Portrayed By Katy Perry
Gender Female
Date of Birth January 7, 1990
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Aliases Caroline Grey (real name), Cassie, Daria, Dionysus (&%$@#!), Nicole (Niki) Hawking
Place of Birth Miami, FL, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Drug Dealer
Known Relatives Joan Grey (mother), Robert Grey (father), Bobby Grey (brother), Jade (sister, as Tracy Hawking)
Significant Other Oh hell no.
Theme Song "Bad Reputation" - Joan Jett
Known Abilities Chemical Secretion
First Appearance Slim Jims With The Suits


Lena was a suburban teenager turned small-time dealer and petty thief with her partner in crime, Tiago. He was the more social one of the pair; in her interactions with others, she had proven herself to be distrustful and foul-mouthed. Then she was an Alpha Protocol escapee, on the run from re-capture and the trauma of having been tortured for information.

Then she disappeared.

That's right, bitches. Past tense. Lena's back.



Caroline Grey was probably one of the most average teenagers on the face of the planet, before the eclipse. Her family was strictly middle-class and she grew up in a Miami suburb with a stepfather, a mother, a younger brother and the family's labrador retriever, Max. She pulled decent grades, had a love of reading and horses (that they couldn't afford to indulge), and tended to be one of those kids who flies under the radar: not a geek, not popular, just always there.

That changed on the night of the eclipse, when one of her classmates threw an early Homecoming party. Someone brought a keg, someone else brought some E, and Caroline, who'd always been mildly envious of the more pretty and popular girls in school, decided to try both. It goes without saying that she ended up getting very, very sick. Having watered the rose bushes with the contents of her stomach, the teenager collapsed on a couch and passed out.

She woke up that morning to someone rubbing her arm and murmuring to her. It was Chris, captain of the high school's football team. Three days later, he'd dumped his girlfriend, and asked Caroline out. They became an item. She was thrilled.


Lena is a very busy girl.


Welcome to being a walking, talking drug-lab


The people in Lena's life.


  • "I've got issues, and the least of them is I can't touch you, or anyone, without having them start screaming about mutant ladybugs crawling up the walls."
  • "Aww, you got not-naked for me?"
  • "I didn't hear you screaming so I guess it must not have been that great."
  • "Don't go all mushy on me, okay? 'Cause if you get me crying, it's totally not my fault if you decide to go hit a rave or something. I'm not like one of those ladies who gets glowy when she cries, we're talking serious goop."
  • "Wait, what?"
  • "Uh huh. I don't think you and careful exist in the same universe."


  • Sucks at console games but is killer at pinball.
  • Lena can play the guitar but her singing voice has been known to kill small animals (not really).
  • Her (not so) secret vice is reading. Only Jade is allowed to tease her about it.
  • She takes multiple showers a day.
  • Caffeine, nicotene, alcohol and even harder drugs just don't work on her anymore, or she has to take so much to receive any sort of effect that it's just not worth it. This is depressing. A constant steady dose of certain drugs has been shown to work to a lesser extent, however. Like, say, through a nose tube.

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