2010-06-02: Lifesaver



Date: June 2, 2010


Trina is a sucker for lifesavers.


The Della Rosa

"Are… Are you sure?"

"Lady, look. We bought the place six months ago. I don't know where the other owners went."

"You don't understand. It's really impo—"

"Sure, it is. It always is." The man who stands behind the bar, leans over the bar, gives the dark haired girl in the dingy once-white coat the once over, and then runs a hand through his hair in a mark of resignation.

"Look, if I knew where they were, I'd tell you, alright? I think they said something about moving. Getting out of the city, going to family. S'all I know."

Trina Mah gives a sigh and a brave sort of smile. The sort of smile one gives to be polite when one wants nothing more than to break down and cry. "Thanks. 'ppreciate it." She waits until the man turns to go back to work to dive her hands in pockets, seemingly intending to go back out the front door.

Going out the front door is probably easier when someone else isn't coming through it. Or even, well, when that someone else isn't Former Senator Ivory Wynn. The stylishly clad, according to himself, man with the abs showing makes it a point to hold open both doors as he enters. It helps to sell the fact that he's, well, kind of a big deal.

Grinning the entire time, he's snapping his fingers the moment he crosses the threshold into the establishment. His face immediately turns into a bit of a frown, shaking his head as he regards the dive. "Dump." is all he has to say, before he starts looking around for some kind of familiar place. "This the last time I meet someone in a dump. This is gonna' seriously ruin my image."

He doesn't really notice anyone, in particular, at the moment. Nor does he realize that standing just inside the doors, well, that kind of stops people from leaving. Oh well.

Trina has to stop short in order to avoid a collision with the taller Ivory Wynn, and her pale eyes slip briefly upwards. "'scuse me," she politely murmurs with another flash of her insincere smile and a renewed downward push of her sapphire gaze, shoulders shrugging up a little. "I just need to get by."

Ivory smirks to himself, not really sure what he should be doing at this point. He looks behind him, spotting the open door and then looks back at the girl that's trying to get by. "Whoa. No, you don't need to get by." He holds up a hand in front of her, while glancing at his watch on the other arm. He's got time.

Smiling, he's already using that hand to kind of motion back towards the dive itself… and away from the door. "No, what you need to do is come and have a drink with me. That's what needs to happen." Time to lay it on a little bit thicker. "I got this rule, see. No fine ass females get away from me without letting me buy them at least one drink."

"Look, I… I don't know that that's such a good idea. Y'see…" Looking back up, the words that were going to follow die upon Trina's lips. She considers the man for a long moment, and then she lets her eyes slide nervously to her shoulder. A hand comes up to tuck a strand of dark hair behind her. "Alright. One drink. But just the one. Then I gotta go."

"Shhhhh." Ivory's bringing up a finger to his lips, whilst shaking his head a bit slowly. "Ain't nothin' you gotta' say that's gonna' make me think buyin' you a drink ain't a good idea." Ivory reaches out to tug at her coat and turn her back around towards the bar. "The way I figure it, if you're done for the night, one more drink ain't gonna' hurt, cuz you're walkin' fairly straight and can talk pretty good. On the other hand, if you're headin' out cuz things ain't really goin' ya' way, that'll change cuz I'm here." He has to add a wink with that part. "But then, if there's something more pressing or serious on your mind, then a drink and a kind ear are bound to be more of what you need, than anything you can find out there." Bam. Gift of Gab for the Wynn.

"I don't know you," Trina tells Ivory plainly, as though it were something he hadn't figured out for himself. She is, however, easy enough to tug along back towards the bar. "I don't know that I should be spilling m'soul to you. But… a scotch, neat, if you're sure."

She… She could really use a drink, she reasons. And this is one she wouldn't have to pay for.

"Ivory Wynn. Former Senator of New York, Government Flunky, Corpse." That's all Ivory has to say in order to introduce himself, before he takes a seat at the bar and orders that Neat Scotch, followed up by a Mojito (Watermelon) for himself. Yes, he's a fruity drink kind of guy. Taste too good!

"So, when you tell me your name, we'll know each other. And from there we can start fixing whatever your problem is." Ivory reaches up to tap the side of his head. "And I know you've got one. I've got a sixth sense about these things."

Trina, despite herself, feels the corner of her lips twitch upwards into a small ghost of a smile. Following behind Ivory, she hovers at a stool without sitting down. "'m Trina," she tells him quietly, tugging at her coat as she waits for her drink. "And I've no intention of puttin' any of my trouble on you. No 'fense."

Ivory's needing to roll his eyes just a little bit. It's only because he's too busy trying to figure out what in the tarnation is going to make this girl open up to him. It's always easier to manipulate when there's a reason or something to manipulate with. "Trina. I like it. It's femininely masculine." There's a blatant rolling of the eyes up and down her body, since that coat is going bye-bye. "Fits you." He flashes a big ol' smile at this point. Just because that's something people like Ivory do. They smile. A lot. Ex-Politician in him, probably.

"You gotta' do me this solid, though. I'm buyin' you, what's probably THE most boring drink in America. The least you can do is tell me what's going on. Maybe I can help." And he's still wearing that damn Colgate Smile. Which, may or may not have something to do with the bartender suddenly showing up with their drinks. Record Time.

