2008-02-25: Library and Diner


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Summary: Library trip to find Jamie's father followed by dinner at a diner.

Date It Happened: February 25th, 2008

Library and Diner


It's been a long day at the New York Public Library - and, admittedly, a pretty long, boring day. Microfiche and internet searches aren't exactly the Stuff Of Excitement.

(On the other hand, Ali swapped to glasses - thus revealing that she's not only blind as a bat without contacts, but also opening the door to tease mercilessly about how thick and ugly they are. And they /are/. Oi.)

But the saga's come out, over time - at least bits and pieces. A mother's funeral, the circus closing, the scandal six months later, even the arrest and the trial decision. Ali has studiously made copies of every page, printed every news article.. it makes for a respectable tome.

And here, as it approaches evening (a bit after dinnertime), the DJ's slumped a bit back in her chair down by the microfiche reader, rubbing at her eyes, those ugly glasses dangling from her other hand. "Mmph."

It's probably best that it did come out so slowly. Jamie's had time to adjust to each piece of news before getting the next, so there's no real super-strong reaction to anything that's happened, except for a short time of anger at the arrest of her father. Of course, she's had time to get distracted by a hundred other things over the course of the day too. Keeping her on track's been difficult, even given the subject. That and a complete lack of research skills and only a grade 3 reading level has left Ali to do most of the work. She now comes wandering over to where Ali's sitting, and asks, "Think we found it all?"

"Dunno." Ali brightens, as Jamie approaches, shifting to make room for, at the very least, a hug. "It's a lot - you okay?" It's an important, serious question.

It's odd, but there's an edge to Ali - an almost certain sorrow and worry that she can't /quite/ hide. NOt that she's not doing her best to hide it, mind you. The tension that's been growing all day remains regardless.

Jamie hugs Ali back and smiles, "I'm ok." She steps back a little to look at Ali a moment and asks, "What's wrong?" She's kind of a dense kid at times, but she eventually does pick things up.

Ali doesn't really let go easy. Not completely, anyway. "I think things just got a little crazy, is all." She puts on that sunny smile - and abruptly, uncaring of surroundings, slides off that chair into the floor. Sitting. She even pats the floor next to her. "Your dad's in jail." She squeezes the hand she's hung on to. "For doing something horrible to you, you know? So we know he didn't do anything. That's good news, right?" She takes a breath. "The thing is - we're gonna have to go talk to the DA, or the cops, or something. And when we do, it's gonna get really crazy. Social services is gonna want to take you - and they really should, 'cause technically your dad's in trouble, you know?"

She frowns, pauses - then tries out, "And then you've got the whole thing that we gotta get your dad out - I know somebody, maybe, who can help, but that's a big deal. It's not gonna be /easy/, you know? There's gonna be a lot of questions and probably news people and everything else."

Jamie blinks, and says softly, "Oh." She sits down beside Ali on the floor, sitting so she's leaning slightly against the DJ. She stares at her hands a moment and then says, "I don't mind the rest, but can't ya… um… tell them to let me stay with you, 'til things get fixed?"

"I'm gonna try." Ali leans in, draping an arm around the girl. "But I can't promise anything. Even if I told somebody to make sure it happened that way, they could get in a lot of trouble. I think you and me, kiddo - I think we need help." She smiles, then, lopsided. "On the plus side, though, it means your Dad's okay. He's probably missing you something fierce, too."

Jamie nods quickly and bites her lip. "I dunno who to ask for help, not like this. I dunno nobody who does stuff like that." She leans her head against Ali's side a moment and then nods to the last, smiling a bit, "Uh-huh. After… after we figure a way I can stay with you, can we go visit him?"

"Yup. And if you can't stay for whatever reason? We'll /still/ go visit him. I'm with you through all of this, kiddo - no matter how much of a mess it turns into." Ali squeezes, lightly. "S'okay, though - I know somebody who does this kind of stuff, or at least can point us the right way. You'd like her - she plays guitar, too.' The DJ leaves her head on Jamie's for a moment, "I'll give her a call tonight. I dunno how long it's gonna take to spring your dad, either. It might take a little while."

"You know - even if.. things don't work? I'ma be there, right? I'm not going anywhere, kiddo. I promise."

Jamie looks up to Ali again and says, "Thanks." She smiles a little. To the mention of knowing someone who can help, she asks, curiously, "What's her name?" She then nods and turns, reaching up to wrap a hug around Ali's neck. "Better not," she says, with a bit of a grin.

