2007-07-07: Linger Over My Coffee


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Summary: Samantha meets with Mara to confirm her suspicions and ask for advice.

Date It Happened: July 7, 2007

Linger Over My Coffee

Oldcastle Pub and Restaurant

Sam's conversation with Mara on the phone was quick; Sam wanted to meet up and talk in a roundabout way about some things she'd been hearing at the hospital and elsewhere (not quite a lie, not quite the truth). She's not deceitful enough to infer it's just a cheery gathering for the sake of estrogen and its tendency to cheerfully clump to others like itself, she's got questions for Mara, who in turn can hopefully provide answers.

She's not a stranger to the Oldcastle, but neither is she a regular. She's gotten them an out of the way table, indulging in a rarely enjoyed glass of wine since these days it's not generally on the menu. She's got a small folder with her, it rests to one side as she waits quietly for Mara.

Mara arrives right on time, perching a pair of large, dark, mirror-finished sunglasses on top of her head as she strides into the Oldcastle. A favourite of many of New York's Finest, it's not strange that the suspended detective gets a few waves or shouts of greeting as she makes her way to Sam's table. She looks pale and tired, and she's definitely lost weight since the two women last spent anything close to quality time together. More than anything, she looks troubled. All the same, she smiles as she sits down, sounding genuinely pleased to see the doctor. "Hey. I can't say I was surprised you called, but… I'm definitely curious. What's up?"

"Some interesting stuff." Sam says, not to be enigmatic, but just because it's the best summation she can think of. "Can I get you a drink? Coffee if you're on duty, whatever with a kick if you're not." Samantha knows that Mara does not like wasting time, so she at least segues into the point a little bit. "I want to ask you about a case you're working on. I know…some people who might fit the victim profile involved, and I'm hoping you can ease my concerns."

"Coffee," Mara confirms with a grim nod of her head. Wonders never cease - Detective Damaris has given up liquor. When Samantha voices her concern, the redhead sits up straighter in her chair. "I'm not sure…" She wants to say that she isn't sure what the doctor's asking of her, but she knows exactly what she's talking about. Demsky, you snitch. "I'm not sure I'll be able to do that." But she'll at least try not to make the poor woman more concerned.

What Sam knows, or suspects? Might be pretty interesting. But she's not here to corner Mara about her potential Evolved status, which is probably a good thing for their mutual benevolent acquaintance. Sam takes the time to order for Mara, switching out to coffee herself. Then she opens the folder and hands her a torn out NYT article about Sylar, however in the margin is Sam's handwriting and the name 'Gabriel Gray'. "I'm not trying to get you to reveal anything that you can't, at least not intentionally." Sam says. "But I know quite a few people that this man would apparently be more then happy to harm. Can you tell me anything about his whereabouts? I swear to you it's not for anything heroic, but to make sure people stay the hell out of his way."

Stoic as Mara attempts to stay, there's a flash in her eyes as they pass over 'Gabriel Gray' and his chosen nom de guerre. A few moments later, her body shakes with an irrepressible shudder. "You're like me, aren't you? It's why you were reading that book." She's hoping she doesn't have to say which. The coincidence was too strong when they both admitted to having read it.

Samantha studies that shudder clinically, and her mouth twists for a moment before coming to a decision. "Yes." she says, "But I wasn't lying about knowing others who he might try to hurt. I want to keep them – and myself – safe."

Mara nods slowly and leans back in her chair. Shit. "Well, then I'm the wrong person to be talking to. There's something very personal going on between Gray and I, and he's looking for me." Sorry, Sam. When the coffee arrives, Mara wastes no time in lifting it to her lips. She never sets it back on the table, content to merely cradle it in her hands and sip now and again. "Aside from that, don't display your abilities at all. To anyone. Not even people you would normally trust with your life. Don't talk about Activating Evolution. Don't be seen with that book. Pretend as though you've no interest in the idea that Humans could possibly evolve beyond where they are now. Ignore the topic. If he finds you, you run." All advice she doesn't necessarily heed herself, but Samantha did ask.

"I'm not in the habit." Samantha says assuredly. "But the genie's out of the bottle, so to speak. There's a small group of people who know about each other. Who know of Sylar, and likewise want to learn more about what they can do themselves. We've been thinking of…" and then she trails off. "If Sylar's after you in particular, then maybe you don't need to know." Her expression is rueful. "Is there any way to keep track of his whereabouts? Living like every moment we need to look over our shoulders is difficult. But I've already gotten ample advice about Sylar, and I've seen pictures of him. If I need to bolt, you can damn bet I'll do it carefully and keep to public places."

Mara doesn't reckon that 'public places' will truly stop Gray, but she isn't about to say so. Sam needs hope right now. More than what the detective's got, anyway. "I do want to know what you've been thinking of. I don't want to be surprised."

"It's not anything to do with Sylar." Sam says. "Some of us are thinking of going somewhere remote and trying to learn more about what we can do. Lord knows I have vacation time. So far everyone I've met has managed to have some modicum of control. But no one's really…mmm, stretched themselves." Except maybe Bekah, and thank goodness.

A deep breath is let out slowly, almost as if Mara's deflating and relieved at once. "I think that's an excellent idea. But… cover your tracks as much as possible. And whatever you do, don't tell me where you're going when you decide to go." She wouldn't want to somehow be forced to tell anyone. "And I wouldn't tell Demsky, either. We work with a telepath."

"A mindreader on the NYPD? I could have a heart attack from not surprised." Samantha drawls. "I'll do that, though. Which is kind of a shame, because…Judah didn't say anything about you. I sort of deduced on my own based on things he said that we had some things in common, but he didn't 'out' you, and if what he said is true, you're also in a situation where you want to understand what you can do better."

"Judah's good like that. I didn't think I could adequately inform you without outing myself, however. And besides, you already knew." Mara smiles, though it never quite touches her eyes. "And I am in a situation where I can understand what I can do better. I've got the opportunity to do that. It's just… Not the most ideal situation. But it'll work in a pinch."

"Fair enough." Sam says. "If you need me though, you know where to find me. Judah's worried about you, I know that much. Not, like, naggy Jewish mother worry, though I'd be unsurprised at that. More partner-general-worry." She flags for the check. "In the meantime…if there's any way that I can help with the fact that Sylar's taken a shine to you…I admit that I can't think of how, but if it turns out there is, don't hesitate, alright?"

"You'll be on the shortlist of phone calls I make if something hits me," Mara assures. She downs the last of her coffee and leaves some money on the table. "Sit here for a while. Give him a chance to follow me, if that's what he's doing. Don't go directly home if you can help it." Paranoid, maybe. But better paranoid than dead. "Stay safe."

Samantha pushes the money back toward Mara. "Don't, I've got this. Though I will linger over my coffee. You be safe too, Mara." With that, she leans back to sip her coffee, looking thoughtful and eyeing her watch. "Not going home isn't a problem. Namir's got tickets to Transformers."

Mara actually smirks at that as she takes her cash back. "Well, I hope you two enjoy it. You'll have to tell me how it is." On that note, she rises from her seat and heads for the exit.

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