2007-05-25: License To Kill


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Summary: A discussion of boyfriends, unusualness, and a suggestion for meeting and greeting at a party.

Date It Happened: May 25th, 2007

License To Kill

Times Square, Manhattan, NYC

It's a Sunday morning, and already on the way to a high of 90F (32C), which has the guitar case and backpack toting brunette wearing a beige cotton skirt which stops about two inches above her knees, a tank top, and those two inch heeled boots. She pulls her phone up and checks the time on the display, reading 12:07 pm, and continues on her way across Times Square. She's after some guitar supplies; a few spare strings and maybe a pick or three. But along the way something at a newsstand catches her eye and she stops to check it out. It's a man reading a paper, in which is a report of some party that was just announced by unusual means. The item is facing her, and she sees the name Jaden Cain. Her eyes go wide, and she turns from the sight to the newsstand counter, reaching for a copy of that publication and pulling money from a pocket to pay. Then she starts to read. At the moment she isn't even thinking that Times Square could be where Petrelli For Senate has NYC headquarters.

It's neither the right day nor temperature for a full suit. Nathan moves in the opposite direction to Jane, unconsciously towards her, dressed in slacks and a button-down, with very reflective sunglasses to combat the glare of a sun. He's holding a suitcase loosely in one hand, and in the other is his cellphone, attention on the little screen as he weaves through the Time Square crowds, towards his HQ. No rest for the wicked, although perhaps his PA is taking a day off because he's making his own coffee-and-newspaper run. He stops at the newsstand, pocketing his phone, and selecting two separate issues of newspaper. He pauses there, once all is paid for, to glance over the front page of one with a slight frown.

He's about to drift away again when he catches sight of a Jane doing almost exactly the same thing. Well, it's Times Square. Everyone eventually passes through this juncture at one stage or another. He turns the article on Cain's shenanigans towards her, catching her attention by speaking up with, "More than you bargained for?"

Her eyes are focused on the article, which mentions something about a pirated broadcast and a possible FCC action regarding the hijkacking of broadcast airwaves, along with a possible movie about Mr. Cain in the works that Sam Raimi was approached to direct. She murmurs "I said I might wear that dress when he least expects it." But she knows he'll ask. Her head shakes a few times, and the eyes close, then there's a voice speaking to her. A familiar male one. "Good morning, Nathan. I… Well, he's unusual. Odd as it may sound, I need that."

"Need more unusual," Nathan paraphrases, a little cynically, raising an eyebrow before looking back at the story. He scans it over, not really one to read the gossip stuff unless it's centred around himself or his family, and certainly not the reason he bought the papers. "Well each to their own."

Her eyes raise to meet his, a smile settling onto her face, despite the cynicism in Nathan's voice. Maybe he'll understand, maybe he won't, but things are what they are. "He makes me laugh, reminds me to stop and enjoy life, let myself have fun sometimes. Because life is short." Somewhere behind her eyes is reflected a shadow of the things she's survived in these last few months, some of which he knows about and some he doesn't. Like recently facing an unexpected Company agent and being stripped of ability to speak recognizable language, and the fear of being mindaltered again which had her advance on a gun. "It helps me stay sane, if that makes any sense."

Nathan glances up at her as she speaks, before removing his sunglasses and folding the newspaper up once more, tucking it under his arm. He dons a slight smile, because he at the very least gets that, it seems. "Well, if it keeps you sane, that's invaluable," he states with a loose shrug. "It's difficult enough to find purchase, these days." He glances at his wristwatch, sort of gestures to imply 'let's walk and talk', moving to do so. "So it's working out for you."

Folding her own paper, Jane moves along with the senatorial candidate, replying "It is. And you're back in the saddle again, I read. It's great to see this." There's respect and admiration in the way her words are spoken, and the expression shown in doing so. "Have any other opponents declared, Nathan?"

"None that I'm aware," Nathan says, with a touch of an amused smile. Hey, it's nice to be the only horse in the race, if only for a short time. "The recall's thrown most of everyone into a loop, people are still trying to find their place, I guess." Bad time to mention that he knew what was going to go down with Reed ahead of time, so he adds, "I guess I'm quick to take an opportunity when it's given. Names will start popping up any day now, inevitably."

"You'll win," she states with quiet confidence, "and win again when the remaining term is complete." Jane slips the hand back into the pocket she pulled money to buy the paper with and comes out with a thin plastic card, which she displays for him to see, along with a slightly embarrassed smile. "And I set things right." It's a new driver's license, issued by the State of New York. "Residency is established, and I'm registered. This time I get to vote for you."

