2009-11-09: Level 5 Mentorship Program



Date: Nov. 9, 2009


Dex makes a disciple.

"Level 5 Mentorship Program"

Midtown, NYC - Midtown West

It's the middle of the afternoon and for most people that are on the run from the government.. they are staying out of plain sight and trying to keep their heads down. Well.. in the case of Dextris Neal, the young woman is currently walking down the street. Dressed in all black, tank top, cargo pants and a pair of boots. A pair of dark shades sit on her face, covering her eyes.

It's a lazy day for the young woman and she tugs at her ponytail as she scans the streets. She's been hiding just about everywhere, not stopping but today.. she's just going on a stroll.

It's a good day for it, one of those autumn afternoons full of clear blue skies and crisp white clouds. Others seem to have had the same idea, including Lena. Not only is she strolling towards Dextris (or trying to, as the teenager suffers from a limp right now), but she's also gone with the all black motif, right down to wearing black opera gloves that look unusually bulky, as if there were cloth layered beneath them. Walking beside her, looking somewhat impatient, is a greasy looking dude with an acne-riddled face. He's putting on a good show of trying to converse but has the look of someone who'd rather be somewhere else.

"What, so the dude just walked into Mr. Ling's and torched the place? That's bullshit."

"Swear to God," Lena replies, vehemently. "Fucker looked like he'd just got out of jail, too. He and his friend both. Broke Ling's neck and burned the place down before taking off."

"Eh, the city's full of crazies like that. You got my stuff?"

"Screw off, man. Not today, I'm not working."

"Fuck you too!" Mister Pimple cuts off across the street, leaving Lena to roll her eyes and limp on with a grumpy look on her face.

Dex doesn't like the older man's tone. Her eyes narrow and with a flick of her wrist, she sends a burst of telekinetic energy towards the man. It won't kill him, but it's sure to send him flying or rolling on the ground. Her mouth opens into a wide grin and she whistles innocently, throwing her hands behind her head. "He was rude." She says simply and is still walking, almost passing Lena by but she gives the woman a look and roguish grin.

Brakes squeal, tires screech over pavement, and Pimples ends up almost being flattened in front of a cab. Bloodshed is averted though only just. And Lena? Lena is not watching her erstwhile client drag himself off the ground. She is staring, slack-jawed, at Dex. "You…you. You did that," the brunette finally sputters, wheeling about to keep wide and wary eyes fixed on the other woman. "You're one of u-…them. Like the dudes at the store? Jesus. Hey, wait up!" It isn't easy but Lena gets herself moving again, stumping after Dex to fall into step. "How'd you do that?"

"Do what?" Dex feigns innocence and continues walking, she shouldn't be displaying her ability but she does again, wiggling her nose and the trash can next to them flies into the wall and the lid rolls to their feet.

"Oh my.." she puts hand to her mouth and backs up. "What could have done that?" she asks Lena with a knowing grin and then peers at the woman, giving her a feral smile. "You know.. I don't know what them you are speaking of." Mood swing much?

She puts her hands in her pockets and continues to walk. "Who are these them people, lass?" a cheery grin, another mood switch. "What's with the gloves." A statement as she looks Lena up and down.

Lena loses some ground when she stops dead in her tracks, having flinched and repeated staring at the trash can. Maybe it's time to reconsider tagging after Dex? But she's nothing if not stubborn, setting her jaw and hustling forward again once her heart resumes beating. "Them? You know, the fucking show-offs, with the fireballs and the throwing garbage cans around?" Grumbling? Possibly. A little. "Flamer dude burned the hell out of me, other day before he ran off," she adds, comfortable with telling that half-truth. "You're like him, right? And his buddy, the strong man. No one's that strong but he was. Just like no one should be able to…" One of the gloved hands in questions gestures, indicating both the garbage and the long since departed client.

"And what.. if I am? Hm?" A eyebrow is raised at the woman and Dex keeps walking, content with an walking partner for now. She brushes the few strands of hair out of her eyes and then tilts her head towards the darker haired woman. "You've been seeing a lot of these different folks lately, eh?" Her chin drops and she winks at her. "And.. what is with the gloves?" she asks again and narrows her eyes on the weird things. "You must have done something to piss the guy off, if he wanted to burn you. Tsk tsk."

"If you are, maybe you could like…answer some questions for me. Except for them, you're the first one I've seen and they were fucking insane. They two killed two guys robbing that store, for no reason at all. I was lucky to get away," Lena maintain stoutly, still playing the innocent and struggling grimly along. But after a brief hesitation, and a sidelong look at the other woman, she adds, "Okay, maybe I can't touch anyone without them getting messed up. But it's nothing like what you did, back there. It's not like…fireballs."

"Is there something wrong with killing?" Dex asks as if she doesn't know the answer to that. And then her eyes travel around the street as she listens to Lena speak. "You have questions, I have answers. Perhaps." And then the woman lets loose she is one of 'them' as well.

"So.. you discriminate against us.. but you'll one of us. You mean one of us." She corrects the younger woman and narrows her eyes as if daring her to correct her. "Mess people up? What like sucking their life force away?"

