2007-03-09: Let's All Go to the Mall!


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Date It Happened: March 09, 2007

Summary: Eric goes to the mall to buy his sister a dress, Lachlan goes to the mall to rent a tuxedo, Jack goes to the mall to buy Eliana a present, Elena goes to the mall to window-shop, and Sakura goes to the mall to get a strange phone call and stick a gun in Elena's back. Sakura winds up getting rugby-tackled by Lachlan when she attempts to flee, Lachlan gets arrested due to a misunderstanding, and Jack depantses and punches out mall security. Meanwhile, a mysterious stranger gets away with near-murder.

Let's All Go to the Mall!

Central Square Mall

The Central Square Mall, at present, is bustling with activity. It's the weekend, and somewhat late so people are doing some last minute shopping. It looks like your typical commercial center, with several floors, and brightly lit boutiques. It's also full of some of the more fashionable stores in town. And yes, Lachlan, there is a tuxedo rental place here. Cough cough.

Elena is looking at a lovely evening dress on display at a window, a creation of dark blue made out of shimmering fabric. She doesn't even -want- to look at the price tag, but it was lovely, it was fashionable, and it looked like something she would love to wear on a night out. Unfortunately she doesn't have the cash. It sucked to be poor, but that didn't mean she couldn't look at things she couldn't afford. One day, she decides, when she's a doctor.

She hitches her backpack higher on her shoulder and turns to the side.

At the rotund fountain situated in the middle of the first floor of the mall, there are several people milling about. A few teens toss quarters into the water, while a couple with twins pass by. There is a man whose face is obscured by a ballcap seated at the end of the fountain, reading the paper.

It took some doing, but somehow, Lachlan managed to figure out where to rent a tuxedo and, since he figured he had the cash /now/ after his little weapons deal earlier in the day, he might as well get the deed done. Dogs are not allowed in the mall, so when he emerges from the rental store in the mall, he is more or less alone (except for the decidedly tuxedo-shaped black bag hanging over his shoulder). There was a /lot/ more fussing and pushing and poking and prodding than he would've liked in there, so the Scotsman is in less than a friendly mood as he makes his way down the escalators and toward the fountain. He's heading on his way out so that he can get to the hotel and put this damned penguin suit somewhere safe. Yeesh, rental fees. Lachlan, despite his having just come out of a tuxedo rental shop, is dressed in his usual ensemble: ratty blue jeans, a gray T-shirt with a small hole here and there, black combat boots, and an old leather jacket. No smoking in the mall either. This makes him a little more inclined to get /outside/, though the crowds are making progress slow.

Sakura makes her way around the mall, still sporting… a bit of a knot on her head from earlier in the day. Thankfully, it's mostly hidden by the girl's hair. She spends the majority of her time window-shopping…she doesnt' even have money to spend, let alone a desire to buy anything. But, as with Elena, that doesn't stop her from looking—and at the moment, she's looking at a dress store, the window in front of her having a pair of black dresses, one sequined, the other just straight fabric. Sakura even looks a little upset that she can't afford it, but a shrug of her shoulders is all that she can do, starting to make her way down the hall to look at other stores.

Whee! Jack has finally entered a phase in his relationship with Eliana that he feels comfortable and familiar with. Apologizing profusely and buying something nice. Sure, he could just 'appropriate' whatever he wanted, but a gift that's paid for /does/ carry a certain charm. And so he strolls from store to store, looking at jewelry, expensive candies, and scented candles. So far nothing has struck his fancy, though.

Today's a dress-down day for Jack. He's just come from a solid afternoon of sparring, and has on loose, black track pants and jacket over a white t-shirt.

Yes. Thank you for the Sylar image there.

Eric Walker though dosn't know much about Elena's searching for a dress, or Lachlan's needing of a tux. He's simply at the mall, looking for a gift for his sister. It was her birthday pretty soon enough. A pause then before he heads out of…lets see…the same shop Sakura is looking into.

He glances about and around for a moment as he pulls his backpack back up higher on his shoulder, and runs his free hand though his hair once. A long drawn out sigh before he starts too turn away from the entrance of the shop and stroll off.

