2010-01-13: Liberation: Part One



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Date: January 13th, 2010


Micah's rebellion is thrown for a few loops as he tries to rescue his cousin Monica.

"liberation: Part One"

Building 26

Washington, D.C.

Building 26 is awfully empty these days. The dark, industrial officespace has been cleared of all but one computer; bits of paper hang from a message board erected in the middle of the HQ, what was once the epicentre. No one is there.

The corridors contain some life. The dull blocks they're made up of are lit by dim light. One, past the notorious Human Resources room — empty — is dimmer than most. It tunnels its way to the outside world. Here, a small makeshift desk has been set up beside a more elaborate security station. A checkpoint. Guards linger nearby. Two; three. They're waiting for something. Someone.

With the very generous grant endowed to them post-Christmas (from a generous heiress just wanting to help), the small rebels had managed to purchase everything they needed within a very tight time-frame. Money talks, apparently.

Building 26 had been guarded on the outside, but Peter had managed to get the small Rebels passed the guards and up to the building itself. Dressed entirely in black underneath his pykrete ice-armour created by Cam, Micah shivers as he reaches the vents. No matter how much he practiced wearing said-armour beforehand, he still feels chilled underneath it. Hopefully it's enough. Lowering his not-too-full black backpack from his shoulders, he unzips it and takes out a screw driver. He works quickly to unhinge the vent, and once it's unhinged, he steps back and smirks at Cam.

Right behind Micah is Molly. Her own parka is zipped up to right below her chin. The cold has made her cheeks are a bright cherry red, same with her nose, but she's suppressing the shivering as best she can. She could easily pass for Rudolph - Molly the Red Nosed GPS Tracker. While Micah brings out his screw driver, she keeps her eyes closed. She doesn't have an atlas with her, but she also doesn't quite need one. This is less like pinpointing a person all over the globe, she knows exactly where the person she's looking for is - now it's just finding their direct route. There have been some false turns since her ability can't map out a building, but they've slowly made progress and she's gotten more confident about which way to lead their band of rescuers. "We're just about there," she assures them.
Cam nods to Micah and grins, silently stepping forward and placing his hand at the edge of the vent. A layer of frost covers the vent walls and starts spreading inward. Softly, he says, "At any turns, touch my left or right foot to signal a direction we have to go. Don't want to make any noise once we're in the vents." He climbs in after, keeping the cold extended ahead so not to trip any heat sensors.

One would think Peter would try to take over the mission, but he's been mostly silent since they started, keeping them from being detected as much as possible, but he doesn't try to do much more than that. This seems, as far as he's concerned, their show. He's just here to make sure it goes safely, and they all make it out all right. "I'll take up the rear— it's lucky I'm not a big guy." He looks up at the vent, well aware that someone larger than him might have a difficult time. Dressed simply in dark jeans and a dark shirt, he's wearing almost nothing as additional baggage. Not even a coat. He doesn't need body armor, generally. The most he would need is a helmet…

"If there's anything that needs immediate attention, I'll speak to you all telepathically. I'll try to keep my mind open for any sign that we've been caught, as well."

Two more guards clad in black gear open the door to the corridor with the security checkpoint, not far at all from those hiding in the vents nearby. So far, there's no sign that the rebels have been noticed. The Building 26 personnel are too busy preparing for something else.

At the far end, the double doors that leads to the passageway in which a black armoured van is waiting is open. The back doors of the van are already open and waiting. G47, the van is tagged on the rear bumper.

The guards head down the long ramp-like corridor toward the van. They're escorting one of the few remaining prisoners from this location to the next: dressed in the typical bright orange jumpsuit, drugs pumping into her system and a black hood, the prisoner is slight, a woman, her head down, hair dark past the hood. Monica? Any good human GPS would know. They shuffle along, having to pause at the checkpoint to sign out. "Get a move on, we have to meet the schedule. I don't know about you, but I don't wanna be left behind," the man behind the small desk says.

