"Fate and Chance are just excuses used by people who can't figure out where the pieces fit.."

Casting: Ashley Leggat
Date of Birth: April 21, 1990
Age: 21
Place of Birth: Dallas, TX
Occupation: Solving The Puzzle
Ability: Probability Perception
Power Grade: N/A
Registration Status: ☒ UN ☐ REG
Theme Song: "Title" by Artist

Lilly walks through LA meeting people and telling them things about themselves. She's not really taken seriously, but that's ok with her. She doesn't work and isn't in school, so she's got lots of time to solve puzzles.


Lillian was born to Frederick and Maria Sforza in Dallas, Texas in 1990. She could be considered the exact opposite of a 'normal' child. She walked at the typical age, but she wasn't able to start talking until she'd reached two. Lilly's older sister Catherine did her best to engage Lilly in speaking to no avail. Out of concern, her parents brought her to a specialist and this is when they found out that Lilly was autistic. That she perceived the world differently, and couldn't communicate her thoughts to others the way everyone else does. Caring for an autistic child takes time and patience. This had put a strain on the parents' relationship almost immediately. Right before Lilly was to become a teenager, Fred had his final fight with Maria and walked out, leaving the family behind, and Maria to lean on Catherine more then ever to help with Lilly.

Lilly had gone through school and with help from Special Education classes made fairly good grades and came more and more out of her shell. She was able to talk to people, but she was shy at first and it was difficult for others to talk to her. One thing she had a habit of doing was moving her hands together, as if playing with something, while she was staring off. This put people off even more, and then she'd say the oddest things. Lilly could grasp complex concepts and notions easily, but had difficulty understanding some of the more basic principles of things. She tried explaining this to her family, but they didn't understand. She could 'see' concepts and ideas as constructs in front of her, and she would use her hands to 'manipulate' them in front of her. This led to an understanding of the relationship between objects and ideas, and how manipulating one affects the other. In time she'd learned to predict the most probable, logical outcome of a series of events. most people didn't believe her, or see anything special in what she could do. They just didn't understand.

By the time Lilly had turned 16, Maria and Cathy had moved her to LA. They believed that the schools would be better, and Catherine was able to find a job to help Maria with the bills. Things went well for a few years until Maria had fallen ill with cancer and had passed away when Lilly was 20. With Frederick nowhere to be found, it fell on Cathy's shoulders to take care of Lilly, which is difficult when she's working, and auditioning as a fledgling actress as well. Lilly does her best to behave and help with money, but Cathy doesn't think she's able to hold down a job.


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