Of course, being clueless for the moment. He has no idea that either Elena or Sakrua are there yet.

The crowd continues to mingle around. As Elena steps away from the store she is peering at, she inclines her head to spy a…startling image. Simply put, she sees Lachlan stepping out of a tuxedo shop, looking none-too-happy and a bag over his shoulder. She blinks, and blinks some more….and she can't help but grin. Yes, Lachlan, she's grinning. She manages to keep from laughing outright though. All she could see inside her head is Lachlan, strutting down the walk John Travolta style in a tuxedo. She didn't think he was the tux type, but maybe he was just out to impress Cass.

She turns away, and she blinks, spying Eric moving out of a…..dress store? She lifts her brows. "Eric!" she calls, waving over from where she is and a smile curling up on her mouth. Here it is. Don't be awkward. Don't be awkward.

Boy, if Lachlan thought walking out of a tuxedo rental store was embarrassing, he's sure glad he's not walking out of a /dress shop/. Ha. He happens to spot Elena just before she turns around, and he catches that she's grinning at him. /Hfff/. This is something that Cass had better /really/ appreciate, because he's sure not at the moment. He's so caught up in not looking at Elena that he doesn't realize he's moving on a direct collision course with Sakura. If one of them doesn't move fast, it's likely there will be a minor pedestrian accident.

Sakura blinks as her cellphone goes off, distracting her from her window shopping. She digs through the pockets of her jacket, finally pulling out the phone and answering it on the last ring, flipping it open, "Konnichiwa." She slips off to the side, down one of the hallways probably leading toward a bathroom or something—just somewhere thats not quite as loud as what she was dealing with.
Well, well. What have we here? Lachlan holding a tuxedo. Though Jack is a suit-wearer by nature, he still can't help but grin at the disparity between Lach's current outfit and the one he plans to wear. And look, it's a Scrappy. And the little Japanese girl from the gym? Jack shakes his head. Small world. Of course he's never met Eric, so he doesn't have a good excuse to work a girly-man insult into his pose.

"Watch out for the fancy thing that goes around your waist. If it falls askew, you'll look like a wanker." Jack stuff his hands into his pockets as he sidles up to the trio. Briefly, he tongues the cut on the inside of his cheek. Damn Barry and his extremely solid left hooks, anyway.

Eric's head snaps up at the call of his voice. He blinks once towards her as he turns too smile towards her. "Elena!" He says with a grin as he pauses to turn towards her. A blink then as he realises something, he turns back behind himself too look up at the shop. Then back towards Elena. He rubs the back of his neck and gives her a sheepish little smirk. "…its my sister's birthday next week." He explains with a slight cough as he turns and starts too stroll towards her.

"….oh good," Elena says with a laugh, shoving her hands in her pockets and looking up at the taller young man once she's met him halfway. She hasn't seen Jack yet, and she doesn't know Sakura so the girl in the Japanese schoolgirl uniform doesn't register in her radar. "I might…you know. Get the wrong idea." She winks at him. "All joking aside….oh, your sister? I didn't know you had a sister." She pauses and confesses. "I thought the picture of the girl I saw in your apartment was your girlfriend or something," she ventures hesitantly. She didn't want to seem nosy.

Sakura blinks and just…stops walking, keeping her phone stays pressed to her ear, the young Japanese girl listening to the person on the other end—a voice she doesn't recognize, yet finds herself listening to as though it were a parent. Her eyes look around briefly, but she realizes that…no one's really around her, aside from a small group going in and out the hallway on occasion.

Sakura's cellphone has saved her from a collision, but it has not saved Lachlan from a Jack. He hesitates in step at the familiar voice, then scowls slightly and hikes the tuxedo bag up a bit on his shoulder. "'S called a— " squint "— cucumberbun … 'r somethin'. Dunna bloody know, dunna bloody care." He'll only be wearing this thing for one night anyway. What's it matter what the dorky thing that goes around his waist is called? Still, his bad mood starts to slowly vanish when he realizes that, hey, Jack's in here too. "Why're ye here?"

