2010-02-07: Lethal Legume (Phantasm)



Posting Date: February 7, 2010


abooboogoogoo? abooboogoogoo!

"Lethal Legume"

Madison Square Gardens

New York City, Pennsylvania Plaza, it's the creme de la creme of places to be just after Valentine's day. At least for dog people. Sandra moves through the seats of the front row, next to the main show ring. Their seats are right behind the judge's table, prime positions and the most valuable in the entire auditorium. Looking back at her husband, she gives him a very wide smile and points toward the showmen circling the area. "Look Noah, there's Mister Muggles!" Then she turns toward the ring and waves to the pomeranian strutting around the ring.

Despite the choice seating, Noah is fighting the urge to pull out his blackberry and check for messages. While it is one thing to encourage his wife to show Mr. Muggles… This is something else altogether. With a weak smile, he leans over as he speaks to his lovely wife. "You think he's going to win first place this time too?" Thankfully, being in the Company has trained him to feign general interest.

"Doug! Doug!" A couple people over from Noah and Sandra, a middle-aged woman is waving to a man on the other side of the happy couple. "Oh, hi!" he responds, waving back to the woman. Apparently 'Doug' and the woman know each other— they must frequent these dog shows. Sitting down next to Sandra, he turns to offer her a warm, friendly smile. "Hi, I'm Doug," he says, extending a hand, which he'll also extend to Noah as well should the man acknowledge him. "Are you here just for the show, or is one of the contestants yours?"

Turning toward the man on her other side, Sandra removes a glove with a smile and shakes his hand. "Hello Doug, I'm Sandra, this is my husband Noah. We're the parents of that tiny little man over there." She releases his hand to point out the prancing apricot pom, "Mister Muggles." She gives the dog a little wave again, but dogs being dogs, he's ignoring her for a very inconspicuous cleansing of a special area. After all, it's not like he's being judged right now anyway. "Are you here for the show?"

There is a man. And there is a man sitting next to his wife being friendly to her. He allows it. For now. A smile that seems intentionally plastic is given to Doug along with an iron clad grip upon Doug's hand, almost tight enough to hurt. "Good to meet you… Doug. I take it you have a dog around here somewhere?"

"Oh, really?" Doug says, turning his attention to Mr. Muggles. "That one right there, the white pom, she's mine," he says, indicating where Miss Lovegood is currently sitting and allowing one of the showmen to groom her. She's certainly not displaying the same kind of behavior Mr. Muggles is! Waving at his little pomeranian friend, he turns back to the couple. "Good to meet you, too," he responds to Noah. "So, are you two excited?"

Smiling as Doug points out Miss Lovegood, Sandra peers down at her program and then toward the dogs again. The toys are beginning to compete and she claps her hands softly as the judges are introduced. "I couldn't begin to tell you how excited we are… I got Noah seats as a Valentine's Day present, and he surprised me by upgrading them to these ones!" She leans over and gives the man in the horned rimmed glasses a kiss on the cheek and shucks his chin with one finger. "He's just too good to me." she says in the little baby voice she usually reserves for the dog.

Of course, his plan was to get out it all with a nice business trip, but due to a variety of factors, Noah finds himself here. In hell. Doggie Show Hell. Smiling more for the sign of affection than the substance of Sandra's statement, he looks over to Sandra with a truly loving look. "Well, I wanted today to be a special time for my wife." He makes sure to add in those last two words. You know, in case Doug needed to hear them.

As Sandra shows Noah her affection, and Noah responds in kind, Doug is focused on his pet. Waving his fingers at Miss Lovegood, scrunching up his face and making little 'i love you! i love you! ohyourejustsocutearentyou! ohwellyourejustthecutestthingever! abooboogoogoo? abooboogoogoo!' faces and whatnot at her. The man loves his pomeranian, it seems, and he spends a good amount of time being far too gushy for his own good in the dog's general direction, before finally leaning back and taking a deep breath, turning his attention back to Noah and Sandra.

