2010-06-23: Let's Not Waste It



Date: June 23, 2010


Mark and Jo return back in New York and things just don't seem the same for Mark after what happened in the Amazon.

"Let's Not Waste It"

Mark's Apartment - New York

"I never thought having an assistant would be so useful."

Mark's voice is muffled through the door of the apartment, he could so very relieved. "Who knows where my keys are at this point… probably a butt scratcher for some monkey or a mysterious object from the gods for some native." The sound of keys in the locks, rings through the apartment, before the Lane heir pushes the door open, stepping aside for his companion.

He looks out of place in such a fancy upscale apartment, in a T-shirt and cargo pants, he looks more like he's trying to be a skater… course, that isn't far off with that shaggy, yet thinning hair on top.

"Welcome to my… home." The word almost falls flat from his lips. Everything this still there, but as Mark glances into the residence, it doesn't feel so much like home. The small sigh escapes him as he glances down at Jo. "Or… home when I have to be Marcus Lane the third." Reaching behind him for the small suit case he bought when they had gotten back to civilization and had to get some clothing, Mark steps into the apartment.

If Mark looks out of place, Jo looks like the proverbial fish out of water. She's in ridiculously short khaki shorts and an army green tank with a black zip-up hoodie. She blinks a little bit at her surroundings before tugging on the bottom of her hoodie and forcing a stiff smile. Considering what she'd been living in prior to the Amazon, she feels out of place here.

"That's quite the handle… although I guess I shouldn't talk…" With a smirk she finally offers her full name, "Katherine Josephine River Scott isn't exactly short…" She arches a skeptical eyebrow as she steps further into the apartment. And then with a small shrug she hmmms quietly, "I don't think I can touch anything here. Am I delicate enough to be here?"

And sure enough she's semi frozen in place. But she manages a softer smile before taking a small step towards him. "

"Eh… it's just stuff really." Mark comments nonchalantly, letting go of the handle of the suit case. "Tho… be careful of the artifacts and stuff… those I care about. Everything else, my mom's decorator put in here." He glances around the place, frowning a bit. "Just doesn't seem right anymore."

His gaze drifts back to her, a small smile playing on his lips. "Doesn't seem… me." His hand touches her arm, fingers curling around it, so he can pull her closer. "It's a little bitter sweet and yet, good to be back in civilization again." His other hand slides behind her back, to hold her close, the movement stiff, but only from injuries he sustained. "Don't fear this part of my life, Kate. I am still me despite the posh conditions."

"It feels… weird," Jo concurs as she gapes at some random pieces of fabric. "Is this what all people who don't move a lot do… or specific to your family?" the tone is flat, but at the end she cracks a smile; she's teasing. The hand around her back draws her closer, her fingers curling around the belt loops of his shorts.

Her lips twitch a little before she replies confidently, "I'm an ex-SEAL, I'm not afraid of anything," a lie she feeds herself on a regular basis. Her lower hand drops from the belt loop and rises to Mark's cheek. "I won't touch the artifacts." And then with a slight wince she adds, "And I'll try not to destroy the rest but ehn… no promises." With a wry smile she leans forward and plants a light kiss on his cheek.

The explorer chuckles softly, leaning into the kiss, letting his eyes shut as he savors the contact."Trust me. You'll know fear if you ever meet my mom." The humorous edge to his voice, makes the next statement not so bad. "She's is very… perky and happy, I guess is the best way to put her into words."

Mark gives a soft sigh and leans down to kiss her forehead gently, the scruff of the beard he's yet to shave a little rough on her skin. "And I promise not to get mad if you break something." He muses, before leaning back to look at her. "I'm just thrilled we get to be here in this awkward place, surrounded by many many breakables, talking about you being a klutz." Is he teasing? A little yes, but the last sounds honest, "I honestly worried there it wouldn't happen."

"Perky," Jo muses quietly. "That is frightening," she replies quietly as she leans further into him. The kiss on the forehead is met with a contented sigh of her own and a small lean. "Hey!" she uses her index finger to poke Mark in the ribs as a playful smile spreads over her lips, "I'm not a klutz! I'm just…" and slower she wrinkles her nose, "… not careful. And arguably your place has more stuff in this front entrance than my whole last apartment…" that she gave up.

With a small wince she shrugs and considers the last bit, "Well we both made it out, didn't we, Mountain Man?" she presses her hands around his back as she looks up at him. "And I'm glad to be here if a little out of my element…" She falls into a much easier smile.

"Do you really have to shave? I like the beard…" Her own hair is but a mess of curls strewn about on her head, but at this moment she doesn't care.

A hand lifts to rub over the beard he developed in the months lost in the rainforest, nails scratching on one cheek, chin jutting out a little as Mark does. "Unfortunately, it doesn't exactly follow the executive dress code. So it'll have to go when I head back to the office." There is a grimace as he adds, "And I'm sure there will be press wanting to know how we survived the plane wreck and what we did to survive."

Brows twitch up in a somewhat suggestive way, as he offers with a smirk… "Til then, you can have me scruffy manly man." The hand he was scratching at his cheek with, moves to rest along the curve of her neck, fingers playing with a lock of her messy curls.

Biting her lower lip, Jo reaches up and runs several fingers over the beard. The other hand reaches for the small of his back. Whether she'd admit it or not, something inside her melts at the contact— the fingers in her hair. "Hmmm." With a tilt of her head and a glimmer of mischief in her eye she notes, "Well we shouldn't waste it then, should we?"

Standing on the balls of her feet, she leans forward to plant a rather impassioned kiss on his lips. Her second hand rises to his other cheek.

There is a sharp inhale from the explorer at that kiss, his hand slides further around her waist so that he can pull her tight against him. That heated kiss is returned with just as much pent up heat, that he literally gasps, when their lips part.

"No… let's not waste it," He murmurs with a voice full of emotion, a seductive smiles on his lips, the hand in her hair tangles up further into it, so that he can guide her head back, to allow him to brush his lips along her neck. Even as he does this, his shuffling her backwards towards his bedroom…. or maybe they can reach the couch, here there will be no one to interrupt them, finally.

They have a whole night to themselves to make up for all that time they had to wait.

Good thing those walls are thick.

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