2008-02-02: Lie and Promise


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Summary: Peter surprises Gabriel at the apartment, leading Gabriel to discover Elle wasn't entirely truthful with him.

Date It Happened: February 2nd, 2008

Lie and Promise

Peter Petrelli's Apartment / Somewhere in the City!

Elle has long left the apartment, leaving Gabriel alone to his own devices. This includes cleaning up the leftovers from dinner, and then sitting on the couch and staring at the TV. He also does a little bit of staring at Snowy, per usual, but it isn't long before he pats his lap, inviting the dog up into it. He pets her idly, watching the TV. Some show about watches, but he doesn't really seem that interested in it. He finally stands from the couch, carrying Snowy with him, and he paces around the apartment, restless.

The dog certainly wants the attention. There's been a lot of lapsed time when her owner keeps disappearing for long bursts at a time. Future. Viruses. Reforming Serial Killers. It's like he's never home! While the man walks around the apartment, he'll hear a door open in the hallway, keys ting together as the door locks, and then that very same person approaches the door of this apartment. A key goes into the lock, opening the deadbolt and then the doorknob, before pushing open all the way. It's not a maintance guy, or anything like that. It's Peter. The keys are dropped into his pocket. "Elle? Gabriel?" he calls out. Was Elle supposed to be with him?

The sound of the keys are noticed easily thanks to superhuman hearing, and Gabriel turns towards the door leading to the hallway. "Who do you think it is?" he says in a low voice to Snowy, scritching her behind the ears as he moves towards the door. He assumes that it's going to be Elle, but when Peter walks through the door, he's slightly taken aback. "Peter?" he says, looking past him into the hallway before the door is closed, and then back to the man when the door finally latches shut. "Elle's not here. She's supposed to be with you." His brow furrows, a frown settles onto his face as he looks at him.

Peter doesn't have anyone with him, that's pretty obvious. He locks the door after a moment, stepping deeper into the apartment so he can see the man and the dog, already reaching up to pat her on the top of the head when Gabriel finishes what he has to say. The hand drops away. Snowy might well be dissapointed, but at least she's still being held, so her tail keeps wagging. "She's not with me. I haven't seen her— I actually haven't seen her since… since the last time we were all together." He got distracted the last few days, which he can't quite admit to. At first he looked happier, but it's starting to get new worries.

No. That's not right. Elle told him she was going to see Peter for a few hours. This obviously is not the case. He doubts Peter would have any reason to lie to him, but he double-checks anyway. "Are you sure?" he says, passing off Snowy to Peter, turning to move towards the couch. "She said she was going to go see you. I assumed she's been with you this whole time." Once at the couch, he kneels down in front of it, pulling up the cushion on the far right to see if the Beretta he took from Meryl is there. It's not. Gabriel leans back on his heels, staring at the empty spot, resting his hands on his thighs. "… She lied to me."

With the dog that's still very puppy like gets handed off, Peter takes her and moves over to the couch, looking at the cushion lifting with a raised eyebrow. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that something might be missing from there. Bending down, he sets her on the floor and picks reaches to pull something out of a desk drawer, a chew toy that squeaks. He hands it off to the dog, letting her pull it out of his hand like there's a fight, before she runs off to gnaw on it. The squeaking will be heard for a while. "What would she go out to do that she wouldn't want you to follow her on? Do you think she'd go to Pinehearst by herself?"

"… No," Gabriel begins, standing from his spot on the floor and sitting on the couch— although he more flops down into it, putting a hand to his forehead and massaging his temple as he thinks. "I really, really doubt that would be the place that she goes to." Gabriel doesn't explain why she wouldn't go there, choosing to gloss over it for now. But where would she go? Especially that would cause her to lie to him? "I don't know where she could be," he finally says, letting out a sigh. He shrugs at Peter, looking up at him. "I really don't. She's armed, though, wherever she went. There was a gun under the cushion. It's gone now."

He really really doubts? Peter can't help but look at the other man quietly for a moment before he straightens to move to a chair and sit down. Not on the love-seat like couch he has, but the chair. "Well, is there anywhere else she would go that she would believe she needs a gun?" he asks, frowning quietly and looking at one of the bookshelves, as if checking to see if something had been moved, or molested, or taken. He doesn't seem upset about a gun in his apartment. If they'd gone through his closet, he has three. Only one of which is legally registered. One is even Company issue, with a silencer of all things.