"That girl? The one we almost, y'know.." Jack pantomimes throwing a punch. "Anyway, gotta buy her a present. Love's measure in dollar signs, you know?" Grinning, he gestures to the tux once again. "So what's the monkey suit for? Cass witholding on you 'til you take her somewhere respectable?"

"Two sisters, and two brothers," Eric says with a slightly annoyed smirk. "Though I don't like too talk about them much," He adds after a moment before he glances around the mall. Odd men, talking in odd accents. That little japenese girl he met in the sadwich shop, and Elena. Thats about it. He even smiles towards Sakura all friendly like. His attention swings back towards Elena though at the last. He blinks once before he grins and shakes his head. "…what girlfriend? No. I really don't have one."

Sakura starts to walk again, headed down the hall further, the phone still pressed to her ear as she bends down, feet flat on the floor and more or less sitting on her heels. She smiles a bit as she finds what she's looking for, standing back up and tucking…something into her jacket pocket, her hand remaining in the pocket for now. The other holds her phone, which at the moment she's refusing to even move, let alone lower.

"….yeah…" Elena says, a little surprised that Eric has such a big family. "I have two brothers, and one little sister," she says. "But I can see what you mean. Luis doesn't do anything but play videogames all day, and Manny's…." She hesitates. "He gets into trouble often. He wasn't like this when…" She pauses, and she laughs. "Nevermind. Still, it's sweet of you to buy your sister a present even if though you don't like talking to her much." Her eyes move over to the shop he came from, and she blinks. "Dolce & Gabbana?" she inquires, looking at Eric. "You can actually afford that store?" she wonders. But at the last, she looks relieved. "Oh….that's good," she says. And she pauses, and grks. "I mean! You know….not like it's good that you DON'T have a girlfriend…" Yes it was. "I meant good as in general good. Situtational good! Because that means….um…you know?" Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Any more panicking and she'll be flailing. Oh god. She shouldn't talk to college guys. What the hell, that sounded -idiotic-. Ugh!

With Jack keeping most of his attention, Lachlan is rather unaware of Sakura's presence. He gives a half-hearted, reflexive slight flinch back at the Irishman's mock-punch and nods his head in understanding. "Yer whipped, yeah, I get ye," he grunts good-naturedly. But then there's that /question/, which just about causes Lachlan's stomach to leap up his throat and go scurrying across the mall. He hunches as though he's taken a hit to the gut and glances around nervously as though expecting … well, /someone/ to hear. Who knows who? "Jesus fuckin' Christ, /no/," he hisses, his cheeks pinkening just a smidge. "The bloody hell kinda guy d'ye think I am?" Marriage? /Psh/. "There's some party thing goin' on Tuesday an' it's some kinda high-class shit. 'M s'posed ta wear a tux." That thing about being whipped? Yeah. Jack's not the only one.

"Yeah I know suprising isn't it…" Eric says with a smirk. "…that I'm so…regular and well balanced with that big a family isn't it." He teases for a moment before he shrugs. "Well…we used too be closer so…" Pause. Oh crap. She saw me coming out of THAT store. MAKE SOMETHING UP! QUICK! "…yeah…I got a bonous." He adds lamely before he just…watches her…as her brain has a slow meltdown. "…I…think I understand…yeah…everything is just fine." He still has the sudden urge to kiss her stupid, and it shows in the slight blush on his face as she babbles at him. "…really! I get it…I'll…um…just never found anyone that liked me I guess!"

Sakura blinks a little bit as a rahter long message comes through the phone. She finds herself stammering for only a moment before nodding, "Yes." The girl's voice is a bit distant…even the use of English in the situation is a bit surprising to Sakura herself. She starts to walk back down the hall, her hand remaining in her pocket and her phone remaining right where it's at. Still.

Jack gives a rueful headshake at Lachlan's little joke. Then he sighs. Whipped? Possibly. "At least I'm not the only one," he comments. "I'd never think to see you at a black-tie affair, laddie-buck. What's it all about?"

