2007-07-09: Lipstick Shrapnel And Guns


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Summary: If there is one thing in this world that Jordan hates more than anything else, it's a cocky telekinetic.

Date It Happened: July 9th, 2007

Log Title Lipstick, Shrapnel, and Guns

Central Park

The park glows slightly as the high noon sun starts its daily journey behind the horizon and a frustrated woman paces back and forth on the sidewalk. She is dressed rather conservatively for someone who is just out to enjoy Central Park, a pair of black pumps with a black on black pinstripe skirt and jacket and a white silk blouse underneath. She presses on her ear with crimson fingernail, as if she was listening to someone on an earpiece, although that is not the case. Her turquoise eyes shift back and forth like a jungle cat stalking it's prey. "It's over little, um, girl, I think," she mumbles to herself, while her heels click on the pavement.

"What a nice day" Andrea muses as she takes a stroll in Central Park. She is wearing a pair of jeans with a yellow tank top, with high top black converse on her feet. Her hair rustles in the wind and she doesn't seem to notice the woman that is talking to herself at all. She smiles up at the sky.

The woman's scarlet painted lips curl up into a smile when she picks up on the sounds of a familiar voice. She straightens out her lapel and begins to follow the sound, "She doesn't look like much," she says under her breath as she saunters over to the woman. Without hesitation, which may prove to be her mistake, she taps the woman on the arm and says, "Nice day for it," in a singsong voice. She looks over the rims of her sunglasses and straight into the younger woman's eyes, "Hi there, I'm Miss Bonham with Parks and Recreation, I'm out here investigating an incident that occurred here about a week ago and I was wondering if you had heard or seen something?"

Andrea stiffens at first from the touch on her arm, but what stops her cold is the mention of her accident that involved her powers. "Who are you?" Her eyes narrow on Jordan's outfit and she shakes her head as she backs up. She notices Jordan's wardrobe, what kind of Parks and Rec. person wears that? Andrea glares and balls her hand into a fist. She doesn't know who this lady is, but she must be trouble.

The twisted looking smile quickly changes into a grimace, "Ok, not falling for that? Well how about this, I'm here to find out what happened here," she says pointing around to damaged trees. Jordan looks down at the curled up fist and smiles, "You really don't want to do that," she says, maintaining her singsong tone. She produces a notepad from her jacket and flips through some of the pages, while keeping her eye on Andrea, "So do you want to just tell me what happened or am I going to have to go about this the hard way?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about!" Andrea yells obviously freaked out. She charges Jordan and plants a kick in her mid section. The young woman quickly backs up and holds her hands up in a fighting stance. She is definitely not going down without a fight. She cocks her head to the side, "How do you know about that?" she asks. Her eyes wide and full of not exactly fear. It seems she likes the rush a fight gives her.

Jordan slowly pulls herself back up off the ground, trying to catch her breath from the kick that was planted in her stomach, "Violence never solved anything," she says, brushing off her jacket. Of course that's a lie and Jordan knows it, but rather than put herself in a more dangerous position she tries to maintain her cool. Her curled lips slowly straighten out into a grimace, "Now you listen to me, you little bitch," she says with a venomous tone, "If it weren't for the fact that I am trying to help you, I would paint this park with your brains," she says lightly pushing Andrea back.

Andrea cocks her head to the side and looks at Jordan, "Help me? I don't think calling me a bitch helps me at all" Her eyes widen in fear and she breathes slowly and flexes her hands. Her head bows and she breathes deeply. Suddenly her head snaps back up and her pupils are dark, darker then what is normal. "Now leave me ALONE!"
Her scream seems to activate something from her. Something she can't control. The trees and leaves blow madly around her, but not from the wind, it's all coming from this woman here. Her hair rises from the energy and a couple of benches that are near her fly off and hit a nearby restroom building, causing the side of the building to crack. The ground cracks around her and she thrusts her hands out at her sides. Everything. Everything that is around her is pushed away, quiet violently. Luckily it's only Jordan and Andrea and nobody else around to get hurt. Andrea falls to her knees and pants. That sure took a lot out of her.

Jordan gets thrown across the park by an unseen force, "Fucking telekinetics," she mutters as she pulls herself up from the ground yet again. This time she sees the young woman exhausts herself after that expenditure of power and seizes her opportunity, running up on her and raising her knee up into Andrea's chest. "I just call them as I see them and you are a dangerous bitch," she says with a hiss in her voice. Jordan wipes a little blood away from her lip, which she acquired while being flung across the park, "I'm going to give you one more chance, come with me before this gets any bloodier."

"I would, but you know what? Giving up was never in my nature Ms. Bonham" she smirks and pushes Jordan off her. She pushes the woman off of her. Andrea punches her in the jaw and backs up again. She shakes her head out and shakes her head as the dizziness is still there, but she has to fight it off. Whoever this chick is, she wants her. And she just can't have me. Andrea thinks and she tackles Jordan and punches her again, this time in the stomach. "Shit!" Her nose has started bleeding from all power she released from that blast of telekinetic energy.

Jordan falls back down to the ground, this little girl is giving the seasoned professional a run for her money, she didn't even see it coming this time. "ALRIGHT THAT'S IT!!!" she screams as her ass connects with the ground again, "You try to help some people and this is how they treat you," she says pushing a lock of a hair behind her right ear. As she scrambles back up to her feet, rubbing the side of her jaw she notices Andrea's nose bleed, "You know I can help you learn how to control it so that your face doesn't hemorrhage ever time, little girl."

"It doesn't happen every time bitch! Who you calling little girl? Can little girls kick grown ass women onto their fat asses?" The telekinetic smiles sweetly and then smirks, "Well, I hope your ready for this one" She takes her hand and directs it at shards of glass from the building that the benches slammed into. They glint in the light as she looks at Jordan. "I've been using this power for a long time, chicka. Don't you worry none about this" Andrea puts on a brave face but inside she is deeply confused.
How the hell does this woman know that she can move things with her mind? It's very disturbing and Andrea shrugs and makes the shards of glass fly towards Jordan at top speed one by one. She can't take the risk of trying to find out and get distracted. Knock this bitch down and get away. That's the plan. "Hope I don't cut up your pretty face" she calls as the glass comes flying towards Jordan.

Jordan manages to get thrown back again and a few shards of glass do graze her face but don't leave much damage other than a few scratches. She is able to shield most of her face from the debris and she gets up quicker this time and anger glows in her eyes. With lightning speed she pulls out her pistol from her jacket and fires off a round, lucky for Andrea the only thing she has loaded at the moment are tranquilizer darts. What Jordan lacks in fighting skills she makes up for with her shooting prowess and nails the telekinetic right in the shoulder, "That should slow you down," she grins, returning to the singsong tone of voice.

Andrea looks down at the tranquillizer, staggers and falls to her side this time. Her eyes roll into the back of her head and she passes out. But not before giving Jordan the finger and uttering a quiet, "Fuck you" Her hand drops to the ground and she is now unconscious. Damn, she's caught!

Jordan calmly walks over to Andrea and kicks her in the side while she is down on the ground, "I warned you," she whispers as the girl goes down for the count. She pulls out a cell phone and hits the speed dial; "I have a pick up here in Central Park, calling in to let you know we will have a new arrival." She grins down at Andrea, "Should have listened, now you are in deep shit."

Several Hours later in a Company Holding Cell…

A scarlet smile stretches across the woman's face in the window, as she looks down at the unconscious telekinetic, "That'll teach you to hit me, bitch," she says. She taps her fingers on the glass window like a child to an aquarium and takes a deep breath, writing down the girl's name and ability in her mysterious notepad.

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