2007-07-14: LennonBear, Guilt, And Ice Cream


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Summary: Elle returns from assignment, the roommates catch up. Guilt happens.

Date It Happened: July 14th, 2007

LennonBear, Guilt, And Ice Cream

Forrest - Bishop Apartment, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC

It's evening on a Monday. The cable converter clock, her new iPhone display, and various other devices which show time state the hour is just past five. Jane's in the main room with her guitar in hand and the iPhone buds in her ears. Tunes she likes are being piped into her head through them, she's listening carefully and working to recreate the lead guitar parts as they're heard. What results is a bluesy sound to match the lingering mood she feels. The gloom has eased somewhat over the days since she came to realize why Elle got over the breakup so easily and her internal debates on the ethics of that, coupled with her own discovery on the Fourth.

The sound of the key in the lock is what announces the sound of the blonde's return. Key. Lock. Turn. And one entering blonde, back after a rather sizable absence from things.

She doesn't hear the entry, being occupied with creation of sounds and the tunes being piped into her head. Jane's eyes are focused out the window and the activity seen through the view of Greenwich Village beyond it. Clothing for today is simple, the sort she chooses when home. It's a t-shirt with Chrissie Hynde on the front, red shorts, and an absence of shoes. Near one of those unshod feet is a half-full glass of wine.

In that case, the notice of her arrival will probably be the lobbed bag. It's aimed in an arc to thumb into Jane's side; thankfully it only contains something soft and fluffy. She hangs up her purse on the coatrack hook, and then her coat.

The playing abruptly stops when she's impacted on the right side by soft fluffiness. Jane stands up quickly and turns in the direction it came from, barely managing not to knock over the wine glass. She seems perhaps ready to turn her guitar into a weapon and go after the intruder. Fingers tighten on the instrument and she looks about to charge for the span of seconds it takes to spot Elle, and the whole thing dissolves. "Welcome back," she greets, turning a bit red.

Elle is cautious of many things, but her roommate brandishing a guitar wouldn't usually be one of them. She moves further into the place, walking over in the direction of the sofa. "Good to be back. A little jumpy?"

"Oh, that," she replies a bit sheepishly. Embarrassment at being caught unwary and reacting that way. Yes. "I was all into what I was doing, didn't expect being hit by a…" Jane looks down to pick up and identify the soft fluffy thing which impacted her. Then her guitar is placed on its stand and the earbuds are taken out so she can hear more clearly.

The room looks much the same as it did before Elle went off on assignment. Everything is in the same place, the carpet is soft and clean. But there's a box of items near the tv set. The tv itself features an episode of the Monkees playing with the volume on mute.

The thing is a teddy bear in a bag. Specifically, it's a John Lennon teddy bear. The glasses, and a little bear t-shirt that says "Imagine there's no heaven"

Her features break out into a broad smile of true appreciation as she extracts it from the plastic prison and sees what it is. "Elle," Jane begins, "ohmygod, this is priceless! Thank you thank you thank you!" With LennonBear in hand she's on the move, intending to grant the blonde roommate a hug which might be of the bearish sort should she succeed.

Elle is not a hug dodger tonight, instead she gets bearhugged by her much taller roommate. She hugs back, as best as she can with arms pinned. "Good to see you too."

"I wasn't sure when you were getting back, so I don't have anything for you, yet," Jane replies apologetically, with that beaming expression of gratitude still ruling her features. She holds the bear up and studies it, opining "This is perfect." The bearish squeeze of greeting lasts but a few seconds, she lets go and steps back.

Elle nods. "Yeah, funny thing about covert ops? You usually don't get to post an itinerary." A wry little Elle-smirk, and then she looks back at her roommate. "Good to see everything's okay, though.

"I'm good," Jane replies, her beaming expression fading away somewhat. "We're both single now." A few steps are taken, then she settles into a chair and leans back against it. There's a quiet chuckle as she states "I'd ask how your trip went, but you can't tell me, I'm sure. Hope there were interesting places, at least, and it wasn't all work."

Elle blinks in surprise. "You broke up with Jaden?" she says, not having seen that one coming. "Boys suck. Remind me to grill the next one that comes near."

"Yeah," the brunette confirms quietly as her eyes settle on the box which contains the Jessica Rabbit dress, the jPhone she smashed, and a few other odds and ends she put in it. "It was the Fourth, I went there to feed him breakfast in bed, and found him not alone. He was with twins." She's silent for a moment before adding "So I gave him the food. Threw it at him, dropped the tray, and stormed out. You could say I wasted no time declaring independence."

Elle looks to her roommate, then to the box, and then back. "Do you want me to make him regret it?" she offers, echoes of a similar offer made to her by another friend.

"No," she replies quietly. "I'm mostly over it, and it's not by far the worst thing that ever happened to me. He wasn't the first, and probably won't be the last." Jane rises and walks over to retrieve the wine glass, then returns to her seat. "I did the me thing. Ate ice cream for a day or two, played a lot of bluesy guitar, and worked on broadening the power of my voice. Found an abandoned building in the Bronx and rented it cheap for the purpose." The glass is placed on a table, then her attention settles on LennonBear. Smiling resurfaces amid wistfulness.

The blonde nods. "I just sorta redirected my anger to productive pursuits." It's amazing how working for the Company can let you just make use of any anger issues. So, any ice cream left?"