She looks away. Don't look at him. You'll blush. You'll blush. Oh god. Too late. But when she turns away she sees…Jack, talking to Lachlan. So she turns her face the OTHER way so he can't see her panic and her helpless expression. Of course, the embarassment only colors her face further. Oh god. Oh god. OH GOD. No no no no. This is SO not happening! "I….yeah. That must've been some bonus!" she says perkily, laughing as her inner Elena brains her with a rubber mallet and yells at her for being a dork. "And it sounds like you really love your sister very much regardless to splurge like that." She pauses, and her eyes widen. "What? Really?? But…you're so nice. And helpful. And you're part of Phi Beta Kappa and you're a sophomore. I mean…all I hear about are how cute the guys are there."

"Oy, wha' I've got goin' on with Cass is a far bloody cry from wha' yer doin'," grunts Lachlan defensively. It totally is. For one thing … Lachlan has a /tux/. That makes it different. As for what the party is about, the Scotsman rolls his eyes to the ceiling and shrugs in an exasperated, yet resigned sort of way. "Ye got me. 'Ve no bloody idea. Some kinda charity, I think." He was basically told that there would be good booze and that he had to get a tux. But hey, third date. Third dates /mean/ something. Afterward. That's what he's in it for.

"Yeah…some bonous," Eric says rather lamely with a slight cough. He turns his head away from her, his own face coloring further. Its like their embarasement is feeding on each other. He pauses about before he blinks. "Well…its…I mean…she /is/ my sister!" He adds after a moment with a slight laugh bubbling forth. He blinks before he shrugs slightly. "Guess none of the girls that go over too the house like someone who has too work for a living…" Pause. "Wait…are you calling me cute?" Pause. "Er…I mean…um…." QUICK! LOOK AROUND FOR A DISTRACTION!

Just before she steps into the main walkway again, Sakura stops, listening to the phone and replying with a nod and a simple, one word answer: "Hai." Back to her own language, at least, albeit for no particular reason. Normally curious about things, Sakura has no desire to look around, no desire to window-shop at the moment. She just makes her way out into the crowd, still holding her phone to hear ear, slowly walking through the crowded mall-hall.

"You? At a charity even wearing a tux? You /must/ be joking, good sir." Jack's tone is light and playful as he teases Lachlan and elbows the other man in the ribs. "Doesn't sound so different to me." Then, because Murphy's Law dictates it should be so, Jack glances at Elena and her conversation partner, who are both the shade of good, ripe beets. Uh oh. Time to be mischevious. "Hey Scrappy!" he calls out. "Aren't you going to introduce Uncle Jack to your /boy/friend?"

"….I don't think that's bad," Elena offers, looking up at his embarassed profile as he looks away. "I mean, a lot of people have to work for a living. We can't all be wealthy like Carson." See that, Eric? The guilt forged by your WEB OF LIES? Is it digging in yet? Is it? "Plus it builds character, being able to work for a living. Most of us just don't get handed what we want on a silver platter. Sometimes you gotta fight for it." But when Eric turns to her and says it, her eyes widen. "No! I mean….I don't think- I mean~! I didn't mean to imply that—!" she says, her tongue tying itself in knots as Eric calls her on her comment. "It's just that every other girl I met thinks your frat house is-!"

And then, Jack calls out. The cartoon mushroom cloud blowing up in her mind? That was her head, exploding. She whirls around and she points at Jack, turning so red she looks almost purple. "He is a -classmate-, Jack!" she groans. Inwardly, she's crying. This is the WORST DAY EVER.

Gruntgrunt. Lachlan is ribbed, but he doesn't look all that amused. He watches Jack move off toward Elena, and it's only then that he allows his gaze to wander. So many people, ugh. He should've come at a time when things weren't so crowded.

The girl folds her phone shut, tucking it into her pocket and starting to pad through the crowd, occasionally pushing people aside. Nothing forceful…nothing that would draw attention to herself, but definitely getting people out of the way. Eventually, she finds herself right where she needs to be—and, indeed, finds who she's supposed to. Stepping over to Elena, Sakura makes sure she's not spotted as she pulls something out of her pocket, pressing it right up against Elena's back and saying, in surprisingly good English even to herself, "Miss Gomez, I have a message for you…" Even the girl's accent has dwindled a bit, not that Sakura's noticing THAT at the moment. She takes care to make sure that what she holds in her hand isn't spotted, although she is…considerably closer to Elena than most would be.

