2008-05-28: Lesson Plans


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Summary: Lee arrives to tell Sophie and Kory he's willing to undertake their plan of continuing to teach Elisabetha.

Date It Happened: May 28, 2008

Lesson Plans

The Secret Lair

Kory is behind the counter, pensively silent for a change. She has had a lot on her mind, and her recent conversation with Gabriel has not done a lot to put her mind at ease. The fact that her hair is still bright blue is also not helping, because she's getting a lot of otaku making googly eyes at her. Suffice to say she is not in her usual sunny, chipper mood. Woe betide somebody who pokes her in a tender spot this evening. Fortunately, the gamers seem aware of this and are not provoking her or each other.

Sophie pushes open the door, looking a touch pensive as she enters the shop. She has a lot on her mind, it seems, but she does offer Kory a smile, if a wry one, and walks over to the desk.

"Hey, Sophie, how goes, hon?" Kory asks, looking up as the door opens. "You look like your day's been hard as mine." She pops open the register and holds up a penny with a wry smirk. "What's on your mind?"

Sophie leans against the desk. 'Well, just the usual." she sighs, "How singularly unpersuasive I am." she glances over, "Maybe I'm not a good one for the any people part of our.. job.'

Lee enters a little bit after Sophie's arrival, and he's not pensive, he's annoyed. He bomps into one of the gamers on the way out, who drops his stuff all over the floor. Lee snaps, "Missed your dex check, did ya?" with a sneer, and that seems to make him feel better. He comes striding up to the desk and puts his floppy leather briefcase down. "Fine." he says, by way of greeting. "Fine, I'll do it. The whole future of humanity is staring down the long sewer main we call current events at me, fine, you know, why not, it won't be the most absurd, ridiculous, insane thing that's happened this year, it probably won't even make the top goddamn fifty most absurd things this year." Ah, the rant feels so good, it's clear that he's deeply satisfied with it even if it's nearly completely incomprehensible.

"Don't be silly, Sophie, you're a sweetheart," Kory begins, attempting to console her friend. And then Lee comes in, babbling and blathering like some sort of blathering blatherskite. "…what?" she asks him with a dubious expression.

Sophie turns in utter confusion, probably catching about half of that and she says, "Huh?"

Lee says, "I'll do it, I'll help spread a little learning to the poor depressed brainwashed homeschooled supergirl languishing in whatever Guantanamart they have her locked up in. By the by, I'm hoping 'Guantanamart' catches as a classification for all those corporations that lock people up for no reason." He shakes his head disgustedly, then puts it on his arms on the counter, just horrified that he is saying this: "Sophie came to me with a suggestion for how to help a girl you were concerned about," he tells Kory. "I know you don't know about it because you would have told her I would say no, and I did, but what the hell, I'll do it, screw those assholes, I mean seriously, screw every single one of those morons, those goddamn simpletons that can't quite bring themselves into the tenth fucking century."

Kory stares at Lee, mouth agape, and then blinks at Sophie, and back at Lee. "You don't want to do it," she says, slowly, as if she's not sure this is Lee in his right mind. "How many fingers am I holding up?" she asks, holding up forefinger and middle finger in the 'peace' gesture. Because her life has been so interesting, and paranoia is a sensible response to some of her recent experiences.

Sophie shakes her head, "I… you said no. I mean, you said no pretty firmly. Why would you change your mind?" she looks at Kory, "I didn't tell you because I felt it was probably stupid that I tried…"

Lee rolls his eyes at the two of them, "No, I want to do it, I really want to do it, because that is a bullshit situation for that girl to be in, that is flat bullshit, and yeah, you both know I consider the whole annoying mess…" A wave of his hand encompassing not just superpowers but all the comics in all the racks behind him "… a giant steaming pile of toxic, cancerous idiocy but that doesn't have anything to do with her, it's not her fault that people are stupid and her genes are screwing with her." He shrugs annoyedly and somewhat spastically at Sophie's question. "I just had some time to think about it, okay?! I felt like a pretty solid heel and eventually it overcame my whole objection to the entire concept."

Kory puts her hands akimbo. "Unless you can promise you can keep a lid on the colossal assholeness, you're going to be more of a liability than a help," Kory says distractedly, going back to whatever she's typing on the laptop. "Plus which, given her father knows what I've done and doesn't want me doing it, I might be endangering you if we try it."

