2009-11-18: Life Is A B-Rated Flick



Date: November 18, 2009


Jade wakes up and proceeds to grill Tiago about the situation he and Lena happen to be in.

"Life Is A B-Rated Flick"

Jade's Apartment - NYC

Morning light shining through the single window in Jade's apartment revealed that the place didn't look any better than it had the previous night. The paint was still peeling off the walls, the central air was spotty at best, and the entire structure consisted of two whopping rooms: a bedroom/living room/dining room/kitchen combo that would have fit into most people's living rooms, and a bathroom that looked more like a converted closet. Jade had slept on her single-sized bed, with it's horribly mismatched flannel sheets, while the happy couple/fugitives had been relegated to the tiny loveseat and/or floor.

The room was crowded enough with one person, but with three, it was more akin to a Japanese hotel. The lone dresser contained all of Jade's belongings, there was a tiny color television, less than a foot across, which she had purchased from the pawn shop and was getting illegal cable on, on top. A propane-based cooking device was in one corner, but it was disused, and had a cheap microwave perched on top. It wasn't too much longer before the water in the shower shut off.

Jade emerges from the bathroom bleary-eyed and with damp, stringy hair hanging everywhere, dressed in yet more flannel, pajamas this time. Having spent all of the previous night trying to make sense of what she'd been told by the dynamic duo, she hadn't slept very well, and had called into the Pawn Shop to take a personal day.


Earlier in the morning, the room had been active. Lena had woken, and as the more responsible of the pair, had rolled over in the arms of the Brazilian and murmured to him that she had some 'things to do' before excusing herself from the apartment/hostel. Tiago had merely grunted, before rolling onto his stomach in his attempt to deny the upcoming awareness and return to dozing off once again. It is like this that he has remained like this for the last couple of hours, diligently committed to cramming in every last minute of sleep that he can manage.

The shower does not stir Tiago, sprawled as he is on the floor beside the love seat, only partially covered by the sheets draped over him. But, the sudden humidity of the air /does/ prompt the lad to breath in deeply, therefore producing one very loud, emphatic snore. How elegant of him.


The snore draws the wild-haired teenager's attention readily enough, dropping the towel from her hair to around her shoulders. She looks over the end of the small couch, down to the floor and the barely-covered male, raising an eyebrow. "Well, there's a sight."

She maneuvers around to the side, dodging the loveseat and stepping over the prone male, only to stop next to him. She nudges him in the ribs with her foot. Sort of. It was really more of a kick than a nudge, before stepping quickly out of range of easy swatting retaliation, skipping closer to her dresser.

"Hey. HEY! What'd I say last night? No freaking funny business on my floor. You had better not be naked under there, or so help me, I have a castration tool somewhere in here." As she pulls open the top drawer, she sends the Brazilian a death glare that would make the most man-hating feminist proud. "You going to sleep all damned day? Where's Lena?"


Well, that's /one/ way to wake a twenty-two year old male. Not exactly Tiago's preferred method, but it gets the job done. The sharp pain in his side produces a high-pitched yelp from the unsuspecting male, and he flails on the floor, jumping up uncomfortably and jerking his head around, trying his best to see through the bleary haze that impairs him. "Wh-what! Wasn't me!"

Guilty conscience, much? "Wha's goin' on…Jade?" He squints to her, drawing himself up into a sitting position. His back leans against the love seet behind him, and with a sullen frown the man lifts his hand to his bare side. "…Did you like, kick me? Y'did, didn't ya! Ow! Why'd ya kick me for?" Since his questions are clearly more pressing than hers, he ignores her third degree with a series of inquiries posed by himself.


The sweet smile that accompanies her glance in the Brazilian's direction is the herald of her rearing sadism, which certainly wasn't absent this morning. She gives him her best angelic expression, mildly shaking her head in denial of any sort of wrong-doing on her part. "Me? No. Why would I do that? I'm way over here."

She yanks a pair of underwear out of the top drawer, half-turning to fling them onto the bed. That drawer is slammed shut, and the next is opened, shuffling through them for a pair of jeans, extracting them, and similarly depositing them on the small mattress. "But it is about time you woke the hell up. It's almost ten-thirty, you know. What are you, narcoleptic?"

As she knees that drawer shut, she has to squat down to open the bottom one, where she kept her shirts. "Well, since you're up, was it such a good idea to let Lena go out alone? People're looking for you guys, right? She might get snatched up by some wandering CIAs."