"Oh…well…yeah…" Eric is indeed guilty about something but that guilt is overloaded by the embarasment of this conversation. He blinks once before he shakes his head. "I mean…I…I didn't say you did…or you didn't I mean…that I…I was just asking…" Then he blinks as he turns towards Jack with a wide eyes. "…Boyfriend? I…I mean I wouldn't mind…" Pause. "I mean! Its not like I asked…or she asked…or…" Did he just say that. His eyes cast around for something too distract from this train of thought, and the redfacedness that is coming with it. This looking around does indeed find something too fix on though, the approach of Sakura…and so instead of trying too continue that talk, he just fixes his eyes on Sakura curiously as she walks up.

If he dosn't look at Elena, he won't FEEL like his face is akin to the surface of the sun.

Jack pastes on innocent smile that's so fake, he probably bought it at a secondhand store. "A classmate?" he queries. "I thought you told me that you and this big, strapping young buck were an item." He turns a stern glare on Eric. "You weren't toying with my little girl's emotions, were you?" Inwardly, it's nearly impossible to contain his laughter. The show must go on. The show must go on. The phrase becomes his mantra. Apparently Eric's response is enough to satisfy 'Uncle Jack.' Pulling his mouth into a stern, flat line, he nods once. Then, lucky for the teenage pair his joking is interrupted by the reappearance of Sakura.

"Oh you are SO LYING!" Elena cries at Jack - nope. It looks like she's going to turn even more purple as Eric glances away and does a good impersonation of an innocent fern tree left to decorate the hall of the shopping mall. And when Jack starts harassing Eric, she groans, and lifts a hand. She's about to hit Jack on the shoulder, when her fist freezes in the air as cold metal is jabbed into her back. Her spine stiffens. She feels….no, this only happened in the movies. This can't be happening AGAIN. Her dark eyes turn fearful as she looks up at Jack and Eric, her mortified expression falling away into something more ashen.

"I…..why….?" she starts softly. She is rooted in place, a meatshield in front of Jack and Eric and barring their way to Sakura. "Who…?" Yep. Something was wrong. And she was too afraid to move. If she moved, she might shoot her.

The sudden fear in Elena's voice and expression seems to help Sakura somehow. "Tell your father I know what he's doing," the young Japanese girl continues, still pressing … whatever she's holding against Elena's back. "He will cease and desist immediately…or he will suffer the direst consequences imaginable." The girl keeps right behind Elena to ensure that the girl understands what she's being told, not wanting to have to repeat herself—or reinforce anything beyond what she's already done.

"What the bloody—" The fear in Elena's eyes in enough to wipe the 'Uncle Jack' persona away for good. Regular Jack cocks his head to the side curiously. "Scrappy.." his voice is low and ominous. "Talk to me, lass." His grey eyes are narrowed dangerously. As much as he may tease, he's fond of Elena, and will be extremely reluctant to let her come to harm.

Annnnnnnd, that was an excelent distraction that was! Eric is compleately distracted, first he just blinks towards Jack and has the deer in the headlights look on his face. "I er…no? Not yet? Not…I HAVN'T EVEN ASKED HER OUT YET!" He says finally before he turns back towards Elena with a helpless laugh…and pauses. He just looks at the expression on her face, turning fully towards the pair of girls. "…Elena? Whats…wrong?" He asks a note of worry creeping into his voice before he looks over her shoulder at Sakura. What the hell is this girl doing? A glance then over his shoulder, towards Jack, and he takes a long and smooth step too one side, just so Jack can get a good view too…and he can get a better angle too see what the hell is happening.

