2007-03-04: Light Conversation


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Summary: Gabrielle chats briefly with Jonas.

Date It Happened: March 4th, 2007

Light Conversation


Gabrielle Simmons isn't quite finished with her workday, even as it approaches 6:00 PM. Instead, she is just taking a break. Yes, she has numerous go-fors to get her coffee, and stuff, but she wanted to stretch her legs, and thus has walked from the Biggs and Wedge Trading Company building to Starbucks. Standing in line she impatiently fiddles with something in one of her pockets, as she stands in her maroon business suit, and black blouse, waiting for her turn to order.

Not far behind Gabrielle is a man just into his thirties named Jonas McNamara. As he walks into the room, he eyes the occupants; just a glance, but one which should show him any potential threats, and any potential exits other than the main one should all go to hell. No apparent threats; so he joins the back of the queue for some coffee.

Gabrielle glances behind her as some dude steps up, but it's only reflexive, and the red-head seems not to have any true interest in the man. Gabrielle looks at the other occupants of the coffee shop idly, gazing upon the (to her) scruffy-looking denizens. She remembers suddenly why she prefers to send out others to get her coffee. And… Hey, wasn't there a disturbance at a Starbucks a few weeks ago? Yeah. Looks like it might be a good idea to get out of here quickly.
Some old lady with an empty Starbucks cup is even walking around asking for money! The nerve of some people! In slightly French-accented English, Gabrielle responds to the old lady when she accosts her, with, "No, thank you. I don't want any." The old lady says, "No, I need change to get some coffee. Do you—?" but Gabrielle interrupts with, "No, you're too kind. I really can't take it." Yes, she's pretending not to understand, and hoping the hag goes away. As she moves to step forward in line, as a space opens up, the old lady steps in front of her, and says, "Money for ME? Do you have any spare change to give ME?"
Gabrielle then says, "Well, if you insist." and starts to take the money out of the cup, only to have the old lady jerk it away with a cry of dismay and start yelling at the business woman. Gabrielle responds with rapid French, until the old lady gets out of line and goes to bother Jonas instead while eyeing Gabrielle venomously.

Jonas chuckles softly at the event in front of him. Chances are, the old woman has plenty enough money for coffee, but hey; you have to make a living somehow, right? When the old lady walks up to him, she seems to lose interest in him as she goes to meither the next person to walk through the door instead.

Stepping forward in line, the red-head sighs and wonders why she thought she needed exercise. Glancing behind her again, to make sure the old lady is nowhere nearby, she notices that she passes Jonas by without any harassment whatsoever. "Seems she liked you even less than she likes me," Gabrielle offers in that slight accent of hers. "What's your secret? Strong cologne?"

Jonas shrugs. "People don't tend to notice me," he answers. "I pay them no mind, they pay me no mind in return. They just assume I'm an office gofer gone to get coffe for the boss."

Gabrielle nods and considers saying that she is, technically, one of those 'bosses', but decides there is no point in flaunting money or position. Might just inspire trouble down the road. She already looks prettied-up enough to illicit staring/leering and possible thoughts of mugging among some people. She doesn't need to loudly announce she has lots of money. So, shrugging, she says, "Wish this line would move a bit faster… Have places to be." She is silent for a moment, and then, for no good reason, asks, "I take it that you are not office gofer getting coffee for his boss, then?"
Why does she care? Probably just making conversation.

"Nope. But no need to tell her that," Jonas replies. Not much of an answer, but better than 'No, I'm actually a hitman for one of the gangs in the Bronx.' "I mostly work on a contractual basis."

Moving ahead in line some more, Gabrielle nods, and says, "Well, I hope you have good luck with that." Then, as her turn comes up, the red-head assumes the conversation is done, and orders her chocolate-filled death coffee of chocolate and death. Hey, she can afford to drink it. It's not like the sugar is going to kill her when she's invulnerable, right?

"Black coffee please," Jonas orders from the barista. Once he receives the cup, he turns away from the staff member and pours a little something from a hipflask into it. "Well, I've been making a killing so far…" he says dryly.

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