2010-03-01: Lil Fruit



Date: March 1, 2010


Dee and Micah talk in Laurel's apartment.

"Lil Fruit"

Laurel's Apartment — NYC

When Dee steps into the apartment, she's surprisingly clean for just having played with a jar of pig's blood and a large knife. Sometimes she doesn't want to admit it, but she's become good at that sort of thing… She kind of had to. Even if she couldn't fight to save her life, she sure learned how to lead poachers off-trail.

Her purse is slung over her shoulder. The thick winter coat's hood is pulled up to shield her from the outside cold. As soon as she's inside, she shrugs both off onto the floor… And then she has to remember to turn around and close the door.

When you live in a cave, you develop certain habits, like not having to close doors. "Micah? Did you find the place?"

As soon as Yossarian hears her voice, the tiny meerkat rushes out from wherever he was hiding, climbs up onto Dee's shoulders, and starts grooming her hair.

smell like ape things-things Yossarian says. Smells like monkey things in trees in here.

Dee reaches up to give him a pat in response. It's okay. It's not forever.

Micah is sitting at the table with his head resting on it. He's trying to piece everything together — it's a lot to process for a fourteen year old. At the sound of his name, he raises his head. Sighing heavily he adjusts in his chair and then responds, "Yeah. We're here. It was easy enough to find." He pushes the chair out from under the table and rises slowly.

Slowly he pads towards the door and then offers Dee a lopsided smile, "Just used my phone and plugged into google maps; it's an easy way to travel through the city." With a broader grin, his eyes widen at the meerkat, "Who is that?"

He takes a step forward and smiles at the creature. "Hellooo friend…"

Good. She's glad they're here. She'd been worried about them getting lost or captured or… something. Dee worries a lot now. The funny part is, she didn't want anything to do with this war 'til she took her little spirit walk, courtesy of that strange guy back in Africa. If this all works out, a lot of people owe him their gratitude.

"Oh, this? Is Yossarian. He was born without any front claws. See?" She plucks the meerkat off her shoulder and holds out his little tiny meerkat hands. "Doesn't mean he can't climb, though. I kinda had to sneak him onto the plane… We found a back way through security and he met me on the other side. Then I just stuffed him in my carryon." She purses her lips, eyes wandering a little. "Did actually" make me feel like a terrorist for just a second."


"Yassarian," Micah repeats with a broad grin. He steps towards Yassarian as the meerkat makes grabby hands at him; truth be told, he really does have awesome hair. "Wow! That's an amazing story, Dee! He's really awesome — I can't imagine smuggling anything into the country… " beat "…other than people. I've done that kind of. Like fake passports and like. It's just hard to travel when you've been labelled a terrorist…"

He grins and then shrugs, his smile fading — it seems to fade quickly a lot these days, "So you were also a prisoner of the Alpha Protocol. I'm… I'm sorry about your sister." He frowns.

Yossarian is quick to climb into Micah's arms, and then right up into the boy's hair. He's very disappointed to find that there are no beetles or termites hidden therein, though it's comfy enough that the three-pound animal can easily make himself at home there. "I wouldn'ta taken 'im if he didn't want to go. 'course, telling customs that… They'd think I was crazy."

Dee sits down when her sister's mentioned. "Her name was Jasmine. We were identical… Kinna weird, 'cuz I hadn't met her b'fore a couple years ago. Her an' I really weren't prisoners for that long, though. She blew up. Destroyed her van, cut power to mine. I mean, it really tore apart mine, too." She pulls back her pantleg, showing the reason for the limp. The injury kind of looks like a fractal, branching into ever smaller pieces, slightly concave. "I got away after that."

As Yossarian climbs into Micah's hair, the teen can't help but laugh — there's a meerkat… in his hair. He grins broadly as he nods. "Seems to like you. I can see why he'd want to come with you. It must be really cool talking to animals — I've always wanted to hear what they think, seem smarter than most people would give them credit is all." He chuckles again.

"That's an intense story. I really am sorry. Have you gotten your leg looked at? I know someone who might be able to look at it — she fixed me up after I crashed a Prius a month and a half ago…" He's sure Cass would take on another patient. Maybe.

"I was caught a few months back. They used my aunt as bait and then caught me and my foster brother. Put tubes in our noses… we were released thanks to Ivory Wynn… he's dead now…"

"They have a lot to say. Usually it's just stuff like 'food, food, food' repeated over and over. Lil's really smart, though— She's kinda upset with me, though. I told her she could have some fruit, then she didn't get any. I brought some back in my bag… hopefully she likes bananas, and… guava… mango— I don't even know. This Graham guy is strange."

Yossarian's pretty smart, too, though. "They learn more the more you talk to them. It's not really in words, but it… develops. Like teaching a baby. But hey, you talk to machines, don't you? Make 'em do what you want 'em to?"

Daphne looks down at her leg. "Think it's about as fixed as it's gonna get, eh? Had some people look at it. Not the best, but I can walk. S'all that matters."

Dee doesn't know any Ivory Wynn. She was in Australia when all this went down, and was in Africa after that. "I'm sorry," she says. "I know this can't be easy for you. I ran away for a long time… Couldn't handle it. I was helping people…" She considers animals people. "But it wasn't what I needed to do. So I came back home." Here's home, despite the accent. Go figure.

Micah chuckles at the notion of saying food again and again and again. "I guess that makes sense," he grins. "He is… odd," Micah agrees in reference to Graham. "I think maybe he's just in over his head. It's easy to get that way when you don't know what you're getting into."

"Well, Wynn used the Epsilon protocol on us. So… I'm not entirely sure he was our friend. Not really, even if he got us released." Micah rubs at his eyes. "And they say he committed suicide. I guess he did." He shrugs. And then frowning he shakes his head, "No, it's complex. All of it. They… they need to stop."

"I know I'm just a kid, but they've already taken too much. We need to stop them… there's this woman. Medusa, she's on the inside, I think. I can't become a weapon. Something or someone killed my parents, I couldn't handle doing that to someone else."

"…we need to gather. Like as many of us as possible. And… if we're going to win this thing… we need to stage a jailbreak… if they start controlling people like us, there's no telling how things will play out…"

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