"Maybe the Company?" Gabriel offers, but he doubts that idea just as much as the next one. "I don't…" Gabriel takes another sigh, rubbing his palms into his eyes as he leans forward. "It's been a rough couple of days," he says, turning his head to give Peter a sidelong glance out of the corner of his eye.

"We went to Pinehearst a few days ago." His tone is gentle, but there's a quality to it that suggests he'll explain more fully later. The focus is Elle. "It didn't go well. The past few days have been… they have't been great. Tonight, though, I cooked dinner for her. It really seemed to help. Then she told me she was going to go see you, and I really thought nothing of it, but now that you're here…" Standing from the couch, Gabriel moves to one of the windows, looking out of it as he crosses his arms over his chest. "I know the usual Elle can handle herself, but I don't know if she's her usual self yet. She's been through a lot the past few days."

A lot happened. They went to Pinehearst. Peter frowns a little, though he honestly had expected them to, just as they knew he'd probably go speak to his mother as soon as he left that night. They're both do-ers more than wait-ers after all. It's not in their nature to sit around twiddling thumbs, anymore than it's in his. "First of all— does she have a cellphone on her? Do you have any way of contacting her?" he asks, leaning forward until his arms are resting on his knees. Snowy can be heard making squeaky toy squeak in the bedroom. Squeaksqueak. "Second… what happened the last couple of days?"

Cell phone. That's a rather brilliant idea. Peter can be a helpful guy sometimes! "I haven't tried that, no," Gabriel says, leaning over and snatching a pre-paid cellphone off of the coffee table. He dials Elle's number, waiting for the ring, but it never comes. Straight to voicemail. Not even bothering to leave a message just now, he tosses the phone back onto the table, leaning into the back of the couch. "I'm sorry, Peter," Gabriel says, turning his head to look at him. "It's… not really my place to tell you. It's something you should hear from Elle." He pauses, looking hard at Peter, before turning his eyes down to the coffee table. "I hope she's okay." It's hard to keep the worry out of his voice, and he doesn't do a good job of it.

It's actually a very simple idea, but it's the first thing Peter thought of. Better than just using an ability for everything, that's for sure. He watches him dial, hang up without leaving a message and looks concerned. A look that grows worse as he's told— that something happened and he's not getting told until Elle gets back. Eyes drop and his arms shift so he can rub his face. "I don't know what happened, so I can't tell you what Elle might be doing, but I'm sure she didn't intend to hurt you. She was probably just trying to keep you from worrying." Not that it's any real excuse, but… "She couldn't have guessed this'd be the night I'd stop by."

"I know she didn't," is Gabriel's reply, looking back up at Peter again. "Even so, I wish she hadn't lied to me. Not because of the lie, but because she could be… she could be anywhere. Hurt, dying, kidnapped…" The list of things that Elle Bishop could have happening to her right now runs through his mind, and he stands from the couch again, pacing. Maybe he's overreacting. She's more than likely okay. Still, his thoughts do nothing to help him calm down. "No, I don't think she counted on you stopping by. She's smarter than that. She wouldn't have let herself get caught in the lie."

There's no move to reach for a map, but Peter does close his eyes, thinking on a certain blonde woman that he fell in love with once upon a time… There's a flutter behind his eyelids, as if his eyes want to roll up in the back of his head. The man won't see the flashes that go through him, but when they stop he lowers his forehead and takes a slow breath. "She's not dead— and I don't think she was hurt or tied up…" But he only saw flashes. Wasn't able to see her lower body, just her upper body. And her expression might not be as promising as he'd want. "I don't think I could get where she is from that, though… Indoors somewhere." She wasn't dressed for the outside. He stands up to move after Gabriel, reaching to touch his arm. "Try calling her again— leave a message this time. You caught her, she might as well know it. You should talk about it when she gets back— and if you call her and reveal you already know, she doesn't have to worry about calling you for help if she needs it. The lie is already blown, right?"