Nathan glances her way when she goes to show him something, focusing on the card briefly before looking back at where he's going, smile widening a little further. "Good work. At least I got one sure-fire vote," he says. "Guess I just need to stay on that path. Was it my politics that swayed you or do you just want a flying Senator?" This is delivered quietly, words easily blown away in the hustle and bustle of New York City, as well as seriously - save for the smirk telling otherwise.

"I think," Jane replies quietly for only him to hear, "you had me when you showed up at my door when I was in hell, Nathan. The flying? That's just bonus. You weren't running for anything then, you didn't have to come find me, and your brother was out. But you didn't forget. Nakamura? I've yet to have a sighting of him I can remember." She re-pockets the license, focusing her eyes ahead.

A glance. There's a name that hasn't cropped up in a while. Which means either the world is saved or something bad has happened, Nathan has to figure. Then again, Nathan had his turn at being a hero, and with the amount of people who apparently have superpowers, Hiro has to have a whole lot to choose from. His shrug his dismissive. "I haven't seen much of Nakamura either," Nathan puts in. "He's kind of evasive. No doubt he'll show up when you're not expecting it." Still. He files this away, somewhere in his mind, curiousity getting the better of him. The newspaper he bought is gestured with again, the report on this… costume party on the cover. "So, should I expect you there?" A beat, and he explains, "A friend of the family is attending, it's a good idea for me to keep up appearances." God help him.

She nods slowly. "Then again, it isn't so much that I'd know if I did see him. Man could be right behind me and I'd have zero clue." Then that topic is left behind. "I'll be there," Jane replies with a chuckle, her eyes closing, and a shake of her head. There's a very inward groan at the knowledge he'll be after her to wear a Jessica Rabbit dress. And the creeping thought that she just might do it. "The good news on that, Nathan, is no one will recognize you if you don't want them to. Costumes can be good for that." Meaning if Jaden does something nuts he wants distance from, escaping unnoticed might not be too hard.

"Short guy, kinda pudgy, excitable," Nathan mutters, when Jane points out the obvious, not meaning to be especially helpful but hey, it could come in handy. It's a pretty apt description of Hiro, however brisk. "Costumes can also be annoying as hell. I'm either going in a tux and saying I'm Bond James Bond or staying at home." That is, unless Heidi talks him into something more creative. But, doubtful. Hell, he's probably going to be dateless. Depressing.

Her head tilts. "The sort one can't so much help noticing if he's around, then." And a quiet laugh follows. "Will you be having a martini that's shaken and not stirred, too?" Jane lapses silent for a moment, as if thinking about something, which she then expresses. "You could press the flesh, meet and greet people, asking for a license to kill in the US Senate."

Okay, that gets a small and short laugh from Nathan, breaking through the usual wave of moroseness his train of thought keeps leading him to, and he just shakes his head. "That was terrible," he says, mock-scolding. "I may have to come up with some other idea entirely, now." It's here that his walking slows to a halt, as they've come to stand out front a once familiar building, to Nathan. Right now, it's not plastered with Vote Petrelli posters as it had been last year, and to peer inside, only a few people flit around. The army has not yet amassed, a little too early to do so, but he has his headquarters back. "This is my stop. I'll be here every other day if you're ever in the area."

There's a flash of indignance in response to his words, and a quick reply. "It wasn't that bad, Nathan," Jane insists. "At least not for something thought up in fifteen seconds." Her eyes sweep across the office they've reached, and she nods. "I'll be around. Maybe I'll pop up a time or two, set out the open case in front of here, and play, giving the take as campaign donations." She watches his face for the acceptability of that idea, adding "And perhaps use my legal training to secure rights for songs you might want to associate with the electoral push. Be glad, Doctor Nathan Petrelli, I don't offer to play lawyer for just anyone." The words are punctuated with a broad smile.

The busking idea makes him smile faintly, gaze flicking to her ever-present guitar case, and Nathan shakes his head. "No donations necessary, but no one'll be kicking you off the premises," he promises. At this next offer, he raises an eyebrow, taking this into consideration. "Well I can't say you're not more than likely twice as capable as half the people I end up talking to on a daily basis, so careful, Forrest, I may need to take you up on that." A hand raises to touch her arm, before Nathan steps back. "Say hi to Elle or Pete for me if you see 'em first." He hasn't managed to catch up with his brother in a few days, so.

"I will," Jane replies, as her feet return to motion and carry her along across Times Square, resuming their path to the music supply store. Soon she's gone from view of the once and again Petrelli campaign headquarters.

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