Molly and Cam's comments earn them both large grins in turn before he nods at Peter. "Thanks guys," he murmurs as he extracts his cellphone from his pocket before crawling in behind Cam. He'd downloaded the schematics he'd found of the building earlier. Presumably, they'd put her in the Human Resources room. At least, in Micah's own mind, but then he doesn't have to guess, Molly's with them — he just has to negotiate a route to his cousin. Sliding into the vent he quietly shuffles after Cam, shivering now at the temperature of the vent and his armour. Regardless, he carries on.

Cam, clueless of what's going on so close on the other side of the wall from the vents still, makes his way further through the vents, spreading the ice ahead of himself and crawling along as silently as he can manage. If he passes any vents leading out into the corridor or any rooms, he'll stop to look through, making sure they haven't been spotted.

The icer isn't the only one keeping an eye out for signs they've been spotted, Peter keeps his mind open as he slides along the frozen shafts, waiting for filtering thoughts that might perk his attention. Anxiety about people breaking in, worry, sudden alarm, 'hey what's that noise!?' or something similar. He doesn't want these kids to fail. A success would be good for morale. Not to mention so much else as well. Crawling into the heart of Building 26… The place he spent a while calling home. It probably isn't the smartest thing he's done… But he does have ideas, contingencies.

And guilt. He always has guilt. Doing this makes it hard to think of the guilt he has.

There is worry amongst the Alpha Protocol members, but none of it seems to be directed at the ceiling. Are the doors locked? Is it set? No, we're on time— These are the variety of thoughts that may filter through instead.

The guards escorting Monica step back while she's examined by further security, scanned, fingerprinted for extra precaution and shoved along again. Toward those open doors.

"MOVE OUT!" One guard says and waves his hand. He's left escorting the prisoner while every other person evacuates the corridor and jogs into the passageway. A rumbling engine echoes as a vehicle takes its leave. The transport van is the only one remaining.

Still focusing on his phone and negotiating their way through the twisting vents, the words break into Micah's thoughts. What?! Why are they moving? Where?. Instinctively, he grasps his phone and closes his eyes — the Smartphone he got from Cam for Christmas is really coming in handy today. He tries to tap into the mainframe, thinking his way through the Alpha Protocol pages he knows so well already. Furrowing his eyebrows, he carries on through the vent, focused wholly on something else. What are they doing?? I need to get into their mainframe…. Quickly he taps Cam's left leg, indicating to turn left.

Loosely, Molly reaches out a gloved hand to put on Micah's shoulder so she can keep her eyes closed and continue moving as well. She hasn't gotten to the concentration yet where she can truly concentrate on people and find them while looking about. It clouds her ability. So, awkwardly, she moves with the group forward until she comes to a sudden stop, just about the time someone calls for people to move out. "She's leaving!" she says breathlessly, as if she already ran after Monica. Her words come out in puffs of white air, forgoing mental telepathy for expediency to let Micah know. Pointing a covered finger in the direction of the security checkpoint, she starts moving quickly that way. "They're taking her out of the building!"

Cam turns left as Micah signals him, still silently… but when Molly suddenly speaks, he pulls up short, blinking as he looks back towards her. He looks to Micah and Peter, obviously unsure suddenly at finding the plan going so wrong. But, Molly's started leading the way now, so he moves quickly to follow after her.

Something seems to be going on. Might be part of them moving her— if we need to teleport out fast, be prepared to grab the foot of the person in front of you so I can get all of you at once, Peter sends ahead to the three of them, flinching a little as he does. Sending is more difficult than receiving, but all the thoughts coming in are just as bad, too. He doesn't want to try speaking loud enough for everyone to hear. He follows along, staying in the back where he is, as he keeps trying to stretch his thoughts out. Now he's looking for another keyword. Any sign they might be planning to release the power negation gas.

