2008-01-27: Light of Day


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Summary: As Charlotte makes breakfast, her roommate wakes up with a headache and tells the oh-so-exciting story of last night's events.

Date It Happened: January 27th, 2008

Light of Day

Charlotte's Flat


After living with her mother in a one-bedroom for several years, Charlotte doesn't really wake easily at night. So chances are, whenever Niki snuck back in last night, Charlotte wasn't aware. That's not to say she didn't worry - it's almost maternal, how she doesn't feel comfortable when Niki isn't home or in her line of sight. As if some mad doctor will try again…

But it's morning now. Charlotte's hair is pulled up in a ponytail. Early in the morning she threw on some sweats and a skin-tight midrift built-in sports bra tank top. She went to the gym, where she's been taking self defense classes, but this morning was just for a workout. Now she's home, and the smell of coffee (blueberry) wafts through the flat. Charlotte is barefoot, sipping a cup in the kitchen while waiting for her toast to pop. Toast, an egg, yogurt and coffee. This is the high life, she's sure.

Niki most definitely snuck in last night, taking care to carefully close and lock the door to the flat behind her and made her way to her room quietly so as not to disturb Charlotte — where she promptly collapsed and slept long and hard until approximately four minutes ago. She emerges into the cheerful breakfast scene wearing a silky white robe that she very obviously threw on about ten seconds ago, since she's still tying the belt at her waist. Her hair is a mess, but she's trying to work her fingers through it as she gives Charlotte a tired and vaguely pained smile. "…Heeey. Morning."

There's always a slight relief to see Niki there, then. Another day passed without a kidnap. That's a good thing. "Morning. Coffee? " She asks, motioning to the pot. "I just made some." The toast interrupts, popping itself up to alert it's mistress that it's done. It is buttered and brought to the table with the yogurt. "I didn't hear you come in last night. Hot date?" She waggles her eyebrows in Niki's general direction playfully. Ah, room-mates.

"…No," Niki answers definitively. So very no. She grins, despite herself (or more specifically, despite the pain in her head). "Hardly. I wish." The hand that was de-tangling her hair comes to a stop at the back her head, and she winces softly, closing her eyes. "Coffee would be great."

Charlotte stands, pouring the coffee for her room-mate so the other girl can go have a seat. "Hung over, then? Did you party without me?" She may have invaribly unleashed an alcoholic monster, but it wasn't in her file! "Or by 'you wish' do you mean it was a very un-hot date?" She giggles again, oh the fun of speculation. "Those happen. To be fair I made out with some guy in a club one time and I honestly couldn't even tell you what he looked like." That was during her depression, of course.

In the process of slowly taking a seat at the table, Niki laughs under her breath at Charlotte. Oh, roommates. "I would take either of those things over my night, too," she says, a hint of laughter still touching her words. She settles into the chair, leaning onto the table over the cup of coffee with her elbow, propping her hand against her forehead. "But no, it was, um… I kind of got thrown out of a bar. I mean, literally. Hit over the head and thrown out. Oh, god, this coffee smells amazing."

Charlotte can't help but do what a mother might do in this situation when her straight-A prep of a daughter says that she got thrown out of a bar. She accidently burns herself with the coffee. "Oh Jimminey!" She swears, pulling her hand back and wiping it dry. She'll take care of it later. The coffee is milk and sugared and brought over to Niki, eyes clearly very concerned as she looks over the girl for signs of injury. "Are you alright? What happened?" She turns back for the sink, running her hand under cold water.

And Niki can't help but do what a mother would do when seeing their daughter get injured: she nearly jumps out of her seat (nearly, but not quite) when Charlotte scalds herself. She sits back, craning her neck around her roommate at the sink, peeking with concern. "Jeez, are you okay?" she asks before answering anything else. "I'm fine, I just… this headache. I was in the wrong place." Any time is the wrong place for where she was. 'Wrong place at the wrong time' barely applies.

Oh dear. Mother hen competition. "Oh, yes I'm fine. Just slipped." Slipped out of shock. The next question is almost forseen as Charlotte returns to the table. She doesn't take a bit yet though. "Where were you? How did all that happen?"

Now the time comes to distract herself with the coffee. The milk and sugar suddenly require every ounce of her attention, at least for a few seconds. Niki glances up at Charlotte with an expression that can only be described as sheepish. "I went to Queens," she says. "Took the address of Monica Dawson from my file and thought I'd…" The blonde glances down, watching as she stirs her coffee. "…but I just kept driving. Wound up at this sketchy-as-hell biker bar and… yeah, I don't know what I was thinking."

Charlotte knows the name Dawson. Immediatly her features soften, and she tilts her head to the side. "Oh, sweetheart. No, of course. That's perfectly understandable." All is forgiven, in the flick of a switch. Just like that. "Goodness knows I'm sure I'd have done something much sillier if I were in your shoes, I'm not nearly so apt to handling that sort of thing." It's half-true. Charlotte's never been in that situation, but she also can't stand not knowing. It just…it bothers her.