Ali hugs right back. "Jane Forrest. She's a little gruff, but she's got a good heart. You'll like her." She draws back slightly. "It's gonna be okay, you know?" Though who she's reassuring is really likely best determined with a flip of the coin. "The next few things are gonna happen really fast, though. Hmm. I'll call Jane tonight - and we'll just go from there." She abruptly mirrors that grin. "Okay. I admit it. I'm kinda excited, too. I can't wait to meet him."

Jamie is sitting with Ali on the floor by the microfilm machines, and there's a pile of papers by the machine they're sitting by. Jamie's leaning slightly against Ali's side and it looks like they've been discussing something serious. "He's cool. He doesn't trust many people outside the circus life, but bet you'll like him."

Luckily, in the bowls of the NY public library, nobody's giving them funny looks for sitting on the floor.

NOt yet, anyway. "Oh, so I'm circus-worthy? Ima call that a fabulous compliment." The DJ shifts, slightly, keeping her arm around the girl. "A little less fun.. uh. I.. kind of have the address where your mom's headstone is. We can go there, if you want - we can do that without anybody getting angry or lawyers getting involved."

Sophie pushes in the door, walking into the Library. She seems to be looking for someone, finally making it to the back where the microfiche machines are. Well, she IS the wannabe librarian.

Jamie doesn't notice Sophie's approach yet, her attention entirely on the conversation with Ali. She bites her lip and nods a little bit, saying softly, "Ok. Yeah, I wanna go see her."

"Kay. We'll go tomorrow, right after school." Ali tilts her head. "We'll get flowers, if ya want." She looks up at the table (trying to focus - her contacts aren't in, and her glasses, ugly things that they are, are left above, for the moment), then back - squeezing Jamie, one armed, then moving to stand. Very carefully.

As blind as the woman is without glasses? Nope. She doesn't see Sophie coming. In fact, she actually takes two tries to locate the pile of papers on the table. "I'm not really sure exactly where we're goin', but we'll find it."

Sophie finds the two, "Oh, hey there!" as she waves, saying it in a stage whisper people use in libraries.

Jamie stands up as well, though compared to Ali she practically bounces to her feet. She might not be very strong, but her muscle-to-weight ratio is pretty high. She looks up to Sophie then and smiles, "Hi!"

Ali blinks, looks in the direction of the voice. Squints. Sighs, and reaches for glasses - "MM. hi?" With cleared vision comes a bright smile. "Oh! Sophia! Hi!" She grins. "We found him. Just because it's good news and it gets shared, dangit."

Sophie looks puzzled, though she breaks into a bright smile to both. "Ooh, that's good. I could use some good news. Who'd you find?"

Jamie smiles up to Sophie and says, "My dad! He's alive! But he's in jail, so we gotta figure out how to get him out, and have things so I can still stay with Ali 'til he does. They think he killed me, which is stupid. He never even spanked me."

"Well, it's also kinda stupid kiddo 'cause.. you're still /breathing/, you know?" Ali grins, leans on that chair - "But yeah, we found him. And if she's alive, there's not much of anything they can charge him with, right? So maybe somebody in this berg gets a happy ending." The woman tilts her head - "So how come you're short on good news?"

Sophie nods to that. "I don't even have to check.." she pauses, "Well, you know, you're obviously NOT dead." she looks over, 'Oh, not short of good news. Just always need more. For my bank." she grins.

Jamie smiles to Sophie and says, "Yep! Just gotta get him out. Ali says it might take a while, so extra wanna stay with her." She looks up to Ali again and says, "I'm hungry, can we go get supper soon?"

"Sure, kiddo-" Ali fishes her cell out of her jeans.. and blinks. "Oh, man - yeah. I'm sorry, hon - I didn't pay attention." And she's already moving to gather papers - "Comin' with? And.. you have a good-news bank? Hee. I know some folks that could use a loan."

Lucky Joe's Diner

Sophie pushes open the door. She admits to Jamie, "I'm starving. And they serve everything here, all the time." The place is jumping, but there's still plenty of places to sit.

Ali's not quite there yet - she's outside, taking up sidewalk space, listening to her phone. "C'mon.. c'mon. I /know/ you're there." She sighs. "Answer."

Jamie grins, "Really? Everything? Do they got pizza?" This last is asked hopefully as she hops into a booth. She glances out towards Ali a moment but then looks back to Sophie. "Think she's calling someone who'll help with stuff with my dad."

