2011-03-10: Life Lessons and Coney Island!



Date: March 10, 2011


Kyle meets Jack Harrison and his daughter Addey in the park. She ends up with a pair of free season passes to Coney Island.. In exchange for each learning about Dwarfism.

"Lif Lessons and Coney Island"

Some random park in NYC

It's late afternoon, a decent day, if not a bit damp and chilly. Kyle's just wandering the streets.. trying to find something to do, so he's not drinking again tonight. The wee man is passed over, by many pedestrians. Some who actualy accidently bump into him and knock him over. He'd stopped for a bottle of Coke to drink along the way. But he's not had any of it yet. With each bump and jolt, it keeps getting shook up. "'scues me, pardon me.." he calls over the noise and bustle of the city sidewalks. And the street is no better, with wall to wall cabs and busses. He eventually makes his way to a park, where he stops to rest, a bit exhausted with his long walk. Taking a seat on some random 'surprisingly empty' bench. Where he's not being jostled and trapled over. There he opens his soda for a drink.

It's just an average day for Jack Harrison. One out of many, a measure of his patience with his daily routine; nothing more, nothing less, although he should probably tell his daughter to stop idly playing the drums on his head while he walks her through a park on piggy-back. "If your grades are good enough, too, I'll see about getting you that back." If only, but it's a fair wager and he looks skywards before reaching up in order to bring her down from the breadth of his shoulders.

"Okay, but it has to be the one I want. You have to promise," implores Addy.

"Well, okay, we'll see." Harrison places her down and she moves to walk just a pace or two in front of him, though soon enough her speed is outmatching his casual own. "Slow down, Adds," but off she goes down the path at a steady skip in her pink jacket, only slowing down when noticing the small man on the bench, and his bottle. Harrison can at least still see his daughter and she isn't too far away just yet; thankfully, she's stopped. She places her hands on her hips defiantly and absolutely must point out. "You're so short, mister."

Kyle blinks and looks toward the voice. Seeing the little girl, he chuckles a bit and nods. "That I am. You'll be taller then me, in no time. If you aren't already." He's not offended in the least, thankfully. "Not many of us like this, but there are some." He takes a drink of his Coke and glances around for a parent or guardian. He's no parent, but a child that young, by themselves in a City such as this, is not a good thing. "That's a prety pink coat you got there." he tells her.. He's just sitting there in a black, Billy Idol T-Shirt, with a light jacket over it, not zipped a pair of jeans and sneakers that might work on a ten year old boy. At least they don't flash or something juvenile like that. His voice is even the typical, Little Person, higher pitched tone.

"Oh… sorry, mister," is the initial reply murmured by Addy now that she may or may have insulted someone for being herself. She toes at the ground with her right foot and then follows after the drinking. "Thank you!" And then there's Harrison rubbing over his forehead as he calls out. "You really ought to stop talkin' to strangers, no matter how adult you think you are. Sorry, uh," well, Harrison lowers his hand in lieu of looking somewhat perplexed. This moment could be going just a bit better if he hadn't thought the guy was actually a ten-year old. "S'okay, he's like me. Only older."

Kyle smiles at the girl, "It's alright there kiddo. I don't get offended, easily." He then looks to Harrison, once the man arrives, "That's alright. I completely understand in a city like this. To be extra cautious. I won't hurt her, others mi.." but he must be used to children, because he stops part way through. G-Rating, his words and thoughts. "Name's Kyle Greene sir.. A pleasure to meet you. And your lovely daughter." Offering his hand, to shake. "Work at Coney Island. And to show there are no hard feelins." he digs into his wallet, and hands the father a pair of season passes. He tends to promote the place, when he has an opportunity to.

"Yeah, they might. I'll make sure they don't," Harrison finishes the comment under his breath while bringing his hands to his daughter's ears. The lass does well enough to swat at her father's hands and starts to comment before getting a proper look by the man, which leads her into simply standing there watching Kyle. "Jack Ha-," he's cut off by the brilliant flare up of cute - the high-pitched introduction of his daughter, "Addy!" So Jack nods and finishes what he was going to say while reaching forward to give the man a firm handshake, "Harrison."

