Leo Moretti
Leonard Francis Caracciolo Cosimo Moretti
Portrayed By Adam Brody
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1986
Age 22
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases Leo, Knucklehead, SHUT UP LEO, Cosmo
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Pizza Delivery Boy; MAFIA
Known Relatives Stefano Moretti (father; deceased), Rosa Paschasia Moretti (mother), Francesca Sophia Moretti Selvaggi (aunt), Thomas "Tommy" Frank Moretti (cousin?), Carmine Vincenzo Scarletti Ricci Selvaggi (uncle-in-law)
Significant Other Nadia Selvaggi (???)
Known Abilities None
First Appearance ???

A pizza delivery boy and street racer, which would make a good combination except Tommy doesn't let him use the car during work hours. Oh, and, Mafia.


Leo was born in 1986. His father wasn't there to witness it. Why? Because when you're a mafioso, you're always available when duty calls, even when your wife is in labour! It is true, Leo's father was the eldest son of a local crime boss, and Leo has known little else. Growing up, neither parent of Leo could really hide what his dad and the rest of his family did for a living - such a volatile, life-consuming occupation as being Mafia couldn't really be played off, so no one tried. As a kid, Leo's been witness to things like his father's multiple arrests, watching his family beat up people and get beaten up in turn, the sudden influx of wealth from who knows where, and the general turbulent lifestyle of those involved in organised crime.

Despite this, Leo's childhood and teenagehood have been largely normal (just not quite uneventful). He was an active kid who wasn't so great with sit-down schoolwork but LOVED sports, particularly soccer. Come highschool, this didn't actually change much, save for one great passion - cars. The maintaining of, the fixing of, the driving of. Figuring he was never gonna be some great scientist or what have you, Leo was devoted to learning a trade rather than being any kind of academic. He dropped out of highschool early in order to take courses in automotive mechanics, unsure of what exactly he was going to do with this education, but knowing it was where he should be. He had no real intention to take after his father, and his parents were /fine/ with this, especially his mother who definitely hoped her son would become a law abiding citizen one day. But that was quick to change.

He was in his late teens when his father and grandfather were killed in a car bomb. He remembers the funeral, vividly. Everyone had been there. Family members both close and distant, blood ties and friendships. People he didn't recognise and some who were familiar. He shook hands with a great many of them and sort of drifted through that day like a ghost. He isn't quite sure exactly /when/ he made the decision to do as his father did, but it was an inevitable one. Leo wasn't about to drop everything - his passion for cars and love of sports - but organised crime would become who he is. And he was going to /enjoy it, damnit/.

Tommy Moretti was next in line to take over the Family business, as it were. He's not quite a father-figure, but he's definitely a guiding force in Leo's participation. He runs a pizza store, a cover for their operations, and took Leo on as a pizza delivery boy. How much money they make from that restaurant is iffy, but it's not exactly the source of income, so /that's okay/. Then there's Francesca, Leo's aunt on his father's side, who Leo became closer too ever since the funeral. Or so Leo imagines, anyway. It might not be true, considering the amount of yelling that goes on in day to day conversation, but /that's okay too/, it's just the Moretti way to go about things. Which someone needs to inform Carmine of, Francesca's… husband? Perhaps? Either way, he's married into the Family, but in no way shares the hot-tempered tendencies of his new-ish relatives. But /also, this is okay/, because Leo thinks he's badass. (Leo may be kind of perhaps banging Carmine's daughter, Nadia, but this is not something Carmine needs to know. Ever.)

Aside from being errand boy and getaway car guy within this little Mafia, Leo has also become a street racer. Hey, auto-mechanics had to be good for something! This is how Leo spends his free time - participating in illegal races and making (and losing) his own cash through this. In fact, when Tommy once had Leo drive all the way to Miami in order to make a delivery (not of the pizza kind, but of the incriminating blackmail list not entrusted to the mail kind), Leo even did a bit of racing there. I mean, may as well - it's the best way to see the sights, and he'd never been to Miami before! And then he lost his car in a race over pink slips. A car that had that very important list still stashed in the glovebox.