Lena's cheeks color at being called out for her prejudice. She doesn't like it a bit, to judge by the narrowing of her own eyes, but still she remains locked in step with Dex. "Right, fine, whatever. One of us. I didn't know there were/ us till two days ago though, so lay off the lecture, okay?" In her aggrevation, a hint of the brunette's southern accent has slipped out. The drawl would be amusing if she weren't so obviously annoyed. "You'd know there's a //lot wrong with killing, if your mama raised you right. I don't do shit like that at all…I touch folks, they just, like…trip like crazy. Hallucinations, sometimes. Like premium high-grade shit, just from me instead of a baggie, you know?" She'd really rather have fireballs, her tone suggests.

All responses to Lena go out the window as her 'mama' is mentioned. Though she doesn't know which one that Lena is referring and she glares openly at Lena, she grits out between her teeth. "Don't.. ever bring my mother up again, you understand?" she says and she begins to walk towards Lena with a dangerous look in her eyes. Almost crazy, "I don't play that shit, alright?" she says and then she listens to Lena talk about her ability. "You're a real live drug." She snorts but her look of anger still hasn't left her eyes.. yet.

It occurs to Lena that perhaps Dex is as loony as the fine, upstanding gentlemen who committed mayhem and murder in Mr. Ling's shop. That awareness is writ plain on the teenager's face, and seen in the way she falls back in a momentary hesitation before trailing more slowly after Dex. "Right…yeah, I'm sorry about that. It's been a shitty couple of days, you know? But I shouldn't talk about your mom, I won't do that again." If it looks like an apology and sounds like an apology… "Not just one drug," she goes on, somewhat defensive. "I mean, sure, it kinda sucks in comparison. But it's been useful. Is it always like that? Everyone with something different?"

"There are many of us out there with the same kind of abilities. Rarely are they exactly alike." Dex continues to walk down the street with her head held high, a glance over to Lena every now and then. "Some of us.. can kill with one touch.. drive insane by delving into the mind. All manner of things. And then.. there are the ones that heal.. and can fly, and can become invisible." The young woman says to the dark-haired human drug.

"You've known of your ability long?" she asks with a raise of her eyebrow. "I get the feeling that you haven't known long enough to really learn control."

"Jesus Christ." It's a breathy exclamation, and those glances would reveal Lena to be staring straight ahead, eyes glassy and unfocused. If they were to cross a street at that very moment, she'd do it without looking to see if traffic were coming. "All of that. All of that, and…and no one knows? How come this isn't in the paper? On the news?"

The question about her particular brand of freak show summons more focused attention, with Lena stealing a sidelong look at the other woman. Her pale skin shows a blush embarrassingly well. "Three years. I can…I can change up the effects, a little. And make it stronger or weaker. Just…I thought. You know, I never really…tried to do anything else. I can't touch people without turning them into junkies. That seems bad enough."

"Yes and that is the way.. people want it to say. Don't get excited and decide to rush off and try to tell the world about us. You will be stopped and made to forget." She warns and shakes a finger at Lena as she gives the woman a dark grin. "Trust me, on this. You don't want to meet the people pulling the strings here, eh? Or do you fancy some danger here and there, with a chance of losing the thing you call life now?"

The telekinetic and former Level 5 prisoner looks at Lena closely and nods her head. "I don't believe you've even tapped into half of what you can do. The possibilities.." she says and trails off before an idea strikes her. "I'll help you. To learn to control it better and even.. learn some new tricks." Dex's hand flexes as she speaks to the young woman.

Lena's feet finally just refuse to work, leaving the teenager standing there in the middle of the sidewalk. Overwhelmed, and looking it. "You…someone would kill me? That's conspiracy theory shit. It's for real?" Reflex has the girl flicking a glance at Dex's hand, but her eyes quickly return to the woman's face, gaze fastened there with nauseated fascination. "I've been…wanting to work on it. I keep meaning to. You're…who are you? What's your name?" she finally thinks to ask. "I'm…my name's Caroline. I mean…it used to be. I'm Lena."

"Yes, the shit is real."

Dex chuckles and lets her long hair out of her ponytail and she looks up towards the sky and she answers, "I use to go by another name too.. now I'm just Dex." She says and looks down back to Lena. "Funny thing, when something happens in your life.. you just want to become another person?"
It is neither flattering nor attractive the way Lena's mouth works, the words just not coming out. But it's all there in those blue eyes: shock, curiosity, more than a little fear. When speech is possible again, there's a huskiness to the girl's voice. "That was it exactly, yeah. Starting over fresh, letting the rest of just…go. You…jesus."

Lena rakes her hand back through her hair and forces herself to look away from Dex, drawing an unsteady breath at the same times. That lungful is released in a high-pitched laugh. "Jesus," she repeats. "You know how to fuck with a girl's mind, don't you? You got a cell, Dex? We should like swap numbers or something."

"After being held captive for a very long time.. I don't have a cell phone." Dex looks at Lena to let the woman know, she isn't kidding about the locked up part.. not at all. Dex then starts to walk just a little faster, she's apparently leaving Lena now. "Meet me at Central Park, in a week's time. 7 o clock. Got it?" and she doesn't wait for the woman to answer before she turns a corner, her head down and hands in pocket. A moment later..

"And you'll find that fucking with someone's mind is the only way to survive around here." Says Dex's voice as she peeks her head from around the corner and then she's off.. again.

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