Sophie looks at Kory, worriedly. "He… he's that nutcase who liked to dream about the whole world crackin like an eggshell?'

Lee is all wound up, he points at his palm, brazen and unintimidated, "He can fucking come complain to me if he has an objection. Let him walk into my classroom and sit down opposite me and say 'you know my adult grownup daughter, I really wish you wouldn't teach her algebra or 'Huckleberry Finn''. Let him say it out loud, to my face, so I and every other person who has ever strung two thoughts together can gather together and laugh him out of the borough." he says, before winding down a bit to add: "Now there is one thing, seriously. If she doesn't want it, if she says, you know, thanks but no thanks, then I am not going to go on. But my understanding is she's 20. She can make her own educational decisions for herself unless a court has said otherwise, and these people don't strike me as the sorts that settle anything in court, probably because they couldn't find a lawyer brainless enough to put their name on anything they wanted to do."

"Considering what his daughter can do, I don't know that he bothers with the mundane methods of showing his displeasure," Kory says flatly, also unintimidated. For once, she's not in the mood to banter with Lee. She just wants to finish the conversation without drama. "He was already in here to threaten me once, and I would rather not give him any reason to come do it again."

Sophie frowns and nods, "I have to agree with that. I am afraid that this isn't necessarily going to be safe." she looks at Kory, "Is there a way, you think, that maybe she can only see me? Its only fair that he be kept out of the danger of it, if we can."

Lee says, "If he does, tell him to take it up with me, that's what I'm saying. He can come and deal with me if he has a problem. No, she has to see me, that's the whole point, I'm not going to be some disembodied voice. We will have to converse, one on one, Socrates style. Reason together. Work together, that's how you do it with someone who's been in that situation."

"This is not about your ego, or about what you think is proper teaching methods, Lee," Kory says, keeping her voice even. "He's not going to be likely to come talk to you about this other than to tell you no, and not give the woman a chance to say what she wants." She shakes her head. "Soph, I appreciate the thought. And if we're gonna do it at all, Lee can teach you the lesson. Or me, and then we can share the lesson via your powers with Elisabetha." She turns to glower at Lee. "Take it or leave it." She isn't in her usual wincing-at-Lee's-wrath mode tonight.

Sophie just looks at Lee, to get his answer, and says, "If that works, you can possibly get a chance to teach her in person. And that means you can experience as few powers as possible. I get how much you hate the stuff we do."

Lee says, "In all seriousness, I don't think that's going to work. I mean, I can give you the lessons, but…I don't want your memory of the lessons being what she hears, you know? You already know the stuff I'm going to teach. That's going to shape it. It's not about my ego, believe me. Believe me, nothing in this is about my ego." He seems almost rueful about that. "I'm just telling you what the best practices are. If you want to do it another way, you're running the switchboard, and I'm in. I guess that's the short version. I'm in."

"He doesn't want any lesson plan but his own imposed on his daughter," Kory repeats, looking at Lee. "So if you want to meet up with him, try to convince him otherwise, be my guest. He works at Pinehearst, and I have his address." She scribbles it down on a pad for him. "You can even tell him I will abide by his wishes to not contact her directly in my way if he is willing to let her have a normal academic lesson plan."

Sophie nods, "That would be ideal. But.." she looks at Kory, "Are you sure that'd be.. safe?"

Lee says, "I don't want to talk to the guy, his daughter can make decisions on her own. I'm not making deals with some witless homeschooler sociopath to get him to stop doing something he has no right to do." But he pockets the address. Blow up the world with powers, Lee yawns. But go after education and he's off the deep end.

"If he had any method of threatening me with more than words, or of influencing me to change my mind?" Kory shrugs in response to Sophie's concerns. "He'd have done it already. So if he has an ability like his daughter's, it's either not one he can whistle up on a whim, or it's not the sort of thing he can use in a hostile or aggressive manner." She's thinking logically. She's thinking a lot these days, actually. "The daughter never goes anywhere alone. She has a servant. A real fuss and enforce that 'poor helpless baby' type. So it's not like you're going to get a chance to talk to her on your own terms either." Kory is beginning to look a little irritated at this point. "There is not really a way to make this happen on your terms, Lee. That's pretty much the long and the short of it."

Sophie nods as she hears Kory lay out the situation. She looks toward Lee, waiting for his response.

Lee seems confused, "You can communicate with her, right? Communication is communication." he says. "I didn't think that was an issue."