It's by chance that Lachlan's attention goes back to Elena and the others just as Sakura makes her appearance — her rather, uhm, strange appearance. Right at Elena's back. Any good criminal worth his weight in bullets and salt knows what that position is. Being to the side, Lachlan has a better view. He can't see the gun, but he knows that it's there instinctively. Now what to do? He's no hero, but there's no way he could stand by and let Elena get shot. The Scotsman drops his tuxedo and starts to come in low, picking up speed. Maybe he's got the element of surprise. Hopefully. If he does, he's aiming to tackle Sakura from the side in hopes of getting her down and away from Elena before a shot can get fired off.

"….I'll….tell him," Elena whispers, dryness on her throat. "I'll tell him. Just…don't shoot me. Please don't shoot me." God. She felt so pathetic. But her eyes are focused on Eric. Whatever happiness she would feel at the possibility of perhaps getting a date, FINALLY, it's all down and forgotten when she realizes that the woman is talking about her father. Her father and what he was doing. She didn't understand, not yet at least. But hopefully her words will clue Eric and Jack as to what's happening. God, she was so pathetic. Why couldn't she be an Aikido-adept like Eric or a badass like Jack?

….or a tough cookie like Lachlan as he flies through the air in an effort to tackle the gun-toting Japanese schoolgirl in a uniform. That was it. Her life was an anime. Oh god.

A cast of her head just slightly to the side allows Sakura to spot the charging Lachlan. A bold attempt…but as Lachlan approaches, Sakura is more than prepared, a quick kick to her side thrown as soon as she's measured Lachlan to be in range. She keeps right against Elena, more than willing to use the girl as a shield at the moment if it benefitted her.

"Sonofabitch," Like a typical Scot, Lach leaps before he looks. Or thinks. Or really anything. "Damn!" An instant ago his hands were empty. Now he's holding a small, boxy commercial stun gun. Yes, he's still feeling a little sensitive after blowing Sybil's brains out at Hava Java. So what? Wanna make somethin' of it? Then the words 'Please don't shoot me,' coming out of Elena's mouth spur him to action. Jack lets out a low, feral growl and darts around his Scrappy friend, the stun gun arcing blue sparks as is heads toward Sakura-chan.

And thats when Eric slides forwards, while Sakura's eyes are /hopefully/ on everyone else, and he grabs for Elena, hoping too pull her out of the way of a large tackling man and the other guy with a stun guy, and put her behind him so he dosn't get shot. Because…well…she asked!

Snapping out of…a rather powerful daze to realize, with a rather anime-ish WTF look, that Sakura is indeed holding a gun. Taking quick notice the stuff the thing in her pocket, Sakura also uses Eric's desire to get Elena out of the way, shoving the girl forward. The stun-gun looking none too friendly, Sakura attempts to swat Jack's hand away from her before hoping to make her way through some of the crowd and escape before … well, whatever the hell just happened catches up with her.

The kick is a bit unexpected, but not entirely. Lachlan's fortunate enough to take it square to the chest, which is quite a tough bit of manly flesh, if he does say so himself. It's not enough to do him any major harm — a bruise, sure, but he'll be just dandy. It's enough to stun him, though, and when Sakura starts to dash away, the Scotsman is hot on her heels. Oh no you don't! You're not getting away. When he's near enough, he aims another tackle: a great big /rugby/ tackle. Right for the middle of Sakura's back.

And then, everything starts happening at once. Elena manages to bite back as scream as Jack bears down and Lachlan is kicked to the side. She is then shoved forwards, stumbling and finding herself snagged by Eric and put behind him. Her eyes are wide as she watches the innocent-seeming Japanese schoolgirl….pwn two larger, hotblooded men than herself, and she turns to escape. She clutches at the back of Eric's shirt, gripping tight to keep from shaking. Her heart is thundering in her chest, peeking out from around Eric as she watches the events.

God. She was such a wuss.

By the fountain, even as Sakura blazes past her, the shadowed face under the baseball cap smiles. He carefully folds the paper under his arm, and starts walking down the hallway. Amidst the gaping, surprised crowd surrounding the area as these events play out, he is the eye of the storm, calm and composed as booted feet take him past the gang, his head lowered to hide his smile. The pay-by-minute phone he has is slipped into the trashcan as he passes.