Sophie nods as she says, "Oh, good. I will help if I can. I mean, I don't know what I can do.. but I'd love to help it."

Two of the three are inside - Sophie and Jamie in fact. They've got a booth in the crowded diner, having just settled in.

Outside, an Ali in bad glasses leans against Joe's front window, talking into a cellphone with an exasperated expression. "Hey, yeah - look, it's me. When you get this, gimme a call? I know I owe you a favor - I could use another one. Call me a freeloader, huh? Just.. anytime. Yeah." And she flips the phone closed. "Mmph. Where the heck are you?"

Jamie nods quickly to Sophie at that and smiles, "Thanks. Think it's all lawyers and cops and stuff. Main thing is, don't want 'em to make me go somewhere else 'til my dad's out, wanna stay with Ali 'til then." Her feet swing under her seat a little as she talks.

Sophie nods, "Oh, so you're staying with Ali now? That's good." she smiles, "From what I know, she's a really nice person. Weren't you staying in a bar or something before?"

William makes his way inside with his hands tucked into the pockets of his coat, and a messenger's bag over his shoulder. He pauses near the door to have a conversation with a waitress, giving her a friendly smile. "I should be done in May. Summer will be a good to time to start walking the streets." He says in response to some quiet question.

Madison slips in quietly, a little after William — she turns around, placing her hand against the door and cautiously letting it close slowly against a slight resistance, as if she were afraid of it making a lot of noise. Nevermind that it already rings. After she slips it delicately closed, she glances back over her shoulder — before turning and moving herself out of the way of the entrance.

The DJ outside actually takes off those glasses for a moment, rubbing at her nose - nope. No smile, just worry in that unguarded instant. But - the glasses go back on, and it's not until the smile returns that she heads for the door.

Jamie nods quickly to Sophie, and says, "Uh-huh." She wrinkles her nose, "Joe just pretended he loved me, so I'd help him break into houses. I'm not staying there anymore." She looks up at those coming in, and recognizing Willian gives him a wave with a smile.

Sophie frowns at that, talking to Jamie. "Well, that's just awful. Its like Oliver Twist." she sighs, "I'm glad you're not staying there anymore, then." she turns, then she breaks into a smile and wave to William too. She must've met him before.

William returns the wave and heads over towards the kid and woman with her. Madison gets a quick smile as well, when he turns to see who made the door ring. Then his attention is back on Sophie and Jamie. "Good day. Nice to see you around again. Getting yourself into lots of trouble?" The last part is aimed with a smile towards Jamie.

Madison perks up slightly when she's looked it! She doesn't.. wave or smile or anything, but she does give William an 'I know you!' look. She finally just.. nods her head a little, and then glances over idly toward the door. Noticing Ali, she moves a bit further — trying to keep herself out of the way, and all that.

Ali does head in - she /sees/ Madison, but isn't looking close. Not yet. She gets a friendly, if distracted, smile, though. She threads through the waitstaff, hoisting that bag on her shoulder, giving William a curious look as she approaches… but she's in no hurry. Not yet, anyway.

Jamie blinks, "Who's Oliver Twist?" Then she's looking back up to William and says, grinning, "Nope. Well, trying not to. Got in trouble yesterday at school when I tried to climb to the roof. Was an easy climb, bricks were sticking out to climb on the whole way up, but the teachers got scared and wouldn't let me."

Sophie hmms at Jamie. She chuckles, "There's a couple of good movies on it, we should watch one sometime. But yeah.. they dont' know what you can do. And they want you to be safe. So.. they worry when you do things like that."

William gives Jamie a quick smile. "Ah, but the teachers get scared easily. I taught for awhile. I know. And they don't know, or need to know, that they have Spiderman going to their school. Ali gets a friendly, look I'm harmless, smile as well.

Madison just.. stares at Ali for a moment! She lifts her hand just a little, and offers a small wave in reply to the smile. She hears the other conversation, and glances over — her head tilts a little bit to the side. Her hands come to rest, clasped together, infront of her waist; she listens on curiously.

Ali's phone trills - and the woman blinks, fishing it out of her pocket and flashing William (and past him, the rest of the table) an apologetic smile. She turns, flicking it open - "Hey!"

And honestly threatens to flatten Madison in her distraction.

