Lillian Byrne
Portrayed By Odette Yustman
Gender Female
Date of Birth February 22nd, 1987
Age 23
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases None
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Student, Librarian
Known Relatives Jackie Byrne (mother); Cody Byrne (father)
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance Unapproved Medical Procedure

A history student currently in her fourth year studying at NYU, Lillian Byrne is a largely unassuming woman with the potential to launch those around her to previously unthought-of heights – she just has to figure it out first.


Lillian Aiden Byrne was born on February 22nd, 1987 in New York, New York to Jackie and Cody Byrne, in New York, New York. “Bohemian” and “free spirited” were the phrases most commonly applied to her parents, one an artist and the other an aspiring writer. Neither of which ever managed to get very far in their chosen professions, forcing them to take on my mainstream and legitimate jobs once Lillian was born. Despite this, they still tried to raise her in a manner befitting of their lifestyle. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, Lillian’s younger years were marked by a very hands off approach at home when it came to life, school, and everything else – which her days at school grew gradually more and more rigid very quickly in her early years, to prevent her from acting out, and to make sure she actually got her school lessons done in the manner that they were supposed to be completed.

This rigidness began to drive a wedge between Lillian and her parents as early as middle school. Having grown used to her structured school days and the strict, watchful eye of her teachers, she began to desire such a thing at home, often sitting around directionless without it. To her parents, this was unfortunate, and while they strived to accommodate their daughter, more often than not, it simply led to more arguments than it did anything else. Even once the eighth grade rolled around, Lillian found herself staying after school to work in the school library, read, or to seek help with teachers – the lack of structure at home mixed with trouble grasping some of her courses, particularly mathematics, made her grades fluctuate, sometimes sagging to unacceptable levels.

It was when she entered high school that Lillian really began to find her way, in several different manners. High school presented her with the option of having the structure she craved – between having a bit more control over her schedule, more approachable teachers, tutoring, and afterschool study groups, Lillian began to grown more and more distant from her parents in favour of spending more time at school studying – or with friends. She had always had trouble making friends earlier in life, often coming off as awkward and distant, but it was in highschool she finally began to open up, and when not busy studying, she was often spending time at a friend’s house, or at the park – or combining the two activities of studying and hanging out, when she could pull it off. It was also during this time she started to take a pointed interest in history, particularly European history, and by her senior year of high school, this was what she had decided she was going to study in going on into college.

College did a lot for Lillian. Though she struggled through her years in high school, she graduated with high enough marks, as well as above average SAT scores, allowing her to get into NYU. Her initial intention was to take a simple, four year course plan through a history major program, with nothing really biting her for a strong major. Before she was finished with her first year, however, she found herself helping more and more of her fellow students with her work, as well as tutoring at her old high school, and before the first year was out, she found herself bitten by the teaching bug. The coming of her sophomore year found her entering the school’s teaching program, extending the number of eyars she was going to be attending to at least five – something her parents were not happy about, as their child’s education was already straining their wallet.

These years also had Lillian becoming a more social creature, and while her schoolwork was always priority one, she began to venture out more often with friends, even acquiring her first boyfriend over the course of her second year, a relationship that lasted until the end of her third year. Taking on work in the NYU library in order to help support herself, Lillian began to work into a place where she felt comfortable balancing a social life with her school work. Now in the middle of her fourth year at NYU, things continue to march forward, seemingly normal as ever. However, it’s hard to know what the future can hold. Lillian is unaware of the fact that she is evolved, due to the nature of her ability. Time will tell how this will come to effect her life, and those she knows around her…


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