"Yes you did," Tiago accuses, sinking back against the bed as he fixes his frown on her. "You would, 'cause you like hurtin' me for some reason. I dunno why. I don't hurt you." The childishness that rings out in this current stream of conversation is brought to you thanks to the fact that his brain is currently rebooting after a fairly decent hibernation. A fist rises up to rub at his crusty eyes, and after battling a yawn he decides to respond. "What're you, my mom? It's ten. Who the fuck wakes up at ten unless they gotta?" Beat. "Ah…well, they dunno what Lena looks like, I hope. Plus, she changed her hair and shit, yeah, so she should be harder…we jus' needed ta make sure they didn't know where she was /sleepin'/. The dumb bitch that ratted us out might remember our apartment, but we can get her high 'nough to forget jus' who Lena is if we mess 'round with her hair and shit like we did…"

Here, the lad pauses, before peering carefully out to the bed. "…Are those granny panties?"


As a shirt is chucked onto the other two articles of clothing, Jade cuts a scathing glare at the male, balling up a second shirt and chucking it as his head in absence of anything else to hurl at him which might be more damaging. "They are not, thank you! I'm just not putting on a freaking thong in front of you! Ugh, you are such a frickin' guy. Now turn around and face that wall."

Pointing imperiously at the wall that was in the opposite direction of her, the dark-haired girl stands, taking the single step required to travel from dresser to bed. As she begins taking off the pajamas shirt, and hurling a magic 8-ball at Tiago if he doesn't turn away, she goes back to the previous conversation. "Wait, you mean like messing with her mind? Is that the only way? That might just get you guys into even deeper shit! I mean, really, if you have to go that far, might as well just make her disappear."

She's in the process of pulling on the new shirt over her head when she catches herself, stopping, then yanking it down over her torso. "Wait, forget I said that. Just who the hell did she tell? Who is 'she', anyway? How did she even find out!?"


Tiago is such a frickin' guy, indeed. Enough of one that Jade's indignant explosion is met with a devilish snigger, even as the fabric of her shirt collides with his sleep-laden head. Before long, he explodes in bright, almost amiable laughter before proceeding to swerve around and face the wall, allowing the shirt to remain hanging off of his ear. "Go on, go on. I aint goin' ta make fun of your granny panties none. I aint lookin' either, you can change now." With this offered in what he /thinks/ is a reassuring chuckle, the man proceeds to sit there, uselessly, up until she asks her most recent question.

Without considering the fact that Jade might be indecent, he furrows his brows and cranes his head to the side to peer at the young woman for the most recent comments. "Well…kinda. Not 'nemore than like, takin' a shitload of E messes with your mind, I guess. Hey, it was okay! She was that…celebutard. That rich bitch, blonde, skinny as a fuckin' twig? I think her name starts with an H. Somethin' like Hally, maybe?" He pauses here, growing considerably more solemn. "Well…it shoulda been okay. She bought from us before, so I know she already does drugs and shit. And…man. You sound like Lena." Beat. "I don't wanna 'disappear' no one unless I gotta. I…yeah. Oh! She told her new boytoy - the senator? I dunno his name right now. And she knew 'cause…'cause she was there when a couple of them super powered freaks attacked the convenience store, and Lena had ta save us all with her power."



Jade, catching the Brazilian half-turning around with her pajama pants off of one leg, reaches to the side, grips the 8-ball and whips it at the older male's head. Thankfully, as someone who never engaged in sports other than surfing or volleyball, her aim isn't great, so it might miss him, or hit a less vulnerable area.

"Wait, what senator? The one we met? At the karaoke bar?" Though her questions continue, she doesn't pause in her efforts to swap clothing as quickly as possible. She manages to switch underwear in about two seconds flat, then pulling on the clean pair of jeans as she gives Tiago the evil eye, daring him to try turning around again. As she zips up her pants, she gives a roll of her eyes.

"You know, calling them freaks means you're calling Lena a freak, too. What the hell were they attacking a convenience store for? And if she saved her life, why would she rat you out? That doesn't make any sense. God, nothing makes sense anymore! I'm starting to think I should carry a gun."


Tiago is pegged in the shoulder with the 8-Ball, and he shies away, quickly snapping his head forward once again. "Ow! Cut it out, geez! I'm sorry - but it aint like I aint never seen - …" Wisely, he cuts himself off right there with a sniff of his nose, ducking back. "Huh. No, not that one - although, it might as well have been, since he was like, a dinosaur age-wise and all over you, too. What is it with senators and bein' fuckin' old perverts. This one's younger, I figure. Lemme…George! George is his name, I met him in the park once."

Tiago takes in a deep breath, before hesitantly inquiring, "…Can I look now? Talkin' to a wall is weird. And…no. Lena aint a freak, but those dudes were. And they were - like, common thugs at first. Looked like they just busted out of some jail or somethin'. And…I dunno, why she'd rat us out. I guess, the easiest thing ta say is that she didn't know she was. I mean, she's pretty damn dumb. We were freakin' out, and she didn't understand why we were freakin' out, so like…I dunno. Maybe she doesn't know 'bout the fact that the government is all doing their testin' shit. I mean, she seemed ta like Lena good enough - she bought her thank you shoes."


