2010-04-27: Letting Go



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Date: April 27, 2010


Sydney and Trent say goodbye to Jamie.

"Letting Go"

JFK Airport — NY

Sydney is rather nervous as she shifts her weight from one foot to the other. She's dressed in blue jeans and a black jacket — nothing fancy, yet she's been primping Jamie all morning. Mostly because she doesn't know what Jamie's guardian will think of everything. "You packed everything?" she asks again. THis is the fourth time she's asked. Yup, she's never sent one of 'her' kids away — and never so permanently. "Make sure you don't talk to any strangers on the plane, even if Saul is with you, it's just not safe." At this she nods just a little.

She fidgets again. They're waiting in the airport for Jamie's guardian to step off the plane, and then take Jamie home with him. Or on vacation, like he plans.

Semi dressed up with a polo type shirt and jeans. Trent's hair is washed and extra curly as it still wet. He's being unusually quiet. He is standing off by one of the windows, watching the planes. Or at least partially watching them. Another family member of his is leaving him and he's just not too happy about that. He's been quiet and moody since he found out she was leaving, and today he's not even dared to look at her much. Not wanting to say good bye.

Jamie's been extremely nervous too, though she's done her best to hide it, as usual. (Not that she can, really, from Sydney.) She doesn't know, after all, how mad Saul will be that she ran away from the school, or if he's still mad about her appearing on TV. She's shown it more by being fidget]ty and just a little too hyper. Luckily, they're in a large airport with lots of room.

At Sydney's question, Jamie nods emphatically, "I got everything! I think." She frowns as she looks to her suitcase as if she could see that she has everything. Then, though, there's the advice of talking to people, and she rolls her eyes, "There's nothing dangerous about talking to people. It's not like they could kidnap me in the middle of a plane, and they sure couldn't hurt me." Her sense in her own safety is, as always, way overconfident.

"I — I still think it's important to keep to yourself," Sydney nods emphatically as she shifts her weight again and peers through the crowd of people. "And I'm glad you were thorough in your packing. It's important you remember everything. I — I don't know when we'll see you next." She sniffs. It's an attempt at detachment. She tugs at her shirt.

And there he is — he's walking towards them with purpose. Every step calculated, he moves in an almost stilted march. "Jamie," he manages an almost-smile before his jaw is tightly set. "You are well," yup, he's no-nonsense. He extends a hand to Sydney, "Ms. Falkland, I presume. I'm — " he hesitates a moment contemplating his own word choice " — glad you kept Jamie safe." His eyebrows are raised as he looks at his charge.

Trent does occasionally make sure Sydney and Jamie are still there, not wanting to be left behind.. but then one time he looks back and there's Saul. And all reality, he is really here, and taking Jamie away from him. Trent's brows furrow at the man. He heads over, even though he's younger then Jamie, he's trying to be protective of her. He stays quiet, but just glares at Saul. Though there is a tear in the boy's eyes too.

Jamie bites her lip as Sydney mentions they might not see each other for a while, and she just looks to the floor, fidgeting again. She looks up, and for a moment it looks like she might go move to check something out again, but Saul's there. At first there's a bright smile, but it fades a little and she steps up nervously, hand on her bag. "Hi."

"It's Doctor Falkland, actually," Sydney says as she accepts the handshake and forces a stiff upper-lip. She knew this day would come when things got resolved. With another heavy sigh she releases Saul's hand. "And you must be Mister Chavez." She glances down at Jamie and then Trent and inhales a deep breath. "Are you sure you won't stay a day or two? I mean it's really no trouble, we're staying with a friend of mine, but I have a townhouse and — "

Sydney is interrupted as Saul lifts a hand and shakes his head — just a little. "No. We have… things to talk about." A knowing glance is sent towards Jamie before he narrows his eyes at Trent and then Sydney in turn. "Thank you for watching Jamie, Dr. Falkland."

Trent tries to get between Jamie and Saul, defiant, "she's my sister! You can't take her from me! I won't let you!" he says, holding up his fists, ready to hit the man if he has to, tears welling in his eyes. Though he's also trying to figure out how to prevent him from taking her away. Looking to Sydney, "Make it stop, he can't take her."

Jamie bites her lip and looks up to Saul, nodding a little bit. She twists the strap of her bag absently, opening her mouth to say something when Trent suddenly pushes in. She blinks a few times, and then says, "Trent, no..it's ok. I… I gotta go."

Sydney's expressions soften considerably, even though they weren't harsh in the first place. She reaches down and clutches Trent's hand, giving it a solid squeeze. And then, even though he's really not short, she bends down so he can look down at her, and her up at him. "Shhhh. Jamie's just going home, sweetie. It'll be good for her. And… and Mister Chavez will be a better guardian than I could ever be…" She tries to shoot Trent a soft smile.

Saul nods in turn before observing towards Sydney, "You're younger than I expected." The statement is left there to hand, waiting for some kind of response, when there is none he continues, "But you seem to have managed Jamie well." And then he turns to face Jamie, "We are going away for awhile for a mini-holiday. It seems as prudent a time to do so as any. When we are back. School." His eyebrows are raised as if to punctuate the point

Trent looks to Jamie, then Sydney when she takes his hand. He lowers his eyes, looking at her first, then the floor. "You and Jamie are my only family, I want her to stay with us." but he knows he can't fight it anymore. He's hugging Sydney, tears streaming. Though, when he can he still glares at the man. He trembles against her, "Will you make me go away too? You're a good mom."

Jamie grins a bit at Trent and says, "But we'll still talk and stuff! Through the net. It's easy, you'll see." Then to Sydney, "No, you were just as good! Took care of me just fine." She steps over to Saul, brightening a little at the mention of vacation, but then at the mention of school she frowns again, "Same school as before? They locked me up." As if this was a major crime.

Sydney is fighting tears of her own as she embraces Trent tightly. "I know. But she'll be better where she is! I promise everything will be okay!" SHe sniffles too, trying desperately not to cry, but Trent's emotions pull at her own despite her best efforts. Sometimes being an empath just sucks. "I'm not making you go away; I'm trying to file the right paper work so you can stay with me… if you want… but we should discuss that later…" She squeezes him once more before releasing him and turning to Jamie. "Now be good. Don't talk to strangers, and stay on top of things. If you need anything, you have another family here in New York that would love to take you back if things become — " a glance is given to Saul, there's something completely unfatherly about him " — I dunno. If you need anything." She manages a small smile.

"We will discuss it," Saul replies, referencing the school. Straightening his shirt he motions towards the gates. "We should go." Once again he glances between Sydney and Trent. "I appreciate everything you have done and wish you well as you rebuild your lives after all of this." That said, he's turning on his heel, leading the way to the gates.

Trent releases Sydney, nodding, "I do want to." Then turns to say something to Jamie, and Saul is leading her away. "Jamie!" and his tears are streaming down his cheeks as he runs to her, hugging her tight. He digs into a jeans pocket, pulling something out of it. "Don't let him take this away. You're my sister. I'll miss you and won't never forget you." and slipping whatever it is into her hand.

Jamie gives a little wave to Sydney, and starts to walk after Saul, biting her lip. Her own eyes water a little, though not like Trent's or Sydney's. She's got a mix of joy of reunion to match against the sadness of leaving. "I know," she says to Sydney, "Promise I'll come back if I need help." Then Trent's hugging her and she hugs back just as tightly, nodding quickly, "Promise, won't lose it." Then, unable to resist, she steps to hug Sydney tightly a moment as well, before she turns to run to catch up to Saul.

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