2007-02-23: Like a Drug


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Lachlan and Ling head to her apartment to discuss the business with Carmichael — as well as a bit of pleasure.

Date It Happened: February 23rd, 2007

Like a Drug

Ling's Apartment, Parkview Estates

Thanks to his constantly split focus, it's easy for Lachlan to get distracted, especially with wonderful things like the insides of limos (and the women in them). As such, the subject of conversation seems to have drifted away from the intended one by the time Ling and the Scotsman pull up outside her apartment building. Dogs do not seem to be a cause for alarm when one has a wealthy tenant accompanying them, and so the Dobermans are not given too much attention as the pair ride up to the penthouse. It's only once the elevator nears its destination that Lachlan seems to return to his previous train of thought. "Anyway," he grunts, "'bout tha' thing I was wantin' ta discuss with ye …" he trails off as he digs around in his pocket for something.

Of course there wasmuch flirting as well, Lachlan is a good looking man, and Ling has her own urges that havent been fulfilled in quite some time. But soon, the flirting turns back to business talk as she heads inside and removes her peacoat and just tosses it on the couch. "Yes? And what might that be?" she asks curiously while flopping back on her couch as she peers up towards him.

The thing for which Lachlan is searching in his jacket pocket is drawn out, revealing it as a half-empty pack of cigarettes. He taps one out and places it between his lips before returning the pack to its pocket and searching for his lighter. The dogs immediately move to lie down in a corner, out of the way and quiet, and the Scotsman remains standing not too far away from the couch on which Ling perches. "'S tha' bloody arse, Carmichael," he grumbles as he digs about in his pockets. Where'd he put that damned thing? "Sent a goon after me the other day on the subway. Said he wants some compensation fer underminin' his business." And as brazen as Lachlan was that day in standing up to Hendrickson, he really doesn't want his face to be pounded into a bleeding pulp sometime in the near future, thanks.

This isnt good. Not good at all, and Ling furrows her brows a little as she chews on her bottom lips for a few moments. "I see, so I was wondering when the competition would realize what you were doing.." she muses softly. With that, she leans backand relaxes, taking a deep breath as she hrmms for a few moments. "Well..I can get some of my men to serve as a body guard if you want?"

The lighter is found after several moments of increasing frustration, and the small flame sparked from it is applied to the end of Lachlan's cigarette. He doesn't ask if smoking is allowed; he just takes a deep pull from the cancer stick and exhales the resulting smoke with a sigh of mixed relief and contentment. "Dunna need bodyguards," he utters as he drops onto the couch next to Ling, not bothering to wait for an invitation. "Need somethin' ta get Carmichael ta back off. Bullet ta the head 'r mebbe a deal."

"We dont deal with small petty thugs. He has nothing against the Tong chow. However, our resources are limited here, so I want to meet this Carmichael.." Ling says matter of factly as she turns to him, a wry waggle on her brow. "You know I can be very convincing when it comes to men..I will get him to back off.."

"Good." Lachlan bobs his head agreeably, enthusiastically. "Hope ye do, b'cause I like keepin' m'legs." They're good legs. They get him to places that he wants to go, and besides, being confined to a wheelchair would totally cramp his style. The Scotsman takes another drag from the cigarette and settles back into the couch as he breathes out the smoke, dropping his head back. After a moment, he smirks and adds, "Ye've got a way with men, yeah."

"Oh? I will take care of him." she says firmly and resolutely before raising her brows a bit. "You agree with me then? And what effect do you think I have on men?" Ling asks curiously as she leans forward, wetting her lips ever so slowly as she's now just inches from him. "I would like to hear from a man's perspective.." she whispers heatedly.

Hmm. Penthouse apartment, alone, pretty woman. Lachlan likes this. He rolls his head to the side, still resting it on the back of the couch, and smirks over at Ling. He studies her face a moment, but of course his eyes can never stay focused on /faces/ when there are more interesting places to look. "Yer — " he drawls out the word as his gaze wanders, but when it finally comes back up to the woman's face, he continues " — like a drug, I guess. Intoxicatin'." That's about as poetic as Lachlan Deatley gets.

Little does he know how true that statement holds. "Well, you havent had me yet, so how can you know that I'm…like a drug?" Ling says rather coyly and she inches closer,her lips now only a few centimeters from his. She waggles her brows and then starts to ease on up, "Care for something to drink?" she asks.

It's not possible for humans to really purr, but if Lachlan were a big fuzzy cat, he'd be doing exactly that. His smile grows and his eyelids draw downward when Ling gets closer, and he's just about to move in to eliminate those few centimeters when suddenly she pulls away. The Scotsman's eyes snap open, and he reaches out with his free hand in an attempt to snag Ling by the arm or wrist. Where does she think she's going? "Nah," he grunts in response grinning slightly, "'m no' thirsty."

Of course she had to move away. She is a tease. That is part of her. It's as integral as breathing even. Ling's eyes widen as her arm is grabbed and she doesnt resist as starts to straddle his waist. She leans in oncemore, wetting her lips, "Then..if you're not thirsty,what would you like?" she asks.

That's better. Lachlan resettles on the couch once again, getting more comfortable to accommodate the new position. Both hands go out to rest on either side of Ling's waist, though he's careful not to get ash on her clothes with the hand still holding the cigarette. His grin remains, tweaking upward at one corner in a decidedly mischievous manner. "I think ye know wha' I'd like," he rumbles coyly. Here's a hint: they're both overdressed for it.

"Oh really now? It's not like I read minds, so you'll have to tell me.." Ling purrs softly as she starts to grind her hips against his own while letting her forehead bump against his. "I think I know, but I dont want to be presumptuous afterall.." she coos.

Presumption is just going to have to happen, because Lachlan has decided that he'd rather put his lips to use by lifting his head to kiss Ling in a manner that is hardly chaste. It can only lead to one thing, and the couch is as good a place as any to the Scotsman. Unfortunately, he doesn't get to finish his cigarette, but then again, there's always time for a cigarette afterward.

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