At Peter's words, specifically those of Elle not being dead, Gabriel turns his head slightly to glance back at him over his shoulder. He listens, and it's only when Peter moves to him and touches his arm that he fully turns around. "Thank you," he says, giving Peter a nod, placing a hand on his shoulder. He looks at him for a few moments, and finally moves to the coffee table, picking up the phone and dialing Elle's phone number.

As her voicemail kicks in, he moves into the kitchen, but Peter will still be able to hear him. "Elle," he begins, speaking into the phone. "I know you're not with Peter. I don't know where you are, but… well, if you get this, call me back. You don't have to, but at least— if you run into any trouble, call me. I hope you're okay. I'll talk to you later." He snaps the phone shut, turning back to Peter as he tucks it into his pocket. "Well, there's that."

The call is made. Peter watches quietly as the man calls his ex-girlfriend and leaves his message. It's the best way to handle it, at least he didn't sound angry. "You're welcome," he finally says after a moment, leaning down to reach out for his dog. She grabs her squeaky toy and runs away with it, thinking he's trying to take it from her most likely. He watches her with a hint of a smile, as she protects it. "They let Elena go. The Company," he adds, not looking at Gabriel. "They tagged her, but her memories are intact at least, and she… she's her." After what happened with Elle, he did a lot of checking, mentally, dreamwalking— anything he could think of. After they replaced his last girlfriend with a shapeshifted woman…

Moving over to the couch and taking a seat on it, Gabriel keeps his eyes on Peter as he speaks. "That's— that's great," Gabriel says, and the tone of his voice shows that he really means. "I'm glad she's okay. The Company… I suppose sometimes they're not all bad." Something Elle told him. "I'm still.. reserving my final judgement, though." After all, they have done some amazingly horrible things over the years. "Is she doing okay otherwise? I'm sure being locked up like that, threatened… can't have been easy."

"There's worse things than what they did to her," Peter says softly, continuing to watch the dof quietly. He's not going to argue with it being a good thing, surely not! "A lot happened. To me— to some of her friends… She's having a tough time," he says softly, moving to stand, no real smile on the corner of his mouth. "I think my mother only let her go cause she needs me on her side in what's going to happen." She pretty much said so. "With my father— with his Company. I don't know what he's up to, or what he's planning, but she's worried about it. She said she wanted me to turn myself in so she could protect me from it— put me somewhere safe. But considering the fact dad's already got my brother on his side, she's probably afraid he could sway me to work with him, too. Giving me back Elena could be kind of insurance for them." He had been considered a rather dangerous attack on them.

"It's a good thing that you're on your mother's side," Gabriel says, frowning. "Pinehearst… I don't know if they knew we were coming, or what we were there for, but we weren't ready at all. Nothing could have prepared us for what happened. It was bad." He shakes his head, tilting it back slightly so he can look up at the ceiling. "I'm just glad I was able to get her out of there. I'm glad I was able to get out of there. I saw some things that… I don't know what it was. Some sort of dream."

There's a lot about that description that bothers Peter, and rightfully so. Something very bad must have happened— possibly to Elle specifically if it's not his business to tell him… There's an urge to ask, but considering everything else going on, he knows better than to let the questions start pouring out. His jaw tightens. "Well we know that Pinehearst as people with abilities, so they probably have someone who can do things like that… the two of you got away okay, though… right?" That's one question he has to ask. He would've mentioned if Elle was hurt, though, he's sure— and any damages done to Gabriel would have disappeared by now.

"Yes, we're both fine," Gabriel responds, looking back up at Peter. "Elle had some scrapes and some pretty serious bruises, but she'll be fine." He pauses for a few moments, glancing at the TV, before speaking again. "Your father can talk directly into someone's mind. He.. I don't know what else he can do." Turn people into gold somehow, it seems. Gabriel highly doubts Bob did that to himself.

In another part of the city, Elle is seated awkwardly in the back seat of Church's car, turned sideways so that she can rest her leg on the seat in front of her. Her lower leg is in a cast, somewhat disproving Gabriel's remark that she is fine - not that either he or Peter would know that. There's a phone in her hands, and she stares at it for several long minutes before she finally dials a number.

There's relief that they're both all right, but the rest has made him look curious and concerned. Obviously he did not know this. "My father's a telepath?" Peter says softly, looking away for a moment as he tries to think back on the time before his father died. It's during this pondering that the phone rings and he's snapped out of it.