Madison just.. watches. And listens. It doesn't even occur to her that Ali is heading right at her — until she's stumbling forward from a bump, falling flat on her face with a loud *CLUNK*. Her hands soon press to the floor to slowly pick herself up, her hair having flung about in the motion. She soon leans up onto her knees, her eyes closed tightly and a hand coming up to press against her forehead. Oof.

Jamie looks up to Ali and grins at the phone call. That's when she notices the other kid too, waving and saying a cheerful, "Hi. You ok?" Her attention is soon drawn back to William and she says, "I'm not like Spider-man. I don't got any powers for climbing or anything. *Anybody* coulda climbed that, if they weren't scared."

Sophie chuckles, "I don't know if I could. Of course, I don't know if I can climb your average tree."

William rolls his eyes over to Jamie. "Just don't start giving your teachers heart attacks until you're ready to graduate." He advises before he turns away, spotting Madison's fall. He steps towards her offer a hand up. "Well, that's a less dramatic fall than the last time I saw you.'

Ali starts out, "Yeah - hey, how's she - " And then that fades to a very quick, "Ohgod - " And abrupt worry, the phone set on a nearby table as she moves, just as william does, to try to help the girl up. "You okay? I'm sorry - "

… She's shorter, sure. But she's not paying /him/ anymore attention than she paid Madison.

Sophie turns worried also, seeing the fall. She winces, "Oh, poor honey. That had to hurt." as she gets up, with the others, to comfort the dear.

Madison lifts her chin slowly, peeking one eye open — it's a little watery as she continues to rub her forehead with her hand. "Ah-.. Y-yes, I, um.." She mumbles off, slowly lifting her other hand to take hold of the one offered to help her up. Of course, then she becomes aware that she's being fussed over by multiple people — and she immediately starts trying to pick herself up alone, putting the hand that was sliding up down against the floor to push herself up. "Oh, I'm.. I'm fine! Perfectly fine, it doesn't hurt at all." She says, slowly easing the hand off her forehead. It's a little red. But mostly from pressing and rubbing.

Jamie watches the other girl a moment more as she gets up. She made no offer to help, of course, but also seems to assume the other girl is fine. She stays quiet now for a moment.

William dodges catching his own elbow from Ali with a shake of his head. "Watch where you're going." The command doesn't sound particulary annoyed though. Just a statement from the easy going man. He gives Madison as much of a boost up as she'll let him then takes a quick look at her head. "Well, if you survived the mugger the other night, you'll survive that. Might leave a great bruise though. I bet we could get you some ice." He looks to a nearby waitress at that.

Oddly enough, Ali flinches away from that easy statement anyway. "Hey. Sorry - I.." She looks up at William - and murmers something vague that might be more apology before snagging that phone. And retreating. With an embarrassed flush. Luckily - the waitress there's paying attention, and it doesn't turn into splattered waffles (that's criminal, that is).

But she raises the phone to her ear, heading then for the door with another, "Sorry - " To the waitress - "Yeah. Yeah. I'm here. How's she doing?" A pause. "You… got a minute?" The continued embarrassment comes through.

Sophie takes a breath, relieved the girl seems alright. "Well, maybe we should order." to Jamie, "Did you still want pizza?"

Madison nibbles her lower lip softly for a moment, looking from William, to Ali, to William. "Ah-.. Yes, ice. I guess that'd be a good idea, maybe." She replies, shrugging her shoulders. After all, it isn't long before she starts feeling a softly pulsing heat on her forehead! "Umn-.. by the way.." She mumbles off for a moment, closing one green eye and staring up at William for a moment. "I wanted to thank you for helping me the other day. I didn't really do that before." She murmurs, swaying on her heels a bit.

Jamie nods quickly to Sophie and says, "Yes please! Hawaiian!" She looks back to Ali again curiously as she goes back to the phone, and then says to Sophie, "Dunno what she'll want."

William gives Madison a smile. "You're welcome. I'm sure there were many people who would do the same." Or not, but well, he'd always be willing to do it. "Ah, and here comes ice. Thanks." He says to the waitress, who brings out a baggie of it with a layer of kitchen towel around it. "Here, put that on your head."

Ali's distracted - she's talking rapid-fire on the phone, "Yeah, look - I owe you one, and I know it - but. Well, I have this thing. It's kind of important - you got time? I know the stuff with Kitty isn't easy.."

But she's out, into the street. At least it's polite, as far as it goes.