The prisoner, barely capable of make her own shackled feet move, is led to the end of the line. The guard steps behind her, leading her up the ramp into the back of the van. The doors slam, and he climbs in the van. The engine starts and it peels out of the passage. The kids — and Peter — may very well be running out of time.

For more reason than one.

To start, the mainframe Micah taps into flickers. Orders to transport — Location B — Dawson, Monica — Building 26 termination order CLEARED TODAY 01/10/09 8:00 PM —

Within the depths of the building, something goes off. A loud bang, followed by a crackle and roaring rush. Then another, from another corner of the building. East, west, north, south, ending with the corridor beneath the vents. Detonations. Heat starts to rush rapidly into the vent and the whole thing seems to rock like an amusement park ride.

The— explosion. Oh hell. "Grab on to each other," Peter loudly yells down the shaft, no longer caring about being heard, and reaching out for the nearest one. He'll wait as long as he can.

Micah curses in his head as Molly says that they're moving his cousin only to think seconds later, Sorry Peter. His thoughts turn to his cousin as he tries to determine the fastest way out of the vents. "We need to catch up to her!" the words are said urgently, but in a whisper. Quickly, he changes direction as best he can in such a tight space to follow Molly, their human GPS system. She can negotiate their way to Monica.

And then the mainframe flickers… "They're moving her," he whispers, until the detonation which causes the little Rebel to lose his balance. "THEY'RE TERMINATING THE BUILDING!!" Frantically he reaches out for his friends (as per Peter's instruction, trying to grasp Molly and Cam in his hands, while still tightly holding onto his phone. He curses silently in his head as his thoughts turn back to his cousin once again.

Cam's eyes widen as the building starts to shake, not quite figuring out what's happening yet until Peter's yell. Then, though, he acts quickly, hesitation gone as he reaches ahead to grab hold of Molly's leg, trusting Micah to get him somehow. Once he does feel Micah grab hold, he calls, "Ok!"

Molly gives out a cry of surprise at the rocking of the building as well as everything else. She already was grabbing on to Micah for balance and leading before so when Peter gives out his telepathic warning, she's luckily covered. "But Monica!!" She all but yells over the catastrophic sound of them starting to blow up the building. "Sh-she's right outside." Groping behind her to reach her older friend, she tries to think as hard as she can at Peter, hoping that the physical connection will make it easier. She mentally sends him a picture - almost like a moving snapshot - as clearly as she can make it of where she can see Monica: shackled, covered with a black hood, and being taken away from them. Can you take us here, Peter?! It's a gamble, a risk, she doesn't know if it will work at all, but they've come so far - they can't have done it all for nothing. Please!

As the fireball moves closer down the vent, heating the air and threatening to burn their skin off, they suddenly shift, all four of them moving from one place to another. It's not the most perfect teleportation, but it's better than staying where they were. Cold air surrounds all of them for a split second, before gravity takes over and they fall down, to the cold pavement. Cold air still surrounds the rest, though. Peter lets out a grunt of surprise. He only teleported them outside. Not quite to where Molly requested, but— close.

Micah wanted to save his cousin, Molly tried to ask him to get closer— and he's going to do his best to give him that chance. Even if it didn't feel great to hit the pavement. Pushing himself up quickly, he looks arond. Hoping he got close to the van. It might actually be in sight. He might be able to catch it— but he can't take all three of the kids with his speed.

As the rebels make their escape out of Building 26 and into the D.C. street, the last explosion rocks the tall, black obelisk of a building, focused on the levels that were the most dedicated to the Protocol's operations. Lower, rather than higher, and the resulting explosion pushes more heat, flying glass, wreckage and blasts toward the street.

The armoured van carrying swerves around the corner, safe from the explosion. In fact, it's hurtling right past them.

Micah grunts as his body falls onto the cold pavement, taking a chink of his icy pykrete armour. Quickly he releases his friends. "Peter please, go after her!! We'll be okay!!" He just wants Monica back, it doesn't matter how anymore, he just wants his family together again — something that seems to be a constant goal for the fourteen year old. Furrowing his eyebrows he thinks, "Take Cam if you need to! He'd be the most helpful!!" Micah can help via satellite if necessary, and Molly has done her bit well. She found Monica.