Only slightly heartened by Charlotte's sympathy for doing silly things, Niki manages a little smile as she looks down into her coffee — which she's stopped stirring, at least, and takes a second to put the spoon in her mouth. What, it's good. "It was weird," she comments afterward, "I wasn't the one totally out of place. There were three of us. This one guy who knew me." Her brow furrows. "I hope they're okay."

Charlotte sets her hands, folded, across the table. PR says what? "Niki, just start from the begining. Who were these people that knew you, and what exactally happened where you got thrown out of a bar?"

"Nothing happened, we were just minding our own business when these jerks came over. It was stupid to be there anyway." Niki takes a sip of coffee, then shakes her head with a dismissive sway of her blonde hair. "Only one of the others knew me. No idea who he was. I didn't ask, seeing as I was supposed to already know the guy."

Charlotte nods, but already inquiring minds want to know. "What about the other person who was with you? And what did these guys want when they came over, were they just hitting on you?" Charlotte takes a moment to flip her hair back out of her face, as a little bit of it has fallen loose from the tail.

Twenty questions! Niki doesn't really mind; she smiles up at Charlotte for a moment, touched and, well, a little amused by the slew of questions. But the memory of last night and the skull-splitting pain in her head causes the smile to fade away and be replaced by the rim of her coffee cup again before she answers. "Um— some woman, Bekah, we'd never met— and no, we were just intruding on their territory." Pause. Casual sip of coffee. Cue the faintly shell-shocked: "I picked one up. I mean— threw him down the bar."

"A biker?" The look of shock on Charlotte's face is readable, but it appears for a different reason at first. At first all she heard was 'picked one up'. At a biker bar. Then it really registers, and the shock fades. "You…you read your file, sweetie. Didn't you see…?" She has super-strength! Watch out, Buffy!

"Uh huh." The simple, flat answer is followed by another drink of coffee taken like a shot, and Niki sits quietly staring ahead for several seconds before suddenly looking back at Charlotte, blonde brows raised hopefully. "You wouldn't have any aspirin lying around, would you?"

Charlotte grins. "Of course. So….you did it, then. With the…the…urg." She makes a wrinkled face and strikes a muscle-man's pose. Super-strength is what that apparently means. While listening for an answer, the brunette shakes her little tush all the way to the bathroom where she comes back with aspirin, I.B. profin, Midol, and several other brands. "I don't know which kind you like…." That's just Charlotte all over.

"Something like that," Niki answers with a silly little smirk that Charlotte can't see, but is nevertheless her fault. It lingers, though, by the time her roommate returns. With a horde pf drugs. "…Like I do?" she counters good-naturedly and just … picks plain old aspirin, since that's the first thing that came out of her mouth when she thought 'painkillers'. She uncaps it, shaking a few into the palm of her hand. "How was your night?"

Charlotte nods softly. "Yeah, like you do. With the strength and all." Though that worries her still: Mohinder said to be on the lookout for symptoms like that. "Mine was fine. I went to work, came home. Tried calling that Randall guy again, but he hasn't answered. I want to talk to him, it makes me worried that he knows about me." She'd dropped him off at the bar after the incident, and ran like a scared girl. "Have you had any blackouts or anything?"

"Hopefully he was too drunk to put two and two together," Niki says in an attempt to be reassuring. She swallows some aspirin with an unhealthy dose of coffee. She watches Charlotte with an almost wary expression, then; while the suspicion isn't for her roommate, specifically, that's where it lands. Black-outs. Again with the black-outs. "No," she answers very slowly. No, except when she's hit over the head and thrown into a parking lot, but that's only happened the one time… "Cass Aldric asked me the same thing."

Charlotte cocks her head to the side. "Did she?" She and Mohinder must have history. Must drop Cass's name next time she's there, maybe that'll help him make his decision. "It was something that Dr. Suresh mentioned to me. Perhaps we can go see him today?" She throws that one out there. She'd like to do that: it's mutually beneficial. He'll join Pinehearst, Niki will be taken care of and Charlotte…Charlotte wins at life.

There's only a small spell of hesitation before Niki answers. "Sure." And with a smile, too. Maybe visiting Dr. Suresh will go better than her failed attempt with reconnecting with her family last night. Maybe if she just does it all in order, starting with a visit to the scientist… "I'd like that, I think."

Charlotte nods. "I think it'll be good, for everyone. He wants in on your recovery very badly, and so far he seems to be one of the few people to really understand your amnesia. He's really harmless, besides." While Charlotte was afraid of him at first, she's since learned that she could probably take him if need be. The point is that she can barely see a scenario where she would need to, unless he got a sudden bought of loyalty to The Company.

"I keep finding these people who care about me and I don't know them at all," Niki reflects. It's not a new discovery, these past few weeks; she still has a tone of bewilderment all the same. "But I should have a shower if I'm going anywhere today." Pushing up from the table, she prepares to do just that.

Charlotte nods. "Alright. Any bikers come in, just give me a holler." She winks at Niki, and as the woman goes to shower, she pulls out her cell phone. The number is listed under M.S. All the numbers in her contacts are in initials - at least it's some form of safety if her phone every goes missing.

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