Madison takes the icepack gingerly between her hands and places it against her forehead — so accutely aware of how much of a dork she must look like, she glances around a few times, and nibbles a little on her lower lip nervously. "Ah.." She murmurs off, for a moment. "Tell that other man I said thank you as well if you see him? I don't actually know who either of you are.." She says, moving the icepack out of the way of one eye to peek up. "I'm Madison."

Sophie says, "You mean the kind with the pineapple? Ok. Me, I think I'm going for the waffles, with some eggs. I love that they serve breakfast all the time." as she tries to get the waitress' attention.

Jamie nods quickly to Sophie and grins, "Yep." She looks over to Madison again then and gives a little wave, saying again, "Hi. I'm Jamie," she adds this time.

William gives Madison a smile. "I'll tell him you said that if I see him around. I'm Will." Jamie gets a smile as well. "Hey, maybe you should go meet her. She's about your age." And that should be enough right?

Madison looks over toward Jamie! Hyah. Other kids. "Ah-.. Hello! Nice to meet you..!" She says, bowing her head a little for a moment - and pressing the ice more firmly to her forehead, so that it doesn't just drop out of her hand to the floor.

Jamie nods quickly to Sophie and grins, "Yep." She looks over to Madison again then and gives a little wave, saying again, "Hi. I'm Jamie," she adds this time.

William gives Madison a smile. "I'll tell him you said that if I see him around. I'm Will." Jamie gets a smile as well. "Hey, maybe you should go meet her. She's about your age." And that should be enough right?

Madison looks over toward Jamie! Hyah. Other kids. "Ah-.. Hello! Nice to meet you..!" She says, bowing her head a little for a moment - and pressing the ice more firmly to her forehead, so that it doesn't just drop out of her hand to the floor.

Outside, the DJ talks animatedly on that phone - gesturing - Jersey in full swing, but - it's serious, not angry. She paces across the door… and the conversation doesn't last long.

By the time it's done, she's grinning, closing the phone, and almost bouncing for the door in. Not that she /looks/ before she leaps, as it were.

Sophie places the order, including drinks. She gets juice. She says, "So, how'd you end up living with Ali?" to Jamie, while waiting for said Ali to join them for dinner.

Jamie grins to Madison and says, "You too." She looks back to Sophie then and says, "She got Joe to tell me the truth. Then I didn't have nowhere so she said I could stay with her."

William heads back over towards Jamie and Sophie, maybe in an attempt to get Madison to follow him as well. He looks back to her. "Out all alone again?" He asks with a note of concern in his voice.

Madison nods her head, looking to William — but she doesn't follow. ".. I should probably get back. I just came to say thank you, actually.." She says, closing one eye. She slips over to the counter, easing the ice off of her forehead and setting it down — not her towel, after all. "Ah.. I'm sure I'll see you around again some time..!"

George arrives a little while after Ali steps inside, also with a phone call in progress that keeps him hanging around just outside the diner's front door. "—market fluctuations, I know," he says, running his free hand through his hair. "But calling it a Great Leap Forward is a straw man. If he can't handle explaining that to the press, then pink-slip him and I'll--" A pause, leaning back against the wall as he listens. "All right. Call me if anything changes." Shaking his head, he hangs it up and heads inside, rubbing his eyes in reaction to the change in lighting.

Ali scruffs Madison's hair as she passes (or tries, anyway) - flashing the girl a grin. "I'm glad you're okay, right?" But she's past, shooing Jamie over - "Scooch. Okay. So I have this lawyer friend - and she says she'll do it. She'll help - on the condition that she gets to talk to you about it." William gets a flash of that brilliant smile, but her words are for Jamie, still, that distinctive voice carrying a bit in her excitement. "She said she thinks that she can put it all together. No promises, but - I trust her, you know?"

Sophie smiles over at Ali, as she says, "That sounds like great news! I hope she can help." then adds, teasingly, "About time you got here. She ordered pizza, did you want anything?"

Jamie scoots over into the booth as Ali comes to sit down, and grins, "Yeah! I don't mind talkin' to her. When? Wanna see my dad soon as I can, but don't wanna visit 'til she makes it so I can stay with ya still."

William looks over to Madison with a shake of his head. "The big city is a dangerous place for a kid alone." Though if getting mugged in the park didn't teach her that, what will? And then his phone must be vibrating before he pulls it out of his pocket. He gives a simple wave goodbye as he opens it on his way out the door, with a fluency in Spanish that might be surprising on someone who can look so middle America.