It takes Cam just a second to get his bearings after the teleport. Once he sees the van speeding away, figuring it's the one with Molly, he reacts quickly. Creating a small, very sharp needlish icicle, he uses his power to send it flying as fast as he can towards one of the van's tires, even as Micah is telling Peter to go. He's going to be exhausted when this is all over.

Whoosh. That's the sound of the air leaving Molly's lungs, not a thought sent in Peter's direction. It was a gamble that seems to have paid off as Peter's able to get them close enough to the run away van that they have a fighting chance of getting Monica back. She wants to go with them, to keep helping, but she just nods her head at Micah and takes short, ragged breaths. The van is in sight now; he doesn't need her help in finding Monica any more. "W-we'll be fine."

Karma can be a wonderful thing. Maybe after a string of bad luck the fates decide that, hey, this guy needs a little bout of some good luck, why don't we give it to him? That seems to be exactly what's going to happen to Gabriel today. As the glow of the explosion from Building 26 lights up the area around the man (he was able to make it out in time, why not enjoy the show?), his attention is suddenly caught by the speeding van that goes flying past. He tracks it with his eyes, following it until— until his eyes fall on a group of people that appear seemingly out of nowhere. …Serendipity.

He only recognizes a couple of people from the entourage on sight: the little girl, Molly Walker, and of course he knows Peter Petrelli. While they may not be his main targets at the current time, who is he to really argue their presence here? He knows at least two of them have abilities, so it's probably safe to argue that the rest of them have abilities, and if he could manage to get all of them… he would be further along to his goal than he thought. Walking casually in their direction as they gather themselves up, it isn't until he's right on top of them that he finally drops his invisibility, revealing himself. "Well hello," he says, arms crossed over his chest, a hint of a smirk on his face. "Fancy meeting you all here."

"All right, I'll go after the van and see if I can get her out, just make sure you get as…" Peter starts to say, watching the ice display and making a mental note to run around it. He's a lot faster then the van, so he doesn't have too much to be worried of there. But he doesn't finish what he's saying, and he doesn't take off in a run either.

"Gabriel?" he says, surprised, but not worried. After all, even if he did have an issue the last time they met that caused them to fight, he now has his memories back and knows Gabriel is an okay guy! "I have to go save someone in that van. Can you make sure the kids get out of here safely?" He trusts Gabriel. Maybe he shouldn't.

The van swerves to one side as the icy spike hits its tire, but although it deflates, it keeps on trucking; an armoured van can't be struck down so easily, and the rubber around the rim allows it to keep barrelling along and away with Monica inside.

Micah turns to face Gabriel and stands mouth gaping at who he knows as the villain. It's been several years since the Kirby Plaza showdown. Backing up slowly, he trips off the pavement and into a small patch of ice just off of the roadside. "I — Um…. we can take care of ourselves, we don't need help…." Why did Peter ask this guy of all people to get them to safety?! His expression softens slightly, however, at the memory of the showdown, his mother beating on Sylar. He takes his backpack off his back and extracts one of the plastic encased tasers he'd built in the days leading up to this, "I built this. I know how to use it…." he takes another step back.

Much like Micah, Molly doesn't trust Gabriel. She hasn't been privy to his change of heart and the last time she saw him, he was hunting her. Eyes widen in fear and her hands clamps down on Micah's. "P-P-Peter!" He's going to leave her with him?! How could he do that after all this man has done to her and her family? Though she doesn't exactly dive behind Micah for safety, she's not aggressively going after her boogeyman. Instead, she takes steps backwards, attempting to pull Micah along with her. "You stay away." She's not twelve any more. She can fight back, she will not let her fear of him rule her. But, she's shaking, and it's definitely audible in her voice.