Kory raises a brow at Lee. "Her father asked me to stay out of her dreams. I said I couldn't in good conscience do that based on what I know of his plans," she tells him slowly, like explaining higher math to a small and slow child. "So you're okay with doing it in dreamtime to teach the girl if the girl is okay with it." She drums her fingers on the counter. "And you're okay with her father being pissed off and possibly retaliatory that we're doing this against his wishes."

Lee says, "Absolutely. That's what I thought Sophie was proposing, and you can see why I would say 'no' first." he urges.

"Yeah, which is why I'd have told Sophie not to bother, but she's more persuasive than she gives herself credit for," Kory says, with a half-smile to Sophie. "Show him the dream, Soph, so he knows for real what he's dealing with." She folds her arms and gestures to her friend. "In for a penny, in for a pound. For that matter — show him her dream too. The daughter's. I want you as prepared for this as possible."

Sophie nods as she says, taking off her glove, as she says, "This is also why you really wouldn't have to worry about my 'remembering' your lesson plans." wryly, as she reaches a hand toward Lee, knowing this must be difficult for him.

Lee says, "What, do I need a special hat or something?" in the sarcastic tone of someone who thinks telepathy is lame. He holds out a hand to her.

Kory locks the door. Fortunately while this discussion was going on, the regulars filtered out to head home or wherever it is they go. "Hat? Maybe not. Emergency pants might not be a bad idea, though."

Sophie doesn't really 'do' telepathy, and her ability carries the full sensory experience. She take a breath, concentrating as she retrives, and gives the proper full memory in all its glory to Lee. She seems pretty sure he doesn't need the Reader's Digest condensed or the family friendly version of them.

Lee takes it in with full concentration. He doesn't seem freaked, he seems…fascinated. "Seems about right for someone who's a bit sheltered and held back, maturity-wise. Plenty of teenagers feel like they have a Thanatos inside them. Normally they end up drawing skulls on their Trapper Keepers for a few years and listening to music their parents don't like. I was more freaked by how ridiculously devoted to 'Teacher' she was. Now that's creepy." But he seems completely fine with the dream. He addresses Sophie: "So, can you do the same with, say, a chapter of an algebra book?"

"Yeah, but most young people don't have the ability to cause entropy to speed up," Kory points out, before falling silent and puttering around the store in the way she does after closing, so everything's orderly and tidy when she leaves.

Sophie nods to Kory, then she thinks of what Lee says, "Well, there's a couple of ways I can do that. I can read it, and give her the experience of me reading it.." she then chuckles, "Though it might be better for me to give her one from someone who likes math, or your experience of teaching the class. That kind of thing.

Lee says, "Wait, she causes entropy to increase and this guy has a plan to systematically wipe out human suffering? Systematically. As in, with a system. Uniformly. I guess when he wants to change a tire on his car he uses a stick of dynamite." He shakes his head, deeply disappointed in the caliber of mad geniuses one finds these days. To Sophie he says: "Well…possibly, but…hm. I'm not sure about that. Normally a student reads and absorbs at their own pace, then is hopefully able to engage the material when being taught." He's thinking about it. "I think we could try different things and see which are the best. Hell, maybe Thanatos will sit down and work a few word problems. I've seen it happen."

"I think before we try any of this, though, Sophie…" Kory says, hesitantly, "We may want to wipe me from the Professor's memory altogether. That may make things easier."

Lee seems somewhat shocked at Kory's suggestion, or that she is the one saying it.

Sophie stills a moment. She closes her eyes, but she opens them slowly, and looks at Kory, "I.. I can do that, but.. I've never actually done it, I mean.. I kind of hesitated to do that. Kind of.. last resort." taking a breath. "I understand why, of course…"

Lee says, "There's really no need for that, the guy's an impotent lunatic if his whole life revolves around erasing pain from human life and controlling his depressed 20-year old daughter. Just ignore him, he'll step in front of a bus eventually anyway." Clearly Lee is not impressed with what he has heard of the guy, even that he found Kory.

Kory gives Lee a long look. "Yeah, that's a lovely attitude," she snaps at Lee, voice dropping to just above a whisper. "If that were the case, he wouldn't be so focused on his plan and using the girl to make it come true. And considering I'm the nexus point for the plan getting ruined, it's my ass on the line if he decides he wants to retaliate. Thanks so much for your concern, Lee." She'd normally have used his name as a barb here, lengthened it by one more syllable to be using his full name. That she hasn't is telling that she is so serious she isn't going to play that old game with him. "I'm supposed to be part of stopping the future that Peter-with-a-Scar comes from. I can't very well do that if I'm dead or if Daddy Fearest has his little girl give us all cancer or something."