Nodding his head, Gabriel doesn't say anything further, eyes falling on the TV again. He doesn't seem to have anything else to say, but the ringing phone snaps him out of his thoughts, and he quickly reaches for it. Looking at the number, he stands from the couch and flips it open. "Hello?"

The second he speaks, Elle winces. She'd been hoping he wouldn't answer. Without needing to listen particularly close, he could make out enough of the background noise to discern that she is in a moving vehicle. Sucking in a breath, she closes her eyes and replies, "Heeey, Gabriel." And that's about as far as she's gotten in knowing what she wants to say.

As the other man answers the phone, Peter watches, but can't help but look anxious about who it might be. How many people would have that number, anyway?

At the sound of her voice, there's a visible relaxation in Gabriel, and he leans against the arm of the couch, glancing at Peter before speaking into the phone. "Elle. Where are you? Are you okay? What happened?" The barrage of questions probably isn't for the best, but there are a lot of things he wants to know, even if he doesn't yet ask the one question that's nagging at him the most.

"Slow down," Elle implores, her voice bearing a quality that ought to suggest to Gabriel that she is not quite herself. While she could respond to any of his questions, she instead falls silent for a few seconds. "Promise me you're not going to yell at me when I tell you," she says conspiratorially, sounding childlike.

The fact that Elle is making him promise before the fact makes Gabriel think that what's she done will probably be a good reason to yell. He won't, however, as he's not worried about yelling at her; no, he's just worried about her. "I won't yell. I promise," he says, now moving to sit on the arm of the couch.

The promise not to yell makes Peter sit down too, not on the couch, but back on the chair. He leans forward to listen and watch the other man. It's a little rude to listen in on one half of a conversation, but…

"I lied to you," Elle says, her tone more informative than it is apologetic, leaning her head against the back of the seat. "I didn't go see Peter. Buuuut I bet you figured that out already." It might have been worthwhile to wait until some of the pain medication she'd been given had worn off, but there was no telling what Gabriel might have done with that much time to worry. "I went to see Mer to give her back her gun."

"I know you lied to me," Gabriel responds, shaking his head even though Elle can't see it. "Why? You could have told me the truth. I'm not going to keep you locked up like a prisoner, or something." He pauses, narrowing his eyes, before covering the speaker of the cellphone and talking to Peter. "She's— " High? "— on something, I think." He removes his hand, speaking back into the phone. "What happened when you gave it back?"

"She shot me." While one might expect Elle to sound angry or pained at those words, she instead only sounds exasperated, as if she ought to have expected it all along. "But only in the leg. And only once. She even brought me to the hospital." Pause. "Casts are heavy."

"She shot you?" Gabriel repeats, standing up from the arm of the couch. "Are you okay?" She sounds okay. Well, as about as okay one can sound, he supposes. "Where are you now? The hospital?"

"Who shot her!?" Peter speaks up finally, looking startled at the words. A she, obviously, but he's missing a lot of the story here. Only one side of the conversation, at all. She didn't look shot when he saw her… but he only saw her upper body.

"I'm fiiiine," Elle replies dismissively, waving her hand despite knowing that he can't see the gesture. "Think I'll be less fine when whatever they gave me wears off. I am— " Her voice becomes distant, but he might make out her asking someone, 'Where are we?' "— somewhere on the East Side. Larry is taking me to see Angela, and then I'm coming home."

"Larry? Who's Larry— Angela? No," Gabriel says, shaking his head. He looks over at Peter. He's sure he'll recognize the second name at least. "How are you sure you're going to be able to come home?" He pauses, shaking his head, looking at Peter again. Gabriel doesn't know what to say or do. "I don't know about this, Elle."

Since Larry is definitely not a girl name… Peter's looking very concerned when the name Angela comes up. Though he really can't picture his mother shooting anyone— does she even know how to handle a gun. He still waits for the guy on the phone to tell him what's going on.

"Lawrence! You met him. Then I told you about him, remember?" Which may not set Gabriel at ease, given that Lawrence Church is a Company agent - but then again, Elle did say he was her family. "He's going to be there with me when I talk to the Wicked Witch. She just wants to talk to me, she said."