Cam frowns as the van keeps going, and swears. (He's a 14-year-old New Yorker. He doesn't do it a lot, but those words are in his vocabulary.) He then looks up as Gabriel suddenly appears. "Oh, hey. Don't worry about us, they're getting away with Monica." That's when he notices Micah and Molly's reactions, and blinks, "Hey, he's ok. Remember when Deveaux got attacked, Micah? By the Pinehearst boss? He's the one who stopped him, saved us all. He's a friend of Kory's." Totally clueless of Molly and Micah's experiences with Gabriel. To him, Gabriel's a hero as much as Peter is.

"Peter!" Gabriel says in response to him, smiling slightly. Peter isn't straight up attacking him— this must mean that whatever was wrong with Peter when he took Zelda clearly isn't affecting him now. But does Gabriel care about this? To be quite honest, no, he does not. The only reason he's here right now is because of Peter. Just the sight of the man causes an anger to boil up rapidly inside of Gabriel, and he shakes slightly as he tries to keep his calm for just a bit longer. "Sure," he says, taking a look at the kids. "Don't worry," he says, holding out a placating hand, "I'm here to rescue you."

Okay, so that's really only half-true. The hand he's holding out towards the kids suddenly turns into a fist and begins to glow. Gabriel snaps his attention back to Peter, and winds up, letting his fist fly towards the other man's face, intending to punch him just about as hard as he physically can. "PETRELLI!"

See, here to rescue them. Peter's actually smiling a bit at relief that he's gotten some kind of back up from someone he trusts— even if Molly and Micah are reluctent. "It's okay, he's changed. This— "

That's as far as he gets in his support, cause it all gets pretty heavily destroyed with a punch in the face. It causes him to stumble away, any bruising or damage healing as quickly as it appeared, a hand coming up between them. "What the hell are you doing!?" They don't have time for a punch fight right now! It's— what if the bad guys descend down on them any moment?

"We don't have to fight anymore. We're just trying to rescue someone whose been captured."

"Him? He was the one that did that…" Micah says skeptically as he keeps backing up, however, he stumbles and trips slightly as he glances at Molly. Cam isn't reacting with any measure of fear. "He… he's not a nice guy, Cam… even… even if he did one good thing in his lifetime." He killed Molly's family. He calls back to Gabriel, "Just… just leave us alone…"

And then Gabriel sends his fist towards Peter. Quickly, using his Smartphone, Micah connects with the satellite and the van's GPS. He manages to get the signal in his phone. Wide-eyed, Micah reaches for his taser and presses the button to send a strong pulse through Gabriel before turning the other direction, "MOLLY! CAM!! RUUUUUUN!!!!" Even in spite of Peter's words, Micah does not trust the man formerly known as Sylar.

Some habits die hard. When Gabriel sends a punch Peter's way, Molly shrieks, knowing just how powerful this man can be. He's not the Nightmare Man, but he is still a man of her nightmares. "No! Peter!" Cam may not be afraid of him, may think he's a good guy for one reason or another but there is little that will make the young girl think that about the former serial killer. And this certainly proves it. Though Micah attempts to pull her along with him to run, she's not going leave Peter there with Sylar. She has no weapon of speak of and nothing that she can manage physically, but she rushes over to get herself between Gabriel and her hero. She'll kick him if she has to, but if he is tasered, she hopefully won't have to. "Stay away from him!" If only she had a truly useful ability, like healing or fire or anything other than what she has, she could be of use. But for now, she'll attempt to keep him away from Peter so they can all escape.

Cam may have been totally convinced that Gabriel was a hero, but that just went out the window. For a moment he just gapes as Gabriel punches Peter. With a *glowing fist*. At Micah's yell, though, he gets up quickly and moves to run after his friend, though slows again quickly as he sees Molly isn't going, and he hesitates, looking to Micah and Molly and then to Gabriel and Peter.

