2011-03-08: Library Commodities



Date: March 8, 2011


Aurora noses around in the NYU library, and not even a sociologist knows what to make of it.

"Library Commodities"

Greenwich Village, NYC - NYU Library

It's late evening on a Tuesday on March 8th, 2011. Most of the students are engrossed in their studies completing term papers or doing their various research routines for their various classes. This shouldn't come as a shock that Seth is in the midst of the mass of people studying and typing away on his laptop. He seems completely absorbed as books are spread around his workstation and random notes scattered to and fro.

While many there are college students, not all of them are. Blending in is easy as pie, though; it makes it a breeze to get into the library and have a look at some of the more detailed volumes. We're talking the kinds of things that the public library doesn't have in spades. Specifically, a rather thick book about metallurgical history. It sits opened up to one of the noble metals, next to Aurora who's looking around at the students to see if she can knick a computer terminal that's logged in on a student account.

Seth, being the observant person he is, looks up when a patron catches his eye. He's been working on his dissertation for the last few hours lightly snacking as he scratches his head periodically. Though when he catches sight of Aurora he tilts his head blinking a few times before shrugging. He sighs before looking over to the left of himself to a student workstation that a unwise freshman has walked away from. What luck, he's not logged out of the computer system!

She's a wiley one, that Aurora. Part street smarts, part experience, part having others take care of her, but whatever the reason - and despite actually being able to afford her own computer, or her own tuition for that matter - she seems to want to live frugally. The big book of minerals and metals is abandoned as she slides into the seat next to Seth. "Don't tell anyone about this, okay?" The keyboard is already clicking along as she speaks up.

Seth begins to chuckles as he observes Aurora suddenly appear next to him and use the unsuspecting freshman's student account. "Alright, I won't say anything unless you start doing something extremely illegal…" He looks back at his books a bit shy before saying, "You don't looks familiar… do you go here?" Seth slowly looks back over toward woman timidly. He's clearly being coy, though at least he's attempting.

Illegal appears to be the last thing on her mind. Rather than take advantage of the freshman's student account and surely wind up getting said student banned, suspended, or worse, Aurora clicks the web browser on over to…eTrade or something similar. Point of interest? The market value of gold and other commodities per ounce, per barrel, or whatever. The next tab over? Well, judging by the raibows and horses, it would appear to be some sort of comic or cartoon site.

Seth seems to be too curious about the surfing habits of the woman to not laugh as he notices her tab structure. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. I noticed your choice of entertainment sites… might I say you're one of the most interesting individuals I've met lately…" He pauses looks around slowly lowering his voice to speak with Aurora privately. "I apologize, I'm being rude. I'm Seth, by the way." He slowly offer his hand over toward the female.

"Everyone like unicorns. Fact." That, and having a crapload of gold could make owning one a possibility, maybe. In imaginationland at least! "Aurora. No, I don't go here. This library just has books my library doesn't. Research books, the real hardcore stuff. Hey, have you ever seen any jewelry made out of platinum?"

There's certainly no argument from Seth, though his accent soon becomes more apparent as Irish in dialect as he says, "You know, you have a point there." He then pauses allowing Aurora to introduce herself. He nods seeming to follow along before the subject drastically changes suddenly to platinum jewlery. He shakes his head before saying, "Can't say I have lass. Are they more complex to design?"

Before she answer, Aurora gives a little shrug. "Yeah, I guess they're harder to design. I haven't seen any, myself, but they're worth a lot more than regular gold jewelry. Harder to find. Scientists use a lot of it, for chemistry and stuff. Pay a lot of money for even a little bit of the stuff." A few clicks of the keys, and the commodities trading site gets changed over the Google, and she pulls up a few website favorites detailing some of the world's most famous jewels and treasures. "See, mostly old gold and precious stones."

Seth looks upon Aurora nodding as he listens intently. He seems quite interested as she speaks, as though it's not typical for him to be able to speak with a complete stranger. "Oh really? That's quite compelling." He then moves his chair a bit to look on upon Aurora's screen, completely abandoning his disseration tonight. "Wow, they're so… shiny?"

"If they weren't shiny, people probably wouldn't like them half as much. Nobody goes on ranting about coal until it gets smushed down into diamond." Then, it's time for a random (and totally bumpy) seque from jewelry to something else. "This place is pretty expensive then, huh? I bet you have to have really good grades to be accepted too. Everyone seems to be ranting and raving about this place, but I haven't really seen what makes it different than any other college, except that this is in New York."

Seth laughs as he nods in agreement with Aurora. "Well, that's logical. Why didn't I think of that?" He looks down rubbing the back of his neck shifting his eyes away from the girl as his cheeks begin to blush a bit. "Expensive? Um… kind of I guess. I've been here mostly on scholarship and various grants from the college." He then looks up again waving a hand dismissively. "You don't have to be a super genius, though surely the lower functioning community college students might not be suited for this place." He then looks around slowly shrugging before saying, "I don't know, I like it. Probably why I've opted to stay on a trial professorship."

"Hey, that's neat. What are you staying on to teach?" Aurora asks, but it doesn't seem like her heart is totally into the question. Instead, she's mouse-clicking furiously on some flash web game. "Yeah, I never managed to get from high school to college. Just went right to work. Didn't have much inspiration to do anything. Life kinda sucked hard for a while. Still pretty much does." There's an over-emphatic shrug of the shoulders there, but she still doesn't look at Seth while she answers.

Seth begins to smile as she seems to be interested. "Oh, I am planning to be teaching in the Social Science department as one of the Sociology professors." It's only when she begins to click away as he's talking that his smile fades once more. "Well, I can't say that's not a bad path really. Higher educations isn't for everyone. It's why the process isn't really a requirement." He then tilts his head nodding slowly before saying, "Well maybe life has something in store for you. Yes?" There it is, the Irishman is attempting to be optimistic.

"Doubtful. Highly doubtful. It's alright though. I've got a pretty solid groove going, and that's okay for me. Part-time work all the way, since it gives more time to just do whatever." Click click click. She keeps on matching up those jewels and running the score up. "A low profile's alright by me, honestly. I don't like people all that much either. Sometimes they get really aggravating."

Seth nods awkwardly as Aurora speaks. "Yeah, for sure. For sure…" He then nods again seeming to be agreeing with her, though his face speaks of a little hesistation as they sit there awkwardly chatting now. "I guess I can see how you might find people aggrivating. Some people a little more prone to judge and enforce those social inequalities we so much like to impose in the Americas…"

"Yeah, I just don't care about those people anymore. Screw them, I guess. All they need to do is leave me alone." With that, there's some more clicks, and Aurora stands up at the terminal. Always considerate, she leaves the computer terminal just the way she found it, logged in and ready to go. "Anyway, I was just killing time here after work closed but before I wanted to go home. Now I'm done." The big volume of minerals and metals is left on the table; the only things she takes with her are her own backpack and coat.

Seth sits back seeming to slip into an almost natural councilor postion moving one leg over the other before setting interlaced hands upon his leg. "I see, so what I'm hearing is that people in your life aren't treating you that well. Is that correct?" He then nods slowly as we waves to the girl. "Oh, alright. I really should be getting back to my paper." He then grins as he watches her move. "Maybe I'll see you around Aurora?"

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