Ling Po
Portrayed By Kelly Hu
Gender Female
Date of Birth June 11, 1972
Age 37
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Ling Po, Hua Yan, Dragonlady, That evil b
Place of Birth Hanoi, Vietnam
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Head of Drug Smuggling/Racketerring, Tong Chow
Known Relatives Unknown
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Metsumancy
First Appearance Dogs, Drugs, and Dangerous Sticks in Central Park

Ling Po is known as Hua Yan, the seeming figure head of a group of Asian Triads. Since her life has been threatened on multiple occasions, she's come to New York City to try to have a legitimate face to her criminal operations and perhaps find others like herself to help her in her conquest of power.


Ling Po's earliest memories are not those of most people. Perhaps it was the loud explosions that rocked her wicker crib as early as the early 1970s, or the smoke and flames that razed her village a year later. Born into a family of paddy farmers in Northen Vietnam, Ling Po's only memories of her parents was that the man whom she believes was her father was repeatedly shot to death by American soldiers in 1971. Ling remembers vividly, even at only at one year of age, watching the woman who was probably her mother being raped, beaten, and eventually shot in the back of the head. All she could from a corner of her family hut was scream and cry, holding a small doll for comfort. As the fires spread throughout her village, Ling found herself trapped, and suffered severe burns on her left leg, arm, and torso, as well as across the left side of her face. She remembers being pulled from the flames by someone, perhaps an American soldier, or maybe a Vietnamese man or woman that had gone unnoticed. Whoever it was, Ling never knew who had saved her. Other than her memories, the only thing she has to remind her of her earliest years is the slightly burned doll that her mother had probably bought or made for her.

In the years that followed, Ling grew up in the streets of Hanoi. Her burns had scarred horribly, and she almost died of infection, but she managed to survive. After the war had ended in 1975, Ling was adopted by a Hanoi family, who gave her her current name. The Chow family ran several small brothels and opium dens from which they had fared pretty well from the Americans. As the years went by, the Chow family prospered, but Ling, due to her horrible burn scars, was saved from working in the role of a prostitute. Rather, she was placed in charge of several opium dens under the Chow's control, which she seemed to have a natural ability to manage quite profitably. By 1998, Ling's administrative skills helped the Chows to gain enough influence and control in Hanoi and throughout Vietnam that the Heaven Thunder Triad began to take notice.

The Chows did not want to turn their business over to the Chinese. It was a poor decision to make, one that the Chows didn't have time to regret. The Triad sent in their enforcers, quickly executing most of the Chow's lieutenants and shutting down their businesses. When they came to Ling, the Triad quickly executed her guards, and shot her in the stomach as she fired back herself. The injury would have killed her without medical attention, but the Triad enforcers triggered her eruption when they set fire to the opium den.

Amidst the flames and smoke, Ling found herself inhaling large quantities of burning opium that filled the den. The opium alone was enough to dull the pain she was in, but the overdose sent enough adrenaline and endorphins into her brain to cause her latent 'evolution' to manifest itself. In a hallucinogenic delirium, Ling stood up, ignoring the flames that engulfed her, and in an erotic haze, she stumbled out into the narrow alleys of Hanoi. She vividly recalls approaching the enforcers, who stared in awe at her as she regained her senses. Not wanting them to escape, Ling lashed out instinctively at the enforcers, and they immediately began to experience an effect identical to a large dose of opium. The men all died within minutes of traumatic overdoses, while Ling managed to get away before the police arrived.

It didn't take Ling too long to discover what she had become. Within the next few weeks, she managed to gather together the surviving Chow family gangmembers and prostitutes. Revealing what she had become to them, they immediately nominated her the leader of the Tong Chow, and that they would exact revenge upon Heaven Thunder for what they had done. It didn't take long for the new members to take control of their city back from the Triad. Ling Po, using the name of Hua Yan, easily incapacitated the Triad's enforcers and lieutenants with her powers, reducing them to loyal addicts or killing them with ecstatic overdoses. By the year 2000, the Tong Chow, under Hua Yan, managed to expel Heaven Thunder from Vietnam and claim the country for herself and her followers. The war ended with a truce, one of mutual cooperation. Hua Yan signed an alliance with Heaven Thunder, allowing the Tong Chow to spread their activities throughout Southeast Asia.

