Lia Elizabeth Hammond
Portrayed By Abigail Breslin
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 26, 1996
Age 10
Zodiac Sign
Aliases Li
Place of Birth Dallas, Texas, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Amelia Hammond (mother; deceased), Adam Hammond (father; deceased) Bianca Hammond (aunt)
Significant Other
Known Abilities Flight
First Appearance Soulja Boy

Lia Hammond is a atypical ten year old New Yorker with the ability to fly.


Born May 26, 1996 named Lia Elizabeth Hammon, Lia was the proud first and only child that her parents would bear, because of time constraints and their small home. She's a native of down home Dallas Kentucky, and she was proud to be raised there. She enjoyed a relatively quiet home life at first- she was a smart little child, enjoyed growing up, had a natural talent for singing- indeed, it was her own joy that kept her happy.

Not all would turn out well however- in her first year of kindergarten(age six), a horrible housefire would start. Her mother had left the gas-burner on, it seems, tand the fire slowly spread throughout the house, setting off the old alarms just minutes too late- Amelia would grab her daughter and run for the stairwell only to find it blocked. Instead, she turned back to her daughter's bedroom, and looked out the window. There was only one chance- hope that the pool, situated just yards away, was close enoigh that the pair could jump and make it.

However, this wouldn't happen- the toss of her daughter into the pool would only partially work, as a sudden lurch in the two-story home would misjudge the toss, and she ended up hitting the edge of the pool with the small of her back- her mother would be lost seconds later as the floor buckled in. Adam? He had no chance whatsoever.

Lia woke up days later in the local Dallas hospital- with scarred, burned memories of what happened. She would cry herself to sleep at night until she was diagnosed with full lower-body paralyis; she would never walk again. Her voice, once so open, was silenced. She was released a few years later to live with her aunt Bianca in New York City, New York. She hated it there, at first. There was no one she knew, no one she truely loved.

However, a year later, as she rolled herself onto the balcony of Bianca's apartment, she just sat there and wished, as tears rolled down her cheeks, that she could walk again. Amazingly, it felt lijke she was- and seconds later, the young girl realized, with a terrified shriek, that she was floating in mid-air. She was shaken by the incident, and didn't want to repeat it. In private, however, Lia would close her eyes and wish, will, and begin to naturally develop her ability to fly.

She would continue to build her power, and a variety of stunts used with it- the ability to however, to lift off, to actually fly- it was exhilarating. She put the next three years of her life into it. She even started singing again, much to Bianca's delight. Now, at the age of ten, Lia wasnts to know if there are others like her- and if any of them can fly, or even go back to change her family's future.



  • "I'm crippled. However, I can still do anything I want to do."
  • "All I want is a family…"


  • Knows Micah and Molly because of school. Yay!
  • Has a constant paranoia of fire and collapsing buildings.
  • Phone number: 283-1111
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