2010-03-04: Lincoln's Mark



Date: March 04, 2010


Another quick meeting between a boss and his faithful employee.

"Lincoln's Mark"

Battery Park

It's a cold day in Battery Park, in fact, the park is relatively quiet because of it. Christopher Pyle sits on a bench near centre of the park. In his hand he's holding a disposable Starbucks cup. Next to him on the bench is another cup and… a pie. Leaning back against the bench, he clucks his tongue and shakes his head. Should be an interesting day…

"I hear the weather in California is really nice this time of year." A voice drifts up just before the cadence of a pair of combat boots crunching across the hard ground can be heard. Before he has a chance to turn around, Cody is leaping over the back of the bench and landing beside the pie and coffee. "Almost makes a person want to pack up and move away."

"I swear, you get more and more thoughtful every time we meet." She says as she picks up the cup and takes a long gulp of the steaming liquid. Closing her eyes, she savors the liquid as it trickles down her throat, wetting every parched spot on the way down. The bitter taste of the brew is like heaven on such a cold day. After the first couple of sips, the agent looks down at the pie and then up to the blonde man. "For me?"

"The Middle East is always nice," Pyle observes as he sips at his coffee. "Yeah. Five dollar coffee," he mumbles as he shakes his head. "Only because I like you so much," he chides as he crosses his ankles and lounges on the bench. "Yeah. The pie is yours. Went to this bakery. Apparently they're moving — last time I'll get pie from them."

Pulling a five dollar bill from her wallet, Cody looks it over very carefully, feeling along the lines of Lincoln's face before slipping it into Pyle's hand. A quick smile is bestowed before she twitches a single eyebrow skyward, giving her an air of mischief. "Just so we're even on the coffee, I know how much you like to tie up the details." She picks up the pie and takes a bite, "Mmm… Peach. I'm disappointed to hear that, there's a lot of people that are counting on that bakery to stay open. Isn't there anything you can do? Besides, I can't go back to the Middle East yet. I haven't had my fill of coffee and pie."

Pyle smirks at the bill and glances it over before shoving it into a pocket. For a moment he frowns, "Paying wasn't necessary." He makes no pretenses about the bakery. With a shrug he shakes his head just a little. "I talked to the manager, there doesn't seem to be much hope to keep it open." He takes another swig of his coffee. "They want to move to a … more promising location." He winks. "I guess business is just slim sometimes." Pressing his lips together he uncrosses his ankles. "You can go back, you know. Besides, the desert is warm. And quiet. And… safe," he looks up from his coffee a little more grimly.

Cody takes another sip of the coffee, the remainder of the pie simply rests limp in her hand. It's already cold and it won't get any colder so she's not worried about it. "I need more time here," she says lowly, then she turns her head to look into the man's eyes. For the first time in the past few months she actually drops all the pretenses for a brief moment. "I have people counting on me, I made promises." Then she breaks eye contact and looks out over the park, almost as though the breach never happened. "It's a nice day to visit… I was thinking about going to go see my dad."

"You can't," Pyle says. "Old wounds aren't worth reopening." His expression is still grim. And quietly he adds, "There is no more time." He raises his coffee cup to his lips. His lips quirk into a well-rehearsed smile. The smile fades before he hmmms quietly. "I — can't go with you, you know. Although, it might be worth bringing a friend or two." Tugging on the bottom of his coat, he stands from the bench.

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