"Is that what you were trying to do when you took Zelda?" Gabriel screams, stepping forward towards Peter. "Just trying to rescue someone who was captured?!" He brings his fist up to punch Peter in the face again, but before he can connect he's hit from behind with a taser. What is it with tasers! Gene (who got away, and he is not about to let these ones get away) pulled the same stunt using his robot, so the moment the taser hits him, Gabriel knows better this time. As his body jerks and spasms, he falls to one knee, reaching around and pulling the darts out quickly. The electrical burns begin to heal over even as he stands, and he whips around, bringing his hand around with him in a quick swipe. He isn't going to punch the child, but he's certainly going to try and telekinetically knock the taser out of Micah's hands. Whether he's able to or not, the moment he swipes at Micah he has another distraction: a little girl rushing towards him, and she seems like she's on the mission. "Stay away," he says, keeping one eye on her, the other on Peter. "I don't want to have to hurt you, too."

Everyone's rushing at Gabriel, but Peter sees this ending badly for all. Three young teens and him, fighting a man whose possibly going to hurt all of them. "I didn't know what was going on then, Gabriel! I thought— " Damnit. There's no arguing this. As Molly rushes him, he yells, "No!" Suddenly he's moving in a blur. This is how he'd planned to catch the van, but he's using it to get around Molly and to the man with thick eyebrows far more quickly than can be tracked, or easily stopped. One quick punch to the man's face, followed by a second, and a third, and a fourth.

As Molly isn't following, Micah stops dead in his tracks, and, unfortunately, leaves himself vulnerable as he turns back to grab his friend. Gabriel easily knocks the taser out of Micah's hands, causing him to jar backwards. "Molly we have to go!" he urges as he reaches for the girl's hand. "Peter can teleport out of here, but we need to get to safety!" He tugs on her before shooting a hopeful look to Cam, seeking support.

"Now that I can fight back, you worry about me?" Molly spits the words out at Gabriel, her face a mask of anger all focused on the man that took her parents from her, who forced her into hiding for years. All because he wanted her ability and he didn't care how he got it. This is why she has to protect the man that gave her a choice, that cared about her as a human being and didn't just see her as a GPS system. If she abandoned Peter now, she would never forgive herself. It may not be rational, but she doesn't care. Though she approaches the serial killer, intent on keeping him away from her friends, she's cut off. Peter all but flies by Molly when he attempts to get between herself and Gabriel. Though she's angry and determined, she can't run faster than Peter with super speed. Instead, she vehemently shakes her head at Micah. "I'm not going to leave him! Go! Get Monica! She's heading due south."

Cam is definitely not rushing at Gabriel. He's just not running away yet. (And he probably would be if he knew how powerful Gabriel really was.) He almost moves to help Micah get Monica, but when she refuses to run he hesitates again. Totally lost on what to do. "We'll never catch up. Come on, Molly, let's go!"

Gabriel doesn't see anything more than a blur when Peter rushes him, and he doesn't even have time to get a defense up. One quick punch to the face and he staggers back, but he barely has time to do that before he's getting punched again. And again. He keeps staggering backward, just barely managing to stay on his feet, but he finally trips and falls over his own footing, crashing backward towards the pavement as Peter continues to punch him. In one last act of desperation he brings both of his hands in front of him, and sends forth the greatest burst of telekinetic power he can, aiming (and hoping) to launch Peter up into the air, and directly into the heart of the burning building.

The momentum of his accelerated speed isn't enough push against the solid force that hits him, tossing him upwards and away. The dark blur of Peter's form goes flying, tumbling a bit, until he disappears in the smoke and flame of the burning building.

Maybe staying to try and protect him wasn't the best idea? But at least they know he can get hit by a helicopter and live…

Sirens sound in the distance, not so far off and making their way closer.

And in that moment, Molly's determination, something breaks inside Micah. So this is what this feels like. He tries to follow the van, using his GPS to track his cousin. Still holding his Sprint Smartphone, he chases after it, despite the fact that it's long-gone, he whispers indiscernible words quietly to himself, trying to maintain his own focus. His mission is to rescue Monica; he can't divert from it. Cam can do what he wants, but all of their efforts will be in vain if he doesn't manage to retrieve his cousin, his last trace of biological family.