"Shit!" Thwarted, Jack stuffs the stun gun into his jacket pocket and crosses to Elena's side. "Wow.. You OK, kid?" Before she can answer, his head snaps around to catch Lachlan's spectacular sportsman's tackle. "OutSTANDing. /Now/ you've got it right, Scotsman!" Torn between his concern for Elena and the pending need to stomp her assailant, (schoolgirl or not) Jack hesitates.

"Elena! You alright?" Eric's asks before everything seems too happen at once. A blink as the scotsman goes flying though the air. "…oh…thats gonna hurt…" He says with wide eyes before he shakes his head too clear it. "I got her." He finally says towards Jack with a nod towards the older man.

Sakura thinks she hears someone coming behind her, but at the moment, Sakura's too completely and utterly freaked by what she just found herself doing. And that's…when she gets what everyone else probably feels she deserves. Lachlan rather powerfully tackles the Japanese girl, Sakura's head bouncing as she hits ground rather…abruptly, only a low groan escaping the girl.

"I'm okay," Elena says, still clutching on the back of Eric's shirt as she watches Sakura get flown into. Her fingers dig in tightly - until she realizes she's crumpling the back of her classmate's shirt. She pulls away suddenly. "Papa….I have to…" Her eyes are wide with alarm, looking around as if remembering herself. Now that the fear is gone, solutions to problems are coming to the fore. When Sakura goes down, she backs away, leaving Eric and Jack there as she …well, the urge to run is there, but she manages to keep herself from doing so. Instead, she starts trotting over to where Lachlan and Sakura is. She needs answers, damn it!

And there they are. Mall Security. They got reports that a dirty pedo Scotsman just assaulted a young girl! Several uniformed men could be seen moving down the escalators in a quick pace.

"Ahh damn," Jack mutters as he pads after Elena. If there's one thing he's learned, though, it's that there's no deterring Scrappy. Best to just let her see things through her way. And so, in the capacity of bodyguard, Jack's eyes cast about in search of other potential threats. Man. This city /sucks./

Once Sakura is down, well … she's down. Lachlan slowly rises into a kneeling position over the girl and makes a grab for her arms to pin them at the small of her back. His grip is firm, strong, but not hard enough to do any real harm. She's half his size. What can she do to him? Really. "The fuck d'ye think yer doin'?" he growls at the little Japanese girl. When Elena comes trotting up, he grins over at her. "Think I got 'er," he announces proudly. He, uh, doesn't quite see the mall security coming towards them. Even if he did, he has no idea /he/ is the one they're targeting.

Sakura is just sorta…out. She's not unconscious, but by god she hurts. A lot. And even beyond that, as the girl starts to stir, she's clutching her head for a number of reasons—the shot earlier in the day, the snap off the ground, and the recovering headache that…whatever made her do that caused her. There's a tiny groan from the young girl, who doens't even pretend to start getting to her feet yet…

And Eric? Eric just follows along just shaking his head slightly and half smiling at just…this whole situation. "…you can't stop her once she gets going…" He says towards Jack. Then a pause. "…I'm Eric by the way." He adds after a moment before he glances up and around. Pause. "…er…I think security is on the way…and they don't look happy…" He glances about the place. "…with…your friend…"

Before Elena can get to Lachlan and Sakura however, she's pushed aside. "Excuse me, ma'am, this is an emergency," grunts mall securty man as a gun is drawn and four of them move in to get to where Lachlan is. "Step away from the girl, sir!" he says. "We have to take you in for assaulting a minor!" Alright, so Sakura is actually legal, but with the uniform on, she looks very, very young to the eyes of the guy. "Put your hands up! and get down on the floor!"

"Wait! You're making a mistake!" Elena cries, but she freezes as she sees the radios, and remembers that…yeah, tangling with the cops? Not a good idea right now. She knows -they- listen to police reports, and so she takes a step back, watching helplessly as Lachlan is being arrested. That, and Eric is with her. And she's been trying to keep him under the radar.

It also looks like there's a crew of EMTs on the far side of the mall taking in another emergency call in the local Hot Topic. At the shout from one of the Security guys, some of them break away so they can go see to Sakura.