"A special time?" the man says, but something is different. Something is off. That something is his voice. The features on his face shift, contract, morph, and slide out of focus, until they finally rearrange themselves to show the true face of the man who sits next to them. "A special time, indeed, Valentine's Day," Sylar says, smiling pleasantly at the two of them. As if right on cue, the announcer for the event comes over the loudspeaker, announcing the start of the show. "Hello, Bennets," the sociopath continues with a smirk on his face, followed by a barely noticeable flick of his hand. The happy couple will suddenly find a force exerting itself on the two of them from above, preventing either of them from moving. "Let's enjoy the show, shall we?"

Sandra was focused on Noah while 'Doug' was making the same little mushy faces she uses on Mister Muggles but when he addresses them again, then when his features change the smile on her face drops. Her hand moves to cover Noah's in a death grip of terror. The force prevents her from moving any further and all she can do is tremble slightly as the greatest night of her life turns quickly to the greatest nightmare of her life. At least Mr. Muggles is safe out in the ring.

And suddenly Noah finds out why he reeeeeaaalllly doesn't like Doug. A swift movement comes too slow and Noah's gun hand is swiftly plastered to his side. After getting over his initial look of horror, Noah looks ahead composing himself as best he can. "Making a scene in front of this many people… It wouldn't end well for any of us," he states with gritted teeth.

As the show kicks off, the dogs are put through their various paces. Mr. Muggles isn't up yet, neither is the dog that Sylar brought to the show, but it's probably a safe bet to say he doesn't care whether the dog wins or not. "You don't understand, Noah," Sylar says, signaling a nearby peanut vendor to hand him a bag. He hands over a the few dollars needed to purchase it, and he opens it, munching as he casually converses with the Bennets. "I don't have to worry about me. I could kill half of the people here with a simple burst of my powers… peanuts?" He extends the bag to Sandra, and after a moment passes, he laughs. "Oh, I'm sorry! I forgot, you can't move, can you?" Another casual laugh, and he settles into his seat, continuing to munch on the peanuts. "Even then, after I killed all those people? I can disappear. Quite literally, as a matter of fact, your daughter can attest to that, Noah. And even if I somehow got caught and they managed to do something to me, it's not like I won't heal. Another fact your daughter can attest to, if I may say so."

Over the past little while, Sandra has been getting a lot of practice speaking through a clenched jaw, thanks to the fact that Noah can't have her memory erased anymore. "You leave my daughter out of this," she seethes, her voice grating hard against her throat. Her eyes slide toward her husband, as though looking to him for some semblance of guidance through this. Maybe more so looking for something to give her a glimmer of hope that they will get out of this alive.

Noah just gives the faintest of nods to Sandra, his look firm. The sort of look he gives when Lyle needs a project done at four in the morning or when Sandra tells him Mr. Muggles got out somehow. The looks that says that no matter what, Noah will do what Noah needs to do to make sure the family's okay. Does he knows what's going to happen? Not really. Maybe the Haitian knows what's going on, maybe the government will be here soon. Who knows.

"So very proud of you, Sylar… You've gotten the gift you wanted so badly. Now you can taunt me and my family until we die. I would have thought you'd move on to better uses of your time, but I suppose that's just assuming too much from you." Noah's tone may suggest that he is not REALLY proud of Sylar. Sarcasm in the face of possible death… The Bennets are spirited, if nothing else.

"Don't worry," Sylar says, placing his hand on top of Sandra's and giving it a soft pat. "Claire is doing just fine." turning his attention to Noah, the killer shakes his head slowly, chuckling. "You never were a smart man, Noah, for all your strengths. Haven't you figured it out yet? Today is the day your family dies." He pauses for a few moments, polishing off the last of the peanuts as he lets that information sink in. "Or as close as it can get, I suppose," he adds, almost as an afterthought. I've already taken the life of your son— you should have taught him better. He hardly put up a fight. Hard to believe he was the son of the great Noah Bennet."

"Oh, but Claire, sweet Claire… while it is a rather difficult thing to do when it comes to killing her, what with her power (a power that I've enjoyed immensely), she definitely put up a fight." Sylar's left hand begins to crackle with electricity, 'causing the person to his left to start giving him strange looks. "Hey, buddy, your hand is-" Whatever his hand was, the words will never leave his lips. A quick telekinetic strike with his hand, and the man's neck snaps viciously in two, his head rolling obscenely on his neck as he slumps back into his seat. "What was I saying? Oh, yes. I promise to take real good care of Claire. And don't worry… I plan on getting your little dog, too," he says, turning his eyes back to the showroom, pausing to take a look around. "Speaking of, this show is dreadfully boring, wouldn't you say? How would you feel about livening it up a little bit?"