"God! Get over your jealousy, already! Brayden was perfectly hot, charming, and nice. You know, everything you're not. Yeah, yeah, you can look. I'm all done."

She bundles up the discarded sleeping garments, gathering them up with an arm, before crossing the room. She plucks her shirt off of the side of the Brazilian's head as she walks by, dumping the worn clothes in the half-full laundry basket, beginning to fold the unworn shirt into a neat little square. "Oh. So she did it by accident? Then… what good would turning her mind inside out do? Can't we just talk to her?" After she's done folding the shirt, she crosses her arms over it, holding it to her chest as she places her back against the wall, leaning against it and closing her eyes.

"God, the goddamned government. Testing people? Testing them? There's… there's gotta be a way to stop them. They can't just grab people off of the streets like that!"


"What? I aint /jealous/ or nothin', but you're /insane/ if you think that's okay! He was old 'nough ta be your fuckin' father, man! It'd be like, rape!" Tiago clings to this particular exclamation, seeing as its the easiest bit to deal with at the moment. After given permission, he twists around enough to toss a firm glower in Jade's direction. "You're jus' tryin' ta hate on me. I'm hot, charmin', and nice, I know I am. Fuck, girls would do anythin' for me!" Someone's ego has been suitably bruised. Once the impulsive declaration has been made, he can settle himself down enough to return to the more important topic.

"…What good is it? We needed her ta forget where our apartment is at, so she don't tell anyone. She found us, I dunno how, 'cause we weren't listed anywhere. That's why we left the apartment, you get it? Ta make sure that, even if she /did/ remember after the mind fuck, that we'd still be untraceable. And…yeah." Beat. "I always knew the government was fucked up, man. I always knew they were all corrupt and bullshitters, and I was always afraid they'd do somethin' like this but…but I aint never figured it'd happen ta /me/."


"I've spent half my life hiding from Social Services. I knew if they found me they'd ship my ass right back to SouCal, but this…" She lifts a hand to run through her hair, blowing out a harsh breath. "This is unreal. It's like a bad movie! They can't just lock people up and cut them open! They can't! They just can't."

She paces halfway across the room, towards the couch, perching a hip against it, setting the bright yellow baby-T along the back edge, against the wall. She swivels around, lifting her bare feet up onto the cushions, planting her rear more firmly against the arm. "There has to be some way to stop them, right? Can't we get, I don't know, a lawyer? Or we could… You guys're gonna have to leave, aren't you? Could you, maybe, hide out with her in Brazil for a while? Until the heat is off? Don't know what you'd do about some passports, though. I've never had the need to travel internationally. What about changing your names?"


Tiago lowers his eyes, staring down at the floor as he lifts a hand to scratch his chest idly. "…I know. I know. But, they can, and they have been. I've met some of 'em. People who can move shit with their mind, and people who can make fire with their hands. Fuck, I /fought/ them. I…" He trails off, swallowing gingerly before looking over towards Jade. "…A lawyer? No. I mean…it's obvious, man. It's clear what happened is supposed ta be some big secret, 'cause how come normal people don't know about them powers and stuff? If we try ta spread this shit? We're goin' ta be dead, I bet. Like in the movies."

When she offers the alternative of running off, he slumps into the floor, looking as though he'd love to sink into the floorboards. "…If we have ta, we will. I mean I…I could take her back ta Brazil. I could take care of her there. I mean - I will. And…I probably should. But fuck man…this fuckin' sucks. This is /our/ home. I - I hate fuckin' runnin' all the time." Tiago falls silent, if only for a moment. "…There's supposed ta be some people who can help, I think. We're tryin' ta contact them now, which is why we're here."


"What the hell do you think you're going to do? Fight the richest, most powerful government on earth!?" Jade shakes her head, shooting the Brazilian male a sour look that seemed as if she'd started questioning his sanity. "Who the hell can help you when the goddamned US Government is gunning for you? More fugitives? Are you going to form the X-Team and go tearing after them in yellow spandex with a bald guy in a wheelchair at your head!?"

She stands up, motioning arund the room. "Is this going to be the new X-Lair? Oh, I got it!" She snaps her fingers in mock revelation, pointing towards the stove. "We can set up Xavier's lab over there. And by the bed can be the Danger Room!" She swivels around and points with both arms towards the aforementioned bed. Then she motions towards the bathroom. "And this can be Beast McCoy's recovery room! He can hang upside down by the damned shower rod while he reads medical treatise."

"You're out of your mind!" Dropping the faux-sarcasm, she holds her hands out emphaticly, in a pleading gesture. "You have to run. You have to. You're only two people! No matter what you do, two people can't bring down the whole damned government."


