2007-07-21: Like Riding A Bike


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Summary: Kitty and Lee talk about life, family and school.

Date It Happened: July 21th, 2007

Like Riding A Bike

The Secret Lair

"The great thing about my character is…" says the fat guy in the mustard-stained Macross T-shirt, "…he's got this awesome power but he doesn't know he has it. And so he's really miserable and, you know, thinks nobody understands him or anything…" Lee is behind the counter, gripping the bridge of his nose with his fingers as it trying to crush the developing headache. "…and he alienates everyone around him because he thinks he's just so great, and nobody can see it, but the twist is that even he can't see it, get it? Get it? So anyhow, he went up a level after it turned out that the villain…Hey, are you listening?"

Lee ignores the question. "Are you going to buy anything?" he murmurs pained.

The man ignores Lee's question - fair is fair. "Are you even writing all this down to tell Nima?"

Lee taps his forehead. "Steel trap." he says. "You can bet I won't forget this." Especially the next time someone has to volunteer to cover the front when someone is in the hospital.

Not really sure, why is in the East Village. Kitty walks into Secret Lair and smiles. She has read a few comics while growing up but was never a /diehard/ comic book fan. She spots the fat man as soon as she walks in and tries not to walk by him. The last time she met a fat man that liked comics at one of the comic conventions she went to with one of her friends, it didn't end well. She is wearing a purple tank top and a pair of dark blue jeans along with some black boots and of course, her fingerless gloves. Today purple and blue. Kit waves to Lee and checks out the store, as she has never been in here. "Hello, do what would be the best comic out right now that I should read?" she leans against the counter and realizes she is next to fat man anyway. Oh well, hopefully he doesn't try to get her number and stalk like that other did.

Lee practically comes over the counter with eagerness to talk to Kitty when she even gets near, blocking the huge guy and saying, "Well, what exactly sort of story are you looking for?", guiding her away from the counter, and the guy, into the aisles. "Obviously story is best found in actual /books/…" He stops himself, bites his tongue, starts again: "Is there a particular kind of story or art style that you prefer? I'm a bit out of touch myself, I am covering the front for my sister, she's the owner. Welcome."

Kitty laughs, she notices how fast Lee moved from the counter. "I don't really know. I read few X-men comics while growing up, but I never really got into comics. I /read/ novels all the time. My apartment is full of them" she winks at Lee and shakes her head as she looks behind her at the fat man. "Did I rescue you from something?" her hands are in her pockets and looking at the titles on the shelves.

Lee says, "There should be a giant sign above the door. 'I do not want to hear about your character.' And maybe a few other rules. Do you have a particular sort of novel you like? I assume you're just down here out of morbid curiosity, since you read books without the pretty pictures. Let's look over here at some of the indie graphic novels, forget about the superhero stuff, if you didn't like it when you were growing up, why waste your time with it now? Ghost World, that's one of the better ones. Maus, also quite good, but don't tell my sister I said that or she'll have me down helping out all the time."

"I love to read sci-fi and that kind of stuff" she snickers at Lee. He is funny. "Never heard of any of them. I was just around the neighborhood and thought it would be interesting to see what this store has. Ghost World, actually that sounds familiar. Was that a movie?" Kitty squints her eyes and cocks her head to the side. She is trying to remember where the name Ghost World is familiar. "That is really nice of you to be helping your sister out. Sometimes I wish I had siblings"

Lee says, "Yeah…I never saw the movie, but if Steve Buscemi was in it, it must be great. We're twins, my sister and I, so we're really close. It does help, a lot. Our father's in the hospital, so. That's where she is. We're switching off helping each other out - when the school year starts hopefully her normal clerk will be back from vacation." He walks along the meticulously maintained rows with her: "There's not a lot of science fiction as such around here worth reading - where they actually take an idea and expand on it, follow it, and so on. Normally they just blow things up and yell at each other. This one here is a pretty good set of adaptations of Asimov's robot stories, since they were short stories, you're not giving up /too/ much in the adaptation, and the artists involved have some interesting ideas of what robots would look like…this one's clockwork, this one's art deco…"

Kitty listens to all of what Lee is saying, "Twins, that's cool. I'm sorry to hear about your father in the hospital" she grins at the mention of robots. "I would probably be into the robots one" she leans forward too look at it. "School year? Are you a student somewhere?" her eyes are centered on Lee as the subject of school comes up.

Lee says, "I teach, actually. Civics, at John Philip Sousa Junior High up in the Bronx. Are you a college student? I went to UCLA, almost finished grad school…" He is about to say something about the robots book, but stops himself and smoothly amends it to: "It's a browse-friendly store, everything you see you can mess with except the first editions in the counter."

"I'm in my last year at NYU. Aw! Teaching at a Junior High. That is cute!" she grins and pulls out the graphic novel about robots. Looks interesting. "How have you been teaching?" Kitty inquires and flips through the graphic novel.

Lee says, "Badly. It's not my field, the kids are little maniacs, and I never really wanted to be a teacher. What are you studying?"

Manic kids attack" she chuckles and brushes her hair out of her face. "I am studying English, I think I want to be a writer one day. I'm not very sure though" She puts the graphic novel under her arm deciding to give it a try. "Why do something that you don't enjoy?" Kitty studies Lee and starts to walk back to the counter.

Lee says, "I kind of didn't have a choice. Our parents, well, disappeared and I had to move back to New York, drop out of grad school, and get a job real fast to help my sister stay afloat. There's not a lot of other decent options out there for literature grad school dropouts." He adds encouragingly: "Writing is really tough, but if you can succeed at it, it can bring a lot of good."

Kitty's eyes widen, "Disappeared?" she scratches her head. "That really sucks. Were they kidnapped? Yeah, I've heard. But we'll see. I don't even know if that is what I /really/ want to do with my life. I have time, I hope" she smiles faintly and looks back to Lee.

Lee says, "The disappearance? It's complicated. We're just glad dad is back, even if he is in the hospital." He nods to her, a bit envious, "Everything can change in the blink of an eye, but yeah, take the time… Are you from New York?"

"That is good at least. I hope you find your mother. Born and raised here. Heh, I love it here and how nothing is the same as the previous day. It makes life interesting and sometimes adventurous" Kitty grins and thinks to the recent incident with a drunken teen, thief and group of people with abilities that stopped a disaster.

Lee says, agreeably, "Yeah. I have to admit I was not really enthused to be back, I had gotten used to LA, the sun, the beach, and so on, but it's like riding a bike, you never forget how."

Kitty nods, "Can I buy this? I'm going to have to start on my way home" she smiles at Lee and realizes that this guy is not a /creepy/ fanboy or /mean/ guy. He is just simply cool to her. That is definitely something she needs. Since her best friend just moved away.

Lee says, leading her, "Sure, bring it on up to the counter. If you like it, and you come back, you can sign up for the Secret League, which gives you ten percent off. Just save your receipt." He rings her up - like riding a bike, he doesn't forget how. "I'm Lee, by the way."

"Kitty" she takes the graphic novel and smiles at Lee. "It was nice meeting you and I'll see you around hopefully" Kitty winks and makes her way to the exit.

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