Sophie reminds, with a wince, "It isn't Daddy dearest alone, or even his lovely daughter. The man works for Pinehearst. You know, 'A better apocalypse through chemistry'? I mean, Peter comes back, tells us the future has gone to hell in a handbasket due to Pinehearst releasing a vaccine, and now we have a man working as a chemist FOR Pinehearst who WANTS the world to go to hell in a handbasket. Yeah, that's coincidental. I am not so sure that 'impotent' is going to be an accurate description of this man, unless we intervene."

Lee says, "It's not that I'm not concerned, I just don't see the guy as a credible threat, Pinehearst or no, those guys are dumber than he is. If she is going to come after us, she'll tell us to get the hell out of her head first, and if she does, then I'm not going to fight it." He's explaining and being perfectly rational, assuming you stand where he is, firmly on the 'superpowers don't matter' side. Is there anyone else over there?

Sophie's addition is nodded to, and then Lee has to go and open up his mouth again. "Yeah, mainly because you're a myopic egoiste," is Kory's bitter retort. "Fine. I'll just lock her dreams up so they're between nobody but her and us when she wakes up. That way he doesn't have to know." Provided that Thanatos entity isn't a separate part of her mind and provided it doesn't feel like tattling.

Sophie shakes her head, "It is a weird thing. You are so against abilities, and yet believe they can't really do any serious harm. Just seems a little contradictory." to Lee. "I can.. its only a little bit, but I can show you something of what will happen if we don't act, if you are willing.." she smiles a bit sadly, as well as ruefully, "Not that I imagine it'll do any good."

Lee says, lifting his hands, "Like you say, it's your ass on the line, if you want to take more precautions, if you think it's necessary, it's your call. It just seemed pretty… extreme to me." It didn't sound like Kory, is what Lee means. "I worry, you know, what are the ethics of the situation. That's a big question for me. But it's your call, if you're cool with it I probably should be too." He shakes his head to Sophie. "I learned that when I was a kid. Things will always get a lot worse unless someone does something, preferably lots of someones. It doesn't surprise me. I don't need someone from the future to tell it to me. That's why I'm always working on something." he says, calmly.

Why, yes, Lee, Kory is a lot less fluffy at the moment, thanks for noticing. Deep conversations about how far Garibaldi might go to see his dream come true will do that for the mood. "The ethics of the situation? We're hopefully exposing this woman to truths about the world her father kept from her, so she doesn't decide she's the living embodiment of Ingmar Bergman's Death, and the holiday's over!" She storms for the door, done with chewing it over for the sake of chewing it over. "You wanna catch a cab uptown, Sophie?"

Sophie slips her gloves back on. She nods, "Yeah, I think I'm ready." she smiles at Kory, warmly, "It is handy, living in the same neighborhood. One of these days, we should have an apartment wide get together or something."

Lee goes out with the two of them, waiting on the sidewalk while Kory locks up. "Right, so. Uh. When…should I be, uh, plannning for this?" he says, feeling like he already ruined the whole plan.

"We'll be in touch. This is not, unfortunately, the only iron I have in the fire right now," Kory says to Lee as she does lock up. "Yeah, Sophie, I want to introduce you to Gabriel. He knows how important you are to me as a friend, and to this whole crazy List mess." She clasps Lee's shoulder. "Look, I'm sorry I can't enjoy your normal level of over-the-top snarkasm, but it has been a rough couple days, and I'm dealing with more responsibility than three jobs could hand me. I'm just trying to cope as best I can and stop making mistakes that might get me or someone else hurt or killed."

Thankfully, the cab pulls up at that point, and she doesn't have to elaborate. "G'night. Say hi to Crumpet Lass for me."

Sophie says to Lee, "I know that you don't believe its that important, and you really don't want to help, so I really appreciate the fact that you're still willing." she turns to walk toward the taxi, with a curious, "Crumpet Lass.." toward Kory as she does.

Lee wouldn't want an explanation anyway. "Just don't want you to get dragged down too far in this whole mess." he says with that charming half-smile, he's joking with her, lightening the mood. "See ya around." That's to both of them.

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