before replying, "Perhaps… I can hardly recommends you going to Hartsdale, though, especially if the Haitian is part of an organization that's based there. If that organization was aware enough of you, it would probably be best if you remained here. You must also remember that if any of this gets to court, your testimony would probably not be admissable."

Ramon just looks at Xander as if wondering how it could be admissible from /anyone/. "Well," he reasons. "That location burned up. We think they moved Benjamin, after the fire, because of that, and because he did manage to make a phone call."

Xander nods as he muses, "In that case, we'll have to get Mr. Winters… It may be possible to trace the call to his present location…" He pauses and rubs his temple a bit. "This is going to take more time than I really care for, but I'll try to get things done. Until then, I'd rather you didn't try to do any hunting on your own."

Ramon finishes off the last of his hot dog, considering all of this. "It's going to be interesting when all this gets out," he says at last. "If it ever does. Genetically enhanced people doing strange things. It'll have quite the legal impact I suspect. Its like we're all sitting on the cusp of what would have to become a rather large social explosion."

Xander bites his lip at that prospect. "We are… Because if there are others like us, -many- others, then we'll be having ourselves a difficult time ahead if word gets out…" He shakes his head, and mutters, "I for one would rather not take the chance of being found out that I can control electricity." ~Especially if what happened to Steppes was my doing… Bullocks, I think he heard that…~ He then takes a glance at Ramon, and says, "Do not ask."

"I won't." Ramon says. "I'll buy you a hot dog though, if you want." He points to the vendor. "He's got good hot dogs." Time to steer back to something with greater normalcy, even if what has brought them together is anything but.

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