Jade's biting tongue and iron wit is not necessary at the moment. In fact, it's hurting a lot more than it could possibly help, judging by the way Tiago seems to be turning in on himself, bending his knees in an attempt to draw them into his chest defensively. His eyes are cast away from her entirely, and he continues to stare stubbornly at his feet, recoiling, lifting his hands to press against his head weakly.

"Cut it OUT!" He screams once, uncharacteristically loud and…surprisingly, much less harsh than it should be. "Shut the /fuck/ up, Jade! Don't you think I know? Don't you think I know how fuckin' fucked I am, how fuckin' messed up we are? Don't you think I think about it every fuckin' minute of every fuckin' day, and that I'm jus' waitin' for someone ta come over and take her away from me, forever? I…I /know/ alright? I don't need you fuckin' lecturin' me…I know…"


"I don't wanna cut it out! YOU CUT IT OUT!"

Nevermind that it made no sense, screaming it made Jade feel better. Though she was obviously bursting at the seams with things she still wanted to yell at the top of her lungs, she keeps her mouth clamped closed tightly enough that her lips form a thin line, likely in part due to one of her neighbors banging on the wall and telling them to 'quiet the hell down'. She shifts her weight irritably from one foot to the other, her hands on her hips as she scowls her displeasure at the floor. Finally, she moves, walking past Tiago to sink down on the edge of the bed, her elbows on her knees and her face in her hands.

"This is so, so retarded. I… I don't even know what to do. I've never been involved in anything this bad. God, I don't even know how to defend myself." After a moment, she spreads her fingers enough for her to peek out between them. "Who are these people you're trying to get ahold of? How can they help?"


Tiago is trembling. It's slight, nearly imperceptible, but it's there, and as Tiago clutches at his head, a heavy grimace on his face as he clamps his eyes shut. After a moment, Tiago proceeds to run his hand through his hair, letting out a shuttering breath. "I don't…know. No one says anythin' straight up. It's all hushed, rushed promises and shit. It's all bein' chased down and told that people can help, but never tellin' me where these people are or what they can help with. I…" Here is where his voice cracks. "I'm so fuckin' scared. I'm so fuckin' scared, Jade, and I - I don't need this shit right now. Please. Please don't yell or nothin'. I jus' need - I jus' need fuckin' time ta figure out what's goin' on, what I gotta do. 'Cause there's gotta be some way. And…if it's pilin' on a truck and headin' ta Mexico, I'll do it. But I jus' need /time/."


"Well if people knew right where to find them, the government would to, right? Look, there's…" The dark-haired teenager pauses, dropping her hands into her lap as she leans back and hunches over a bit, fidgeting with her fingers. "Sometimes people pawn guns. I am so getting fired, but we could, maybe, figure out a way to kind of fake having sold them. I've been saving up for Europe, so maybe I could put some money in the register and fake some paperwork and just say I sold them."

Mentioning getting her hands on firearms seems to spark an idea in Jade, sitting up straighter, her frown turning less melancholy and more thoughtful. "Randy! He knows more about this- this," She gestures vaguely. "Garbage than anyone I know! He's got to know people. Have you talked to him, yet? He said his ex-girlfriend is one of them, y'know, like Lena. He might have a better idea of what to do and where to go. I didn't ask what happened to his ex, but I'm guessing she's not dead or cut up in a lab, because he didn't seem all tore up about it. Maybe he knows how to slip under the radar."


Tiago curls his lips into a wry, shadow of a smirk. It's almost resigned, the way he glances up to Jade, reluctantly allowing his arms to drop to his side. "Yeah. I mean, thanks man, but we've got a pistol. I realized when you couldn't sell it that I'd need ta go through other measures…I mean, it was more expensive and shit then I woulda liked, but it's unregistered. We got that - that bit o' comfort at least." With a sniff, he runs his hand down his face before shaking his head slowly. "Y'know what, alright. I'm - I'm sick of not knowin' shit. Let's go find that boss o' yours."

With this said and done, spurred by the end of his personal pity party, Tiago shoots up to his feet, allowing the sheets to fall down, revealing his slick silk boxers, decorated with pictures of tiny beavers - The Angry Beavers style. "…Where're my pants?"


With a small shriek of dismay, Jade covers her eyes and falls back on the bed in an attempt to shield her vision from the sight of Tiago's beaver(s). After a moment, she crawls to the other edge, peering over, looking for her previously discarded socks, careful to keep her eyes away from the Brazilain and his obscenely adolescent choice in boxers.

"Yeah, that's probably the smartest thing you've said all… year." Finding her shoewear, she swings her legs over the side, reaches down, and begins putting the white cotton over her feet before she starts to slip into her shoes. "He's probably at the shop. Shit! We'll have to leave the door unlocked. Screw that, I'll get robbed in this shithole neighborhood. We'll leave her a note on the door. Just put your damned clothes on. I'll get the pen and paper."

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