Since then, Ling Po and the Tong Chow have become as influential in the world of organized crime as Heaven Thunder, the Nakato, the Camparaelli-Zukhov syndicate, and the Medelln Cartel. Most of their influence is spread throughout Southeast Asia, where they specialize in heroin, gambling, and prostitution. The Tong Chow are strongest in Vietnam and Laos, and are undisputed in their own country, having gained control over all of the lesser Tongs and Triads between the two countries. Not only are the Tong Chow a successful criminal organization, they are also devout worshippers of Hua Yan herself. Using her powers, Ling Po has managed to turn her criminal organization into a cult of personality, where her every employee, criminal and legitimate, is a fanatic worshipper of her. This devotion exceeds that of the Nakato's honor, and worries even her allies in Heaven Thunder. Hua Yan has well over a thousand men and women willing to die for her, which gives her a strength that not even they have. Of course, the true head of the Tong does NOT know this, as she's keeping her cards very close just in case she does want to take over one day.

Hua Yan may certainly control one of the world's most powerful organized crime operations (at least she thinks fact she's just in charge of drug smuggling and operations and prostitution), but the success of the Tong Chow has gained her the resentment of the Nakato and Heaven Thunder. Her powers have given her an advantage that makes her too dangerous to be allowed to exist in the business as an enemy or ally, and Southeast Asia is coming close to a gang war between the three Asian-Pacific organizations. As such, she's recently moved to New York City, looking for other evolved humans such as herself to help better the odds against the other Asian-Pacific organizations. With her almost intuitive business savvy, she's come under the guise of a business woman looking to invest in a variety of companies, representing various legitimate fronts the Tong Chow has. She's a representative of the true boss, but no one knows this, and it seems that she's completely legitimate..for now..

Abilities - Metsumancy

DISCLAIMER: These powers operate on a consent basis. If you're willing to have this happen, then it'll happen, if not, then you wont experience withdrawal (as there are indivuduals who can do that). This will mostly happen just on NPCs for the sake of RP.

As Hua Yan, Ling Po's powers have manifested as being able to create hallucinogenic and euphoric experiences within others' minds and bodies on both the physical and mental levels by specifically targeting the autonomic nervous system. The effects mirror those induced by heroin or other opiates. As such, Ling can allow her victim's own minds to create disorienting hallucinations, trigger a wide variety of emotions such as fear, passion, euphoric, etc. She can also use her powers to actually inflict physical damage to her victims' bodies, effectively recreating the effects of an overdose and killing the victims through toxic shock.

What makes her exceptionally dangerous, however, is that exposure to her powers is extremely addictive. Even metahumans with enhanced endurances have become addicts to Ling's euphoric abilities. Those trying to free themselves from the addiction must go through a terrible, excruciating withdrawal period which often kills the victim as his body shuts down, unable to satisfy the addiction it has become dependent upon to survive. Ling uses this threat as a means of extorting and blackmailing favors and money from businessmen and politicians that she has come across with. It is one of the cornerstones of her power.


*Recently, Ling was assigned by her mentor and current leader of the Tong Chow to New York City. The reason for this is to increase the influence of the Tong Chow and perhaps make some allies in the West and perhaps find other more criminally minded/shady individuals such as herself amongst the evolved.


  • "Of course darling. Everyone is always happy to see me."


  • Ling always keeps the scarred portion of her face hidden with her hair.
  • She has a major fear of fire. Scary! Bad memories and nightmares.
  • Ling speaks five languages: Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese and Japanese.
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