"Plenty," Jane replies with a nod toward the kitchen. "I restocked the supply of chocolate." She places the bear on her lap and lifts the wine glass to sip from it slowly. "I think I'm close to being able to break concrete. Might just need to train myself a bit more, work on hitting the right pitch for a long enough time without straining my voice. Last time I was close, I think, but wound up a little hoarse."

Elle looks impressed. "Through hitting the right frequency, or through a progression of sonic concussion?" Yes, blondes can be scientific, when it comes to anomalistic abilities. This is like shop talk for Elle.

"I think it's a combination, actually," Jane states. "Needs to be at the right pitch and volume to work, so it takes experimentation to find the sweet spot. And that can be painful sometimes. Can't throw down like that for too long in one series of attempts without feeling it. But I'll get there." Of this she seems entirely certain. When silence settles in again, her expression darkens a bit. It's given time to recall the mood she was in when she set out on that course, dredges up the ethical struggle to accept what Peter did, and her lingering guilt over it.

Elle nods. "It's curious. I'd be interested to see what your power does on a non-brittle target. Start with Jello, move to rubber, and so on. Things that don't have a crystalline structure to break or shatter."

Her head tilts to one side as this avenue is suggested, it seems one Jane hadn't considered before. The lingering guilt is dispelled by the topic. After some moments of thought she comments "That would be intriguing, at that. Hadn't really thought about it much. Although it kind of fits with the use of my ability for sonar. Maybe by practicing on a wide range of non-brittle items I can at least learn what their echo signature is and develop a way to identify material compostions. Potentially, also, I think ultrasound can cause things to heat up, even, if the duration can be held. The trouble with that is the duration. Screaming at length and volume wrecks the voice."

Elle nods. "Well, we could make you honey-lemon tea. And sure, it might be kind of strainey, but it's one of those "no pain, no gain" things, you know? I just figure it would be a handy thing to try.

"It is," she replies with a brisk nod. "And nothing says I can't work to build vocal stamina by practicing to the point of feeling the effects and resting until they ease over time. There's also the potential of testing frequencies at low volume with longer duration." Jane takes another sip from the wine glass as her mind wanders through possibilities.

Elle smiles back at her roommate. "And hey, if you get laryngitis every now and again, I just get to have both sides of the conversation." she quips, looking back at the musician. "I'm going to go change into something comfy. Been driving a while."

The remark draws a quiet laugh as Jane turns her attention to the screen where Monkees are doing their thing. She adjusts the LennonBear on her lap, nodding at Elle's intent to go change. When the blonde enters her room she'll find a CD in a case resting on the bed.

Elle heads into the room. She steps out of her shoes and starts to change, and only then sees the CD. She pauses to give it a good look while she continues getting things to change to.

In the main room Jane turns the volume up and restarts the Monkees DVD. Soon the sounds of the theme song can be faintly heard in Elle's room, along with that of a laughing brunette who starts to quietly sing along. "Hey hey we're the Monkees, people say we monkey around, but we're too busy singin' to put anybody down…"
There's no label on the disc.

Elle looks at the disk, and assumes it's a mix CD Jane made her. She puts it on her dresser; she'll check it out later. Right now, she changes into much more comfortable attire, something she's picked up from living with Jane. A knee-length t-shirt gets donned, and the blonde pads out, heading for kitchen and icecream.

Her attention is held by the antics of Monkees onscreen when Elle emerges, laughter escaping from time to time. Jane continues to work on the wine glass, it reaches approximately one quarter full or three quarters empty depending on perspective.

Elle fills a bowl with chocolate ice cream, then heads back to the couch, looking at the show dubiously. "This looks older than I am." she points out.

"It is," the brunette answers. "But they're still hilarious. It lasted a few years on NBC in the late sixties and has a bit of a cult following even now. But not so much as Star Trek." Jane taps a remote button and restarts the episode; soon the theme is playing again along with the antics tied to it. Including the three guys pushing the brass bed across a street, and the bit where one of them is in the bathtub also being moved in public.

Elle continues to Look Dubious, but the blonde doesn't make any more protest. Right now is about being home. And chocolate ice cream. She takes a seat on the other end of the couch, starting in on her treat. Nomnom.

For her part, despite the dubiousness of Elle, Jane continues to enjoy her Monkees episode. Silly? Beyond doubt. But there's music involved too, and sometimes she just likes things that make her laugh. This fits that purpose.

Elle looks up. "So…any news other than Jaden and power-experimenting?"

"All quiet," Jane replies, moving her eyes away from the screen and onto the blonde. "I've been doing my musical thing, living my life." Her voice stops when something is remembered, returning to ask "Did you find that CD, Elle? It's a recording of a trip to Coney Island. I set it on your bed, not knowing if I'd be here when you got in." Her expression shifts to somber while speaking, eyes still on the roommate.

The blonde listens, and then tenses up just a bit, at mention of that. There wasn't a camera that day with them and Ali. There was on another occasion. "Thanks." she says. Her voice is neutral enough it's hard to pick anything out of it.

She doesn't elaborate for her part, Jane's certain Elle will know who it came from. She was asked to pass it along and did. Inside she hopes it can be a source of happy memories for her, but is doubtful of it given the situation. And the whole thing just makes the lingering guilt start to raise its head again. To deal she gets up and goes into the kitchen herself, returning shortly with a pint of chocolate Haagen-Dazs and a spoon. There shall be the consuming of ice cream for her too.

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