With regards to the passes, Jack just barely gets to them before the girl's tiny hands can grab them. "Oh, wow, you sure about this?" "Of course he's sure," quips Addy. Jack brings the pair of tickets to swat lightly atop the girl's head. "You, young lady, should not speak for others. It's rude."

Kyle watches the pair. "Yeah I'm sure. I work for them, got no one else to give them to. I got them as a part of my yearly bonus, for whomever. I don't need them, as I work there and can ride, or do whatever I want.. well.. within reason. Not much of the good stuff though." he rolls his eyes. "But anyway, those will get you in, rides, shows, only thing you'll have o pay for is food and drinks and well, souvenieres."

"See, tol'ja, dad." Jack gives his daughter another swat, whether or not she happens to be correct about things. He directs his attention back to Kyle and offers a nod of understanding. With a glance down at the pair of seasonal passes he starts to smile before clapping them into both of his hands and speaking up in reply. "Thanks, really, I owe you for this. This should make my princess here happy, and, well, if there's anything I can do." In the meantime, the aforementioned princess is beaming at being called a princess.

Kyle chuckles at the pair. To an extent, he's a bit jealous, the little girl has a father, family. He has nothing, he hasn't for a long time.. ever, that he knows of. "Just seeing Miss Addy happy will be thanks enough. Perhapes, get her to watch Little People, Big World, and learn about the situation. I'm pretty cool, with, whatever. But not many of us are. Some will raise a stink, over it." Still keeping it mild.. with little ears.

There's a sudden moment of ambivalent comprehension that takes over Jack and he near-immediately responds with, "The Roloffs, right?" As questioning as he sounds, he's pretty sure he's spot-on and with nodding once more his smile is brightening into a grin. It naturally fades and he looks down to Addy before nudging her. Oh, yes, one mustn't forget their manners and she takes a step forward in order to laboriously bow to Kyle, left hand clasped over her stomach and right behind her back. "Thank you, Mister Greene!" Jack winces somewhat and looks to the passes again. "I can do that, though. It's always nice to run into good people these days. Thanks."

Kyle nods, "Yeah, there's others out there, but the Roloffs are good ones. Matt Roloff has a book out too. Might be a bit much for her to read, but perhapse you could help her with it. 'Little People, Big Values.. I think it is. I don't have access to the net right now, to find out for sure. But the internet has a bunch of information on it too." He watches the gir, as she bows to him, and despite his jealousy of the litle family unit… he just smiles. "Manners are a good thing. I was taught them at a very young age.." Then looking to Jack, "It is a rarity, especially for those, with my background. Not just being little."

Jack moves to pocket the pair of passes into his leather jacket while in the process of listening to Kyle's response. "Huh, I didn't know that," manners and the like, that is. He will definitely be checking out that book though if ever he comes across it, no doubt about that. He flashes a good-natured smile. "I should get her going though before it's too late. You have a good one, yeah?" And when the weather isn't so balmy, he'll definitely be taking Addy to the Island.

Kyle lets the guy know, so he doesn't realy have to worry about his daughter more, with him, "Orphens, that is, most kids in the system, tend to have problems." But he does nod, softly, "Definetly, a good idea. It'll be dark soon. I hope you both have a good evening, and we'll see you soon." he looks to the time, "Lovely, I need to get back too. Good thing I got the bus fare, the island's really far from here." He rises, pitches the empty soda bottle, and bows to them both.

This time around, Jack is the one to bow his head in turn, but only after nodding in sudden understanding to his explanation. He looks over to Addy who has already started to become preoccupied with trying to walk out of his line of sight. He calls her back over and she sighs, most painfully, but that doesn't mean he stops looking at her fondly. He wouldn't know what to do with her orphaned or anything and he turns back to Kyle, nodding. "Nice meetin' you," is called out before he moves along himself.

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