His hand shoots up into the air, the electricity that was crackling over it a moment ago extending up into the crowd. Lights explode, people get shocked, some violently, and in general, a collective scream issues from the crowd. Whatever is going on, they have no idea, but the scene is quickly destabilizing into a state of pure pandemonium as the crowd surges out of their seats to get away from the electricity coursing throughout the show.

Sandra's lips purse together and her face screws into an expression of pain. Even with the weight pressing down on her, she manages to squeeze Noah's hand a little too tightly as Sylar describes their son's death. "You monster, how could you do that to my poor, sweet Lyle? He's never hurt anyone." A single tear rolls down her cheek, the one facing Noah's arch nemesis.

Even the force isn't able to suppress the jump of surprise when the psychopath begins to light up the show in his own fashion. The dogs go crazy on the ends of their leashes, some gets tangled with dead handlers, others manage to escape and run toward exits, others still find their way under tables to cower and hide. Mighty Muggles is made of a little different stuff though, he breaks free and races toward Sandra and Noah.

"You sick son of a bitch," Noah replies at the information, struggling against the hold of Sylar. Rage and sorrow tear into Noah's face. Even if it is a lie, the fact that he could have done so and is planning to do so it too much. The light show is ignored, Sandra is ignored, for one brief moment in time, it's just the two ends of the same coin. Killers with different causes, each wanting to end the other. "You better be wrong… Because if you aren't, I promise you, I will find new ways for you to suffer and you WILL suffer for this, I promise you!"

The freak light show continues, a steady pulse of electricity flowing from Sylar's hand. Mr. Muggles does not go unnoticed, and the killer directs the lightning in the direction of the pomeranian. "Don't worry, Noah!" Sylar calls out over the subdued roar of pandemonium, smiling viciously. "You'll never again make me suffer! You'll be too busy dealing with the loss of your family, the ones you love! You'll spend the rest of your days alone!" As if to make his point, he suddenly grabs Sandra, pulling her up and out of her seat, one of his hands clasped around her neck. "And every night you go to sleep, this will be what you see every time you close your eyes!" Suddenly letting go of Sandra's neck, the killer draws one finger across her throat, the skin and flesh slicing open as he does so, blood spurting from the wound as he completely lets go of the woman, pushing her with his other hand towards Noah's subdued form.

Ever take a shotgun to a squirrel at close range? Well that's how Mister Muggles dies, an explosion of apricot colored fur. At least a little piece of him with always remain with Sandra, a little splut of blood streaks across her face and one last little paw on Noah's leg, unfortunately it's not attached to the rest of him. The death of the dog hits Sandra almost as hard as the death of her son, he was her little baby. She never has the chance to scream though, because in the next instant it's her being sliced open. When Sylar tosses her body at Noah, she manages to look into his eyes one last time.

The deaths happen in quick order. The look of Sandra's face causes sheer dread to come across his face as he watches her depart… hopefully to a better place free from men like Sylar. There is little he can do to move though, even now. "You have two choices. Kill me or let me live. Trust me, you want me dead. Because if you don't, I'll find a way to fix this. Find a way to kill you. It isn't a possibility, it's a certainty," Noah proclaims, half-yelling, half-sobbing.

Eyes lit up with something akin to joy at the death and devastation in the scene before him, Sylar shakes his head happily at Noah. "Killing you would be letting you off easy, my friend." He takes a few steps backward from the man, raising a hand and waggling his fingers. "Toodaloo," he says, invisibility slowly enveloping his form as he disappears. A few moments later, Noah will find himself free from Sylar's hold to truly mourn the death of his wife, son, pet, and the loss of his daughter, who he'll never see again.

In this situation, there are a lot of things that people could do. In Bennet's mind, he knows all the right step. Who to call, what to ask for to make sure this case is handled. This time, he isn't an agent, merely a husband who lost a wife in one of the most brutal ways possible. So instead, he just cradles the corpse of his wife… and cries, rocking her back and forth. "I am so sorry, Sandra… I am so sorry…."

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