Madison blinks a few times — she stares up at William, and then perks up when her hair is scruffed! Her hands quickly start fixing her hair, and her lips draw together tightly for a moment. By the time she finishes, William is talking on the phone — she just ducks her head down a little, and turns to head out the door quietly.

George reaches back, holding the door for an extra moment as William and Madison pass him by. "What's this about lawyers?" he asks, heading over toward Jamie's table and looking around for an extra seat to pull up toward.

"Oh, no - I'm fine. A coke or someth.." Ever seen someone go from zero-to-flustered in under a second? That'd be Ali, as George discusses lawyers and looks for a chair. "Er. Hi." She reaches up for her glasses, adjusting them uncertainly - and. Well. While George is distracted in chair hunting? Yup. Off the come.

Of course, that means she's squinting to look at Sophie, but what price vanity?

"Yeah. A lawyer." She clears her throat. "Jane's gonna help out Jamie, here - and she said she could probably pull that off, kiddo. I hope, anyway."

Sophie nods at that, brows going up as she watches the glasses go up. She tries to hide a smile, but she does look happy about the news. She peers a moment at George. "Have we met?"

Jamie smiles at that and says, "Cool." She looks up to George. It may be a stranger, but she greets as cheerfully as she greets most people, "Hi." She nods and says, "My dad's in jail, for killing me. Which is silly."

Fortunately for Ali's fashion sense, George is still residually distracted from the annoyance of that phone call earlier, and then switching gears to greet Jamie back. It wouldn't do to take things out on the kid here. "That does sound silly. I take it there's a forehead-slapping story behind it? And yeah, if it's the Jane I'm thinking of— I haven't actually seen her work, but she seems dedicated, at least."

"Hey, she got me off, you remember - when I broke that kid's arm?" Ali pauses, flushes. "From the .. charges, you know. Not.." She sighs, looks mostly in George's direction. "Don't say it. And - George, Sophia - Sophia, George."

Ali gives a best guess wave from one to the other on introductions, adding - "And Jamie, too." This one's a bit easier, and the DJ gives the girl a one-armed hug.

Sophie waggles her fingers toward George. She smiles, "Well, its good to meet you, George." she says, courteously.

George smiles back at Ali. Hey, he was on her side on that one, too! "Nice to meet you, Jamie. Sophie, good seeing you again." They've met before, and he knows a thing or two about her - just not enough to really put into context, yet. Settling into the chair, he falls quiet again for a moment, waiting for the stories to continue.

Jamie smiles at that and says, "You too." Then she shrugs a bit and says, "Kinda a long story." She looks up to Ali and back to George again and says, "Just found out what happened today, took *all* day in the library."

Ali rolls her eyes. "Not /all/ day, kiddo - just the afternoon." The woman grins - "And you ended up with pizza /and/ we found your pop. Not a bad couple of things, right?" She looks mostly in the direction of George - "I haven't seen you around for a while. He keeping you busy or something?"

Sophie is happy to see her food arrive. Looks like she was pretty hungry as she digs in. She looks up, listening to the conversation.

George rolls his eyes. "I pretty much knew it going in, but man, it's a different thing being in the middle of it. But never mind that—" He is, after all, taking a much-needed break. "How'd they bust your dad? I mean, obviously there wasn't a body for them to find… or at worst, there was the wrong body."

Jamie nods a little to George and says, "Wasn't one. After my mom died, I thought he did too and ran away. Dunno why I thought that, made sense then. But he didn't tell nobody for months. So guess they thought it was his fault."

"Which means some DA somewhere got it in their head that it'd make their career, or something." Trust the DJ to be a cynic. "Isn't that usually how it goes? On the plus side, it means he hasn't left town or anything."

Sophie shakes her head, 'It seems wrong. I mean, they obviously didn't have anything concrete to even say you were dead. And to imprison someone on that? Someone is going to end up in trouble for that.'

"You'd think so," George muses, "but the guy arguing that he made a reasonable decision? Same guy who got a murder conviction without a corpse in the first place. I wouldn't count on him getting any worse than some dirty looks."

Jamie shrugs a bit to that and says, "I dunno how that stuff works. Just stupid. Gonna get my dad out, though, for sure."

"We'll get him." Ali smiles, then .. and surreptitiously stuffs her glasses into that bag. "However - you'd best eat up. Bedtime soon - you /still/ have school tomorrow, you know. You promised, kiddo."

Sophie nods, thoughtfully. "I should probably get to work myself.." she says, "I have to be at the library in an hour. I'm glad I got to eat first."

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