But the commotion of the fight, the noises, cause him to turn around and see Peter thrown into the fire. His friends will not be okay. Torn, and somewhat hurt, he stops running again. Frozen in place. After several seconds, he turns back to try to look out for Cam and Molly.

"Peter!" Molly cries as he is launched toward the burning building. He'll be alright? He'll be alright, won't he? Stooping down with a shriek of anger, she picks up a sizable chunk of rubble and hurls it at Gabriel. His telekinesis will most likely toss it away, but she's furious and frustrated and this is all she can think of to do in the face of her friends being scattered and injured. Tears streak down her ash and dirt covered face as she throws another rock at him and another, whatever she can get her hands on. "Why won't you ever just stay away?!" No, maybe staying with Peter wasn't the best idea in the face of Sylar, but it was the only choice for the teenager. The sirens don't even register for her, they're drowned out in the roar of fire and the buzz of her own emotions.

Cam bites his lip, stepping forward as Micah runs, to try to get Molly to run as well. He'll try to grab her arm if he has to, "Come on, there's cops coming."

As soon as Peter goes flying into the night towards the building, Gabriel quickly pushes himself up off of the ground and onto his feet. He turns in Molly and Cam's direction, the chunks of rubble bouncing off of his face and chest, and scrapes they might cause healing over instantly. "Peter will be fine, he has regeneration just like me," he says, advancing towards the girl. His head snaps in Micah's direction, and he puts a hand out in the air in front of him, lifting the boy off of the ground. He makes a fist, which causes Micah to float over to Gabriel and land on the ground next to him. "Move, and you'll be sorry." He turns his attention back to Molly and Cam, eyeing the pair of them, trying to decide what to do with them. "Same goes for you two. Peter will be fine, you can tru--" Well, they're really not going to trust him. "— just get moving. Over there. Move."

Micah has never flown in his life and all he can think as Gabriel telekinetically lifts him off the ground are expletives that fourteen year olds aren't supposed to use, so instead he choose one he can, "Efff!" He knows there's nothing he can do to stop Gabriel from taking him. Shaking, he stares at the man formerly known as Sylar before calling back to the other two, "Just go. Just go." He continues to shudder, this is not how he thought it was going to end…

If Micah thinks that Molly is about to leave him behind, then he's got another thing coming. Gabriel has his attention on getting Micah closer to him and making sure that he doesn't fall. "Cam, underneath his feet!" If he can get ice under Gabriel while Molly does exactly what she's planning, they may be able to take the grown up by surprise and they can all get out of here. The rock she has in her hand is hurled at the former serial killer and she's shortly following after it. It's a short distance now between herself and Gabriel and she closes it as quickly as her legs can take her. Leading with her shoulder, her aim is to tackle him to give themselves time to get away and find Peter.

Cam stops tugging at Molly's arm as Micah's caught so quickly, just looking up to Gabriel. He nods a little, though at Molly's words he suddenly grins, crouching quickly and placing his hand on the ground, forming a quick patch of sheer ice over from his hand to Gabriel's feet.

The rock grabs Gabriel's attention, and he snaps his head in Molly's direction, using the hand not holding Micah in place to send out an electric shock in Molly's direction. Not enough to truly hurt her, but enough to let her know that he isn't playing around. "We're leaving. Now!" Reaching out, he grabs the girl and scoops her up under his arm, keeping a tight hold on her (and delivering any shocks he has to) in order to keep her from squirming out of his grasp. Looking at Cam, his eyes narrow as he talks to him, his body glowing slightly as he begins to give off heat, melting the ice before it can even gain ground on Gabriel. "I hope you're smart enough to realize that trying to get away or stop me is a futile attempt. Now, like I said before. Move, before I have to do something drastic."


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