"Uh oh.." Those two syllables are becoming the theme of the day for Jack. He, unlike Lachlan, has spotted the approaching mall security. "Guys. It's the /fuzz,/" he warns, but too late. Wait a sec. They're arresting Lachlan? No way. Not on Jack's watch. Quickly, he crosses and intercepts the group from one side. Nimble fingers a blur, he yanks the belt from one pudgy guard's waist. As television dictactes, his trousers immediately fall down. Then for good measure, Jack pops a jab right into another guard's nose. Then he takes off, clucking and hooting like a madman. That'll give 'em something to think about.

The only word to describe Lachlan's expression: dumbstruckshockedhorrifiedbewildered. (It's a very big word.) His eyes go wide a moment, then narrow at the mall cops. He bares his teeth in a snarl — but, well, they've got /guns/. And he doesn't. He puts his hands up and laces his fingers behind his head as he shuffles on his knees away from Sakura, and if looks could kill, Lachlan wouldn't /need/ a gun to combat the cops. A long stream of curses flows from his lips — and then there's Jack. Jack and his mad belt-stealing chicken impersonation. The Scotsman can only /stare/. And stare a lot. /Staring/. But then it dawns on him that, uh, maybe this is a great time to run and he starts to get to his feet. In his haste, it's a clumsy maneuver, and he can't seem to get good traction. He's no spring chicken (not like Jack over there).

Eric just…watches the pair of them. Lach getting arrested, then Jack stepping into the Fuzz…and makes a scene before running off too try too rescue his friends. He just raises one eyebrow, looks slooowly down towards Elena. "…I like your friends." Its really…really…just all he can say at the moment. He looks left, then right…and one of the guys chasing Lachlan is suddenly going to find his vision going dark…for just long enough for Lach too hopefully get his feet under him too get away.

That done! He just grabs Elena by the upper arm and grins down at her. "Time too go…" He murmurs, starting too pull her away too try too get the hell out of the way of the cops, he'll pull her back into the Dress store he just came out of.

The cops will never look for them in there!

And then, fiasco ensues. Before two of the guards could react, Jack nails them both quickly. One of them tries to run, the pants slipping around his ankles and tripping to fall on his face on the ground with a smash. The other one takes it to the face, reeling back and clutching at his face. "You…you sonuvabitch!" comes the outraged roar as he leaps right forward to chase Jack, even as the de-pantsed one struggles to put on his pants and scrambles up to start running after Jack as well.

"What the fuck! You bastards get back here!" yells the leader of the security team that had descended upon Lachlan like crows. "And you! You stay down! Don't make me shoot you!" blares Lachlan as the EMTs arrive to see to Sakura. One looks at the parade that Jack has caused, bewildered. "…what the crap?" he wonders, before checking for Sakura's vitals. He and his partner will take care of her from here on in.

The other security guard moves to try and clap some handcuffs on Lachlan. The keyword here is: Try.

Elena's eyes widen. She has to do something. It's getting out of control! But before she can step forward, Eric grins at her, the meek expression gone and the dark eyes dancing with mirth and mischief. It was like seeing another person. She looks at him blankly. "What?" she says, before she's dragged along with him towards the Dolce & Gabbana store. She can't help but follow. Eric's stronger than her, and the last thing she did need was trouble with the police.

And she was enjoying this too. Just a tad. Running along with Eric.

Wait, no she wasn't! She wasn't a delinquent!

Apparently, the tackle did more to her than Sakura expected…she's still awake, but it's not by much, and she's damn sure not realizing that the whole reason she's likely not having her face pummelled repeatedly is the mall security are actually arresting Lachlan. The girl's eyes just flutter a little bit, but eventually, something overtakes the girl, her head slumping and her eyes closing as she feels the EMTs starting to check on her. Alive? Yes. Awake? Not so much…

After a bit of a struggle, Lachlan goes down and gets the iron bracelets. Goody. /Real goody/. The officers don't get a beating, but their ears will probably burst into flame from all the horrid and creative swearing that the Scotsman's throwing at them. It'll be like this all the way to the stationhouse and up until the point when Lachlan gets his phone call.

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