"Wait— Lawrence— wait— so you went to that woman's house, got shot, taken to the hospital, now that Company agent has came and got you and is taking you to the Company to talk to Angela?" No, Gabriel does not like this at all. It sounds pretty much like what would happen if they were trying to bring her in and detain, and he highly doubts Angela just wants to 'talk.' "Elle, I really don't feel right about this."

Distant, again, as she speaks to someone else: 'Nothing bad, I promise.' When Elle returns her attention to Gabriel, it's with a mildly frustrated tone. It's really too bad he can't see her roll her eyes. "You don't have to feel right about it," she replies. "We're almost there. It'll be over before you know it, and then I'll be back." The flippancy with which she is addressing the situation is not particularly reassuring. "Besides, I can always just make Angela let me go if she changes her mind."

"Peter's right here, you know," Gabriel says, and there's a hint of frustration in his own voice. "We could be there much quicker than you could, I'm sure." It's not a real threat— he has no intention of even asking Peter to teleport him to the Company, as it will only make things worse, he's sure.

There's a long pause. Peter figures out at least some of what's going on, but he doesn't say much more until… Now that she knows he's here… "Can I can to her? You can put it on speaker phone if you want…" he adds as a compromise, so that the man doesn't have to hear a one sided conversation if he doesn't really want to.

"Ohhh, then you definitely knew I lied," Elle muses quietly, her tone almost sheepish. "It's okay, Gabriel. You don't have to worry. Lawrence doesn't want me locked up, either. He's going to be there to help me." Which is sort of the truth. He's really going to be there so that she feels comfortable; he's likely not going to argue her case for her. "I'll call you as soon as I'm done talking to her."

At Peter's words, Gabriel looks over to him, before pressing a button on the phone that puts it in speakerphone mode just before Elle tells Gabriel it's okay. "Well, I'm not…" he trails off, shaking his head as he looks at Peter. "Okay." What else is he supposed to say?

"Elle— This is Peter, I asked Gabriel to put it on— uh— speaker phone," Peter says, moving a little closer so that she knows he's listening in. He sounds rather anxious, as he probably should, "I know you got shot, but… Are you okay?" It's obvious she is able to speak to Gabriel, but maybe he wants to hear it for himself.

"Hey, Peter." There's even some warmth in her voice when she greets him. "I'm seriously fine," Elle says again, shaking her head in another gesture that they won't see. Their concern garners a wistful smile from her as she turns her head to glance out the window. "I think we're here. Don't worry about me. Unless you don't hear from me in two hours. Then come find me. But I'll call you before that."

Like Elle telling them not to worry about her is really going to achieve that, but Gabriel can at least tell her it does. "We won't," he says, speaking for Peter as well as himself, looking over at him. "Just be careful, okay?"

"Okay— Um," Peter frowns for a long moment and then says, "Be careful. Call us when you're safe, okay." He says, giving his kind of a goodbye before he stands up and begins to head back toward his bedroom, "You can say good bye to her alone," he adds to Gabriel before he closes the glass doors. He's either changing his clothes or trying to give the two some privacy this time. The sound of a bag getting grabbed and drawers opening can be heard through the door.

"I will. Later, alligator," Elle chirps in a bright goodbye to Peter - a playful little phrase he might remember from his time at Primatech once upon a time. She nearly hangs up then - until she thinks better of it. Strangely timid, she asks, "Gabriel?"

There's a look to Peter when Elle says 'Later, alligator,', and the look clearly suggests Gabriel is trying very hard not to smirk at the other man. He gives him a nod, mentally noting to himself to thank him for the privacy later. Taking the phone oof of speakerphone, he places it back against his ear. "Yeah?"

"I told him about you, too." It could mean a lot of things - considering their past, Elle has enough history with Gabriel to make 'telling someone about him' a lot more complicated than it sounds. She's quiet for a second or two, and then, finally, she says, "I'm sorry I lied to you. I'll talk to you soon." A click, and the line goes silent.

When the line goes silent, Gabriel's hand slowly drops from his ear, and he stares at the phone for a long time before he finally does anything. He sits back down on the couch, eyes falling on the TV even though he's not paying attention to it in the slightest. He's simply waiting for Peter to emerge from the other room to see what he thinks about the situation.

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