This list still hasn't been retrieved, the car having disappeared, although the mob are still after it. Leo has since returned home with his tail between his legs - but word has it that the car (rather a distinctive one) is recently seen about New York. So maybe all is not lost if he can just /get it back/.

And that is the gist of it. Leo spends his time doing pizza deliveries, racing cars at high and dangerous speed, and learning what it takes to be Mafia. If he doesn't get himself killed, likely his family members will take care of that sooner or later.


May, 2007

  • 22nd - Legal Matters. Nadia and Leo almost give away their dating status when Carmine arrives at Vito's unexpectedly late. Randall also wanders in for a calzone and is the innocent bystander to small argument between Carmine and Nadia. He also gets offered some work by Leo, should he feel desperate enough to work the counter.
  • 23rd - A Lack of Lawyers and Poachers. Date with Nadia! Briefly meets Ryan. Questions girlfriend's career choices, even if lawyers can be cute.
  • 27th - The Moretti Way. Tommy is back! And wants to know how that car thing went! And isn't so happy with the result! Meanwhile, Carmine knows about Leo and Nadia's relationship, and isn't so happy either.

June, 2007

July, 2007

Vroom Vroom

Car Tricks!

Name Description Roll Difficulty
Ignition The initial 'start' of a taking a vehicle and speeding off with it. Revved engine or not, this is when the tires squeal dramatically and the car takes off like a bat out of hell. Looks really cool. Takes some understanding of the type of vehicle being driven. Drive + Mechanics (+ Mechanical Genius) Good
Airborne The act of taking a car… into the air. It takes skill and practice to pull this off, as well as speed and something to vault off of. Both of which will decide how long and far the car's jump is. GTA, anyone? Dexterity + Drive + Acrobatics Great
Spin Cycle When going at breakneck speeds, sometimes you have to make it look good. Or you have to try and keep control over the car when it spins out of control and not hit stuff. Slam on the brakes and you might be able to pull this off! It looks really cool if you do this and end up in a parking space too, by the way. Perception + Drive (+ Quick Reflexes ) Great
Back To The Future Here's where the style and grace comes in when it comes to driving. This is doing anything you need to do with a car… in reverse. Parking, driving, speeding down the highway. Don't try this at home, kids. Perception + Drive + (Athletics, Quick Reflexes or Creative) Great
Chicken There comes a time in every driver's life when they have to do that thing where they speed towards another car and try to see who's manlier behind the wheel. First one to pull off… loses. Highest Result Wins. Willpower + Drive + Bluff Good
Bulk Smash Using the car as a weapon has been done ever since cars were in existence. Whether ramming from the side or head on, this is how we see who has the stronger car. Strength + Drive + Brawl Average
This Is A Dodge! Using the car to get the heck out of harm's way is a time honored tradition. Especially, when it comes to bobbing and weaving through traffic. Or even trying to get away from those trying to Bulk Smash. Dexterity + Drive (+ Quick Reflexes ) Good
Totally A Short Cut Is there something in your way? Traffic cones, old ladies, panes of window glass, ice cream vendors? Cross your fingers and drive through the bitch. Stamina + Drive Good
Look Ma, Two Wheels! You know that awesome thing cars do in movies where they drive on only two wheels on one side of the car? And it's hard to tell if it's on purpose or not? Yeah. That. Dexterity + Drive + Acrobatics Great



  • Leo owns a Glock .45, which belonged to his father. His mother gave it to him in the same week Stefano was killed and he's kept it ever since. Leo doesn't dare carry it around but certainly knows how to use it.
  • Leo is currently saving to buy his own car. His preference changes every week.
  • Two of his middle names make up the name of St. Francis Caracciolo, which he received upon Confirmation, who is incidentally an Italian patron saint of cooks.
  • He lives in Brooklyn with his mother, Rosa, who has a bit of a Valium problem.
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