"Ain't borin'," Trina offers sullenly, looking at the glass that's set down. There's a look to the bartender, and then back at Ivory. Then? Then there's a sigh. "I… I kinda lost the place where I was stayin'. My man and I… Well, we lost ourselves a good something somewhere along the road. So. I thought I'd maybe get my old job back here, but… management changed. So…" The brunette takes her time in thinking, and then her narrowed eyes turn to face the evening's benefactor. "Wynn. Wynn." There's something churning there. "Weren't you the senator that called all those… people… terrorists?"

Ivory doesn't miss a beat. He knew this would come up sooner or later. With someone. After all, his name is too good to give up and well, it's a very memorable name. He just takes a sip of his drink, gives the bartender a nod of thanks and drops a hundred dollar bill on the bar. "Change is yours." The bartender, of course, flips out. Whoa.

Ivory sets his glass down and looks over to Trina. "Yup. That was me." Ivory says with a bit of a shrug. "But nobody remembers the part where I'm also the guy that they used to do their dirty work, set up for the fall, play patsy and a bunch of other formerly classified stuff that I don't care to remember." Poor Ivory. Laying it on nice and thick… and honest. "Oh, I left out the part where they tried to kill me when I stopped playing their game. That was fun." Ivory shakes his head and reaches for his drink. "You ever fake your own death? Seriously. Not as easy as you'd think." Sip.

Ivory waves a hand, making sure to get the topic off himself. "But, that's all in the past. Kinda' like you and your ex. Which, by the way, I'm not gonna' ask what happened. Ain't none of my business. All I'm gonna' say, though, is that he's a goddamn idiot for lettin' you walk away. There are some things in life that, no matter what, you hold on to."

"You ruined people's lives, whether you set out to do it or not," Trina offers in all honesty, her voice quiet. He helped ruin hers. There's nothing to be done about it now, however, she supposes. Her eyes then drop down to stare at the remainder of the amber liquid in her glass. Her hand moves it 'round in lazy circles. "And… and he ain't an idiot. I didn't give him a choice. I wanted him to have a shot at… at having a normal life."

"You know, you're right. Which is why I've taken it upon myself to try and make things right. I can't ask people to forgive me for what I've done. All I can do is hope that people understand that I was forced to do things I would never have done under normal circumstances and beg them for another chance." Ivory looks down at the bar, feeling the words just falling from his lips. He doesn't even feel like drinking another sip, thanks to this trip down memory lane. "Forgiveness, I don't expect. A clean slate, I don't deserve. A chance to offer people happiness? I want."

All of that is followed up by Ivory following and planting himself in the same subject as Trina, at this point. Her Ex. "What about you? Shouldn't you get a shot at having a normal life? Shouldn't you get the same choice? Shouldn't you get a chance to see what you're made of? See how you fare without him? A chance to see something in the mirror that, maybe, you haven't seen in a long time?"

An eyebrow pricks upwards, and Trina's head swivels in Ivory's direction. Her lips are pulled back in an uneven, wry expression, and then there's a hollow, skeptical laugh. "And what would that be, hm?"

"Haven't the slightest." Ivory responds with both honesty and a laugh He does take another sip of his drink, before shrugging helplessly. "But. What I can tell you is that there's no rest for the wicked. And that if there's anything I can do to help you on your path towards whatever destiny has in store for you… then just say the word." Ivory looks at Trina, searching for her eyes. So that she can see the genuine generosity in his gaze. If there happens to be anything else in that gaze, well, that's just bonus. "I've done so many bad things in my life, I don't have anything left but good."

Trina glances up when she feels Ivory looking for her eyes. Then, when she meets them, she finds herself transfixed. She was about to say something, but it begins to escape her, all lost under the wonderment that she is finding in his eyes. Did her breath get caught in her chest? It feels as though it did, leaving her breathless. Then, after a long moment, she makes a quiet confession. "I… I could really use a job. I've been living out of my car for six weeks, and… and I could really use a break. You… you wouldn't happen to know anyone, would you?"

Ivory raises an eyebrow, keeping the gaze for a longer moment, before he breaks it off. Such a sad thing. Not being able to see his eyes anymore. Huh. There's a short pause before he downs the rest of his drink and slides the glass away from him. "Let's go." Hopping down off the stool, he's already reaching for Trina's coat and pulling it open for her to slide into. "My car's outside."
Dramatic Pausing.

"I'm about to save your life."

Trina's been here before. Someone calling her pretty names and promising pretty things. Every time, it's ended in tears. Every. Single. Time.

She looks at her coat, and then she lifts her eyes back up to Ivory. Her heart pounds in her ears, and her breath falls in shallow gasps. Then?

Then she blinks back tears and slips her bare arms back into her coat. Because someone is going to take care of her. Someone is going to make this okay. He's not asking questions, not even a last name, and he's going to somehow make everything right again. She can't say why, or how, but all of her trust, fragile and damaged thing that it is, is set at his feet. She wipes her hands on her dark jeans, and then she takes another breath. Killing the rest of her scotch, she then hugs herself and nods nervously as she waits to be led in the right direction. "Okay."

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